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英语听力:听电影学英语-男人百分百 09

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  [00:01.32]Okay, here's what I heard. 好吧,我的消息是
[00:03.80]Nike is shopping, quietly. 尼克在找人很秘密
[00:05.04]But if they make a change, it's gonna happen fast. 但是如果他们要做决定的话 事情会变化很快
[00:10.12]Now, you know this is a tough one for us to get. 你知道这对我们来说是 很难拿到的买卖
[00:10.20]It would be a tough one for anybody to get, but if we got it... 对任何人来说都是很难的卖买 如果我们能接到这笔买卖
[00:14.64]- That's all we'd need. - I hear you. - 公司就有救了 - 我知道了
[00:16.76]So, what do they want exactly? 那么他们到底想要什么呢
[00:20.20]They wanna empower women. 他们想要提倡女性主义
[00:25.60]- What? - I'm sorry. - 怎么了? - 对不起
[00:28.08]- That won't work. - No, okay. I'm sorry. - 这样可不行 - 不,好了,对不起
[00:29.88]- I understand. Go on. - They wanna get in women's heads... - 我明白,你继续说 - 他们想要进入女性的心里
[00:32.76]and reach them on a very real level. 在一个很真实的基础上触动她们
[00:34.32]Don't take this wrong, but you got jumpy talking about lipstick1. 别误会我的意思 但是昨天你对那个口红的想法有点过份
[00:40.12]- I know. - Nike is hard-core woman power. - 我知道 - 尼克是要表现真正的女性力晕
[00:43.28]You sure you wanna go after this one? 你肯定想要的这件买卖吗?
[00:47.68]You get 'em here in two weeks, I'll be ready. 等到你在这里做满两星期时 我就准备好了
[00:49.64]This guy is kind of exciting. 这个家伙还蛮有意思的
[00:51.36]Hey! Glad I caught you both. 嗨,我正在找你
[00:53.36]- You got a minute? - Sure. - 有时间吗? - 当然
[00:55.72]I want you to look at these boards for U.S. Air before they come by. 我想让你这个出货前提点意见
[00:59.28]- Right. - It feels like something's missing2. - 好的 - 我总觉得上面少了点什么
[01:03.08]Hmm. I don't like the graphics3. 我不喜欢这个的画面
[01:05.24]Feels a bit parochial. 感觉有点昧
[01:05.28]Maybe it should be in black and white. 也许用黑白的会好些
[01:07.32]- What do you think, Nick? - I don't know who you've had, - 你说呢,尼克? - 我不知道是谁在做这个设计
[01:13.92]but, I don't know, it seems kind of... 但是我觉得,怎么说呢
[01:15.32]What's the word? Parochial to me. 我觉得有点暧昧
[01:16.08]Um, what do you think, Darcy? 你说呢,朵义
[01:19.40]I totally agree, especially about the graphics. 我完全同意你的看法 尤其是画面的味道
[01:21.76]They're parochial. It's so funny you just said that. 有点暧昧,真有意思你也这么说
[01:26.04]Yeah? 是吗?
[01:28.04]Why don't you get them to try it in black and white? 也许该试试黑白对比效果会好些
[01:29.28]Might punch4 it up a little. 也许打混在一起
[01:32.68]What? Did you say something? 什么?你说了什么吗?
[01:38.24]No. I just swear I was thinking the exact same thing. 不,我发誓我和你想得一模一样
[01:41.72]Were you? 真的吗?
[01:46.12]Black and white could really help. Good idea, Nick. 黑白对比会不错,好主意,尼克
[01:47.92]Good idea, Nick? Speak up. Quick. 好主意,尼克?说话啊,尼克
[01:51.00]- Say something before he leaves. - Uh, Dan? - 在他离开前说些话 - 丹尼?
[01:53.56]Want me to look at the boards? Once they have a stab5, give me a buzz6. 想我看看这板吗? 一旦他们中伤了,发出嗡嗡声告诉我
[01:56.28]- I will. Thanks, buddy7. - Dan? - 我会的,谢谢伙计 - 丹?
[01:58.96]In case they find Nick's idea too retro, which they might... 倘若他们很快知悉尼克的想法 那他们可能…
[02:01.24]- Oh, yeah. - They may think it's old-fashioned8... - 哦,是的 - 他们认为那是过时了
[02:05.80]I'd be ready with some... maybe a dot com kind of thing? 也许我可以帮你想个 纲络版一类的办法
[02:08.28]Maybe there's something about getting on-line at the airport. 也许可以做个机场 的纲络系统一类的东西
[02:12.96]No, I think we're fine, really. Really, we're good. 我想这样很好了
[02:16.16]- I like Nick's fix on this. - Great. - 真的,我喜欢尼克的建议 - 好极了
[02:17.72]Hey, you wanna come by later? I got a box of new Cubans, just came in. 嘿,你要不要等会过来 刚才有一盒从古巴来的新货到
[02:21.48]- Great. - Cool. - 好极了 - 没问题
[02:24.52]You smoke cigars? 你抽雪茄吗?
[02:26.20]No. 不抽
[02:28.76]You know, your office is looking really snazzy. 对了,你的办公室布置得真不错
[02:31.44]- I love the red. - Thanks. - 我喜欢这个气氛 - 谢谢
[02:32.04]Mr. Marshall, your daughter's on line one. 马朔先生,你的女儿在一号线
[02:35.24]- Oh. I'm sorry. Would you mind... - Oh. Here you go. - 噢,真对不起 - 在这里接吧
[02:38.48]He has a daughter? Didn't picture that. How old? 他有个女儿,这我倒没想到 多大了?
[02:43.76]She's 15. She's staying with me while her mom's away. 她15岁了,他和我一起住一段时间 因为她妈妈要离开一段
[02:45.04]- He's married? - Away on her honeymoon9. - 他结过婚了? - 她去度蜜月了
[02:48.32]- Oh. - Alex, hi. - 哦 - 爱立丝,嗨
[02:50.56]Uh-huh. Oh, sure, honey. No, that's great. 当然,亲爱的 没问题,好极了
[02:53.12]"Honey"? Who are you trying to impress? 亲爱的!你在讨谁的好啊
[02:55.28]Okay, look, I'm gonna go out with my friends after school. 听着,我放学后要去同学家
[02:56.28]Then can I bring them back to your place, or will you freak out again? 之后能不能带她们去你那里 你会不会又做什么怪事?
[03:01.56]- What time are you gonna be home? - Wait for me! - 你什么时候回家? - 等等我
[03:03.56]- I don't know. I gotta go. - 8:00's fine. - 我不知道,我回去了 - 8点吧
[03:07.20]I love you too. Bye, sweetie. 我爱你,拜拜,甜心
[03:12.88]Total shocker. He's like a nice guy. 真让人震惊,他为人真好
[03:13.20]- Sorry, duty calls. - Oh, of course. - 对不起,我的责任 - 哦,那是
[03:18.48]- She's 15? - Yeah. Got a boyfriend that's 18. - 她15岁了 - 是啊,还有个18岁的男朋友
[03:21.84]- And you hate that, right? - Hate it. - 你很不喜欢这个,对不对? - 噢,恨之入骨
[03:24.92]Yeah. But she digs10 him, and he's invited her to the prom. 但是,他很认真的 请她去参加华业舞会
[03:26.24]- That's a big deal, I guess. - The prom is about the dress. - 我猜是件大事吧 - 去参加华业舞会最重要的就是晚礼服
[03:29.60]- You know that, right? Oh, yeah. - Is it? - 这你是该知道的 - 是吗?
[03:32.28]Once you got the dress handled, it's all downhill11 from there. 只要你把衣服选好了 一切都不重要了
[03:36.88]This feels like a date. Why did I go into all that? He needs to go. 这听上去怪怪的 为什么我要说这些?他该走的了
[03:39.56]Well, I'm out of here. 我该走了
[03:42.40]Do some research downtown, get inside women's heads. 去市区里做些调查,打入女人的心眼里
[03:43.00]- Well, if you need any help... - I'll be picking your brain. - 如果你需要什么帮忙 - 我一定会找你的
[03:48.20]- You got it. - I'll take it. - 你拿到了 - 我拿了
[03:50.08]Oh, God. Candy. 哦,天那,莰蒂
[03:52.68]She won't last a month. 她不会上最后一月的


1 lipstick o0zxg     
  • Taking out her lipstick,she began to paint her lips.她拿出口红,开始往嘴唇上抹。
  • Lipstick and hair conditioner are cosmetics.口红和护发素都是化妆品。
2 missing 3nTzx7     
  • Check the tools and see if anything is missing.检点一下工具,看有无丢失。
  • All the others are here;he's the only one missing.别人都来了,就短他一个。
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  • You've leveraged your graphics experience into the video area.你们把图形设计业务的经验运用到录像业务中去。
  • Improved graphics took computer games into a new era.经改进的制图技术将电脑游戏带进了一个新时代。
4 punch XSWxm     
  • The boxer gave his opponent a punch on the nose.这个拳击手朝他对手的鼻子上猛击一拳。
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5 stab rvmwY     
  • I found a stab wound on his leg.我在他的腿上发现一处刺伤。
  • Can I stab at the meat with my knife to see if it is well cooked.为了看看肉是否煮熟,我可以在肉上戳个洞吗?
6 buzz aSiyO     
  • My brain was in buzz.我的脑袋嗡嗡响。
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7 buddy 3xGz0E     
  • Calm down,buddy.What's the trouble?压压气,老兄。有什么麻烦吗?
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8 old-fashioned FmIzps     
  • Why do you still dress in an old-fashioned mode?你为什么还穿款式陈旧的衣服?
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10 digs 4734157d508577163a9468a05ad01e1e     
n.寓所,住处v.挖,掘( dig的第三人称单数 );(如用铲、锨或推土机等)挖掘;挖得;寻找
  • She makes mean little digs at him. 她冲他说一些刻薄的挖苦话。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • The more the boss tries to get rid of her, the more she digs in. 老板越是想开除她,她就越是拼命保住自己的地位。 来自《简明英汉词典》
11 downhill S8Tyg     
  • Is Western society going downhill?西方社会是在走下坡路吗?
  • This restaurant has definitely gone downhill since I last came here.从我上次来过之后,这家餐馆越来越糟。
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