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听电影学英语-复制娇妻 17

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  [00:02.60]She's fabulous1. 她真难以置信
[00:04.80]All of this, Mike, the wives, Stepford, this was all your idea? 所有这些,迈克,太太们,斯戴福 都是你的主意?
[00:07.12]Yes. All I wanted was a better world. 对 我想让这世界变得更好
[00:11.08]A world where men were men and women were cherished and lovely. 一个男人像个男人 而女人迷人的被珍爱的世界
[00:15.56]Does anyone have a screwdriver2? 有人有螺丝刀吗?
[00:19.84]She's nuts. 她疯了
[00:30.44]A world of romance and beauty, 一个美丽和浪漫的世界
[00:34.52]of tuxedos3 and chiffon, a perfect world. 燕尾服和薄纱礼服的世界 一个完美的世界
[00:37.00]But you were married to a robot. 可你和一个机器人结了婚
[00:41.00]The perfect man. 是最完美的男人
[00:43.76]And all I wanted was to make you, all of you... 我想要的只是把你们 你们所有人…
[00:47.28]...into perfect women. …变成完美的女人
[00:49.32]We don't need to be perfect. 我们不需要完美
[00:51.92]How could you do this to us? 你怎么能对我们这么干?
[00:52.10]Because I was just like you. 因为我也曾经像你一样
[00:55.40]Overstressed, overbooked, under-loved. 过分紧张,日程过于繁忙 可没有足够的爱
[01:00.00]I was the world's foremost brain surgeon and genetic4 engineer. 我曾经是世界首席脑外科专家和基因工程师
[01:03.16]I had top-secret contracts with the Pentagon, Apple and Mattel. 我和五角大楼,苹果电脑 美泰玩具都有顶级机密的合同
[01:07.52]I was driven. 我身不由己
[01:09.84]Exhausted. 身心俱疲
[01:10.52]Until late one night, I came home to find... 然后在一天深夜 我回到家发现…
[01:15.40]...Mike. 迈克
[01:19.64]With Patricia. 和帕特里夏在一起
[01:23.72]My brilliant... 我聪明的…
[01:24.84]...blond... 21岁的…
[01:27.44]...21 -year-old research assistant. 金发助理研究员
[01:31.88]It was all so... 那是如此的…
[01:38.04]...ugly. 难堪
[01:40.56]Then early the next morning, as I gazed across the breakfast table 然后第二天清早 当我盯着餐桌对面
[01:46.32]at their lifeless bodies, I thought... 他们毫无生气的尸体,我想…
[01:49.68]..."What have I done?" “我做了什么?”
[01:50.28]But more importantly... 但更重要的是…
[01:54.56]...what I could do to make the world more beautiful? 我能做些什么 让这个世界变得更美丽?
[01:58.20]But I needed help to realize my larger vision. 但是我需要帮助 来实现我更远大的规划
[01:58.76]I had the skills. 我有技术
[02:03.48]And so I made... 所以我制作了…
[02:06.08]...Mike. 迈克
[02:09.96]Because he was someone other men would listen to. 因为他是别的男人会听从的那种人
[02:10.76]And then I asked myself, 然后我问自己
[02:14.92]"Where would people never notice a town full of robots? “在哪里人们不会注意到 满满一个镇子的机器人呢?”
[02:19.48]"Connecticut." “康涅狄格”
[02:21.16]So I decided5 to turn back the clock, 所以我决定把时钟向前拨
[02:27.48]to a time before overtime6, 拨到需要加班之前
[02:29.44]before quality time, 拨到我们向时间要质量之前
[02:31.16]before women were turning themselves into robots. 拨到女人们把她们变成机器人之前
[02:34.92]- Back off! - Sorry. - 退后 - 抱歉
[02:37.32]Why didn't you change the men too? 你为什么不把男人也一起改了?
[02:38.20]That's next. 那是下一步
[02:42.36]You're insane. 你真是疯了
[02:44.48]I'm in love with a waltz and a town... 我爱着一支华尔兹一个小镇…
[02:52.04]...and a man. 和一个男人
[03:46.88]So, Joanna, you produced the hard-hitting documentary, 那么,乔安娜 你制作了这部很有震撼力的记录片
[03:48.64]Stepford: The Secret of the Suburbs. 斯戴福:城郊的秘密
[03:50.76]And won... Five Emmys, was it? 得过…五次艾美奖,是吗?
[03:53.76]Oh, six. 噢,六次
[03:56.24]- She's shy. - And so humble7. - 她有点害羞 - 而且还如此谦虚
[03:57.12]And, Bobbie, your ordeal8 has lead to a bestseller. 另外,芭比 你痛苦的经历给你带来了一本畅销书
[04:01.72]You know, I just can't hold a grudge9. 是啊,我没什么可抱怨的了
[04:02.56]So I've written my very first book of poetry. 所以我写了第一本诗集
[04:06.88]And it's all about hope and communication 是关于希望,沟通
[04:08.16]and the healing power of love. 还有爱的复原动力
[04:10.92]What is it called? 叫什么名字?
[04:13.60]- It's a page-turner. - I cried. - 绝对让你爱不释手 - 我都哭了
[04:13.76]Wait Until He's Asleep, Then Cut It Off. 等他睡着后切下来
[04:15.10]Now, Roger, good news. 现在,罗杰,好消息

  [04:19.52]You ran and won. You're in the state senate. 你竞选胜利了 你现在是州参议员了
[04:22.40]- Independent. - Next stop, the White House. - 无党派的 - 下一站,白宫
[04:24.84]- Yes, this country needs highlights. - That's our hero. - 对,这个国家需要一些精彩 - 这是我们的英雄
[04:25.24]And, Jo, Walter really came through for you, 另外,乔安娜 沃尔特真的为你做了很多
[04:28.32]so how's your marriage now? Is everything just perfect? 那么你们现在的婚姻怎么样? 一切都很完美吗?
[04:32.40]No way. 绝对不是
[04:34.08]But we're doing just great. 但我们相处得很好
[04:37.68]Because, um... 因为,呃…
[04:40.08]Because now, now we know for sure that it's not about perfection. 因为现在 现在我们知道这和变得完美没有关系
[04:43.64]Perfect. Perfect doesn't work. 完美,完美行不通
[04:45.72]What about all those other husbands? 那么其他的丈夫们呢?
[04:47.20]Are they still angry? Do they still want all these women to be robots? 他们还生气吗? 还希望自己妻子是机器人吗?
[04:49.60]Of course. Men are pigs. 当然,男人们都是猪
[04:53.80]They're disgusting, they're frightened, repulsive10 little rodents11. 他们是胆小的令人厌恶的啮齿动物
[04:56.24]But we're trying to help them, right, Bobbie? 但是我们在试图帮助他们 对吗,芭比?
[04:57.56]- Right. - Yes, we're trying to reeducate them. - 对 - 我们试图对他们进行再教育
[05:00.16]And where are they? 那他们在哪儿?
[05:02.92]Oh. Oh, they're still in Stepford. 噢,噢,他们仍在斯戴福
[05:03.92]Under house arrest. 被软禁了
[05:11.68]Hey, you guys. 嘿,伙计们
[05:13.36]Which aisle12 is quilted paper towels? 加棉絮的纸巾在哪一排?
[05:15.08]If I don't get the right kind, my wife's gonna kill me. 如果我买错的话 我老婆会杀了我的
[05:18.96]Oh, aisle three. And I need... 噢,第三排,还有我需要…
[05:21.24]No talking, keep shopping. 不准谈话,继续购物


1 fabulous ch6zI     
  • We had a fabulous time at the party.我们在晚会上玩得很痛快。
  • This is a fabulous sum of money.这是一笔巨款。
2 screwdriver rDpza     
  • He took a screwdriver and teased out the remaining screws.他拿出螺丝刀把其余的螺丝卸了下来。
  • The electric drill can also be used as a screwdriver.这把电钻也可用作螺丝刀。
3 tuxedos 361e677a3179981cd3cdd88c9ac8ce77     
n.餐服,无尾晚礼服( tuxedo的名词复数 )
  • Our services include design and tailoring for wedding gowns, tuxedos and party dressesfrom and American brands. 们的服务范围包括高级婚纱设计定制,高级礼服、派对装设计定制,及欧美一线品牌成衣的驳样定制。 来自互联网
  • Most tuxedos are black, but some people like to wear white ones called 'morning suits'. 大多数男士无尾晚礼服是黑色的,不过有些人喜欢穿那种被称为“晨服”的白色装。 来自互联网
4 genetic PgIxp     
  • It's very difficult to treat genetic diseases.遗传性疾病治疗起来很困难。
  • Each daughter cell can receive a full complement of the genetic information.每个子细胞可以收到遗传信息的一个完全补偿物。
5 decided lvqzZd     
  • This gave them a decided advantage over their opponents.这使他们比对手具有明显的优势。
  • There is a decided difference between British and Chinese way of greeting.英国人和中国人打招呼的方式有很明显的区别。
6 overtime aKqxn     
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  • He was paid for the overtime he worked.他领到了加班费。
7 humble ddjzU     
  • In my humble opinion,he will win the election.依我拙见,他将在选举中获胜。
  • Defeat and failure make people humble.挫折与失败会使人谦卑。
8 ordeal B4Pzs     
  • She managed to keep her sanity throughout the ordeal.在那场磨难中她始终保持神志正常。
  • Being lost in the wilderness for a week was an ordeal for me.在荒野里迷路一星期对我来说真是一场磨难。
9 grudge hedzG     
  • I grudge paying so much for such inferior goods.我不愿花这么多钱买次品。
  • I do not grudge him his success.我不嫉妒他的成功。
10 repulsive RsNyx     
  • She found the idea deeply repulsive.她发现这个想法很恶心。
  • The repulsive force within the nucleus is enormous.核子内部的斥力是巨大的。
11 rodents 1ff5f0f12f2930e77fb620b1471a2124     
n.啮齿目动物( rodent的名词复数 )
  • Rodents carry diseases and are generally regarded as pests. 啮齿目动物传播疾病,常被当作害虫对待。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • Some wild rodents in Africa also harbor the virus. 在非洲,有些野生啮齿动物也是储毒者。 来自辞典例句
12 aisle qxPz3     
  • The aisle was crammed with people.过道上挤满了人。
  • The girl ushered me along the aisle to my seat.引座小姐带领我沿着通道到我的座位上去。
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