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听电影学英语-我恨情人节 12

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  [00:02.32]<i>Pride, it ruins relationships.</i> 骄傲,它会毁掉关系
[00:04.52]- Look, we have to do something. - Yeah, we do. - 听着,我们必须做点事 - 是的
[00:06.04]Why can't she just admit she wants another date? 她何不就承认她想要另一次约会?
[00:07.40]- Why can't he say it first? - 'Cause guys don't do that. - 他为什么不能先说? - 因为男生不那样做的
[00:11.96]But that's the problem. We not only have to figure out our own feelings... 那就是问题所在,我们不仅 需要理解自己的感情…
[00:12.72]we have to tell you what's going  on in your tiny heads. 还得告诉你们,在你们的 小脑袋里发生了什么事
[00:15.68]No, no, we have to do everything! We have to plan the date... 不,不,我们必须做一切事情! 我们必须安排约会…
[00:19.88]have to think of romantic gifts for you... 必须想到给?们的浪漫礼物…
[00:19.92]have to make sure it's something you've never done before... 必须确认那是?们之前从未做过的事…
[00:21.84]- There you go. - We have to listen to you. - 说的是 - 我们必须听?们的
[00:23.24]"Please, tell me more about how you're a mixed media artist... "拜托,请告诉我更多有关 你如何成为混合媒体艺术家的…
[00:28.76]who used to work only exclusively with 'found objects'... 以前只专门与'被发现的东西'工作…
[00:30.16]but now you work with cork1." 但是你如何与软木一起工作"
[00:33.84]Look, Genevieve has been nothing but kind to us, right? 听着,珍娜以前 一直都对我们很好,对吗?
[00:37.72]whenever, and wherever, we need it. 无论何时,无论何地,只要我们需要
[00:37.76]And she's always there to listen  to us and give us advice... 并且她总在那里聆听我们 并且给我们建议…
[00:40.96]- I would be lost without her. - We would all be lost without her. - 没有她,我会迷失自己 - 没有她,我们都会迷失自己
[00:42.68]You guys, before you met Genevieve... 你们男生在遇见珍娜之前…
[00:45.00]had you ever kissed anything not made of plastic? 有吻过任何不是塑料的东西吗?
[00:49.96]<i>- Four dates? - Yes!</i> - 四次约会吗? - 是的!
[00:59.16]Shut it! Shut it! Shut it! 闭嘴!闭嘴!闭嘴!
[01:03.12]How's about you finish what you started? 把你开始的结束掉如何?
[01:07.04]- Yeah. - Right? - 是啊 - 是吗?
[01:16.96]Hey, we got an invitation. 嘿,我们收到了一张请帖
[01:19.04]"To all who made Get On Tapas a success... 致所有帮助"来到塔帕斯"成功的人…
[01:23.92]please join us for a Spanish Feast of the Assumption August fifteenth. 请和我们一起参加 预定在8月15日举办的西班牙宴会
[01:25.36]See you there! Greg Gatlin." 到时见!葛雷·加特林
[01:28.56]Well, someone is making assumptions we're all available August fifteenth. 嗯,某人在假设 我们8月15日全部都有空
[01:34.04]And making assumptions we care whether his restaurant broke the stupid curse. 并且假设我们关心他的餐厅 是否破解了愚蠢的诅咒
[01:40.00]He's not even Spanish. Poser. 他甚至不是西班牙人,装腔作势的人
[01:43.52]We're going. 我们要去
[01:46.00]Have a good time. 祝你们玩得愉快
[01:48.60]We're all going. You will wear a pretty dress. 我们全部都要去 你会穿一件漂亮的服装
[01:50.32]Plus lipstick2. And I'm gonna wax those eyebrows3 right now. 加上口红,而且我要 马上帮?的眉毛脱腊
[01:52.08]Bill, get more glue sticks. 比尔,再多拿点胶条来
[01:55.80]Her legs are so hairy it looks like she's wearing pants. 她的腿毛真多 看来好像穿了长裤一样
[01:58.36]Come here, Steve Carell's chest. 过来,史提夫卡尔的胸部
[02:01.32]No. 不要
[02:26.20]Bartender, a drink for the lady. 调酒师,给这位女士一杯饮料
[02:29.96]What's your plan? 你有甚么计划?
[02:30.68]Okay, around ten o'clock, I... 好,在十点左右,我…
[02:35.76]The stroke of midnight. 当正午夜时
[02:36.88]Okay, at the stroke of midnight... 好,当正午夜时…
[02:41.28]I'm gonna present her with these roses on this comb. 我会把这把梳子上的玫瑰给她
[02:44.12]Dude, did you make that yourself? 老兄,你自己做的吗?
[02:45.64]Lose the comb. Just give her roses. 把梳子拿掉,只给她玫瑰就好
[02:49.72]At the stroke of midnight, I'm going to present her with some roses, no comb... 当正午夜时,我会把 这玫瑰给她,没有梳子…
[02:49.96]Okay. 好的
[02:55.80]and ask for the other date... 并且恳求她再一次约会…
[02:57.32]which, depending on your  interpretation4 of five dates... 这取决于你们对五次约会的诠释…
[03:00.20]No, no, no! Cut that last part. 不,不,不!把最后那部分拿掉
[03:00.44]'cause I do think that  I counted correctly... 因为我认为我计算的没错…
[03:05.44]- Okay. - Now make it right. - 好的 - 现在去做正确的事
[03:10.12]Okay. Scatter5. 好的,散开
[03:17.16]- Sorry. - Hey... - 抱歉 - 嘿…
[03:19.96]Ginger. 金洁
[03:21.60]- You changed your hair. - What's going on? - ?改变发型了 - 发生什么事?
[03:23.48]But you had your five dates. You're done. My turn. 但是你已经有过你的五次约会了 你已经玩完了,换我了
[03:27.68]Go get some air, all right? 去呼吸点新鲜空气,好吗?
[03:29.20]You had your five dates. 你已经有过你的五次约会了
[03:31.52]You had your five dates and you're done? I see. 你已经有过你的五次约会了 并且你已经玩完了?我明白了
[03:36.92]I see, so you just hand me off to your shallow friend? 我明白了,所以你刚刚把我 移交给你那肤浅的朋友?
[03:39.92]You...you know I didn't hand you off. ?…?知道,我没把?移交出去
[03:41.60]- Still you are not a gentleman. - What? - 你仍然不是一个绅士 - 什么?
[03:43.32]- You suddenly decide four dates is five? - It was five. - 你突然决定四次约会是五次吗? - 它是五次
[03:47.12]No, a sleepover doesn't count as a date! 不,一次过夜不能算作约会!
[03:47.56]Sorry. I didn't read your instruction manual. 抱歉,我没读?的说明书
[03:52.36]It means that you act like you believe "c'est la vie"... 意思是?表现为的像是 ?相信"c'est la vie"…
[03:52.60]What does that mean? 那是什么意思?
[03:56.00]"have fun, everyone, there are no rules". But you are all rules. "大家都玩的尽兴,没有规则" 但是?有一堆规则
[04:00.32]You control everything. ?控制一切
[04:02.44]Who will woo you, for exactly how  long, five dates, then good-bye. 谁要追求你,要为时多久 五次约会,然后再见
[04:06.76]You entered this willingly and then you blame me 'cause you can't count? 你很乐意的参予这个游戏 现在却因为不会计数而怪我?
[04:09.96]I get it now. I just figured it out. 我现在懂了,我全都理解了
[04:14.28]You are so scared of being hurt that you pretend to have this philosophy... ?因为极端惧怕受到伤害 而假装有这些理念…
[04:17.16]about relationships not being normal. 关于关系是不正常的
[04:20.92]Your fear of intimacy6 is only matched by your ridiculous fantasy life. ?对亲密的恐惧 是与?荒谬的幻想生活所匹配
[04:23.16]You act like you live in the  opening credits of some French film. ?表现的像是活在 某个法国电影的片头里
[04:27.92]You control everything so it  doesn't turn into something real. 你控制一切 让它不会变成真正的事情
[04:31.48]I like French films. 我喜欢法国电影
[04:33.04]Well, they're not real. Just like you. 嗯,它们不真实,和?一样
[04:39.08]- Here he comes. - Dude, now... - 他来了 - 老兄,现在…
[04:46.72]You can catch them on your tongue. 你可以用舌头把它们接住
[04:51.68]Wanna go? 要走了吗?
[04:52.68]- Yup. Yeah. - Big time. - 是,是的 - 正是时候
[04:55.68]No! 不!


1 cork VoPzp     
  • We heard the pop of a cork.我们听见瓶塞砰的一声打开。
  • Cork is a very buoyant material.软木是极易浮起的材料。
2 lipstick o0zxg     
  • Taking out her lipstick,she began to paint her lips.她拿出口红,开始往嘴唇上抹。
  • Lipstick and hair conditioner are cosmetics.口红和护发素都是化妆品。
3 eyebrows a0e6fb1330e9cfecfd1c7a4d00030ed5     
眉毛( eyebrow的名词复数 )
  • Eyebrows stop sweat from coming down into the eyes. 眉毛挡住汗水使其不能流进眼睛。
  • His eyebrows project noticeably. 他的眉毛特别突出。
4 interpretation P5jxQ     
  • His statement admits of one interpretation only.他的话只有一种解释。
  • Analysis and interpretation is a very personal thing.分析与说明是个很主观的事情。
5 scatter uDwzt     
  • You pile everything up and scatter things around.你把东西乱堆乱放。
  • Small villages scatter at the foot of the mountain.村庄零零落落地散布在山脚下。
6 intimacy z4Vxx     
  • His claims to an intimacy with the President are somewhat exaggerated.他声称自己与总统关系密切,这有点言过其实。
  • I wish there were a rule book for intimacy.我希望能有个关于亲密的规则。
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