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听电影学英语-海上钢琴师 19

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  [00:04.88]You're pulling my leg 你开玩笑呢吧
[00:06.93]You've seen nothing but the ocean 自从你出生那天起
[00:08.39]since the day you were born 你就一直对着海着呢
[00:09.85]But from here 只从船上看过啊
[00:13.27]I want to see it from there 我想从陆地上看看海的样子
[00:14.81]It's not the same thing at all 换个角度  和从船上看根本就是两码事
[00:16.35]Wait till we dock1 lean2 over the side 那你就等我们靠岸的时候
[00:18.36]take a good look 好好看看吧
[00:19.84]It's the same thing 其实都一样
[00:21.32]No, it's not 不  不一样的
[00:23.99]From land, you can hear its voice 在岸上  你是可以听到大海的声音的
[00:26.05]You don't hear that from a ship 那是一种无法从船上听到的声音
[00:29.11]What do you mean, its voice? 什么叫"大海的声音"啊
[00:31.33]Its voice 大海的声音
[00:37.00]It's like... 就像...
[00:40.67]a big scream3... 就像是一声震耳欲聋的惊叫
[00:44.50]telling you that life is immense4 像对生命的广博的惊叹
[00:48.84]Once you've heard it, then you know 一旦你聆听过这样的声音  你就会知道

[00:50.22]what you have to do to go on living 怎么样才有继续生活下去的动力和激情
[00:54.39]I could stay here forever5 虽然我可以永远待在船上
[00:58.31]But the ocean would never tell me a thing 但这样大海是不会给我任何启示的
[01:03.56]But if I get off live on land for a couple of years 倘若我下船  去陆地上感受几年  生活几年
[01:07.44]then I'll be normal 我就会是正常的了
[01:09.74]just like the others 像其他人一样
[01:12.40]Then maybe one day 然后或许有一天
[01:15.49]I'll make it to the coast6 look up, see the ocean 我会到海岸边去  仰望大海  瞧瞧它的样子
[01:18.58]and hear it scream 然后聆听大海的咆哮
[01:21.87]I don't know who's been telling you this bullshit 我不知道这些乱七八糟的都是谁告诉你的
[01:24.37]or if you're just making it up 或者是你自己莫名其妙的想出来的
[01:26.33]But you want to know what I think? 但是你想知道我的想法吗
[01:28.09]I think... 我的想法就是...
[01:30.38]the real reason you want off this ship is the girl 真正让你有下船的冲动的原因  是那个女孩
[01:35.38]It's always the girl 只有那个女孩是你想下船的原因
[01:37.43]But even if it's not the reason that suits me just fine 但就算不是这个原因的话我也无所谓
[01:41.10]Because I've always wanted you to leave this ship 因为我一直都想让你离开这艘船
[01:44.14]and play for the people on land 为陆地上的观众演奏
[01:46.14]and marry a nice woman and have children 然后再娶个好妻子  成家立业  儿孙满堂
[01:49.77]and all those things in life which are not immense 我希望你能拥有的是那些生命中不那么"广博"的
[01:55.99]but are worth the effort7 但却是值得你为之奋斗的
[01:59.53]You'll come visit me won't you, Max? On land? 你会来看我吧  麦克斯  去陆地上我的家
[02:04.41]Of course 当然了
[02:07.87]That way, you'll introduce me 我去看你的时候  你要向我介绍
[02:10.29]to the mother of your children 你孩子的母亲
[02:12.71]And invite me for Sunday dinner 还要邀请我和你们一起共进星期日的晚餐
[02:15.88]I'll bring the dessert and a bottle of wine 我会带些甜点外加一瓶酒
[02:19.01]and you'll tell me I shouldn't have 然后你就会对我说用不着这么客气
[02:22.43]and while you're showing me around 当你向我介绍带着我参观
[02:25.26]your house shaped like a ship 你那所建的似船一样的房子
[02:28.10]your wife will be cooking a turkey 你妻子在为大家烤火鸡
[02:30.73]And then we'll sit at the table 然后我们都会坐在桌旁
[02:32.19]and I'll tell her she's an excellent cook 我会夸赞她的厨艺
[02:35.98]and she'll say how you talk about me all the time 她会对我说你总会对她提起有关于我的事
[02:42.61]You know I'm going to give you my camel coat 知道么  我打算把我的骆驼大衣送你了
[02:47.66]You'll cut a fine figure8 when you get down there 等你下船的时候你穿着它肯定特帅
[02:53.79]How many people I have seen 我见过无数次人们在
[02:55.48]saying goodbye on the docks9 在码头上互相道别之后却
[02:57.17]without giving a damn10 立即转身离去  神色漠然
[03:00.09]But when I said goodbye to Nineteen Hundred 但是当我与1900到了说再见的时候
[03:02.61]it was a real blow 道别却成了最伤感的事情
[03:05.13]We laughed and kept saying "See you soon" 虽然我们互相笑着说"回见"

  [03:08.47]But inside we both knew we'd never see each other again 但是我们都心知肚明  分离即永别
[03:30.20]Goodbye, Nineteen Hundred! Take care 再见了  1900  多保重
[03:32.57]Good luck Have a good time 祝你好运  好好玩
[03:37.75]Take care Nineteen Hundred, take care 保重  1900  千万保重
[03:39.87]Write us a letter sometimes 时不时地给我们写信啊
[03:41.46]Give my regards11 to Broadway 代我向百老汇问好啊
[04:17.57]What'd he do, step in shit? 他怎么了  踩着屎了不成
[04:20.91]Maybe he just forgot something 说不定他忘拿什么东西了吧
[04:22.45]Maybe he's forgotten why he's getting off 也有可能忘了为何下船


1 dock GsQx9     
  • We took the children to the dock to see the ships.我们带孩子们到码头去看轮船。
  • The corrupt official stood in the dock.那贪官站在被告席上。
2 lean 39lz2     
  • The seats have no back against which to lean.这些座位都没有靠背可倚。
  • Please don't lean your chair back,you'll break it.请不要坐在椅子上往后仰,你会把椅子弄坏的。
3 scream 0ZEx6     
n.尖叫声;vi. 尖叫,大笑,尖啸,令人震惊;vt.尖叫着说,大叫大嚷着要求
  • Don't scream,I can hear what you are saying.别喊,我听得见你说些什么。
  • He was so funny,he made us scream with laughter.他很有趣,逗得我们哈哈大笑。
4 immense HkWyu     
  • They made an immense improvement in English.在英语方面他们取得了巨大的进步。
  • The expense of living is immense.生活费用很庞大。
5 forever ai8xi     
adv.(=for ever)永远;总是
  • Teacher is powerful in a child's eyes forever.老师在孩子们的心中永远是强者。
  • You can't depend on your parents forever.你不能永远依赖你父母。
6 coast EXKzJ     
  • They're holidaying on the west coast.他们正在西海岸度假。
  • There are thousands of villages on the coast.在沿海有上千座村庄。
7 effort 0qLxh     
  • I will make every effort to arrive on time.我将尽一切努力准时到达。
  • There isn't much time ahead,so we should redouble our effort.来日无多,须加倍努力。
8 figure AkzxI     
  • I will check up the figure.我来核对一下这个数字。
  • I'm watching my figure.我一直注意保持身材。
9 docks mulz0c     
  • He was born in squalor next to London's docks. 他出生在伦敦码头附近肮脏的地区。
  • The enemy raided the docks. 敌人突然袭击了码头。
10 damn jnyzC     
  • Damn this useless typewriter!这台破打字机真该死!
  • I knew damn well what he was going to say.我非常清楚他要说什么。
11 regards rkAzQC     
  • David sends his warmest regards to your parents. 戴维向你的父母致以最热烈的问候。
  • Please give my regards to him. 请代我向他致意。
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