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   [00:08.52]OK, Mark. 好多  马克

  [00:11.52]You heard the boss. Let’s go.
  [00:12.08](Fanfare in background) 你听到老板的话了  我们走
  [00:19.88]TANNO Y: Now the big race the Jansen Handicap starting on the track 现在是场大比赛 詹森. 哈迪卡, 开始出现在跑道上
  [00:24.88]No 2 Ocean Blend carrying two pounds over weight 2号奥西. 布莱德带着超过 两磅重的体重…
  [00:26.48]You own a horse, sweetie? This is just for owners. 你有一匹马是吗甜心? 这只提供给有马的人的
  [00:32.88]Cale 凯丽
  [00:35.84]Cale. 凯丽
  [00:38.80]Huh. 嗯
  [00:39.80]BALON: Hey-hey. - Hey. 嘿 嘿 嘿
  [00:44.64]See her, honey? Look at that. No.5, right there. 看到她了吗  亲爱的?看看五号 就在那边
  [00:47.92]- That’s our girl CALE: Think she’ll win? 那就是我们的姑娘. 觉得她会赢吗?
  [00:51.68]- I got $10 that says she’s gonna win. - (Laughs) 我赌五美元她会赢的
  [00:58.20]TANNO Y: From the Wishman Stables here’s Rapid Cat 从维曼斯塔布莱斯来看 这位是快猫
  [00:59.64]Dark Fire on one of the outside gates
  [01:02.12](Horses whinnying) 黑火在一个外门之中
  [01:08.12]Here we go, baby.
  [01:09.48](Snorts and stamps hooves)
  [01:15.76](Race bell rings) 我们开始了  宝贝
  [01:18.52]TANNO Y: And away they go! 现在他们都出发了!
  [01:23.08]Easy. Nice and easy now.
  [01:31.80](Shouts of encouragement) 现在一幕了然了
  [01:36.80]MANNY: She’s fourth Come on sweetheart 她现在排在第四  加油 甜心
  [01:39.44]- Yeah. - Go on, Sonya! 加油!快来 桑娅!
  [01:47.20]M aypo t h s s yo u r day, h o h oy Co m o o h
  [01:53.20](Excited shouts from crowd) 也许今天就是你的好日子, 亲爱的 加油
  [01:59.20]Bring it home, baby. 带她回家  宝贝
  [02:02.20]Come on, Sonya. 加油  桑娅
  [02:03.88]- Yeah! - (Squeals)
  [02:13.36](Shocked gasps)
  [02:17.60](Crowd falls silent)
  [02:26.00](Whinnies) 加油!
  [02:32.60]Oh, Manny. 哦 曼尼
  [02:48.52]- We gotta put her down, Ben. - It’s OK. I got it here. 我们得把她取消, 本. 没事 我找到了
  [02:51.72]Cannon1 bone. 管骨
  [02:53.84]- Look llm sorry Ben We gotta put her down - She all right? 我很抱歉. 本. 我们要把她取消. 她没事吧?
  [02:57.04]- Whoa! - Hey, easy, girl. Easy. 哇!嘿, 放松, 姑娘, 放松
  [02:58.40]Come on, it’s OK. 别急  没事的
  [02:59.44]Not here. Not here. Take her back to her stall, but not here. 不是这里 不是这里 把她带到她的马厩里去 不要放在这里
  [03:04.40]- Come on - Attagirl
  [03:06.56](Sonya whinnies)
  [03:10.16](Heavy rain) 走吧 姑娘
  [03:12.32]- Ben, I can ’t put her down until you sign this. - I want some X-rays taken. 本, 我不能把她取消除非你签了这个. 我想要做一些X射线检查
  [03:17.56]Cale, come here. Come on. Stay out of the way. 凯丽 过来. 来 被挡在路上
  [03:20.08]What’s the point? She’s finished. 这有什么要紧?她完蛋了
  [03:20.96]B N do not be e ve th s 他简直不敢相信
  [03:23.96]- What? What’d you tell me? - I warned you she wasn ’t right. 什么?你怎么对我交代? 警告过你她状态不好
  [03:24.52]I told him. 我告诉她了
  [03:29.36]- You put the saddle on her. - What? Wait a minute! 你还把马鞍放在她身上. 什么?等等!
  [03:29.80]Lunderstand, it’s sad when these things happen. 我明白. 这些事情发生的时候很悲惨
  [03:32.00]- Sad? - Yes, sad. This is an athlete. 悲惨?是的 悲惨的是运动员
  [03:36.24]Well, then, you just knowingly killed a $ Tr50,000 athlete. 喔 那么你只知道杀死了一个 75万美元的运动员
  [03:38.32]- We need to make a move here. - Tell me 我们需要开始一个行动. 告诉我
  [03:42.68]It’s her cannon bone 这是她的管骨
  [03:42.76]You pushed her. She’d have run in the Breeders’ Cup. She was special. 你毁了她. 她本来可以赢得 布里德杯. 她是特别的
  [03:48.20]Now s h o: S got a p roko h og a h d t: S ovo r 现在她只有一条断腿. 她完蛋了
  [03:52.44]You don ’t care about anybody, do you? Horses or people. 你什么都不在乎不是吗?马或者人
  [03:57.44]Well, in fact, I do, Ben. That’s why I’m giving you the opportunity to find a new job. 事实上 是这样 本, 这就是为什么 我要给你一个机会找新工作
  [04:03.84]- You firing me? - And take your Mexicans with you. 你要解雇我?你可以把你的 墨西哥人带走
  [04:08.32]They’re men, Palmer. They got names.
  [04:13.20](Sonya whinnies) 他们是男人, 帕尔默. 他们有名字
  [04:15.08]- You owe me money. - You’ll get your cheque, first of the month. 你欠我钱. 我会给你支票 这个月初
  [04:18.88]You pay me now 9000 for the last three months 你现在就付我最后三个月的9千美元
  [04:22.12]Here’s six. 这里有六千
  [04:25.36]Six. Take it or leave it. 六千 要不要随你
  [04:26.56]I’ll leave it. We agreed on nine. You’re three short. 我不要 我们说好了是九千的 你不讲信用
  [04:27.32]- Wait for a cheque. - I’m not waiting! 那就等支票吧 我不要等!
  [04:29.16]For God’s sake, please put that horse down! 行行好 拜托把马放下来!
  [04:31.80]Dan, Dan, Dan, wait. 丹 丹 丹, 等等
  [04:37.28]I’ll take the 6,000 and the horse. 我要了这六千和这匹马
  [04:39.16]$6,000 and a dead horse and I never have to hear from you again? 六千美元和一匹死马 我就可以再也不用听到你消息了?
  [04:45.04]- That’s right. - Take the money
  [04:46.40](Sonya whinnies) 对. 把钱拿去
  [04:48.20]Sedate her, Dan. Put her down heavy for the night. 给她服点镇静剂, 丹. 今晚让她好好躺一躺
  [04:49.16]It’ll cost you 400 just to dispose of her body. 处理她的尸体只要花你4钱美元
  [04:54.12]- You got a hard head, like your old man. - Cale, go to the truck. 你思想太顽固了  就像你的老男人. 凯丽, 到卡车里去
  [04:54.20]Balon hook up a trailer 拜伦, 弄辆拖车来
  [04:56.80]Living in that horse farm with no horses. 和那皮马一起住在没有马的农场里
  [04:59.00]Balon, just... Manny, take her out to the truck. 拜伦只是… 曼尼, 把她带到卡车上去
  [05:02.44]Delusional. It’s a disease with you Cranes. Get out before it rubs off on you. 没办法的. 这就像和你的克雷斯一样的麻烦. 在她踢死你之前出去吧
  [05:19.72]BEN: Manny? - Yeah? 曼尼?我在
  [05:21.88]Go get the old man. Tell him it’s an emergency. 去找这个老男人 告诉她这是紧急事件
  [05:33.92]Hi, Balon. I need the heavy winch, the tow and easy sling2 to get her in this stall. 嗨 拜伦, 我需要这个重绞盘 麻绳和轻吊索来把她弄到马厩里来
  [05:37.60]- OK where’s that? - It ’s in the back stall there 在哪里?就在后面的马厩里
  [05:41.88]- Oh OK I got it LIL: Where have you been? 哦 好的 我明白了 你们一直在哪?
  [05:42.48]God, I’ve been so worried. Honey. 天哪 我一直那么担心 亲爱的
  [05:45.76]- What’s going on? - I had a horse go down. 怎么回事?我有匹马出事了
  [05:48.40]Oh, my God. 哦 天哪
  [05:49.56]- Anything else, boss? - Give Balon a hand, will you? 还有别的事吗 老板? 帮帮拜伦好吗?
  [05:50.32]- Manny? - Hello. 玛丽?你好
  [05:54.08]MAN: What can you geniuses be calling an emergency at night in the rain? 在这样下雨的夜晚会召集 你们这些天才做什么呢?
  [06:00.64]This about a horse? 是关于一匹马吗?
  [06:06.60]Good night. 晚安
  [06:12.32]Inever ask you for anything. 我从来没问过你什么事情
  [06:15.60]That’s right. I haven3 ’t heard from you in months. 对 几个月来我从没听过你的消息
  [06:19.84]That’s why your business is so great. 这就是为什么你的生意如此成功
  [06:21.68]I got a filly in there with a broken cannon bone, Pop. 我要处理一匹小雌马的 断了的管骨, 帕普
  [06:24.12]Thoroughbred? 纯种的吗?
  [06:27.56]Raco r? 赛手?
  [06:34.76]Put her down. 不要她了
  [06:39.00]You had a horse with a shattered cannon bone once. 你曾经有匹粉碎性管骨的马
  [06:44.20]You harnessed it up somehow, the leg healed and that horse was fine. 你在某些方面做了弥补 腿治愈了  马好了
  [06:47.24]That was a long time ago. You were just a little boy, Benjamin. 这是很久以前的事了 你那是还是个小孩子, 本杰明
  [06:51.76]But I remember it. It worked. 但是我记得这有用
  [06:57.52]He was an old lead pony4. 他是匹老的领头马
  [06:59.40]Healed just enough to walk around for a few more years before I finally put him down. 治愈了只是刚好可以在 我放弃他之前多走几年
  [07:04.76]Which is what you’d do if you had any sense at all. 若你懂了的话你也会这样做的
  [07:16.16]Let’s get her in the stall. 我们去马厩里找她
  [07:20.60]LIL: Cale. - I’m going to need to help them, Mom. 凯丽, 我要去帮助他们 妈妈
  [07:24.56]Cale, I’m gonna spend the night with her. You go on inside with Mom. 凯丽, 我今天要陪着她 你和妈妈呆在屋里
  [07:29.72]BEN: All right. BALON: Right up there? 好吧 就在那边吗?
  [07:31.08]- Yeah. - Right, Manny? 是的 好, 曼尼?
  [07:33.28]BEN: Can you get up to the big winch Manny? 你可以抬起这个大绞盘吗, 曼尼?
  [07:36.72]Let’s hook it up. Come on.
  [08:00.00](Exhales) 我们钩起来. 来
  [08:05.28]- Was it a hard fall? - Hard enough. 一个困难的秋天不是吗? 够难的了
  [08:08.88]She didn ’t get bumped or anything. She... she just went down. 她不会再跳跃了 她… 她只是躺着
  [08:11.72]That’s the one from the track And my X -rays confirm it 这就是离开跑道的后果. 我的X射线说明了这点
  [08:15.24]It’s a spiral fracture of the cannon bone. 这是一种管骨的螺旋状断裂
  [08:16.00]BEN: But it is nondisplaced - She’ll never race again? 但是不可取代的. 她再也不能比赛了吗?
  [08:20.64]No, honey. 不是 亲爱的
  [08:23.72]- But she might walk again - There’s a chance. It’s up to her. 但是她可以再走起来的. 还有机会. 这取决于她
  [08:27.44]Stable rest. 稳定的休息
  [08:27.52]Try and keep her calm. 尽量让她保持安静
  [08:29.72]That cast I put on her should hold. 我应该坚持对她的筹码
  [08:32.36]We’ll go really easy on her, Doc. 我门真的看好她  医生
  [08:32.76]- Let’s stay close on this - You got it 我们密切观察她吧 你说得对
  [08:34.80]All right, let’s pull all the harness stuff. 好了  我们来解决所有这些难题
  [08:37.76]Put the straps5 and the pulley in the tack6 room. 去工具室拿些带子和滑车
  [08:41.52]Ben, when Mr Palmer fired you, us yesterday, well... 本, 当帕尔默先生解雇你的时候, 我们昨天…
  [08:45.20]We all don ’t have no jobs. 我们都没有工作了
  [08:45.80]I’m sorry, guys. I forgot. Here. 抱歉 伙计们  我忘了  给
  [08:48.32]There’s a thousand each. 每个人一千
  [08:54.12]What’s wrong? 怎么了?
  [08:56.92]Well, we train racehorses, right? 我们训练赛马, 不是吗?
  [08:59.88]And... she’s not going to race no more, so... 而她再也不会比赛了
  [09:01.92]So why hang around to help you get a broken racehorse to walk? 因此为什么不呆在这里帮你 训练一匹赛马走路呢?
  [09:05.32]You know who this horse was sired by? 知道这匹马的祖先是谁吗?
  [09:05.88](Manny and Balon whisper)
  [09:08.32]Dreamcatcher. 捉梦人
  [09:10.96]You know who that was? 知道是什么人吗?
  [09:14.64]Pop, w h o was Droa m catc h o r? 爸爸, 捉梦人是谁?
  [09:18.76]Won the Dubai World Cup in ’96. 赢得1996年迪拜世钅帛赛的人
  [09:21.28]Won seven of 11 graded stakes and over $3,000,000. 赢得了11级奖金中的7级, 超过300万美元
  [09:25.80]We get her healed enough to breed her to a decent stud, 我们把她治好了, 好好喂养她
  [09:28.96]sell that yearling for... I don ’t know, maybe... 把这匹一岁的马卖了
  [09:33.84]If it’s a colt with good confirmation7, maybe 300. 如果是确认是好的小马, 或许30万
  [09:37.08]B N $300,000 30万美元
  [09:38.76]You two be interested in a piece of $300,000? 你们俩对30万美元感兴趣?
  [09:42.80](Bot h c h u ck o) M A N N Y Yeah 是的
  [09:47.72]How about it, Pop? 怎么样, 爸爸?
  [09:49.32]BALON: OK. Looks good to me. 我看很好
  [09:54.68]We’re all done. 我们都做完了
  [09:57.04]BEN: Take it up. 把它吊起来
  [09:57.60]Got it? 好了吗?


1 cannon 3T8yc     
  • The soldiers fired the cannon.士兵们开炮。
  • The cannon thundered in the hills.大炮在山间轰鸣。
2 sling fEMzL     
  • The boy discharged a stone from a sling.这个男孩用弹弓射石头。
  • By using a hoist the movers were able to sling the piano to the third floor.搬运工人用吊车才把钢琴吊到3楼。
3 haven 8dhzp     
  • It's a real haven at the end of a busy working day.忙碌了一整天后,这真是一个安乐窝。
  • The school library is a little haven of peace and quiet.学校的图书馆是一个和平且安静的小避风港。
4 pony Au5yJ     
  • His father gave him a pony as a Christmas present.他父亲给了他一匹小马驹作为圣诞礼物。
  • They made him pony up the money he owed.他们逼他还债。
5 straps 1412cf4c15adaea5261be8ae3e7edf8e     
n.带子( strap的名词复数 );挎带;肩带;背带v.用皮带捆扎( strap的第三人称单数 );用皮带抽打;包扎;给…打绷带
  • the shoulder straps of her dress 她连衣裙上的肩带
  • The straps can be adjusted to suit the wearer. 这些背带可进行调整以适合使用者。
6 tack Jq1yb     
  • He is hammering a tack into the wall to hang a picture.他正往墙上钉一枚平头钉用来挂画。
  • We are going to tack the map on the wall.我们打算把这张地图钉在墙上。
7 confirmation ZYMya     
  • We are waiting for confirmation of the news.我们正在等待证实那个消息。
  • We need confirmation in writing before we can send your order out.给你们发送订购的货物之前,我们需要书面确认。
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