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听电影学英语-复制娇妻 08

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  [00:02.34]We have to get out of here. 我们必须得离开
[00:04.34]- Put it down. Come on. - OK, let's try and use this. - 放下,快点 - 好,让我们来用用这个
[00:07.70]We have to go. 我们必须得走了
[00:26.46]I'm so embarrassed. 我可真麻烦
[00:29.26]I'm mortified1. I'm famished2. 我欲火焚身,我很饥渴
[00:36.26]- Bobbie. - Yeah? - 芭比 - 什么
[00:38.22]- Are you making anthrax? - Excuse me. - 你是不是得炭疽热了? - 对不起!
[00:42.22]But can't you hire someone to clean? 可你不能雇人打扫吗?
[00:45.06]Dave says I got to do it myself, like Sarah Sunderson. 戴夫说我应该自己做 就像萨拉·桑德森
[00:45.46]Someone brave? 找个勇敢的人?
[00:50.26]- Oh, could you believe her? - But, darling, her home is spotless. - 噢,你能相信她吗? - 不过,亲爱的,她家一尘不染!
[00:52.82]And she's having incredible sex in the middle of the day 而且她大中午就和老公…
[00:54.90]with her husband. 过不可思议的性生活
[00:57.50]Well, I'm sorry, but my shrink says I need creative chaos3. 抱歉,但我的心理医生说混乱能给我灵感
[01:00.66]- My therapist says I need boundaries. - My doctor said I need - 我的理疗师说我要分清界限 - 我的医生说我需要
[01:01.66]enough electricity to jumpstart Vegas. 电疗后服用维加斯(药名)
[01:04.38]- You ever done Zoloft? - Kid stuff. - 你吃过喏仁特吗(抗抑郁药)? - 小孩的玩意
[01:07.22]Xanax. I worship Xanax. I'm old-fashioned. 偌纳克斯(药名) 我崇拜偌纳克斯,我比较老派
[01:09.62]I like Prozac with a Viagra chaser. 我喜欢普偌唑(抗忧郁剂)加伟哥
[01:12.02]You're up, and you're up. 起来了,起来了
[01:14.82]- Oh, Roger. - Viagra. - 噢,罗杰 - 伟哥
[01:17.90]Hey, is there something that you need to tell us? 嘿,你有没有什么要告诉我们的
[01:22.54]Well... Sharing. 呃…分享
[01:25.82]OK. OK. 好的,好的
[01:30.18]Jerry and I have been in couple's counseling... 杰瑞和我参加夫妻咨询…
[01:31.58]...for over a year... 已经一年多了…
[01:33.60]...and finally... Finally, I just couldn't take it anymore. 最后…最后我受不了了
[01:37.66]I howled, "You've become a gay Republican." 我大叫“你变成一个同性恋共和党了!”
[01:43.34]And he said, "What's wrong with that?" 然后他说,“有什么不对吗?”
[01:43.74]I said, "What's wrong with that? 我说,“有什么不对吗?”
[01:46.62]"That's like wanting to be gay with a bad haircut." 这就是想做同性恋发型却不对
[01:49.30]So the counselor4 suggested that we move to the 'burbs. 所以咨询员建议我们搬到郊区来
[01:52.98]- To find a balance. - We moved here as a last resort. - 来找到平衡 - 我们是迫不得已才搬来这里的
[01:58.14]Court order. Don't ask. 法庭命令,别问了
[01:58.86]OK. I know this is unthinkable, 好,我知道这有点不可思议
[02:02.14]but what if we could actually learn how to be happy... 但如果我们真的能做到…
[02:05.86]...without Paxil or compulsive overeating? 不用药物或暴食也能快乐起来呢?
[02:09.58]What if we actually gave this whole thing a try for real, 也许我们应该认真试试
[02:14.86]the whole Stepford thing? 试试斯戴福的生活方式?
[02:33.94]- Hey, yeah! - Only one can survive. - 嘿,耶! - 只有一个能幸存
[02:38.42]Zeus! Zeus! Zeus! Zeus! 宙斯!宙斯!宙斯!宙斯!
[02:41.58]Zeus! Zeus! Zeus! Zeus! 宙斯!宙斯!宙斯!宙斯!
[02:45.06]- Zeus! Zeus! Zeus! Zeus! Zeus! - Come on, Kresbo baby. - 宙斯!宙斯!宙斯!宙斯 - 来呀,克莱斯波宝贝
[02:48.34]- Zeus! Zeus! - Rip her bra off! - 宙斯!宙斯! - 把她的胸罩扯下来!
[02:50.90]Yeah! 耶!
[02:51.10]Zeus! Zeus! Zeus! 宙斯!宙斯!宙斯!
[02:53.22]- Yeah! - Zeus rules the universe! - 耶! - 宙斯是宇宙的主宰!
[02:59.38]And Ted5 owes Walter 20 big ones! 泰德欠沃尔特二十大元!
[03:03.22]Ah, to be a man. 啊,做男人真好
[03:10.18]So, Walt, 那么,沃尔特
[03:12.38]you and Stepford, it seems like a real match. 你和斯戴福,看起来真的很配
[03:15.94]I'll say. I mean, the town and the houses. This place. 我也这么觉得,我是说 这镇子和那些房子,这个地方
[03:21.42]Well, it's like a dream. It's like... 呃,就像是一场梦,就像是…
[03:24.74]Like the way life was meant to be. 生活本来应有的面目
[03:26.98]And all of your wives. Oh, my God. 还有你们所有人的太太 噢,我的上帝
[03:30.86]Oh, my God. They're so... So... 噢,我的上帝,她们如此…如此…
[03:37.14]Sweet? 体贴?
[03:38.22]Sizzling? 火辣?
[03:39.42]Super fine? 超级好?
[04:03.58]Well... 呃…
[04:08.26]We are all so thrilled to be here at the Stepford Book Club, 来到斯戴福书友会我们都非常兴奋
[04:10.02]I can't tell you. 简直难以形容
[04:14.22]Now, I have just finished the third volume 那么我刚读完罗伯特·卡罗的
[04:17.38]of Robert Caro's Life of Lyndon Johnson, 《林登·约翰逊的一生》第三卷
[04:19.18]and I am dying for the next installment6. 我迫不及待想看到下一卷
[04:23.94]Well... 呃…
[04:25.38]That's all marvelous, but today we are going to discuss... 你说的非常好 不过我们今天要来讨论…
[04:31.54]Well, it is probably the most important book any of us will ever read. 也许是我们应该读的最重要的书
[04:36.42]Yes, it is provocative7, but it is also inspiring. 是的,它有点刺激 不过也很令人鼓舞
[04:39.94]The Heritage Hills Special Edition Golden Deluxe8 Treasury9 希尔思传统系列特别金装豪华版的
[04:43.66]of Christmas Keepsakes and Collectibles. 《圣诞纪念品和收藏品大全》
[04:58.66]"Let's celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ with yarn10." “让我们用奇谈来庆祝我主耶稣基督的诞生吧”
[04:59.06]This book said to me, 这本书告诉我


1 mortified 0270b705ee76206d7730e7559f53ea31     
v.使受辱( mortify的过去式和过去分词 );伤害(人的感情);克制;抑制(肉体、情感等)
  • She was mortified to realize he had heard every word she said. 她意识到自己的每句话都被他听到了,直羞得无地自容。
  • The knowledge of future evils mortified the present felicities. 对未来苦难的了解压抑了目前的喜悦。 来自《简明英汉词典》
2 famished 0laxB     
  • When's lunch?I'm famished!什么时候吃午饭?我饿得要死了!
  • My feet are now killing me and I'm absolutely famished.我的脚现在筋疲力尽,我绝对是极饿了。
3 chaos 7bZyz     
  • After the failure of electricity supply the city was in chaos.停电后,城市一片混乱。
  • The typhoon left chaos behind it.台风后一片混乱。
4 counselor czlxd     
  • The counselor gave us some disinterested advice.顾问给了我们一些无私的忠告。
  • Chinese commercial counselor's office in foreign countries.中国驻国外商务参赞处。
5 ted 9gazhs     
  • The invaders gut ted the village.侵略者把村中财物洗劫一空。
  • She often teds the corn when it's sunny.天好的时候她就翻晒玉米。
6 installment 96TxL     
  • I shall soon pay the last installment of my debt.不久我将偿付我的最后一期债款。
  • He likes to buy things on the installment plan.他喜欢用分期付款法购买货物。
7 provocative e0Jzj     
  • She wore a very provocative dress.她穿了一件非常性感的裙子。
  • His provocative words only fueled the argument further.他的挑衅性讲话只能使争论进一步激化。
8 deluxe Auzzuf     
  • This system puts the top hotels in a special deluxe category.这种分类法把最高级的旅馆列为特殊豪华级。
  • I liked the deluxe edition,but I could afford only a second best.我喜欢精装版,但我只买得起一本稍差一点的。
9 treasury 7GeyP     
  • The Treasury was opposed in principle to the proposals.财政部原则上反对这些提案。
  • This book is a treasury of useful information.这本书是有价值的信息宝库。
10 yarn LMpzM     
  • I stopped to have a yarn with him.我停下来跟他聊天。
  • The basic structural unit of yarn is the fiber.纤维是纱的基本结构单元。
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