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听电影学英语-缘分天注定 03

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  [00:03.12]If you look closely, you can see Cassiopeia. 细心看,看得见仙后座
[00:05.64]- What? - Right there. 什么?  就在这里
[00:10.08]Hold on a minute. 等一等
[00:12.60]Okay. All right, here’s the story. 得,且听我道来
[00:16.16]A long time ago in Ethiopia, 很久以前,埃塞俄比亚…
[00:18.32]there was this queen named Cassiopeia... 有位个王后叫卡西俄珀亚
[00:21.00]who thought she was the most beautiful woman in the entire world, 自诩是世上绝色
[00:27.36]and there wasn’t anybody in the kingdom who wasn’t offended... 不可一世
[00:27.48]by this woman’s relentless1 vanity. 谁也敬而远之
[00:31.08]And then one day, she really screwed up and offended the gods. 有一次,得罪了天神
[00:32.64]I don’t remember what she did and I don’t remember who she offended. 细节我记不起
[00:34.96]But it was bad. She crossed the line. 总之,她过了火位
[00:37.12]But anyway, Poseidon, the sea god, punished Cassiopeia... 海神为了处罚她…
[00:42.08]by placing her in the heavens upside down on her throne, 把她永远倒悬在天空
[00:45.40]stuck for eternity2 with her skirt around her shoulders... 双脚朝上,王冠朝下
[00:46.00]and all the blood rushing to her head. 浑身血液往脑袋逆流
[00:48.96]And now she’s just a constellation3 in the sky, 现在她化身为天上的星座
[00:53.40]a bunch of English freckles4 in the shape of a throne. 一撮王冠型的英国雀斑
[00:57.28]So she made one tragic5 mistake. 古语有云:一失足…
[01:01.60]And paid for eternity. 成千古恨 对
[01:25.12]- I can’t believe I’m doing this. - Now, please, please. 想不到会写给你
[01:25.16]- Yeah, yeah, yeah. - Legible, legible. 写得清楚点

[01:28.08]Let fate take its proper course. 顺应命运安排吧
[01:40.60]- That was an accident. Write down that again, please. - I can’t. 那是意外
[01:42.36]再写  不可以
[01:46.96]That was a sign. 那是徵兆,我们注定分开
[01:48.32]Fate’s telling us to back off.
[01:50.32]If fate didn’t want us to be together, then why did we meet tonight, huh? 既然注定分开,为什么相遇?
[01:51.44]- Gotcha. - Well, I don’t know. 我怎晓得?这不是精确科学
[01:53.60]- But it’s not an exact science. It’s a feeling. - Well, what if you’re wrong?
[01:57.04]Huh? What if it’s all in our hands and we just walk away? 我们分手,不留下姓名电话…
[01:59.52]No names, no phone numbers, nothing. What do you think’s gonna happen? 难道等待命运…
[02:01.72]Do you think good old fate is just gonna deliver my information... 把我的资料送上你门?
[02:04.20]- right to your doorstep? - Do you know that’s the best idea you’re had all night? 好主意,一言惊醒梦中人

  [02:06.88]- What’s the best-- - Here you go. Write your name and number down. 什么好主意?
[02:11.20]- On a $5.00 bill? - Mm. Just do it. 写在钞票上?  写吧
[02:15.08]You are a strange and interesting woman. 你这个人古灵精怪兼有趣
[02:22.16]Now what? 现在怎样?
[02:23.68]Wait there. 你在这里等
[02:39.72]What the hell was that? 什么回事?
[02:41.88]When that $5.00 bill makes it back into my hands, I’ll be able to call you. 钞票回到我手上,我会打给你
[02:44.92]And when you hear my voice on the other end, 你听到我电话,就知道命该如此
[02:47.72]then you’ll believe in fate, won’t you?
[02:53.00]- Hey, what about me? - What do you mean? 我呢?  你什么?
[02:55.52]Well, we have to send something out in the universe with your name on it, don’t we? 你把你姓名电话写下来…
[02:56.60]- Come on. Isn’t that the only fair thing? - That is the only fair thing. 那才公平
[03:01.64]What have I got, even? Ooh. No. I have a really good idea. 公平,写在什么东西上?
[03:03.52]- What? - Okay. 得,我有个绝妙主意
[03:05.72]- That’s a lot of tuba. - Okay, see this book? 好多大喇叭
[03:07.92]Yeah. 看到这本书吗?
[03:11.32]Okay, so when I get home tonight, (爱在瘟疫蔓延的日子)
[03:13.32]I’m gonna write my name and number inside this book. 我回家把姓名电话写在书里
[03:14.80]And then first thing tomorrow morning, I’ll sell it to a used book store. 明天一早卖给旧书店
[03:15.08]Which one? 哪一间?为什么不说?
[03:19.12]Well, now, every time you go past an old book store, 你经过旧书店,只管进去看
[03:19.76]You’re not gonna tell me. You’re not gonna tell me. Why not?
[03:23.92]you’re gonna have to go inside to see if it’s there.
[03:24.24]This is just wrong. You don’t just have the most incredible night of your life... 这样做是错的!
[03:29.60]with a perfect stranger and then leave it all to chance, do ya? 怎可由机缘来决定会不会再见?
[03:30.40]- Do ya? - Come with me a second.
[03:36.08]I’m kidding. But I wanna know you more. 只是说笑,我想多了解你
[03:36.28]What, we’re gonna get a room? 跟我来
[03:39.52]- Come on. Where are we going? - Okay.
[03:41.56]- Now, you stay here. - Okay. 到哪里去?  你站着
[03:45.00]- No, stay here. Stay there. Don’t make me come over there. - Okay. 站着,不要动
[03:50.44]All right, if we both randomly6 pick the same floor, we’re meant to be together now. 我们按同一层楼,就注定在一起

  [03:52.36]You’re insane. 发神经
[03:53.56]Come on. Okay, get in.
[03:58.48]Take a breath, and then when the door closes, hit a button. 进去吧
[04:01.16]- I don’t understand this. - You don’t have to understand. You just have to have faith. 我不明白
[04:03.08]Faith in what? 信什么?
[04:06.84]Destiny. 信命
[04:12.16]Hey! 莎拉
[04:14.48]It’s Sara. My name’s Sara.
[04:45.44]( Elevator Dings )
[04:48.76]And here it is. See? You were right. 你说得对,升降机来了
[04:51.08]- Uh-- - Let’s go, buddy7. 进去吧
[04:55.92]- We’re going up here. - Oh, that’s okay. Josh likes to ride either way. 上  祖仔钟意游升降机河
[04:58.56]Don’t do that! Don’t touch those! 不要按!不要按!
[04:58.92]- Don’t you, Josh? - ( Growling8 ) 是不是啊?祖仔
[05:00.88]Hey, calm down. He’s just a kid. 冷静!细路仔嘛


1 relentless VBjzv     
  • The traffic noise is relentless.交通车辆的噪音一刻也不停止。
  • Their training has to be relentless.他们的训练必须是无情的。
2 eternity Aiwz7     
  • The dull play seemed to last an eternity.这场乏味的剧似乎演个没完没了。
  • Finally,Ying Tai and Shan Bo could be together for all of eternity.英台和山伯终能双宿双飞,永世相随。
3 constellation CptzI     
  • A constellation is a pattern of stars as seen from the earth. 一个星座只是从地球上看到的某些恒星的一种样子。
  • The Big Dipper is not by itself a constellation. 北斗七星本身不是一个星座。
4 freckles MsNzcN     
n.雀斑,斑点( freckle的名词复数 )
  • She had a wonderful clear skin with an attractive sprinkling of freckles. 她光滑的皮肤上有几处可爱的小雀斑。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • When she lies in the sun, her face gets covered in freckles. 她躺在阳光下时,脸上布满了斑点。 来自《简明英汉词典》
5 tragic inaw2     
  • The effect of the pollution on the beaches is absolutely tragic.污染海滩后果可悲。
  • Charles was a man doomed to tragic issues.查理是个注定不得善终的人。
6 randomly cktzBM     
  • Within the hot gas chamber, molecules are moving randomly in all directions. 在灼热的气体燃烧室内,分子在各个方向上作无规运动。 来自辞典例句
  • Transformed cells are loosely attached, rounded and randomly oriented. 转化细胞则不大贴壁、圆缩并呈杂乱分布。 来自辞典例句
7 buddy 3xGz0E     
  • Calm down,buddy.What's the trouble?压压气,老兄。有什么麻烦吗?
  • Get out of my way,buddy!别挡道了,你这家伙!
8 growling growling     
n.吠声, 咆哮声 v.怒吠, 咆哮, 吼
  • We heard thunder growling in the distance. 我们听见远处有隆隆雷声。
  • The lay about the deck growling together in talk. 他们在甲板上到处游荡,聚集在一起发牢骚。
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