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听电影学英语-百万美元宝贝 05

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[00:04.54]You ever do any work around here? 你在这里到底干不干活?
[00:05.94]Not my job I'd worry about, if I was you. 如果我是你的话 就不会操心我是不是干活
[00:12.90]Little girl seems to be coming along. 小姑娘看起来有进步啊
[00:16.46]Yeah. It's almost Iike someone's been helping1 her. 是啊,看起来好象甚至有人在训练她
[00:21.22]She might just be a natural. Looks Iike she's got something. 也许她就是天生的 看起来她还有两把刷子
[00:26.82]She's got my speed bag, that's what she's got. 她还有我的梨球 她有的就这么多
[00:32.58]I wonder how the hell2 she got that. 我想知道她是怎么弄到的
[00:33.78]I wonder. 我也想知道
[00:43.98]I'm gonna need that speed bag back. 我想要拿回我的梨球
[00:46.66]-This bag? -Yes, that bag. That's my bag. - 这个? - 没错,它是我的
[00:51.46]And if you're hitting it, people will think I'm training you. 如果你在这里打它 别人会认为我在训练你
[00:54.46]Is that such a bad thing, boss3? 老板,这件事就这么糟糕么?
[00:55.42]Yes. Yes, it is. 对,对,没错
[00:57.94]Every time you touch it, you're Iosing me business out here. 你每碰一次这个球 我就损失一些生意
[00:59.42]-I gotta agree, I am embarrassing4 myself. -Yeah. - 我得承认,我在这儿是丢人现眼 - 嗯
[01:02.90]Well, I can't just Iend it to anybody, you know. 你知道,我不能把这个随便借给别人
[01:07.54]I understand. 我理解
[01:08.94]Yeah. 嗯
[01:13.10]Look, you seem Iike a nice girl. 你看起来是个不错的女孩
[01:16.42]-Can I give you some advice? -I'd appreciate5 that. - 我可以给你些建议么? - 感激不尽
[01:19.98]You'II find a trainer6 in this gym or somewhere else... 你可以在这里或者其他地方...
[01:21.78]...that's gonna wanna train a girl. ...找到愿意训练女孩的训练师
[01:24.74]It's the Iatest freak show out there. 简直就象是马戏表演
[01:28.22]The trouble is, they're gonna be wasting your time... 问题是,他们只会浪费你的时间...
[01:29.46]...because you're too old. ...因为你已经太老了
[01:31.54]I don't feel that old. 我不觉得我那么老了
[01:32.50]Well, neither do I, but you don't see me fighting 21-year-olds, do you? 这个嘛,我也不觉得我老 但是你看我还会和21岁的人打拳么?
[01:37.86]Takes about four years to train a fighter. 训练一个拳击手要四年
[01:41.46]How old are you? 你多大了?
[01:43.46]-Thirty-one until my next birthday. -Oh, well, there you go. - 在下个生日之前31岁 - 噢,对呀,你看看
[01:48.22]Thirty-one. 31岁了
[01:51.02]You wouldn't start training to be a ballerina at 31, would you? 你不会从31岁才开始练芭蕾舞,不是么?
[01:55.70]And you can't hit a speed bag? What kind of training is that? 那你连梨球都打不到? 你到底怎么训练的?
[01:59.06]Never had any, boss. 从来没有人指导,老板
[02:01.26]Well, I hate to say it, but it shows. 我不想说,可是能看出来
[02:05.14]Somebody's gotta be honest with you. 但是必须有人跟你说实话
[02:06.30]I hate to be the one to tell you the truth. 我讨厌自己是那个说实话的人
[02:09.30]Yeah. 嗯
[02:12.50]Well, sorry for using your bag, Mr. Dunn. 呃,对不起用了您的球,邓先生
[02:19.26]-You're not gonna cry now, are you? -No, sir. - 你现在不会哭吧? - 不会,先生
[02:24.30]Yeah. 好吧
[02:25.38]Here. 给
[02:28.66]-Keep the goddamn thing. -No, you need it. - 这个该死的东西你留着吧 - 不,你需要它
[02:31.34]No, take the bag. 不,拿着吧
[02:33.14]I haven't seen it in 20 years anyway. 反正我都二十年没见过它了
[02:37.54]I've had three since then. Just enjoy it, will you? 我还有三个 好好享受它,好吗?
[02:40.82]-I'II just borrow it till I buy my own. -Yeah. - 我只是在自己买之前暂时借用一下 - 嗯
[02:45.70]Just don't Iose it. 别丢了就行
[02:54.22]Yeah, I know, Hogan... 对,我知道,霍根...
[02:58.02]...your guy's the champ, so we don't split7 50s... ...你的拳手是冠军 所以我们不能对半分...
[03:00.90]...but if I don't see 40 percent-- ...但是如果我连四成--
[03:03.06]Look, you call me back when it's 60-40 or don't call me back at all. 听着,你同意六四开的时候再给我电话 要不然就别打来了
[03:18.22]-Hey, Willie. -Hey, Frankie. - 嘿,威利 - 嘿,弗兰基
[03:18.46]Something wrong? 出什么事情了么?
[03:19.54]I'm sorry to come by your house Iike this. I know you don't Iike people dropping in. 对不起我就这么来找您 我知道你不喜欢别人来串门
[03:23.66]Oh, you're not people, Willie. You're welcome anytime. Come on in. 噢,你可不是外人,威利 什么时候来我都欢迎,进来吧
[03:28.94]I wanted to thank you for getting Gracie's car back. 我是来谢谢您帮格蕾斯把车拿回来
[03:31.98]Oh, well, you don't have to thank me. 哦,你不用谢我
[03:33.98]Paying an extra8 thousand dollars for your own car ain't exactly a favor9. 为自己的车多花1000美元 也不算帮什么忙
[03:38.74]Really? 真的?
[03:39.46]Gracie cried when she saw it. 格蕾斯看见那辆车的时候都哭了
[03:43.02]I also needed to talk with you about business. 我还想跟您谈谈业务上的事情
[03:46.34]Oh, yeah, well, I just got off the phone with Hogan. We're all set for September. 噢,对了,我刚和霍根通了电话 九月份的冠军赛都谈好了
[03:48.18]Everything but the split. 除了分成的问题
[03:52.30]I gotta Ieave you, Frankie. 我得离开你了,弗兰基
[03:54.74]What? 什么?
[03:58.82]Willie, the title10's just two fights away. 威利,再打两场就到冠军赛了
[04:03.14]It ain't that, it's-- It's Iike you said, I got one shot11. 不是这个问题,是-- 就好象你说的, 我只有一次机会
[04:11.58]I need somebody in the action who can make things happen. 我需要有人能帮我实现
[04:16.14]And I gotta make the change before the fight. 而且我得在比赛前换经理人
[04:19.14]Only way this guy say he'd take me is if he took me to the title. 他说必须让他带我去打冠军赛 他才会签下我
[04:23.18]So I get you the title fight, and this guy takes you there? 所以我给你安排冠军赛 然后他带你去参加
[04:25.70]Only way he'd do it. 他说必须这样
[04:28.38]I'm sorry, Frankie. I know how Iong you waiting on a title. 很抱歉,弗兰基 我知道你等冠军很久了
[04:32.26]I wish it could've been with me. 我也希望能和你一起
[04:36.50]Mickey Mack's a businessman. He can't teach you nothing. 米奇 麦克是个生意人 他什么也教不了你
[04:40.58]You already taught me everything I need to know. 你已经教会了一切我需要知道的
[04:50.94]There's some things people just don 't want to hear. 有些话人们永远都不愿意听


1 helping 2rGzDc     
  • The poor children regularly pony up for a second helping of my hamburger. 那些可怜的孩子们总是要求我把我的汉堡包再给他们一份。
  • By doing this, they may at times be helping to restore competition. 这样一来, 他在某些时候,有助于竞争的加强。
2 hell Tduzg     
  • It's a hell of a hike from Sydney to Perth.从悉尼到珀斯的徒步旅行简直苦死了。
  • The boss really gave me hell today.老板今天着实数落了我一通。
3 boss cRIyK     
  • When the boss gets mad, leave him alone.当老板生气时,不要理他。
  • I'm my own boss.我自己当自己的老板。
4 embarrassing ut4ztI     
adj.使人尴尬的,令人为难的v.(使)窘迫,(使)局促不安( embarrass的现在分词)
  • His jokes didn't even raise a smile, which was embarrassing. 听了他讲的笑话,都没人笑一下,真是太尴尬了。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • I was in the embarrassing position of having completely forgotten her name. 当时我完全忘记了她的名字,很是尴尬。 来自《简明英汉词典》
5 appreciate kvUzs     
  • I really appreciate the danger of this job.我真的认识到了这份工作的危险。
  • I appreciate your help very much.我非常感谢你的帮助。
6 trainer WgtzTT     
  • The trainer is walking his dogs.那位驯兽人正在遛他的狗。
  • She's been working as a personal trainer for two years.她做私人教练有两年了。
7 split avXwG     
  • Who told you that Mary and I had split up?谁告诉你玛丽和我已经离婚了?
  • The teacher split the class up into six groups.老师把班级分成6个小组。
8 extra 2htz0     
  • We do not ask for extra pay.我们不要求额外报酬。
  • You have to pay extra for breakfast.早餐你要另外付费。
9 favor ukXxv     
  • She is out of favor with her employer.她失去了雇主的欢心。
  • The new teacher finds favor in the eyes of the parents.那位新老师很受家长的欢迎。
10 title locwU     
  • I don't think I am worthy of such an honourable title.这样的光荣称号,我可担当不起。
  • She has won the title of the world's champion.她获得了世界冠军的称号。
11 shot xyiwb     
  • He shot a wild duck.他射中一只野鸭。
  • All the children shot out their hands for the money.所有的孩子突然伸出手来要钱。
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