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听电影学英语-缘分天注定 07

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[00:33.88](Halley) I don’t understand why this is going off.
[00:39.44]- You said last week it would be fine. - Hey, Jon.
[00:40.56]This place looks like a disaster area. 十足重灾区
[00:44.48]- Thanks, Gerald. - Gerald, it’s in here. 过奖,谢利
[00:45.88]I gotta get going. Coming! 谢利,进来 我要进去
[01:35.52]Come on! I wanna see! I wanna see! 伸出手,让我看看
[01:38.84]I thought you wanted a round-cut diamond. 还以为你要圆形钻戒
[01:41.04]- Why? When did I say that? - I’m not exactly sure. 我几时说过?
[01:45.92]- But when we were younger, I think. - Oh, God. 记不起,似乎你小时说过
[01:47.16]When I was younger, I was gonna marry Boris Becker, wasn’t I? 我小时要嫁给网球手碧加
[01:50.44]- Hey, guys. What did you think? - Hey! 唏,两位
[01:52.16]Well, I mean, was that last song really inspired by my sister? 吹奏得怎样?
[01:57.24]Every artist needs his muse1. 她是我的灵感女神
[01:58.92]- Who wants to hear the good news? - Hey, I pay you for the good news. 谁想我报喜? 你的责任是报喜
[02:00.48]No. You pay me to keep away the bad news. 我的责任是防止报忧  报吧

[02:02.32]- Bring it on. - Lars’ dates in Stockholm sold out in eight hours. 斯德哥尔摩的演奏门票一早卖光
[02:10.56]That means we’re gonna have to add some more shows. So we’ll bump2 Paris-- 为了加场,我们要延期去巴黎…
[02:12.44]Sorry. I don’t wanna spoil anyone’s party, 对不起,我不想扫兴
[02:14.96]but Lars and I have already set the dates for our honeymoon3 and our wedding, 可是,婚礼和蜜月已经订好日期
[02:17.12]and I’ve told my patients when I’m going. 我已经告诉病人几时去
[02:18.52]Well, baby, your patients can do without you for a couple weeks. 叫他们多等几星期吧  对
[02:21.20]He’s right, Sara. I mean, a couple of extra weeks in Europe aren’t gonna kill you. 在欧洲多玩两个星期,怕什么?
[02:26.92]Caroline’s just pushing you to stay longer... 卡露莲想替你看屋看久一点
[02:28.92]’cause she wants us to house-sit for you guys.
[02:29.68]Yeah, thank you. I was going to ask her when she was drunk. 我本来打算等她喝醉才提出来
[02:32.84]- Actually, that’s a great idea. - Yeah? - Yes! 她的提议很好啊
[02:38.40]Come on, Kip. Let’s get out of here before Sara changes Lars’ mind. 我们走吧
[02:41.04]- I said something wrong? - No, it’s-- 我说错了话?
[02:44.32]I’ve just got a very detailed4 schedule... 不是,我的工作时间也很紧密

  [02:46.16]and my patients are important too. 我的病人也一样重要
[02:48.16]- I don’t like changing the dates at the last minute. - Excuse me. I’m sorry. 我不喜欢临时改变行程
[02:53.24]But I really need you to approve these T-shirt designs for Australia. 对不起
[02:54.96]- Oh, no problem. - You don’t mind, do you? 得 介意吗?
[02:56.80]- Can we do this later? - Yeah. 一会才讨论好吗?她不介意
[02:58.48]She don’t mind.
[03:37.08](“逃狱金刚” 保罗纽曼主演)
[03:43.96]That’s chamomile for you ladies. 你们的菊花茶,茶靓水滚
[03:45.64]- Nice and hot. Very good. - Thanks. 只是电影海报,何必大惊小怪?
[03:47.32]Sara, it was a movie poster. It’s no big deal.
[03:50.28]It’s peculiar5 though, right? Don’t you think? 可是实在太巧合了
[03:52.12]Look, I thought you were through with all this New Age bullshit... 还以为你对星座、风水那些…
[03:55.24]like horoscopes and feng shui and all the crap. 所谓新时代玩意不再有兴趣
[03:57.92]Eve, for someone who owns a New Age store, you are alarmingly earthbound. 你是新时代商店的老板…
[04:02.88]Oh, yeah? And for a shrink-in-training, you are a little bit crazy. 你是精神科医生,精神却出毛病
[04:05.72]- I’ll tell you that much. -(Woman) Excuse me. 请问有没有如意郞君洋烛?
[04:08.20]- Do you carry the Casanova candle? - As a matter of fact, we do.
[04:09.64]Check on the shelf across from the Caligula incense6. 有啊,摆在古檀香对面…
[04:13.80]And they’re on sale, so today’s your lucky day. 你行运了,今天特价发售
[04:17.88]Great. You see, that is what happens... 迷信的人就是这样
[04:21.52]when people get hooked7 on the New Age life.
[04:22.72]They end up sitting at home burning candles for Mr. Right... 宁可在家里祈求如意郞君…
[04:23.00]when Mr. Good Enough For Right Now is waiting at the corner bar. 也不去找个嫁得过的丈夫
[04:29.68]- ( Giggling8 ) - Hi. Oh, yeah. She’s a pain in the ass9. 她是神台猫屎
[04:36.28]- And I gotta find her. - I’ve been here three years, so this is-- 我一定要找到她
[04:39.12]Yeah, I understand. But your computer system has been here for a long time. 我只干了三年
[04:43.88]- I think-- I think you’re just wasting my time, sir. - No, no. 你在浪费我时间
[04:44.32]- Here’s the thing. - There’s nothing I can do. 我帮不到你
[04:46.00]- It’s very crucial. - You cannot be over here. You cannot come over... 你不可以过来柜抬这边
[04:50.52]- to this side of the counter. - All right.
[04:52.36]- Please don’t cross this line. Thank you. - All I really need... 不准过界 对不起

  [04:53.64]is if you can enter this account number in the computer... 你只要输入帐号,就查出她的姓
[04:56.32]- and just tell me her name. - Oh, I see. 你既然那样说,更不可以
[05:00.84]When you put it that way, no.


1 muse v6CzM     
  • His muse had deserted him,and he could no longer write.他已无灵感,不能再写作了。
  • Many of the papers muse on the fate of the President.很多报纸都在揣测总统的命运。
2 bump rWUzQ     
  • I heard a bump in the next room.我听到隔壁房间传来“砰”的一声。
  • He got a bad bump on his forehead.他碰得前额隆起一个大包。
3 honeymoon ucnxc     
  • While on honeymoon in Bali,she learned to scuba dive.她在巴厘岛度蜜月时学会了带水肺潜水。
  • The happy pair are leaving for their honeymoon.这幸福的一对就要去度蜜月了。
4 detailed xuNzms     
  • He had made a detailed study of the terrain.他对地形作了缜密的研究。
  • A detailed list of our publications is available on request.我们的出版物有一份详细的目录备索。
5 peculiar cinyo     
  • He walks in a peculiar fashion.他走路的样子很奇特。
  • He looked at me with a very peculiar expression.他用一种很奇怪的表情看着我。
6 incense dcLzU     
  • This proposal will incense conservation campaigners.这项提议会激怒环保人士。
  • In summer,they usually burn some coil incense to keep away the mosquitoes.夏天他们通常点香驱蚊。
7 hooked IrYzX9     
  • I first got hooked on scuba diving when I was twelve. 12 岁时我开始迷上了带水肺潜水。
  • He hooked his arm round her neck and pulled her head down. 他一只胳膊钩在她的脖子上,把她的头拉低。
8 giggling 2712674ae81ec7e853724ef7e8c53df1     
v.咯咯地笑( giggle的现在分词 )
  • We just sat there giggling like naughty schoolchildren. 我们只是坐在那儿像调皮的小学生一样的咯咯地傻笑。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • I can't stand her giggling, she's so silly. 她吃吃地笑,叫我真受不了,那样子傻透了。 来自《现代英汉综合大词典》
9 ass qvyzK     
  • He is not an ass as they make him.他不象大家猜想的那样笨。
  • An ass endures his burden but not more than his burden.驴能负重但不能超过它能力所负担的。
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