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听电影学英语-盗梦空间CD2 04

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  [00:01.60]This room should be directly below 528? Yeah. 这个房间刚好在528下面吗?      是的
[00:13.58]Think, Mr. Fischer, think. 回忆 费舍尔先生 努力回忆
[00:15.25]What do you remember from before this dream? 这个梦之前 你记得什么
[00:19.45]There was, um, a lot of gunfire. 有很多枪火声
[00:22.25]There was rain. 在下雨
[00:25.39]Uncle Peter. 彼得叔叔
[00:27.26]Oh, my God, we've been kidnapped. Where were they holding you? 我们被绑架了      他们把你们关在哪儿了
[00:33.93]They had us in the back of a van. 一辆面包车后面
[00:35.44]That explains the gravity shifts. 难怪重力转移
[00:37.50]You're in the back of a van. Keep going. 你在面包车后面 继续想
[00:39.64]It had something to do with, um.... 他们问我...
[00:42.54]Something to do with a safe. 什么保险箱的事
[00:46.04]God, why is it so hard to remember? 怎么总想不起来啊

[00:47.84]It's like trying to remember a dream after you've woken up. 就像你一觉醒来回忆做过的梦一样难
[00:50.71]Listen, it takes years of practice. 这需要多年的练习
[00:52.62]You and Browning have been pulled into this dream... 你和布朗宁被拖到这个梦境里
[00:55.19]...because they're trying to steal something from your mind. 是因为他们想从你的意识里偷某样东西
[00:58.12]I need you to focus and try and remember what that is. 你要专心回忆那样东西是什么
[01:01.86]What is it, Mr. Fischer? Think! 是什么 费舍尔先生 快想
[01:03.66]A combination. They demanded the first numbers to pop into my head. 一串密码 他们要我说出凭直觉想到的数字
[01:07.57]They're trying to extract a number from your subconscious1. 他们想从你的潜意识里拿走一串数字
[01:10.47]It can represent anything. We're in a hotel right now. 它可以代表任何事 我们现在在宾馆里
[01:15.04]We should try hotel rooms. What was the number, Mr. Fischer? 可以试试房间号 那串数字是什么
[01:18.34]Try and remember for me. This is very important. 努力回忆 这非常重要
[01:23.65]Five, two - It was something, it was a long number. 5 2 - 什么来着 太长了
[01:26.25]That's good. We can start there. Fifth floor. 好 就从这开始吧 第5层
[01:28.52]Yep. 好
[01:29.72]So do you use a timer? No, l have to judge it for myself. 那你要用计时器吗      不 我靠自己的判断
[01:33.96]While you're all asleep in 528, I wait for Yusuf's kick. 当你们在528睡过去时 我等尤瑟夫的穿越
[01:37.40]Well, how will you know? His music warns me. 你怎么知道要穿越了呢      他会放音乐
[01:39.70]And then when the van hits the barrier of the bridge,  当车撞到桥的栏杆
[01:42.05]that should be unmistakable. 就不会出现差错
[01:43.80]So we get a nice synchronized2 kick. 我们就可以同时穿越
[01:47.17]If it's too soon, we won't get pulled out. 如果时间过早 我们就回不了上级梦境
[01:49.74]But if it's too late, I won't be able to drop us. 如果太晚 我们就来不及下坠
[01:53.18]Well, why not? Because the van will be in free fall. 为什么不能?      因为车会做自由落体运动
[01:57.52]Can't drop you without gravity. Right. 失重状态下是没法让你下坠的      懂了
[02:05.99]They're with me. Go on. 他们是我的人
[02:32.55]Mr. Charles. 查尔斯先生
[02:33.75]Do you know what that is, Mr. Fischer? Yeah, I think so. 你知道这是什么吗 费舍尔先生      我知道
[02:36.89]They were trying to put you under. 他们想让你到下一层梦境去
[02:39.39]I'm already under. Under again. 我已经在梦里了      再下一层
[02:41.63]What do you mean, a dream within a dream? 什么意思 梦中梦吗
[02:44.80]Hey. I see you've changed. 我看见你变样了
[02:47.43]I'm sorry? 什么
[02:49.57]Oh, I'm sorry. I mistook you for a friend. 对不起 我把你认成一个朋友了
[02:53.60]Oh. 哦
[02:55.04]Good-looking fellow, I'm sure. 他肯定是个大帅哥
[02:57.84]No, no, no. That's Fischer's projection3 of Browning. 不不不 那是费舍尔对布朗宁的投射
[03:00.94]Let's follow him and see how he behaves. 我们跟着他 观察他的行为
[03:02.98]Why? Because how he acts will tell us... 为什么      因为他的行为能告诉我们

  [03:05.23]...if Fischer is starting to suspect his motives4 the way we want him to. 费舍尔是不是像我们想的那样怀疑他的动机
[03:08.62]Shh. 嘘
[03:14.23]Uncle Peter. You said you were kidnapped together? 彼得叔叔      你说你们是一起被绑架的?
[03:16.89]Well, not exactly. They already had him. They were torturing him. 不全是 他先被抓住的 他们在折磨他
[03:20.50]And you saw them torture him? 你看见他们折磨他了?
[03:29.51]The kidnappers5 are working for you? 绑匪是你安排的?
[03:32.31]Robert. 罗伯特
[03:33.94]You're trying to get that safe open? To get the alternate will? 你想打开保险箱 拿另一份遗嘱?
[03:38.18]Fischer Morrow has been my entire life.  费舍尔公司是我毕生心血
[03:40.89]I can't let you destroy it. 我不能让它毁在你手上
[03:42.59]I'm not gonna throw away my inheritance, why would I? 我怎么会把遗产置之不理 我干嘛要那么做
[03:45.12]I couldn't let you rise to your father's last taunt6. 我不能让你听到你父亲临终前的讽刺
[03:50.09]What taunt? The will, Robert. That will? 什么讽刺      遗嘱 罗伯特 那份遗嘱
[03:53.30]That's his last insult. 那是他对你最后的羞辱
[03:55.40]A challenge for you to build something for yourself... 他不相信你会有自己的事业
[03:59.20]...by telling you you're not worthy7 of his accomplishments8. 他说你配不上拥有他的成就
[04:08.68]What, but that he was, um, disappointed? I'm sorry. 他对我很失望吗      对不起
[04:15.42]But he's wrong. 但他错了
[04:19.26]You can build a better company than he ever did. 你完全可以比他做得更好
[04:22.06]Mr. Fischer? He's lying. 费舍尔先生 他在撒谎
[04:24.66]How do you know? Trust me, it's what l do. 你怎么知道      相信我 我做这行的
[04:26.93]He's hiding something, and we need to find out what that is. 他在隐瞒什么事情 我们要找出来
[04:30.90]I need you to do the same thing to him that he was going to do to you. 在他对你下手之前 我们先对他下手
[04:36.87]We'll enter his subconscious  我们进入他的潜意识
[04:38.39]and find out what he doesn't want you to know. 找到他不想让你知道的秘密
[04:42.21]All right. 好的
[04:49.65]He's out. Wait. 他出来了      等等
[04:51.09]Whose subconscious are we going into exactly? 我们到底要进入谁的潜意识
[04:53.32]We're going into Fischer's. 费舍尔的
[04:55.10]I told him it was Browning's  我给他说的是进入布朗宁的潜意识
[04:56.34]so he'd be a part of our team. 所以他是我们的一员了
[04:57.88]He's gonna help us break into his own subconscious. 他要帮我们进入他自己的潜意识
[05:00.20]That's right. 很不错


1 subconscious Oqryw     
  • Nail biting is often a subconscious reaction to tension.咬指甲通常是紧张时的下意识反映。
  • My answer seemed to come from the subconscious.我的回答似乎出自下意识。
2 synchronized f6dbc93312ac2dd66d3989fc9050167f     
  • Do not use the synchronized keyword in Managed Objects. 不要在管理对象上使用synchronized关键字。 来自互联网
  • The timing of the gun was precisely synchronized with the turning of the plane's propeller. 风门的调速与飞机螺旋桨的转动精确同步。 来自辞典例句
3 projection 9Rzxu     
  • Projection takes place with a minimum of awareness or conscious control.投射在最少的知觉或意识控制下发生。
  • The projection of increases in number of house-holds is correct.对户数增加的推算是正确的。
4 motives 6c25d038886898b20441190abe240957     
n.动机,目的( motive的名词复数 )
  • to impeach sb's motives 怀疑某人的动机
  • His motives are unclear. 他的用意不明。
5 kidnappers cce17449190af84dbf37efcfeaf5f600     
n.拐子,绑匪( kidnapper的名词复数 )
  • They were freed yesterday by their kidnappers unharmed. 他们昨天被绑架者释放了,没有受到伤害。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • The kidnappers had threatened to behead all four unless their jailed comrades were released. 帮匪们曾经威胁说如果印度方面不释放他们的同伙,他们就要将这四名人质全部斩首。 来自《简明英汉词典》
6 taunt nIJzj     
  • He became a taunt to his neighbours.他成了邻居们嘲讽的对象。
  • Why do the other children taunt him with having red hair?为什么别的小孩子讥笑他有红头发?
7 worthy vftwB     
  • I did not esteem him to be worthy of trust.我认为他不值得信赖。
  • There occurred nothing that was worthy to be mentioned.没有值得一提的事发生。
8 accomplishments 1c15077db46e4d6425b6f78720939d54     
n.造诣;完成( accomplishment的名词复数 );技能;成绩;成就
  • It was one of the President's greatest accomplishments. 那是总统最伟大的成就之一。
  • Among her accomplishments were sewing,cooking,playing the piano and dancing. 她的才能包括缝纫、烹调、弹钢琴和跳舞。 来自《现代英汉综合大词典》
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