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听电影学英语-缘分天注定 06

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  [00:04.40]How does Bora Bora sound? 有兴趣去波拉波拉岛吗?
[00:04.52]Very... sexy-sexy? 十分性感性感
[00:11.44]# I don’t wanna wait in vain for your love #
[00:16.44]# I don’t wanna wait in vain for your love ##
[00:24.28](Man) Now, if you’re a golfer on a one-hour lunch break, 球迷会利用午饭时间…
[00:27.88]you’d use that time up just getting to the nearest course out of Manhattan. 到就近的球场操练
[00:31.40]All this was a long overdue1 solution. 这个期待以久的练习场…
[00:34.52]Formerly a dilapidated pier2 and converted just five years ago, 五年前,从破旧码头改建而成
[00:36.76]the range offers the inhabitants of this concrete jungle... 从此,给纽约市民提供…
[00:39.72]the chance to keep their drives straight, their short games accurate... 一个改善击球技术的场所
[00:41.48]and most of all, brings the joys and frustrations3 of golf... 更重要的是,城市居民…
[00:44.48]back to city folk. 可以体验到高球的苦与乐
[00:46.16]This is Nick Roberts, ESPN News, New York City. 有线体育台记者尼克,纽约报道
[00:51.88]Superb, Nick. We got it. Thank you. 精采,谢谢,阿瑟,我要走了
[00:52.64]- Artie, I gotta run, okay? - What about the B-roll shot? 不用拍副带?  没时间
[00:56.56]Paging Sara Lawson. Paging Sara Lawson. 请莎拉.罗逊到练球台
[00:59.08]- Please come to the front desk. - Could you come back and get the B-roll on Friday? 星期五才拍副带好吗?
[01:00.76]- Yeah. Whatever you say, boss. - Thank you, sir. 谢谢  我是莎拉.罗逊

[01:02.28]- I’m Sara Lawson. Hi. Sorry I’m late. - How are you? 你好  对不起,我迟到了
[01:04.64]You’re down at position number two. 你到第二号击球点练习吧
[01:08.08](Sara) Oh, right. Bad golfers all the way down there, right? 水皮球手总是靠边站
[01:09.76]Dude, take off. We got it. 我们收工了
[01:20.56]Well, hello, Mr. Marrying Man. 你好,准新郞
[01:23.04]- Hi. Uh, where’s Lauren? - Oh, Lauren took the day off. 罗伦呢?  罗伦今日休息
[01:26.04]My name is Sara and I’m gonna cut your hair today. 我叫莎拉,我替你理发
[01:28.44]You know what? 发怎可随便理?理完要拍结婚照
[01:30.44]I’m not thrilled with having that "just cut hair" look for my own wedding, so--
[01:34.48]- Just a little bit. - Please, you know, uh-- 你我天长地久
[01:34.84]- I’ll just take a little bit off. - I gotta live with these pictures the rest of my life. 只修发脚  结婚照会永远摆放
[01:36.44]# It’s you #
[01:39.84]# And me forever #
[01:42.76]# Sara, smile # Whoo! 莎拉
[01:47.16]# Won’t you smile a while for me # 对我笑一笑

  [01:50.00]Forget Charles Street. Take me to the New York Times building on 42nd, please. 不去查理街,改去纽约时报大厦
[01:54.28]- Mm-hmm. - # Sara ##
[01:57.84]- ( Horns Honking4 ) - Whoo!
[01:58.16](Jonathan) I’m telling you, I keep running into her. 我不断碰到她,不断碰到
[02:02.68]I keep finding it. It keeps happening. She was at the golf range.
[02:04.56]She’s a big girl now with big hips5. All right? 去高球练习场,她是个肥妹
[02:06.56]Then I gotta leave ’cause Sara’s gonna cut my hair, 去剪发,理发师是莎拉
[02:09.88]And the guy in the taxi, he’s serenading me, "Sara." 搭的士,有人唱莎拉情歌
[02:12.48]I’m telling you, the universe keeps revealing her to me, 她无处不在,搞到我失魂落魄
[02:14.24]- screwing with my head. - You’re getting married in three days.
[02:15.64]- That’s my point. - It’s entirely6 duplicitous. 你即将结婚 那才邪门!
[02:19.68]Think about it. Why would you risk your relationship with Halley... 破坏自己的婚事,不值啊
[02:23.32]- just to search for some pipe dream? - Just hear me out, man.
[02:27.12]And maybe every time you fall in love with somebody,
[02:27.80]I’m sure that I love Halley, all right? 我真心爱希莉,我明白到…
[02:29.12]it’s a completely different experience. 每段情史都完全不同
[02:33.80]So it’s a mistake to compare them. I get it, but-- 所以不可以比较
[02:35.08]All right.
[02:37.08]It’s like Halley is The Godfather, Part ll. 希莉就像“教父第二集”
[02:41.52]She’s what? 什么?  “教父第二集”
[02:44.00]Godfather, Part ll. That was an incredible movie. 第二集精采,甚至精采过第一集
[02:45.08]Might be better than the original. All right?
[02:46.60]But no matter how much you love The Godfather, Part ll, 不过,无论怎样精采…
[02:48.44]you still have to see the original... 你依然要看过第一集…
[02:50.12]to understand and appreciate the sequel, don’t ya? 才能够欣赏第二集
[02:53.28]Come on. Is it too much to ask from my oldest friend to help me out? 大家老友鬼鬼,帮个忙怎样?
[02:56.40]- You’ve already got the fairy-tale marriage. - I’m the best man. 我是你的伴郞
[02:59.56]You work in the biggest newspaper in the world. Help me find her. 你在全球最大的报社工作
[03:01.08]Let me tell you something. Contrary to popular New York myth, 时报并非通天晓,一般人都误会
[03:03.88]the Times is not omniscient7.
[03:05.56]I need a last name. I need a social security number. 没姓、没身分证号码,怎样查?
[03:07.24]- If we find the book-- - It-It-It’s a dead end. You know that. 假如找到书…  不可能

  [03:09.12]- Unless we search every book store in New York. - You did that. 除非逐间书店找  你试过
[03:11.60]- Years ago. Do you remember? - Maybe I missed a store. 或者找漏了,或者有人买完又卖
[03:15.84]- Maybe somebody bought it and sold it back. - You know what?
[03:18.00]I don’t want any part of this. All right? 恕不奉陪
[03:36.32](Jonathan) Maybe I am just getting cold feet. 或者我在临婚退缩
[03:38.80]I’m telling you right now, British women do not age well. 告诉你吧,英国女人残得好快
[03:41.00]You know, I mean, years ago, yes, she was a luscious8 treat. 多年前,她引死人
[03:44.32]You know, she probably looked like, you know, Baby Spice. 可能成个辣妹款
[03:44.60]But now she could look like-- 不过现在变成…
[03:49.96]Old Spice. 辣婆婆
[04:03.08]- It’s a great haircut. - Oh. Thanks. 头发剪得好啊
[04:08.64]- Tell me you love me. - I love you. 说你爱我 我爱你
[04:11.64]- Tell me something romantic. - Like what? 说几句情话吧  例如呢?
[04:14.16]I don’t know. Like... 不知道,例如…
[04:16.40]how I’m the only girl in the entire universe meant for you. 全宇宙中,你注定只有我一个
[04:25.60]Oh, my God, the dinner! 弊傢伙,烧焦了
[04:28.28]By the way, I emptied your closet. We gotta pack for the honeymoon9. 我在收拾你的衣物,准备渡蜜月
[04:32.76]-(Beeping Continues) - God, I hate this building. 唉,憎鬼死这间屋
[04:34.92]Shut up! 收声!
[04:35.20]Don’t hit it with the thing. 不要敲
[04:37.20]- (Beeping Continues) - Jon! - What? 庄  什么事?
[04:41.76]I’m gonna go yell at the super. 我要捉住管理员来出气


1 overdue MJYxY     
  • The plane is overdue and has been delayed by the bad weather.飞机晚点了,被坏天气耽搁了。
  • The landlady is angry because the rent is overdue.女房东生气了,因为房租过期未付。
2 pier U22zk     
  • The pier of the bridge has been so badly damaged that experts worry it is unable to bear weight.这座桥的桥桩破损厉害,专家担心它已不能负重。
  • The ship was making towards the pier.船正驶向码头。
3 frustrations 7d9e374b9e145ebadbaa8704f2c615e5     
挫折( frustration的名词复数 ); 失败; 挫败; 失意
  • The temptation would grow to take out our frustrations on Saigon. 由于我们遭到挫折而要同西贡算帐的引诱力会增加。
  • Aspirations will be raised, but so will frustrations. 人们会产生种种憧憬,但是种种挫折也会随之而来。
4 honking 69e32168087f0fd692f761e62a361acf     
v.(使)发出雁叫似的声音,鸣(喇叭),按(喇叭)( honk的现在分词 )
  • Cars zoomed helter-skelter, honking belligerently. 大街上来往车辆穿梭不停,喇叭声刺耳。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • Flocks of honking geese flew past. 雁群嗷嗷地飞过。 来自《现代汉英综合大词典》
5 hips f8c80f9a170ee6ab52ed1e87054f32d4     
abbr.high impact polystyrene 高冲击强度聚苯乙烯,耐冲性聚苯乙烯n.臀部( hip的名词复数 );[建筑学]屋脊;臀围(尺寸);臀部…的
  • She stood with her hands on her hips. 她双手叉腰站着。
  • They wiggled their hips to the sound of pop music. 他们随着流行音乐的声音摇晃着臀部。 来自《简明英汉词典》
6 entirely entirely     
  • The fire was entirely caused by their neglect of duty. 那场火灾完全是由于他们失职而引起的。
  • His life was entirely given up to the educational work. 他的一生统统献给了教育工作。
7 omniscient QIXx0     
  • He's nervous when trying to potray himself as omniscient.当他试图把自己描绘得无所不知时,内心其实很紧张。
  • Christians believe that God is omniscient.基督教徒相信上帝是无所不知的。
8 luscious 927yw     
  • The watermelon was very luscious.Everyone wanted another slice.西瓜很可口,每个人都想再来一片。
  • What I like most about Gabby is her luscious lips!我最喜欢的是盖比那性感饱满的双唇!
9 honeymoon ucnxc     
  • While on honeymoon in Bali,she learned to scuba dive.她在巴厘岛度蜜月时学会了带水肺潜水。
  • The happy pair are leaving for their honeymoon.这幸福的一对就要去度蜜月了。
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