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听电影学英语-美国颂歌 04

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  [00:01.94]Fascist America? Comedy, right? 法西斯美利坚? 是喜剧吧?
[00:07.22]Wow. (sniffs) Did you bathe today? 你今天洗澡了没?
[00:09.22]No. 没有
[00:11.10](Orchestra playing)
[00:14.14](Announcer) And now, live from New York City, 现在在纽约给您现场直播的是...
[00:15.22]it's the MooveAlong.org Film Awards, MooveAlong.org电影奖
[00:18.94]hosted by Paris Hilton and Simon Rex. 由Paris Hilton和Simon Rex给您主持
[00:22.90]And now, here are your hosts, 现在我们的主持人登场了
[00:24.38]Paris Hilton and Simon Rex. Paris Hilton和Simon Rex
[00:26.66]We are gathered here tonight because we all share the same goals: 我们能在今晚聚到一起 是因为我们有着共同的目标
[00:29.06]Redistribution of wealth, freedom from the chains of materialism1, 重新分配财富 摆脱唯物论的枷锁
[00:31.86]and, of course, ending world hunger. 当然还有结束世界饥荒
[00:35.62]- (Applause) - Finally. I'm starving. 终于来了,我都快饿死了
[00:38.82]It's our pleasure to present the most prestigious2 honor 我们很荣幸的颁发这个...
[00:41.50]in documentary film, the Leni Riefenstahl Award. 最具声望的纪录片奖项 Leni Riefenstahl奖
[00:46.46](Applause, music)
[00:48.06](Rex) As Germany's most famous documentary filmmaker, 作为德国最著名的纪录片导演
[00:50.82]Leni Riefenstahl celebrated3 the incredible rise Leni Riefenstahl拥护了...
[00:53.02]of Nazi4 dictator Adolf Hitler, 纳粹独裁者希特勒的强势崛起
[00:55.18]becoming a tireless promoter of his campaign for change. 并成为Hitler所鼓吹的变革主题的大力推广者
[00:59.78]Her pioneering use of the wide-angle lens 她用广角镜头
[01:01.86]to capture the scope of massive formations 拍摄巨大阵列的创举
[01:03.94]paved the way for generations of filmmakers. 为后来一代代的电影人铺平了道路
[01:05.74]Through the creative manipulation of truth, 通过创造性的操纵真相
[01:10.70]she was able to influence history, demonstrating the power of film. 她能够影响历史 展现出电影的力量
[01:13.98](Hilton) Although resulting in the death of over 60 million people, 尽管希特勒在二战中导致六千万人死亡
[01:18.90]her place in any cinematic hall of fame is secure. 但她在电影界的名誉和地位是无可撼动的
[01:20.86]And this year's award for best documentary director goes to... 今年的最佳纪录片导演奖将颁发给...
[01:26.90]Michael Malone for Die, You American Pigs. Michael Malone拍摄的“去死吧你,美国猪”
[01:30.10](Announcer) This is Michael Malone's third Moove Along award. 这是Michael Malone第三次获奖
[01:33.18]He previously5 won for his documentaries Shame On You, America, 他之前的获奖作品是“美国,我以你为耻”
[01:35.86]- and America Sucks A Big One. - Oh, OK. 和“美国衰透了”
[01:38.62]Hey. I try to tell the truth in my films, and I get attacked... 我想在我的电影中传播真相 但我却遭到攻击
[01:42.50]- (orchestra playing) - But I'm gonna continue... 我将继续...
[01:47.18]Oh. Ha. 这是什么意思?
[01:48.58]Oh. What is that?
[01:51.38]Ooh! Ooh!
[01:58.46]Get my good side. 拍我好看的一面
[01:59.42]That concludes the non-televised portion of the show. 以上是今天不电视直播的部分
[02:02.30]- (Drum roll) - Huh? 下面是今晚的高潮
[02:04.62]And now the highlight of the evening:
[02:06.98]And the award goes to... 获奖者是...
[02:07.46]Best Feature Film Director. 最佳故事片导演奖
[02:09.74](both) George Mulrooney! George Mulrooney!
[02:13.82]For That McCarthy Sure Was Bad. 获奖作品是“那个McCarthy坏透了”
[02:14.14](Announcer) The heroic story of newscaster 那部影片讲述了记者Edward R. Murrow的英雄故事
[02:17.50]Edward R. Murrow, who half a century ago took on a drunken U.S. Senator 他半个世纪前把一个 自己在醉酒时指控别人...
[02:22.82]who accused people of being communists. 是共产党的美国参议员给拉下了马
[02:23.18]This is Mulrooney's 19th Moove Along Award 这是Mulrooney的第十九次获奖
[02:27.34]to go with his 11 Oscars, 9 Emmys, and two Super Bowl rings. 他还获得了十一次奥斯卡,九次艾美奖 以及两次超级碗(橄榄球比赛)冠军
[02:29.06]Thank you. I... I dedicate this award 谢谢,我要把这个奖献给...
[02:32.34]to all the courageous6 filmmakers 所有敢于挑战敏感议题的...
[02:36.22]who take on tough issues 勇敢的电影工作者
[02:37.58]like McCarthyism, even though it no longer exists, 比如麦凯西主义(五十年代美国的反共高潮) 尽管它已经不存在了
[02:39.38]or like slavery or Nazism7, even though they ended, too. 或是奴隶制和纳粹 当然它们也结束了
[02:43.74]But you know, evil exists today. Like, well, Islamic terrorism. 但你们知道,现在邪恶还存在 比如伊斯兰恐怖主义
[02:46.14](Laughing) But like I'm gonna make that movie, right? 而我就要去拍那种电影,对不?
[02:49.70]Like I want to get beheaded. (choking) 比如我会被斩首
[02:54.18]- (Orchestra playing) - (Mulrooney laughing)
[02:55.90]- Thank you! - (Woman) George! Over here! - 谢谢 - George!往这里看
[03:00.66]Ooh! Mom?
[03:19.14]Oh! (chuckling)
[03:21.90]Wow. Mulrooney's so hot. 哇,Mulrooney太性感了
[03:28.42]Huh? Huh?
[03:28.86]Excuse us, Director Michael Malone. 打扰一下,Michael Malone导演
[03:31.10]I am Ahmed, and this is my comrade Mohammed. 我是Ahmed,这是我同志Mohammed
[03:33.54]Wait, no. We want you to direct a movie to inspire the final jihad. 等等,我们希望你导演一部 可以激励终极圣战的电影
[03:35.26]Nice to meet you. 很高兴见到你们
[03:44.58]A feature? 10 million minimum. 故事片的话最少一千万才行
[03:45.42]How big of a budget would you need? 你要多少预算?
[03:47.10]Call me when you sold enough falafel. 如果你们卖出足够的三明治再来找我
[03:54.02]Ahmed, Mohammed. Ahmed,Mohammed
[03:54.74](Both) Who are you? 你是谁?
[03:56.42]It's me. 是我
[04:00.30]- Aziz! - Shh! - Aziz! - 嘘
[04:02.66]- What are you doing here? - We have a more important mission. - 你在这干嘛? - 我们有个更重要的任务
[04:05.78]- But the movie. - It can wait. - 但这电影 - 可以拖一拖的
[04:08.74]This will be the most spectacular attack on the infidels ever. 这将是对异教徒最惨重的一次打击
[04:11.54]But we need to find someone important with the right connections. 但我们需要找到一些有人脉的重要人物
[04:16.70](Malone) I'm directing Mulrooney's next picture. 我要拍Mulrooney的下一部电影
[04:18.10]- Someone like that. - Director Akbar? - 像那种人 - Akbar导演?
[04:21.18]Yes. What will it take to get him to cooperate? 对,如果要他合作的话需要付出什么代价?
[04:25.18]Well, the opium8 crop is very good this year. 呃,今年的鸦片收成非常好
[04:25.46](Both) $10 million. 一千万美元
[04:28.06]Money will be no problem. 钱不是问题
[04:29.94]Allahu Akbar. 真主保佑
[04:33.38]So I said to Spielberg, Steve, you can't... 所以我对Spielberg说 Steve你不能就...
[04:36.18]Ooh, crab9 cakes. 螃蟹蛋糕
[04:36.46]Say, want to go to Clint's party with me? 想和我一起去Clint的生日派对吗?
[04:38.86]Director Akbar! Akbar导演!
[04:40.38]- We have glorious news for you... - George! George! - 我们有个好消息 - George!George!
[04:43.86]We have 10 million. 我们有一千万
[04:45.42]Must have been a good opium crop this year. George, over here. 你们今年的鸦片收成一定很好 George来这里
[04:49.74]- 10 million U.S. Dollars, cash. - Cash? Right! - 一千万美元,现金 - 现金?
[04:52.70]- Good! So you'll do it. - Yeah, right. - 太好了,你答应了? - 是的
[04:53.98]Have your people contact my people. 让你的人联络我的人
[04:58.26]I bet she would look great in a burka. 我打赌她如果穿穆斯林面纱 和长袍的话一定会很好看


1 materialism aBCxF     
  • Idealism is opposite to materialism.唯心论和唯物论是对立的。
  • Crass materialism causes people to forget spiritual values.极端唯物主义使人忘掉精神价值。
2 prestigious nQ2xn     
  • The young man graduated from a prestigious university.这个年轻人毕业于一所名牌大学。
  • You may even join a prestigious magazine as a contributing editor.甚至可能会加入一个知名杂志做编辑。
3 celebrated iwLzpz     
  • He was soon one of the most celebrated young painters in England.不久他就成了英格兰最负盛名的年轻画家之一。
  • The celebrated violinist was mobbed by the audience.观众团团围住了这位著名的小提琴演奏家。
4 Nazi BjXyF     
  • They declare the Nazi regime overthrown and sue for peace.他们宣布纳粹政权已被推翻,并出面求和。
  • Nazi closes those war criminals inside their concentration camp.纳粹把那些战犯关在他们的集中营里。
5 previously bkzzzC     
  • The bicycle tyre blew out at a previously damaged point.自行车胎在以前损坏过的地方又爆开了。
  • Let me digress for a moment and explain what had happened previously.让我岔开一会儿,解释原先发生了什么。
6 courageous HzSx7     
  • We all honour courageous people.我们都尊重勇敢的人。
  • He was roused to action by courageous words.豪言壮语促使他奋起行动。
7 Nazism onPzAk     
n. 纳粹主义
  • His philosophical eyes were obviously shortsighted by the evil influence of Nazism. 显然,他那双哲学家般的深邃的眼睛也被纳粹的妖氛所眩惑。 来自中国文学部分
  • Nazism suppressed all three movements as degenerate. 纳粹把所有三个运动都作为颓废艺术而加以镇压。
8 opium c40zw     
  • That man gave her a dose of opium.那男人给了她一剂鸦片。
  • Opium is classed under the head of narcotic.鸦片是归入麻醉剂一类的东西。
9 crab xoozE     
  • I can't remember when I last had crab.我不记得上次吃蟹是什么时候了。
  • The skin on my face felt as hard as a crab's back.我脸上的皮仿佛僵硬了,就象螃蟹的壳似的。
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