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听电影学英语-我恨情人节 8

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  [00:02.92]<i>If I can't love you</i> 如果我无法爱你
[00:04.40]<i>Till the day I die</i> 到我死的那天
[00:08.84]<i>Then baby, oh baby</i> 那么宝贝,宝贝
[00:13.60]<i>What good am I?</i> 我还有什么好?
[00:15.00]<i>If I can't reach out And know that you'll be there</i> 如果我不能接触,知道你会在那里
[00:20.76]<i>Then this old world Ain't spinning anywhere</i> 那这个世界就不会旋转到任何地方
[00:23.68]<i>And there's no livin' Without your loving</i> 因为没有你的爱就没有生命…
[00:28.56]And the fellow! 换男生!
[00:32.96]You can do it! 你做得到的!
[00:33.68]Something! 某些事情!
[00:39.40]Come on! 噢,少来了!
[00:42.00]You suck! You suck! 你好烂!你好烂!
[00:45.56]You suck! You suck! 你好烂!你好烂!
[00:52.04]Come on down there, missy. That was fantastic. 下来吧,小姐,唱的很棒
[00:52.60]Enough abuse for you. 侮辱够了
[00:56.12]All right. Big round of applause. 很好,请掌声鼓励一下
[00:57.40]- Are you okay? - Yeah. - 你还好吧? - 是的
[01:01.04]- Should we go? - No. - 我们要走了吗? - 不
[01:04.44]No, I could never get up there. It's too public. 不,我绝对无法站在那里 那里太公众了
[01:06.72]But that's what's fun about karaoke. 但那就是卡拉OK有趣的地方
[01:08.08]I couldn't get up there. 我无法站在那里
[01:12.04]- So you do have a fear. - No. No fear, just a choice. - 所以你确实有恐惧的事务 - 不,不是恐惧,只是选择
[01:15.84]A choice not to act like an idiot and do something stupid. 选择不像个白痴,并做愚蠢的事
[01:18.08]<i>Buffalo gals2, can you come out  tonight Can you come out tonight</i> 水牛女孩,?今晚能出来吗? ?今晚能出来吗?
[01:24.80]I don't know, I think sometimes it's fun to do something stupid. 我不知道,我觉得有时 干点傻事还满有趣的
[01:27.48]That's 'cause you're fun. 那是因为?很有趣
[01:28.64]You're easygoing and nothing fazes  you and there's no pretense3. ?很好相处,没有什么可以 让?困窘,并且没有虚伪做作
[01:35.44]You're blushing. ?脸红了
[01:36.16]I am? 我有吗?
[01:37.40]Yeah. 是的
[01:43.16]Should we order? 我们该点餐了吗?
[01:45.48]Yeah. See if they have public humiliation4 on the menu. 是的,看看菜单上是否有公开羞辱
[01:48.24]They do. I just had it as an appetizer5. 有,我才刚吃了一份,当开胃菜
[01:59.36]These southern gentlemen, they're  not loud and show-offy like us. 这些南方的绅士,他们不会 大嗓门的炫耀自己,像我们一样
[01:59.76]<i>I think it's interesting.</i> 我觉得还满有趣的
[02:04.12]You know, he's a gentleman. He doesn't do stupid things. 你知道,他是一个绅士 他不做愚蠢的事
[02:06.36]He's different. 他很不一样
[02:09.96]I don't know, she's just so alive, so... 我不知道,她是如此有活力,如此…
[02:12.80]fearless. 无惧
[02:14.32]- And the best part? No rules. - Yeah, well, that's different. - 还有最棒的部分?就是没有规则 - 是的,嗯,那很不一样
[02:17.80]- She is different. - Who? - 她是很不一样 - 谁?
[02:18.88]Dinner. 晚餐
[02:22.68]Why are we friends? 我们为何是朋友?
[02:23.72]Hello, canoe tip? I saved your life at summer camp. 哈啰,独木舟提示? 我在夏令营救了你的命
[02:28.60]No, no, no. I saved your life, pal6. 不,不,不,是我救了你的命,兄弟
[02:29.20]And I've been loyal to you ever since. 并且我从那以后就一直忠诚于你
[02:31.72]- Here comes Genevieve. - Who's that? - 珍娜来了 - 那个是谁?
[02:34.24]I gotta get to court. Thanks for the nachos. 我必须赶去法庭,谢谢你的玉米片
[02:39.72]- Hi. - So I was thinking... - 嗐 - 我正在想…
[02:40.60]Hello. 你好
[02:42.68]why not get a stellar review and make your place the talk of the town? 何不弄一篇精彩的报导 让你的餐厅成为城里大家的话题?
[02:49.92]- It's that easy? - Yeah. - 有那么容易吗? - 是啊
[02:51.84]Well, I'm not ready. 嗯,我还没准备好
[02:53.36]The menu is still in transition. 菜单仍然在调整阶段
[02:56.00]- It's just a little neighborhood joint7. - Really? Well, I thought you'd say that. - 它只是一个小小的小区公共场所 - 真的吗?嗯,我就知道你会那样说
[02:59.96]So I told him what a nice, hardworking guy you are... 我就告诉他你是一个 多好,多努力工作的人…
[03:01.52]and that opening a restaurant is  this huge big change in your life... 而且开一家餐厅是你生命中的 一个巨大变化…
[03:04.36]and he said when you're ready for a  review, you just call the paper, okay? 他就说你什么时候准备好了 被访问,就打电话给报社,好吗?
[03:11.44]- You called the critic? - Yeah. - ?打电话给食评家? - 是的
[03:17.12]Thank you. 谢谢
[03:17.20]You're welcome. 别客气
[03:24.16]Well, I should go. 嗯,我该走了
[03:26.36]Okay. 好的
[03:47.24]You think so? I'd say unhappy. ?这样认为吗?我认为不开心
[03:47.76]Happy. 开心
[03:51.92]What looks unhappy about him? 他怎会看起来不开心?
[03:53.44]Stooped shoulders, big sigher. Watch. 驼着肩膀,过大的衣服,看着
[03:55.20]Wait for it. 等着看
[04:03.08]- Yeah, all right. - Watch. - 是喔 - 看着
[04:03.76]- You're good. - I have a gift. - 你真厉害 - 我有天份
[04:06.04]Pretty upbeat guy. 相当乐观的人
[04:10.76]- Worried about office politics. - Is that right? - 担心办公室政治 - 真的吗?
[04:15.44]Pretty upbeat gal1. 相当乐观的小妞
[04:17.00]Worried about... 担心…
[04:19.84]- nothing? - I told you, happy all the time. - 什么都没有? - 我告诉过你,一直都很开心
[04:23.20]Or just doesn't think about things that make her unhappy. 或者从不想会让她不开心的事
[04:31.64]Look at that old lady. 看那位老妇人
[04:34.72]- Happy. - Yeah. - 开心 - 是的
[04:51.16]- Hey, Tim, can I ask you a question? - Keep it clean. - 嘿,提姆,我能问你个问题吗? - 请简明扼要
[04:54.68]Genevieve's really not into commitment? 珍娜真的不想要承诺吗?
[04:58.16]No. No, just fun. 不,不,只是要快乐
[05:01.20]What do you think about this five dates theory? 你认为她的五次约会的理论怎样?
[05:03.72]I got a wife, two kids, two mortgages, nosy8 in-laws... 我有一个老婆,两个孩子 两份房贷,爱管闲事的亲家…
[05:07.72]a dog that humps my La-Z-Boy, and no peace. 一条喜欢和我的休闲椅嘿咻的狗 以及没有平静
[05:11.72]I think she's a genius. 我认为她是一位天才
[05:13.40]She makes me feel like... 她让我感觉…
[05:17.84]it's hard to explain, but like I can do no wrong. 很难解释,但就好像 我不可能犯错一样
[05:20.64]I'm planning dates, I'm buying little gifts. 我在计划约会,我在买小礼物
[05:21.08]That's not me, but I like it. 那不是我,但是我喜欢它
[05:25.44]So I wanna do something really special for her. 我想要为她做件非常特别的事
[05:27.68]What do you have in mind? 你有什么计划?


1 gal 56Zy9     
  • We decided to go with the gal from Merrill.我们决定和那个从梅里尔来的女孩合作。
  • What's the name of the gal? 这个妞叫什么?
2 gals 21c57865731669089b5a91f4b7ca82ad     
abbr.gallons (复数)加仑(液量单位)n.女孩,少女( gal的名词复数 )
  • Jim came skipping out at the gate with a tin pail, and singing Buffalo Gals. 这时,吉姆手里提着一个锡皮桶,嘴中唱着“布法罗的女娃们”蹦蹦跳跳地从大门口跑出来。 来自英汉文学 - 汤姆历险
  • An' dey thinks dey wants mousy lil gals wid bird's tastes an' no sense at all. 他们想要的是耗子般的小姑娘,胃口小得像雀子,一点儿见识也没有。 来自飘(部分)
3 pretense yQYxi     
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  • Pretense invariably impresses only the pretender.弄虚作假欺骗不了真正的行家。
4 humiliation Jd3zW     
  • He suffered the humiliation of being forced to ask for his cards.他蒙受了被迫要求辞职的羞辱。
  • He will wish to revenge his humiliation in last Season's Final.他会为在上个季度的决赛中所受的耻辱而报复的。
5 appetizer jvczu     
  • We served some crackers and cheese as an appetizer.我们上了些饼干和奶酪作为开胃品。
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6 pal j4Fz4     
  • He is a pal of mine.他是我的一个朋友。
  • Listen,pal,I don't want you talking to my sister any more.听着,小子,我不让你再和我妹妹说话了。
7 joint m3lx4     
  • I had a bad fall,which put my shoulder out of joint.我重重地摔了一跤,肩膀脫臼了。
  • We wrote a letter in joint names.我们联名写了封信。
8 nosy wR0zK     
  • Our nosy neighbours are always looking in through our windows.好管闲事的邻居总是从我们的窗口望进来。
  • My landlord is so nosy.He comes by twice a month to inspect my apartment.我的房东很烦人,他每个月都要到我公寓视察两次。
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