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听电影学英语-绝配男女 14

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  [00:10.32]We used to do it on the kitchen counter.  我们经常在厨房角落里做爱
[00:37.08]I wish things were like the beginning.  一切都好象刚刚开始
[00:43.44]Well, that's when they want you so badly, they'll do anything.  女人很需要什么东西 她就说什么
[00:47.32]Then once they get you, they put you on the maintenance1 plan.  然后她为满足需要 会去制定计划
[00:53.84]- I'm glad you're my friend, Elyse. - Ohh, me too.  艾丽赛,有你这个朋友真好 我也是
[00:57.84]I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have a friend to talk to.  除了你 我都没有倾诉的对象
[01:01.52]Well there's always Drew's sister.  噢,应该每次都是德鲁的姐姐
[01:06.20]The wacka-doodle.  那个疯子
[01:10.56]Why did you ask her to come out here with you?  你干嘛要让她跟你一起来?
[01:14.56]I thought it would work.  我觉得这样有效果 那时真是疯狂
[01:17.24]I was crazy about her.
[01:19.92]At least I thought I was.  这正是我想象的
[01:20.60]But you're not now?  封闭你自己?
[01:26.12]I want to be.  我希望如此
[01:27.48]I want to feel like I can't be without her.  我觉得没有她就过不下去
[01:34.16]I know that sounds ridiculous.  我知道这听起来很荒谬
[01:36.84]What else is bothering you?  她开始看上你什么?
[01:39.00]What makes you think something's bothering me?  这跟我的困扰有关系吗?
[01:43.84]19 years of listening to people on this table and a hunch2.  19年每天都能听到这些…
[01:47.88]You can tell me, you know.  你不能告诉我
[01:51.24]It might help the pain in your shoulder go away.  这可能是我遇到的最难医 的病人
[01:55.92]Lately l... I feel...  最近,我…
[02:01.60]I look at myself as a failure.  我觉得…
[02:10.12]I thought I'd come out here, pass the Bar, make lots of money... maybe start a family.  我觉得来到这里就是要 通过律师考试…
[02:20.84]I've always been able to pull it off... ...you know. Whatever I wanted...  不管我想要什么 好象都得不到似的…
[02:24.20]Now I can't seem to make anything work.  现在我好象什么都做不成
[02:29.72]How much longer?  多久了?
[02:45.92]It's done.  搞错了 噢?
[02:50.48]- It's negative. - Oh thank God.  阴性 谢天谢地
[02:55.16]What?  干嘛?
[02:59.64]What's wrong?  怎么啦?
[03:00.00]It's just your reaction was so... So...  这就是你的反应…干嘛?
[03:06.68]Like you received a pardon from a death sentence!  你好象很怕听到女人怀孕
[03:12.56]You know, I think underneath4 it all you wanted to be pregnant5.
[03:17.40]That's bullshit. I just don't think it would be the end of the world like you do.  胡说八道
[03:23.08]Maybe this is a blessing6.  也许这是个祝福
[03:26.12]- Maybe this shows our heads are in different places right now. - Yeah,  也许我从现在起要搬出卧室住
[03:29.28]mine's on my shoulders, and yours is up your ass3!  没错,从今天我们分居
[03:36.12]I don't know why she stays with me.  我不知道她干嘛远离我
[03:40.48]What do you think she should do?  你觉得她要怎么做?
[03:45.16]Probably leave me.  信任我
[03:48.52]Sounds like a part of you wants her to.  看来这也是你希望的部分
[03:52.52]Perhaps that way you don't have to be the bad guy.  不过也许你不是合适的人选
[03:58.72]Why is it we sometimes look foradvice when we already know the answer.  为什么我们已经知道答案 却还要寻求建议?
[04:01.92]Maybe it's because we want to be wrong.  也许是需要这种关系长久下去
[04:06.60]Drew...  怎么啦?
[04:13.96]I've been thinking...  我一直在想
[04:23.64]Maybe we shouldn't live together anymore.  也许我们不应该在一起了
[04:27.32]I'm sorry, honey.  对不起,亲爱的 我的意思是…
[04:28.68]- Look this hurts me... - Shut up.  闭嘴
[04:33.88]Why are you doing this?  你为什么要这样做?
[04:36.88]I moved across the country to be with you.  我横穿大半个国家来跟你同居
[04:37.20]I... I'm just not good for you right now.  我是觉得自己不再适合你了
[04:42.88]I left a job!  我扔下了工作 离开了家人,朋友
[04:45.40]I left my family, and my friends...
[04:47.08]I'm living next to a freeway! You fucking selfish coward7!  天天背着私奔的头衔在生活 你这个自私的混蛋!
[04:51.76]Get away from me!  离我远点!


1 maintenance U8rzP     
  • His small farm provides maintenance,but not much more.他的小农场能使他们维持生活,但仅此而已。
  • He has to pay maintenance to his ex-wife.他必须给前妻赡养费。
2 hunch CdVzZ     
  • I have a hunch that he didn't really want to go.我有这么一种感觉,他并不真正想去。
  • I had a hunch that Susan and I would work well together.我有预感和苏珊共事会很融洽。
3 ass qvyzK     
  • He is not an ass as they make him.他不象大家猜想的那样笨。
  • An ass endures his burden but not more than his burden.驴能负重但不能超过它能力所负担的。
4 underneath VKRz2     
  • Working underneath the car is always a messy job.在汽车底下工作是件脏活。
  • She wore a coat with a dress underneath.她穿着一件大衣,里面套着一条连衣裙。
5 pregnant IP3xP     
  • She is a pregnant woman.她是一名孕妇。
  • She is pregnant with her first child.她怀了第一胎。
6 blessing UxDztJ     
  • The blessing was said in Hebrew.祷告用了希伯来语。
  • A double blessing has descended upon the house.双喜临门。
7 coward LoxzA     
  • The newspapers had unjustly labelled him as a coward.那家报纸不公正地称他为懦夫。
  • I was basically a dreadful coward.从根本上说,我非常胆小怕事。
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