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听电影学英语-蒸发的摩根夫妇 20

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  [00:02.68]- Five. - Five. -五个  -五个
[00:03.84]- You’re six, Kell. - Six. -凯莉你是第六个才对  -六个
[00:21.92]Oh, my God. 天啊
[00:32.12]You all right? 你还好吧
[00:33.12]Are you crazy? You could have been killed. 你疯了不成?你会被杀耶
[00:36.12]I am just very touched that that would’ve bothered you. 我很开心你这么担心我
[00:38.48]Well, of course it would have. 当然
[00:42.32]Oh, God, I had this... 天啊!我刚才
[00:43.32]This horrible1 moment where I pictured what life would be like without you. 想到我可能会失去你 过我下半辈子
[00:47.04]That’s exactly what I had. 我也是耶
[00:51.36]When you were lying here, sprawled2 in the dust, 当你躺在这堆沙土中
[00:52.36]all I wanted to do was protect you. 我一心就只想救你
[00:54.04]I lost all physical fear. 我什么都不怕了
[00:58.24]It’s coming back now, though. What in God’s name was I thinking? 我现在才有点怕了 我刚刚到底在干嘛啊
[00:59.40]I know exactly what you were thinking. 我懂了
[01:02.92]You were thinking that we’re meant to be together, 我们注定要在一起
[01:06.28]You risked your life for me. 你为了我牺牲
[01:06.60]because look what you did. 看看你为我做的事

[01:09.96]That’s so nice. 你太好了
[01:11.44]- No. - Sorry. -等等  -请说
[01:13.80]No, no. I am sorry. 我才是很抱歉
[01:16.64]I am so sorry for nearly curing an incurable3 romantic4. 我很抱歉差点毁了这一切
[01:20.00]I want you to expect everything from me. 我希望你对我有所要求
[01:23.32]You’re not gonna get it, but I promise to try and give it. 当然不可能样样都来,但我会尽力
[01:28.68]I love you, Meryl. 我爱你梅莉
[01:31.84]If you are in fact Meryl. I can’t really see, I’m sorry. 不过你应该就是梅莉吧? 因为我眼睛有点看不清楚
[01:35.36]I’m Meryl, trust me. 我是啦
[01:39.04]’Cause I trust you all over again. 因为我再度相信了你
[02:00.80]Watch your head, please. 小心
[02:02.16]Goodbye, Lucy. I hope I get to hear you on the radio soon. 露西再见,希望早点听见你大展歌喉
[02:05.32]- Thank you. - You’re welcome. -谢谢  -不客气
[02:09.84]- Earl. - Lucy. -欧尔  -露西
[02:11.20]- Eat some meat. - Eat some meat. Okay. -吃点肉吧 -我会的
[02:14.52]- Okay, good. Good. - Take care. -很好,很好  -保重
[02:16.36]Earl, I think we’ve become good friends. 欧尔我觉得我们已经是好朋友了
[02:18.72]- Think what you want. - Or not. Whatever. -随便你  -又或许不是,算了
[02:21.88]- So... - I don’t know what to say, except -那个  -我不知该说什么是好
[02:25.76]we are really, truly sorry about... 我们真的很抱歉
[02:31.28]- About everything. - Yeah. -引起这一切  -没关系
[02:31.60]The Feds are so happy with us, they’re letting Clay5 keep his job. 联邦调查局很钦佩我们的表现 他们还说要让警长继续做下去

  [02:32.92]Don’t be. 别在意
[02:36.80]Is that right? That’s great news. 真的吗?太好啦
[02:38.80]- Congratulations6. - Thank you. -恭喜  -谢谢
[02:41.32]Mr. and Mrs. Morgan, we’re ready for you. 摩根夫妇,我们可以出发了
[02:43.64]Okay. Well, I suppose this is it. 好的,那就先这样吧
[02:45.48]If we’re ever attacked by a bear in Central Park, 如果我们在中央公园遇到熊的话
[02:49.68]we will be the only ones who know what to do. 我想我们懂得如何处理了
[02:50.84]You just take good care of my favorite cousin, okay? 好好照顾我亲戚喔,知道吗
[02:55.04]- Emma. - Goodbye, Paul. -艾玛  -再见保罗
[02:55.52]Really, thank you for everything, and remember my wood-chopping tips. 谢谢,别忘了我教你的劈柴技巧
[03:01.88]- I’ll never forget your wood-chopping. - It’s mainly wrist7, it’s less arm. -永远不忘记  -记得用手腕不是手臂
[03:02.72]Clay, I’m gonna hug you. You won’t like it, but I’m gonna hug you. 警长,我要抱抱你,即便你不喜欢
[03:09.08]Thank you. And listen, if you’re ever in New York... 谢谢,如果你们来到纽约的话
[03:12.24]Something has gone terribly wrong. 就代表事情大条了
[03:16.28]Okay. Well, let’s go home. 好了,回家吧
[03:19.44]- All right. - Come on. -嗯  -来吧
[03:23.12]How’s your foot? 你脚怎样了
[03:26.32]Sheriff, your life just got a whole lot simpler. 警长,生活又恢复正常罗
[03:28.84]So did yours, babe. 没错
[04:02.32]Isn’t it amazing that she slept the whole flight? 不可思议,她在飞机上一直都在睡
[04:05.80]Is that amazing? 很厉害吧
[04:07.64]- Are they not meant to do that? - Yes. -婴儿不就是负责睡吗?  -也对
[04:09.64]- Is she faulty8? - Faulty? -你觉得她是不是不够完美  -不够完美?
[04:11.32]No, she’s perfect. 我觉得她很完美
[04:14.16]Perfect, but nameless. 是很完美,但还少了个名字
[04:15.00]Well, perhaps we’ll finally come up with a name on the road home. 我们或许可以在回家的路上想出来
[04:19.04]She could be Midtown Tunnel9 Morgan. 她可以叫做交叉口摩根
[04:21.04]59th Street Bridge Morgan. 或是59大街挢摩根
[04:24.40]Hey, there’s Adam and Jackie. Hi. 你看,是亚当和贾姬耶
[04:26.88]- Should I get a cart10? - You are the cart. Go. -要拿推车吗?  -你就是推车,快去
[04:27.56]Get their bags. 去拿袋子
[04:31.08]- Thank you, honey. - You’re my girl. -谢了,亲爱的  -我也爱你
[04:31.40]Hey. 嘿
[04:34.76]Go. 去吧
[04:41.44]Hurry, get that. Get the phone. 快去接电话
[04:44.12]Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. 好啦好啦
[04:47.00]Hello? 喂
[04:50.84]Oh, hello, Adam, I’ve missed you. 亚当?我也很想你
[04:53.00]No, no, no, I’m taking the day off tomorrow, so you do not need to come in. 不,我明天要请假,所以你不用过来
[04:59.20]Well, in that case, have fun moving Jackie’s mother’s furniture. 是喔,那祝你帮贾姬母亲搬家愉快喔



1 horrible drazZt     
  • This is a horrible monster.这是一个可怕的怪物。
  • That is a horrible accident.那是一次可怕的事故。
2 sprawled 6cc8223777584147c0ae6b08b9304472     
v.伸开四肢坐[躺]( sprawl的过去式和过去分词);蔓延;杂乱无序地拓展;四肢伸展坐着(或躺着)
  • He was sprawled full-length across the bed. 他手脚摊开横躺在床上。
  • He was lying sprawled in an armchair, watching TV. 他四肢伸开正懒散地靠在扶手椅上看电视。
3 incurable incurable     
  • All three babies were born with an incurable heart condition.三个婴儿都有不可治瘉的先天性心脏病。
  • He has an incurable and widespread nepotism.他们有不可救药的,到处蔓延的裙带主义。
4 romantic jXPx0     
  • She thinks it will be romantic to be an actress.她认为当个女演员会很浪漫。
  • Her husband is very romantic.她丈夫非常浪漫。
5 clay RqIzh     
  • The children like making houses of sticks and clay.孩子们喜欢用树枝或黏土盖房子玩。
  • What a love of a clay doll!多么可爱的泥娃娃!
6 congratulations Lvqzts     
  • I send you my warmest congratulations on your success. 我对你的成功致以最热烈的祝贺。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • Please give her my congratulations when you see her. 见到她时请转达我的祝贺。 来自《简明英汉词典》
7 wrist fMbzH     
  • They took her by the wrist.他们握住她的手腕。
  • He received a bullet in the wrist.他手腕上中了一弹。
8 faulty XkSxy     
  • This faulty connection is the source of the engine trouble.这种错误的连接法是引擎出毛病的原因。
  • The plan is faulty in every respect.无论从哪个方面来看这项计划都不完善。
9 tunnel qHHyz     
  • They will have to block up the entrance to the tunnel.他们将不得不封闭通往隧道的入口。
  • The train passed through a tunnel.火车通过了一条隧道。
10 cart XTpyK     
  • We use this to cart the goods.我们用这个来拉运货物。
  • Let's go over and help them pull the cart.咱们过去帮他们拉车。
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