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听电影学英语-战鸽快飞 03

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  [00:01.00]I don’t know how I stay in business, where is it? 我不知道这行我怎么坐下来的 它在哪里?
[00:04.68]Find it and the crumbs1 are yours, which one is it under? 找到它后,面包屑就是你们的了 会在那个里面?
[00:11.68]-That one? -That one? - 这个? - 这个?
[00:13.04]No, bad Iuck again. 不对,又是坏运气
[00:14.20]Care to give it one more go? Law of averages. 要不要再来一次? 按平均律算
[00:18.40]I think you’II win this time. 我觉得这次你们会赢的
[00:20.88]Tell us then, where’s the pebble2? 告诉我们 石头现在在哪里?
[00:23.52]See, with all the excitement, I forgot myself. 哦,我太兴奋了 我也忘记了
[00:26.04]What do you say to a game of...? 你们觉得该玩什么游戏?
[00:28.08]You big cheat. 你这个大骗子
[00:31.56]-Give me my crumbs back! -On the Ievel, gents, I know... - 还我的面包屑! - 哦,绅士们,我知道...
[00:33.40]Come and get me, falcons3! 猎鹰,来抓我啊!
[00:41.12]Strike me down if I tell a Iie. 如果我说谎,你们就打死我
[00:46.52]Look at them, that was Iucky. 哦,看看他们,我太幸运了
[00:49.00]Prayers were answered, that’s never worked before. 这次的祈祷成功了 以前从没成功过
[00:51.52]-Hello, mate. -Lost control a bit there. - 你好,哥们 - 刚才在那里没控制好
[00:54.20]Couldn’t have picked a better time to drop in. 你选择的降落时间太好了
[00:56.04]-Bugsy’s the name. -I’m terribly sorry, I’m Valiant4. - 我叫巴格西 - 我叫瓦兰特,实在抱歉啊

[00:58.40]-What brings you to my manor5? -I’ve come to be an aviator6. - 你为什么来我的地盘? - 我要成为一个飞行家
[01:05.52]With the Royal Homing Pigeon Service. 成为皇家战鸽中的一员
[01:05.88]Fighting for King and country. 为国王和祖国而战
[01:09.72]You don’t say? Never been much of a glory bird myself. 你说真的吗? 我自己可从没想过名垂青史
[01:11.76]I’m rather partial to something called freedom. 我宁愿选择一种叫自由的东西
[01:14.44]I flit about as I please, 我可以随心所欲飞来飞去
[01:16.28]no one telling me what to do or when. 没有人来命令我去做什么 或者什么时候
[01:19.12]-Are those flies? -Yes, they’re... - 这些是苍蝇么? - 哦,是的
[01:23.80]They’re friends of mine. 他们是我的朋友
[01:24.68]So, RHPS’s recruiting? Good idea, yeah. 嗯,皇家战鸽在招募新兵? 哦,好主意
[01:28.84]This way, mate, I’m feeling rather patriotic7 all of a sudden. 朋友,这边走 我突然有了爱国之心
[01:34.20]-There he is. -Come on, after him! - 他在那里 - 跟上,追上他
[01:44.64]Let’s get going, come on. 我们这边走,快
[01:46.00]He’s here somewhere, I can smell him. 他就在这附近, 我能闻出他的气味
[01:49.80]Follow my Iead. 跟着我
[01:51.64]Hello, two to enlist8, please. 你好,我们两个想参军
[01:56.32]Valiant pigeon, reporting for duty, sir. 长官,我是鸽子瓦兰特,前来报道
[01:57.84]-Never heard of you. -Valiant pigeon. - 没有听过你的名字 - 鸽子瓦兰特

  [02:01.16]The Valiant pigeon, you don’t have him on your Iist? 鸽子瓦兰特,你们的名单上没有他?
[02:02.80]-No. -CIerical error. - 没有 - 文书搞错了吧?
[02:06.84]-Should I have? -Yes, I think you should have. - 会吗? - 是的,我想是这样的
[02:08.88]Look at him, he’s a perfect specimen9. 看看他,他是这么的完美
[02:13.56]Fast as Iightning, strong as an ox, 像闪电一样快, 像公牛一样强壮
[02:16.24]very tall for his height, stand up, sit down again. 高大威猛 站起来吧,好的,再坐下吧
[02:17.76]The bird’s a Iegend 他是个传奇小鸟
[02:19.24]in the Struben... Berkleyhampshire area. 在斯鲁本... 伯克利汉普郡地区
[02:25.60]Too small. 个子太小了
[02:25.76]You should be yea high and you’re not even hey high. 你应该这么高才行 可是你连这里都没到
[02:30.44]-That’s charming, that is. -And you...! - 有意思,真的 - 而你?
[02:33.76]Coi, have you by any chance heard of a birdbath? 靠,你听过鸟用浴缸么?
[02:37.64]Sad truth is I have a rare feather condition. 不幸的是我的羽毛有罕见的疾病
[02:41.48]Yeah, can’t go near a bath, or Iook at a bath. 不能去洗澡,甚至看都不行
[02:43.16]-It makes me itch10. -CIear off, get Iost! - 那样我就会发痒 - 滚开吧,赶快消失!
[02:45.04]But, Wing Commander Gutsy said... 但是 飞行指挥官高茨说...
[02:50.72]Exactly, Wing Commander Gutsy, that’s it. 没错,就是飞行指挥官高茨说
[02:52.04]Best mates, went to school together. 他们可是好朋友,他们是同学
[02:54.88]You don’t want to upset him. 你不想让他难堪吧?
[02:56.72]If he hears, you’II Iose those stripes. 如果他知道这件事情,你的勋章就没了
[03:00.08]You know Wing Commander Gutsy? 你认识飞行指挥官高茨?
[03:01.24]-Well, yeah. -Well. - 是的啊 - 好吧
[03:06.84]That makes a difference, sign here. 这就不同了 在这里签字
[03:09.36]Thank you, sir. 长官,谢谢你
[03:10.20]-There he is! -You dirty rat! - 他在那里! - 你这个肮脏的家伙!
[03:15.72]When I get hold of you, I’II knock your beak11 off! 如果我抓到你 我把你的嘴打断
[03:18.36]-That’s it, far enough. -Get your hands off me. - 我们已经招满了 - 把你的手拿开
[03:22.52]-Where do I sign up? -Just sign here. - 我该在哪里签? - 在这里
[03:30.20]-AIright, gents, in you go. -Thank you, sir. - 好的,先生们,这边请 - 谢谢你,先生
[03:33.24]Who is this Gutsy geezer? 高茨是哪个老家伙?
[03:35.08]If I see your ugly face around, I’II have you! 如果你再让我看到你 我绝对饶不了你!
[03:41.96]-We made it. -Safe and sound. - 我们成功了 - 安然无恙
[03:42.64]We’re in the Royal Homing Service. 我们加入皇家信鸽了
[03:45.28]The elite12, 成为精英
[03:49.96]-Saving... -Saving our tail feathers. - 拯救 - 拯救了我们尾巴上的羽毛
[03:50.48]And it worked Iike a charm. 这个逃跑计划非常成功

  [03:52.68]Even though I say so myself. 比我想象的更好
[03:55.68]So, I’II be hitting the skyway, cheers, good Iuck. 好了,我要飞回我的天空了,祝你好运
[03:57.64]God bless, if you make it back, be sure to Iook me up. 上帝保佑你,如果你回来了 记得过来看我
[04:04.72]Hello? Hello? 嗨?嗨?
[04:11.40]Gents? Hello? Hello? 先生? 喂?喂?
[04:13.24]No! There’s been a terrible mistake! 不!简直是大错特错了!
[04:18.60]Trust me, this will turn out brilliantly. 相信我,我们会因此而成为英雄!
[04:21.96]Hello, come on back. 喂,过来
[04:26.92]I’ve been shanghaied! 我要被拉走服兵役了
[04:51.28]That’s bright. 好刺眼


1 crumbs crumbs     
int. (表示惊讶)哎呀 n. 碎屑 名词crumb的复数形式
  • She stood up and brushed the crumbs from her sweater. 她站起身掸掉了毛衣上的面包屑。
  • Oh crumbs! Is that the time? 啊,天哪!都这会儿啦?
2 pebble c3Rzo     
  • The bird mistook the pebble for egg and tried to hatch it.这只鸟错把卵石当蛋,想去孵它。
  • The pebble made a ripple on the surface of the lake.石子在湖面上激起一个涟漪。
3 falcons 1090843cfc7d8664c201d9881ebf16b9     
n.猎鹰( falcon的名词复数 )
  • Peregrine falcons usually pluck the feathers and strip the flesh off their bird prey. 游隼捕到鸟类猎物时,通常是先拔掉它们的羽毛,再把肉撕下来。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • Though he doubted the wisdom of using falcons, Dr. de la Fuente undertook the project. 虽然德·拉·富恩特博士怀疑使用游隼是否明智,但他还是执行了这项计划。 来自辞典例句
4 valiant YKczP     
  • He had the fame of being very valiant.他的勇敢是出名的。
  • Despite valiant efforts by the finance minister,inflation rose to 36%.尽管财政部部长采取了一系列果决措施,通货膨胀率还是涨到了36%。
5 manor d2Gy4     
  • The builder of the manor house is a direct ancestor of the present owner.建造这幢庄园的人就是它现在主人的一个直系祖先。
  • I am not lord of the manor,but its lady.我并非此地的领主,而是这儿的女主人。
6 aviator BPryq     
  • The young aviator bragged of his exploits in the sky.那名年轻的飞行员吹嘘他在空中飞行的英勇事迹。
  • Hundreds of admirers besieged the famous aviator.数百名爱慕者围困那个著名飞行员。
7 patriotic T3Izu     
  • His speech was full of patriotic sentiments.他的演说充满了爱国之情。
  • The old man is a patriotic overseas Chinese.这位老人是一位爱国华侨。
8 enlist npCxX     
  • They come here to enlist men for the army.他们来这儿是为了召兵。
  • The conference will make further efforts to enlist the support of the international community for their just struggle. 会议必将进一步动员国际社会,支持他们的正义斗争。
9 specimen Xvtwm     
  • You'll need tweezers to hold up the specimen.你要用镊子来夹这标本。
  • This specimen is richly variegated in colour.这件标本上有很多颜色。
10 itch 9aczc     
  • Shylock has an itch for money.夏洛克渴望发财。
  • He had an itch on his back.他背部发痒。
11 beak 8y1zGA     
  • The bird had a worm in its beak.鸟儿嘴里叼着一条虫。
  • This bird employs its beak as a weapon.这种鸟用嘴作武器。
12 elite CqzxN     
  • The power elite inside the government is controlling foreign policy.政府内部的一群握有实权的精英控制着对外政策。
  • We have a political elite in this country.我们国家有一群政治精英。
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