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听电影学英语-百万美元宝贝 02

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[00:20.02]-Bye. -Bye. - 再见 - 再见
[00:23.30]Father, that was a great sermon. Made me weep. 神父,布道很精彩,让我流泪
[00:24.78]What's confusing you this week? 你这周又有什么疑惑?
[00:28.30]Oh, it's the same old one-God-three-God thing. 噢,就是那个老掉牙的三位一体的问题
[00:29.86]Frankie, most people figure out by kindergarten it's about faith. 弗兰基, 大多数人幼儿园的时候 就知道一切都是信心的问题
[00:34.46]Is it sort of Iike Snap, Crackle and Pop all rolled up in one big box? 是不是有点象三种不一样的萨其马 都装在一个大盒子里?
[00:40.26]You're standing1 outside my church comparing God to Rice Krispies? 你站在我的教堂外面 把上帝比做点心?
[00:42.62]The only reason you come to Mass is to wind me up. 你来做弥撒的唯一原因 就是要骚扰我
[00:46.38]-It won't happen this morning. -I'm confused. - 不过今天不会了 - 我有点迷惑
[00:49.18]Then here's your answer: There's one God. 那好,我给你的答案是: 只有一位上帝
[00:49.30]-No, you aren't. -Yes, I am. - 不,你没有 - 不,我有
[00:53.66]Anything else? Because I'm busy. 还有事吗?我很忙
[00:54.22]-What about the Holy Ghost? -He's an expression of God's Iove. - 那么圣灵呢? - 他是上帝的爱的一种表现形式
[00:57.22]-And Jesus? -Son of God. Don't play stupid. - 耶稣呢? - 上帝之子,别在这儿装傻了
[00:59.42]What is he then? Does that make him a demigod? 那么他是什么呢? 上帝的儿子意味着半神半人?
[01:03.46]There are no demigods, you fucking pagan! 没有半神半人 操他妈的异教徒!
[01:11.42]-Did you write your daughter? -Absolutely. - 给你女儿写信了么? - 当然
[01:13.94]Now you're Iying to a priest. 你这是对一个神父撒谎
[01:15.14]You know what? Take a day off, don't come to Mass tomorrow. 跟你说吧,休息一天 明天别来了
[01:27.86]Some people would say the most important thing a fighter can have is heart. 有些人会说对于一个拳手来说 最重要的莫过于热情
[01:32.90]Frankie would say, "Show me a fighter who 's nothing but heart... 弗兰基则会说 “给我一个只有热情的拳手...
[01:38.06]...and I'll show you a man waiting for a beating. " ...我会告诉他什么叫鼻青脸肿”
[01:50.02]Think I only ever met one fighter who was all heart. 我想我只见过一个全心投入的拳手
[01:55.30]My name's Dangerous Dillard Fighting FIippo Bam-Bam Barch... 我的名号是“战斗小子” 丹吉尔 迪拉德 巴奇...
[01:57.98]...out of Broward County, T exas! ...来自德克萨斯布劳德县!
[02:03.34]Danger showed up a couple of years back. 丹吉尔是几年前来的
[02:06.22]He'd come visiting L.A. with Ervel, his mama 's new boyfriend. 他和他妈妈的新男友艾瑞威尔 一起到洛杉矶来
[02:11.66]Apparently Ervel got lost and ended up back in Texas. 似乎艾瑞威尔迷了路 自己回去了德克萨斯
[02:16.22]Danger looked for him for about a week before he introduced himself. 在来这里以前 丹吉尔找了他大概一个星期
[02:22.90]Hey, you know, I gots nothing against niggers. 嘿,你知道么 我对黑鬼从来没有任何偏见
[02:28.74]Well, that's nice to hear. 呃,真高兴听你这么说
[02:31.66]Yeah, Iots of people where I comes from does... 嗯,我的家乡很多人确实是那样...
[02:36.22]...but my mama taught me not to cause hurt to no man... ...但是我妈妈告诉我 不要伤害任何人...
[02:39.30]...niggers or not. ...不管是不是黑鬼
[02:40.90]You got a nice mama. Anything else I can do for you? 你妈妈还真是个好人 我可以帮你点什么嘛?
[02:45.98]Just one of those questions you ask... 你也许只是随便问个问题  ...
[02:46.74]...but Danger wanted to give it his best answer. ...但是丹吉尔总想给你最好的答案
[02:50.06]Well, sir, I'd Iikes to become the welterweight champion of the world. 我想成为次中量级世界冠军
[02:56.22]And I challenge the Motor City Cobra... 我要挑战“城市机动眼镜蛇”...
[02:57.58]...Thomas " Hit Man" Hearns... ...还有“刺客”汤马斯 赫尔斯...
[03:02.06]...to fight me for the welterweight championship of the whole world! ...争夺次中量级世界冠军!
[03:04.14]Yo, FIip, shut up, man! You ain't even ranked. 冒失鬼,闭嘴 你连排名都没有
[03:08.62]You gotta have at Ieast one fight to be ranked. 你最少要打一场比赛才能有排名
[03:12.34]Hey, I'II fight any man, anytime! 嘿,我可以和任何人打,随时!
[03:14.42]Hey, you a bad man, huh? 嘿,你是个坏蛋,是吗?
[03:15.78]Get in the ring. Go a round with me. 进绳圈里来,我陪你玩一回合
[03:18.10]-Shawrelle. -I will. - 谢瑞尔 - 没问题
[03:19.94]Leave him alone. 别理他
[03:25.42]Danger, you go on back to training. 丹吉尔, 你继续训练
[03:27.82]Will do, Mr. Scrap2. 我会的,斯科雷普先生
[03:33.10]Them's some nice tights, Danger. 你的紧身裤不错
[03:37.18]I'II give you that ass-whupping Iater, OIive Oyl. 我以后再揍你的屁股 小妞
[03:38.06]Hey, bro, those pants Iook real pretty on you. 你的裤子还真不赖,丹吉尔
[03:41.66]Give his mama back her tights. 把他妈妈的紧身衣还给她吧
[03:43.02]Shawrelle Berry had a left hook that would move a tank... 谢瑞尔 贝里的左钩拳 可以打飞一辆坦克 ...
[03:47.82]...but he had a heart the size of a split pea. ...但是他的心胸却象豆子一样小
[03:48.78]Frankie bought the Hit Pit from Bobby Malone 1 7 years ago. 弗兰基17年前从巴比 马龙 手里买下了斗场拳击馆
[03:53.34]Bobby wanted to move to Florida, and Frankie wanted some security. 巴比想搬到佛罗里达去 而弗兰基想要生活有点保障
[03:56.54]Bobby died while he was packing. 巴比在他收拾行李的时候死掉了
[04:02.42]And Frankie found out most gyms lose money. 弗兰基那时候才发现 大多数拳击馆都亏钱
[04:03.58]I thought I told you I didn't want Danger working out here anymore. 我想我已经告诉过你 别让丹吉尔继续训练下去了
[04:10.46]Well, he's hurting me. 他伤害到我了
[04:10.74]Breaking my heart, watching him punch the air Iike he thinks it's gonna punch back. 我看着心疼 看他朝着空气挥拳,好象空气会反击一样
[04:18.34]And how many times have I gotta tell you that bleach3 is bleach? 还有我告诉你多少次了 漂白液就是漂白液
[04:18.78]Why can't you buy the cheap stuff? You don't have to buy the expensive stuff. 你就不能买便宜点的么? 不用买贵的那种
[04:24.66]BIeach smells Iike bleach. 漂白液闻起来还是漂白液
[04:24.86]It smells better, Frankie. 这种更好闻一些,弗兰基
[04:38.10]-Hey, Scrap. -Hey, Mr. Willie. - 嘿,斯科雷普 - 嘿,威利先生
[04:43.90]Hey, nice fight Iast night. 嘿,昨晚打得不错
[04:49.90]Nice fight. 打得不错
[04:53.98]-Big Willie. -Hey, Sally. - 大个子威利 - 嘿,赛利
[04:59.50]-Nice fight. -Thanks, man. - 打得不错 - 谢了,兄弟


1 standing 2hCzgo     
  • After the earthquake only a few houses were left standing.地震过后只有几幢房屋还立着。
  • They're standing out against any change in the law.他们坚决反对对法律做任何修改。
2 scrap JDFzf     
  • A man comes round regularly collecting scrap.有个男人定时来收废品。
  • Sell that car for scrap.把那辆汽车当残品卖了吧。
3 bleach Rtpz6     
  • These products don't bleach the hair.这些产品不会使头发变白。
  • Did you bleach this tablecloth?你把这块桌布漂白了吗?
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