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听电影学英语-战鸽快飞 02

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  [00:04.84]So, what’s the news from the front? 那么,能不能说些前线的新闻?
[00:08.16]Can’t say, of course, classified. 当然不可以 这是机密
[00:11.72]Danger is our business 直面危险是我们的家常便饭
[00:13.08]and I’m sorry to say, business is all too good. 但不得不承认 危险这活儿实在是不错
[00:17.88]Excuse me, got to get to Wing Commander. 借光 我要找飞行指挥官
[00:20.88]-Excuse me, Wing Commander! -Yes? - 飞行指挥官,打扰了! - 什么事?
[00:24.56]Sir, where do I sign up? 长官, 我该去哪里报名参军?
[00:25.24]-Aren’t you a bit on the wee side? - Talk about small wingspan. - 你是不是有点太小了? - 你的侧翼才这么大
[00:38.00]There’s always a place for a few valiant1 birds. 对于勇敢的鸟总是有机会的
[00:40.96]Tomorrow in London. 明天在伦敦可以报名
[00:41.96]I’d Iove to stay, 我很想多留下一会
[00:44.96]but duty calls and we must answer. 但是我们还有必须完成的任务
[00:45.80]Beaks up, boys. 兄弟们,休息结束
[00:49.00]Let’s make wind. 让我们出发吧
[00:51.52]Hip2, hip, hooray! 嘿,嘿,万岁!
[00:55.20]Hip, hip, hooray! 嘿,嘿,万岁!
[01:18.80]-I do all the work, don’t I? -You should have my job. - 所有的事情都要我来做么? - 你应该帮我做一些
[01:21.48]I’m more talented and handsome. 我比你聪明并且比你帅
[01:26.84]"Herr" General! “黑”将军!
[01:30.36]Welcome back, General Von Talon3. 欢迎你回来 范·塔伦将军
[01:32.88]Congratulations, sir. 恭喜你,长官

[01:33.60]-Another triumph. -"Jawohl", General. - 又一个战利品 - “当心”(德语),将军
[01:37.44]Under the Geneva Convention, and as an officer, 按照日内瓦公约 作为一名军官
[01:41.60]I have the right to be treated as a pigeon of war. 我应该得到做为战鸽的优待
[01:42.24]Have no fear, 不要害怕
[01:45.60]you will be. 你将会被优待
[01:49.28]Take him to the cage. 把它关到笼子里
[01:52.12]Get your talons4 off me, you filthy5 falcons6. 把你的爪子拿开 你们这些肮脏的鹰
[02:01.20]Pigeons, pathetic Iittle creatures. 鸽子 可怜的小东西
[02:08.04]You don’t eat prisoners of war, do you? 你不吃战俘,是吧?
[02:11.56]Eat you? 吃掉你?
[02:14.60]I’m a vegetarian7. 我是素食主义者
[02:18.08]Yet you wear a Ieather cape8. 但你的斗篷是皮制的?
[02:20.44]Who is your contact in the Resistance? 谁是你在抵抗组织里的联络人?
[02:26.80]They’II send a crack team to rescue me. 他们会派最好的队伍来营救我
[02:27.60]Rescue you? You’re a pigeon. 营救你?你只是一只鸽子
[02:29.84]Do you think you’re important? 你认为你很重要么?
[02:33.36]VIP, Very Important Pigeon. 我是VIP 非常重要的鸽子
[02:36.88]Very Impudent9 Pigeon. 我看你是非常自大的鸽子
[02:39.56]Who is your contact in the Resistance? 谁是你在抵抗组织里的联络人?
[02:45.08]Oh, no. 无可奉告
[02:45.76]Speak! 快说!
[02:47.76]This canary will never sing. 我什么也不会告诉你
[02:52.92]Listen to your mother, you can’t go. 听妈妈的话 你不能去

  [02:54.80]Mum, there’s a war going on, I want to do my bit. 妈妈,战争正在进行 我想尽我的义务
[03:02.84]Goodbye. 再见
[03:04.04]-The falcons will tear you apart. -Mum. - 猎鹰会把你撕碎 - 妈妈
[03:08.36]-My dear Iittle baby. -Mother, that’s not helping10! - 我的小宝贝 - 妈妈,这样做是没用的!
[03:12.68]Mother, honestly, I’m going to be fine. 妈妈,相信我 我会照顾好自己的
[03:16.20]-You were such a cute Iittle egg. -Mum. - 你还是一个可爱的蛋啊 - 妈妈
[03:20.20]I’m not an egg anymore, it’s time I Ieft the nest. 我不再是只蛋了 是时候出去闯荡了
[03:25.12]No one thinks I can do this, 他们都不相信我能做到
[03:26.96]and it may be my only chance to show them that they’re wrong. 这可能是我唯一的机会 让他们看看他们都说错了
[03:32.48]At Ieast have some breakfast before you go. 至少在走之前吃点早饭吧
[03:36.76]Mum... 妈妈
[03:38.28]No, thanks. 我不吃了,谢谢
[03:40.48]-Valiant. -Right, then. - 瓦兰特 - 好了
[03:44.32]I Iove you, goodbye. 我爱你,再见
[03:49.68]You’II always be an egg to me. 对我来说你永远都是个蛋
[03:56.08]I’m off now, Felix! 我要出发了,菲力克斯!
[03:56.72]Ahoy there, Valiant! 喂,瓦兰特!
[03:59.40]-Wish me Iuck. -Good Iad! - 祝我好运吧 - 勇敢的小伙
[04:01.76]Goodbye! 再见!
[04:06.28]That boy is going to get creamed. 这个孩子一定会出人头地的
[04:11.64]Valiant pigeon, fearless flyer. 鸽子瓦兰特 大无畏的飞行员
[04:18.00]Pride of the allied11 forces, 盟军的骄傲
[04:19.16]feared by the enemy, 敌人的噩梦
[04:21.04]Ioved by the Iadies. 女士们的偶像
[04:22.72]Humble. 需要谦虚点
[04:26.88]Spits danger smack12 in the eye! 不要把危险放在眼里!
[04:39.68]Look at that, it’s London! 看啊,是伦敦!
[04:48.88]AIright, alright, Iisten up. 好了,好了,听好
[04:50.12]This is easy, I mean, for intelligent boys Iike you. 这很简单的,我是说 尤其对于你们这些聪明的人
[04:53.80]Keep your eyes on the pebble13, you can’t go wrong. 看好这个小石头 千万不要搞错啊
[04:55.32]Give her a chance and she’II give you the slip. 只要给她一点机会 她就偷偷溜走哦
[04:58.48]Find her and the crumbs14 are yours. 能找到她,面包屑就是你们的


1 valiant YKczP     
  • He had the fame of being very valiant.他的勇敢是出名的。
  • Despite valiant efforts by the finance minister,inflation rose to 36%.尽管财政部部长采取了一系列果决措施,通货膨胀率还是涨到了36%。
2 hip 1dOxX     
  • The thigh bone is connected to the hip bone.股骨连着髋骨。
  • The new coats blouse gracefully above the hip line.新外套在臀围线上优美地打着褶皱。
3 talon WIDzr     
  • Can you get a little tighter with the talon?你能不能把摄像探头固定住不动?
  • This kind of spice is made of eagle's talon and has a unique flavor.这种香料味道独特,是用鹰爪作原料制成的。
4 talons 322566a2ccb8410b21604b31bc6569ac     
n.(尤指猛禽的)爪( talon的名词复数 );(如爪般的)手指;爪状物;锁簧尖状突出部
  • The fingers were curved like talons, but they closed on empty air. 他的指头弯得像鹰爪一样,可是抓了个空。 来自英汉文学 - 热爱生命
  • The tiger has a pair of talons. 老虎有一对利爪。 来自辞典例句
5 filthy ZgOzj     
  • The whole river has been fouled up with filthy waste from factories.整条河都被工厂的污秽废物污染了。
  • You really should throw out that filthy old sofa and get a new one.你真的应该扔掉那张肮脏的旧沙发,然后再去买张新的。
6 falcons 1090843cfc7d8664c201d9881ebf16b9     
n.猎鹰( falcon的名词复数 )
  • Peregrine falcons usually pluck the feathers and strip the flesh off their bird prey. 游隼捕到鸟类猎物时,通常是先拔掉它们的羽毛,再把肉撕下来。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • Though he doubted the wisdom of using falcons, Dr. de la Fuente undertook the project. 虽然德·拉·富恩特博士怀疑使用游隼是否明智,但他还是执行了这项计划。 来自辞典例句
7 vegetarian 7KGzY     
  • She got used gradually to the vegetarian diet.她逐渐习惯吃素食。
  • I didn't realize you were a vegetarian.我不知道你是个素食者。
8 cape ITEy6     
  • I long for a trip to the Cape of Good Hope.我渴望到好望角去旅行。
  • She was wearing a cape over her dress.她在外套上披着一件披肩。
9 impudent X4Eyf     
  • She's tolerant toward those impudent colleagues.她对那些无礼的同事采取容忍的态度。
  • The teacher threatened to kick the impudent pupil out of the room.老师威胁着要把这无礼的小学生撵出教室。
10 helping 2rGzDc     
  • The poor children regularly pony up for a second helping of my hamburger. 那些可怜的孩子们总是要求我把我的汉堡包再给他们一份。
  • By doing this, they may at times be helping to restore competition. 这样一来, 他在某些时候,有助于竞争的加强。
11 allied iLtys     
  • Britain was allied with the United States many times in history.历史上英国曾多次与美国结盟。
  • Allied forces sustained heavy losses in the first few weeks of the campaign.同盟国在最初几周内遭受了巨大的损失。
12 smack XEqzV     
  • She gave him a smack on the face.她打了他一个嘴巴。
  • I gave the fly a smack with the magazine.我用杂志拍了一下苍蝇。
13 pebble c3Rzo     
  • The bird mistook the pebble for egg and tried to hatch it.这只鸟错把卵石当蛋,想去孵它。
  • The pebble made a ripple on the surface of the lake.石子在湖面上激起一个涟漪。
14 crumbs crumbs     
int. (表示惊讶)哎呀 n. 碎屑 名词crumb的复数形式
  • She stood up and brushed the crumbs from her sweater. 她站起身掸掉了毛衣上的面包屑。
  • Oh crumbs! Is that the time? 啊,天哪!都这会儿啦?
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