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英语听力:听电影学英语-男人百分百 07

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  [00:26.28]- Try this one. - Oh, I love this. This is fantastic. - 试试这个 - 噢,我很喜欢这个好极了
[00:31.44]Oh, it's my mother's birthday next week, so I need two gift sets. 下个月是我妈妈的生日 所以我需要给她选一样礼物
[00:35.04]Do you have a Kleenex back there so I can wipe that off? 你有没有这个牌子的粉底?
[00:35.36]You've been a great help. I appreciate it. 谢谢你的帮助,我很感激
[00:40.80]I'm sure she'll like it. It's one of our best sellers. 我保证她会喜欢这个的
[00:42.32]- Do I get a free gift with this? - Yes, you get a travel bag. - 你想要这个的免费礼物吗? - 是的,你可以得到旅行袋
[00:45.80]Thank you. 谢谢你
[00:53.00]Stop it. You've got the dress. Treat yourself to lipstick1. 我说你该买个新口红了
[00:56.88]- No, I have enough at home. - You might as well get one, right? - 我家里已经有太多了 - 多一种不会死啦
[01:02.20]I have too many lipsticks2. I have piles of them. I don't need it. 我不需要什么口红了 我有太多了,不想要口红了
[01:04.28]- I'll buy it for you. - If he doesn't answer in two rings, - 我替你买 - 如果他在两声后接电话
[01:07.52]- I swear to God! - Hi, blue eyes. - 我对天发誓… - 嗨,蓝眼晴
[01:35.36]- Dr., you may not remember me. - Yes? 番金斯医生,你也许不记得我了
[01:37.56]I'm Nick Marshall. I came here about ten years ago with my ex-wife, Gigi. 我是尼克.马朔 我10年前和前妻琪琪来找过你
[01:39.72]- Oh, Christ, not him. - Oh, good, you remember me. - 上帝啊,怎么会是他 - 太好了,你还记得我
[01:43.04]I'm sorry to barge3 in like this, but I don't know who to turn to. 很抱歉我贸然跑来找你 但是我不知道该去找谁好
[01:48.52]I'm afraid to go to work. I'm afraid of my door woman. 我害怕去公司上班 我害怕我的看门人,我谁都害怕
[01:51.28]I'm... I'm afraid to get a cup of coffee. 我能喝杯咖啡吗
[01:55.44]Mr. Marshall, please slow down. Slow down. 马朔先生,慢点说
[01:55.64]Let me make sure I completely understand what it is you're saying. 慢点说,这样我才能够明白你的话
[01:58.12]All right. All right. 好的,好的
[02:04.08]I hear what women think. 我能够听到女人们在想什么
[02:06.80]Yeah. You know, Mr. Marshall, 听我说,马朔先生
[02:12.24]this kind of imaginary displacement4 scenario5... 你这种假想症病人…
[02:12.44]- I'm not imag... - really isn't my thing. - 我不是有假想症 - 并不是我的专长
[02:15.12]I do, however, have a very good friend over at University Hospital, 但是我有个很好的朋友
[02:19.72]who specializes in male menopause and testosterone depletion6. 她最擅长处理这种男性的假想症
[02:24.68]She's fabulous7. I think what I'll do is just give her a ring... 她非常能干 我现在就给她打个电话
[02:27.36]and send you over there. 把你转给她
[02:29.76]Why did I answer my door? I was so into buying that lamp on eBay. 为什么我要去开门呢 不知道线上的拍怎么样了
[02:33.00]- How much was it going for? - How much was what going for? - 已经喊价到多少了 - 什么喊价没多少了?
[02:36.28]The lamp on eBay. 线上拍卖的那盏灯
[02:43.16]Oh, I see. That's good. Very clever. 噢,我知道了 不错,很聪明
[02:47.16]- Dr. Skolnick, please. - You don't believe me. Try another. 请转高蒙医生,谢谢 好吧,你不相信我,那就再试试别的
[02:52.92]Go on. Pick a number. Give it a whirl. Any number. 试试嘛,想个数字,任何数字
[02:53.40]Okay. A number between one and... 好吧,一个从1到…
[02:55.68]- A million. Why not? - One and a million. - 到100万都可以,随便 - 从1到100万
[02:59.80]All right. 好吧
[02:60.84]Mm. 嗯
[03:02.84]644,998... 99... 90. 64万4仟9佰9拾8,99
[03:07.92]Wanna make a decision here? 现在你信了吗?
[03:09.88]- Oy vay! - Oh, you can say that again. - 我的天 - 你可以再说一次
[03:14.60]- I didn't say anything. - Doesn't mean I didn't hear it. - 我什么也没说 - 我知道,但并不表示我听不到
[03:15.44]Okay. Okay. Let's say... Let's say I do believe you. 好吧,好吧,就算我相信你
[03:22.36]- Yeah. - You can hear what women think. - 好的 - 相信你能听到女人在想什么
[03:25.32]Even though I'm a grown woman of... 51. 虽然我已经51岁了
[03:27.48]- 47. - Oh, my lips are sealed. - 不,47岁 - 我绝不会告诉任何人
[03:33.96]Holy crap! Oh, forgive me. 这个混旦 噢,对不起
[03:36.96]- That's all right. - But this is phenomenal. - 没关系 - 这真是太神奇了
[03:37.36]- You can hear inside my head. - Yes. - 你可以听到我在想什么 - 是的
[03:42.32]Why would you want to get rid of such a brilliant gift? 你却想要毁掉这种神奇能力
[03:43.32]Well, for starters, 可是,首先
[03:46.36]almost every woman I know thinks I'm an asshole. 几乎每一个我认识的女人 都认为我是个混旦
[03:49.20]- What I thought when I met you. - Doc, give me a break here. - 我见到你的时候也是这么认为的 - 让我在这休息会
[03:54.08]Mr. Marshall, you might find this a little unorthodox, 马歇尔,你可能会觉得异常
[03:56.72]but would you mind awfully8 if I smoked? 但是如果我抽烟,你会非常介意吗?
[03:58.44]- No, no, I understand. - Thank you. Thank you so much. - 不,不,我明白 - 谢谢,太感谢了
[04:14.40]Let's try to look at the up side of this, shall we? 让我们看看这上面,看到没?
[04:17.00]You know, Freud died at age 83 still asking one question, 你知道,弗洛依德在临死前 一直想知道一个答案
[04:21.00]"What do women want?" 女人想要些什么
[04:23.00]Wouldn't it be strange and wonderful if you were the one man on Earth... 如果你是世界上 唯一一个能够回答这个问题的人
[04:28.24]finally able to answer that question? 这是多么神奇啊
[04:29.52]Listen to me, Nick. Something extraordinary... 听我说,尼克 有些事非常奇特
[04:33.92]and I think miraculous9 has happened to you. 我认为是不可思意的 事情发生在你身上
[04:35.08]My advice is you must learn from this. 我的建议是 你一定要从中学到些什么
[04:39.40]You know, there isn't a single woman that I treat... 你知道,有那个单身女人不希望
[04:39.76]that doesn't wish her man understood her better. 她的男人能够多理解她一些?
[04:44.16]If men are from Mars and women are from Venus and you speak Venusian, 男人来自火星,女人来自金星 而你会说金星语
[04:47.92]the world can be yours. 这个世界都是你的了
[04:49.00]I don't know how this happened to you or why, 我不知道为什么这件事 会发生在你身上
[04:53.16]but you may just be the luckiest man on Earth. 但是你也许是地球上 最幸运的男人了
[04:59.64]Imagine the possibilities. 想想你的前途吧


1 lipstick o0zxg     
  • Taking out her lipstick,she began to paint her lips.她拿出口红,开始往嘴唇上抹。
  • Lipstick and hair conditioner are cosmetics.口红和护发素都是化妆品。
2 lipsticks 62f569a0cdde7ac0650839f0f9efc087     
n.口红,唇膏( lipstick的名词复数 )
  • She likes feminine things like brushes, lipsticks, scarves and jewellery. 她喜欢画笔、口红、围巾和珠宝等女性的东西。 来自时文部分
  • She had two lipsticks in her purse. 她的手提包里有两支口红。 来自辞典例句
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  • Carrying goods by train costs nearly three times more than carrying them by barge.通过铁路运货的成本比驳船运货成本高出近3倍。
4 displacement T98yU     
  • They said that time is the feeling of spatial displacement.他们说时间是空间位移的感觉。
  • The displacement of all my energy into caring for the baby.我所有精力都放在了照顾宝宝上。
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  • This is a totally different scenario.这是完全不同的剧本。
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  • Increased consumption of water has led to rapid depletion of groundwater reserves.用水量的增加导致了地下水贮备迅速枯竭。
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  • They won a miraculous victory over much stronger enemy.他们战胜了远比自己强大的敌人,赢得了非凡的胜利。
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