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听电影学英语-蒸发的摩根夫妇 18

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  [00:08.64]Hey, excuse me. 不好意思
[00:10.64]- How you doing? - Howdy. -早安  -你好
[00:13.80]I’m looking for two friends of mine, Paul and Meryl. 我在找我的朋友梅莉和保罗
[00:16.16]Oh, the Fosters1. 你是指佛斯特夫妇
[00:18.36]They’re probably on their way to the rodeo, but they’re staying with the Wheelers. 他们去参加祭典了,和魏警长夫妇一起
[00:24.36]Wheelers. And where’s that? 魏警长夫妇,他们住在哪
[00:24.88]Okay, so go down this road, and when you see the broken fence2, make a right. 这条路一直直走,看到破栅栏时右转
[00:30.04]And then, when you come to the second big rock... 然后看到第二颗大石头之后
[00:45.12]Better shake a leg if you want to eat. 你动作得快点,才赶得上早餐
[00:45.28]Morning. 早安
[00:50.28]Do you know where Paul is? 保罗在哪
[00:53.16]Thank you. 谢谢
[01:05.20]Hey, can I ask you a question? 我可以问你个问题吗
[01:10.72]Who do you think this is fooling? 你到底是在骗谁
[01:11.56]Isn’t this... 这根本就是
[01:15.24]I mean, isn’t this what screwed4 us up in the first place, not talking? 这不就是我们最先争执的开端, 一直冷战

[01:18.76]Is it? Is it really? Sorry, it was stupid of me. 是吗?那算是我记错罗?
[01:20.24]I thought it was sleeping with other people, but maybe you’re right. Yes. 我还以为是因为和别人上床
[01:24.08]All right, you know what? Never mind. 好吧,算了,随便
[01:24.60]All right. What would you like me to do? 你到底要我怎样
[01:28.28]Would you like me to beg for information? Then I will. 难道你要我问细节吗? 好啊,我问
[01:30.80]- What was his name? - Larry. -他是谁?  -赖瑞
[01:31.96]Larry? Are you serious? 赖瑞?你认真的吗?
[01:33.16]Larry. 赖瑞
[01:34.64]You know, he’s recently divorced5. He just asked me to dinner. 他刚离婚,他约我出去
[01:36.84]It’s fine, it’s fine, I think I got the picture. 算了,我想我知道了
[01:40.32]And then you probably had a few drinks, 你们大概喝了几杯
[01:43.84]and then you went back to his apartment. I got it. I got it. 然后你就去他家,一定就是这样了吧
[01:45.68]Went back to our apartment. 是到我们家
[01:50.20]Right, we’re selling the place. Thanks so much for telling me. 好吧,那我要卖房子,谢谢你跟我说
[01:52.36]- Probably... - You’re upset. -大概┅  -你生气了
[01:53.20]Look, we both made mistakes. 我们都有犯错
[01:55.04]I made a mistake, yours seems just a little bit more like revenge6. 我犯了错, 但你看起来好像只是为了报复我
[01:59.40]Are you serious? 你真的以为我是这样嘛?
[02:03.76]I mean, do you... Do you not know me at all? 你难道不懂我吗
[02:07.76]You think that I would sleep with someone for revenge. I would... 你竟然觉得我会为了报复你 而和别人上床

  [02:10.44]I would sleep with someone to hurt you? 仅仅是为了伤害你?
[02:11.64]Well, at this point, I don’t really know what I think of you. 此时此刻我还真不晓得该怎么想才好
[02:13.48]- Oh, my God. Screw3 you. - Can I just say this? -去你的  -听我说
[02:15.64]- Meryl. Can I just... Can I speak? - No. You know what? No. -梅莉,听我说  -听你放屁
[02:18.16]- No. Not to me. - Wait, Meryl, I’m not finished. Meryl! -去跟空气说吧  -我还没说完,梅莉
[02:18.84]Ready to go? 要走了吗
[02:20.32]I think I’m gonna pass on the rodeo. Sorry. 抱歉,我想我就不去了
[02:24.52]Yeah. Sorry, me, too. 我也是,抱歉
[02:25.84]I have a lot of packing to do. 我有很多行李要打包
[02:29.04]Okay, then. 好吧
[02:29.52]Sorry. 抱歉
[02:34.88]Hold on. 等等
[02:38.92]I know it’s none of my business, 我知道这不关我的事
[02:44.44]laughing together over your little inside New York jokes. 彼此讲纽约式笑话乐此不疲
[02:44.92]but I’ve watched you two over the past four days, 但我这几天下来看着你们
[02:52.60]I don’t find them funny, 虽然我不觉得有什么好笑
[02:54.12]but I think that you can always tell a lot about a couple 但我认为一对情侣
[02:57.80]by the fact that they still laugh together. 还能笑得那么开怀 一定代表着些什么
[03:06.68]Thanks, I appreciate that. 谢谢你,你人真好
[03:10.68]And, I think... Yeah, I think he’s funny. 我的确是┅觉得他还真好笑
[03:13.72]He makes me laugh. 他总是逗我笑
[03:15.72]But if we’re gonna stay together, then, 但如果我们真的要在一起
[03:20.72]you know, I guess we have to scale7 back our expectations, 我想,就不应该期待对方那么多
[03:26.76]and I won’t expect everything from him, 我也不会再期待他做所有的事
[03:28.08]and he won’t expect everything from me and... 他也不会了,所以...
[03:30.92]You should expect everything from each other! 夫妇就是要对彼此要求
[03:33.60]Marriage doesn’t make any sense! 婚姻本来就是这样
[03:36.48]You gotta stop thinking about it, 不要再乱想了
[03:38.80]and just get over all the bullshit and make it work. 不要再钻牛角尖,想办法找个路走
[03:47.68]Look, I figured if she said something, I was gonna... 我原本是想说┅
[03:50.84]Oh, God. Come on, honey, let’s just go. 亲爱的,我们就走了吧
[03:54.36]We’ll pick you up and take you to the airport. 我们会来接你们去机场
[03:58.88]I declare. 我发誓
[04:01.56]I have not heard you talk that much in... 我这辈子 从来没听你说过那么多话┅
[04:03.72]Well, I had to offer my two bits’ worth. 我真的忍不下去了┅
[04:48.76]Shit! 靠
[04:56.12]- What was that? - Oh, my God! -那是谁  -天啊
[05:00.32]- No, no. The phone has a code8. - Christ9! -不行,电话有通关码  -妈的

  [05:00.80]- Oh, my God, it’s him! - We gotta call Clay10 and Emma. -是他  -我们得打电话给警长夫妇


1 fosters cf0fd7c9bf32ba4fb4be6708a7d92e08     
v.培养,促进( foster的第三人称单数 );收养,养育
  • The lack of understanding fosters feelings of hatred between the two nations. 缺乏了解助长两国之间的仇意。 来自《现代汉英综合大词典》
  • Too rigid parental control fosters rebellion in children. 父母管教过严会促使子女反抗。 来自《现代汉英综合大词典》
2 fence ykexe     
  • They put a fence around the garden.他们在园子的周围建起了篱笆。
  • The thief jumped himself over a fence and escaped.贼纵身跃过篱笆逃走了。
3 screw sD1zb     
  • Let's screw the two pipes together end to end.咱们把这两根管子接起来拧紧。
  • Can you screw up this handle for me?你能帮我把这个把手拧紧吗?
4 screwed screwed     
adj.用螺丝拧紧的,螺丝状的,喝醉的v.用螺丝拧紧( screw的过去式和过去分词 );拧上去;(和某人)性交;诈骗(钱财等)
  • an extremely screwed-up kid 一个十分神经质的孩子
  • He screwed up his face at the nasty smell. 闻到这令人作呕的气味,他皱眉蹙额。 来自《简明英汉词典》
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6 revenge lWfxP     
v.报...之仇,为...报仇 ;n.报仇,复仇
  • She poisoned his mind with ideas of hate and revenge.她用复仇的思想来毒害他的心灵。
  • There was anger in his eyes and revenge in his heart.他两眼闪现怒火,一心只想复仇。
7 scale VTvzu     
  • The scale of this map is an inch to a mile.这张地图的比例尺是一英寸代表一英里。
  • He's in business on a small scale.他做的是小本生意。
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  • What's the code for Tianjin?天津的代号是多少?
  • Remember to use postal code.勿忘使用邮政编码。
9 Christ dVSyl     
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  • Christ preached that we should love each other.基督在布道中说人们应该互爱。
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  • What a love of a clay doll!多么可爱的泥娃娃!
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