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听电影学英语-足迹 02

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  [00:01.44]Translations. 外文译本
[00:01.84]French, Dutch, German. 法语、荷兰语、德语
[00:07.24]You speak Dutch yourself, do you? 你的母语应该是荷兰语 对吧?
[00:09.24]Yes, how did you know?I have a Dutch uncle. -没错 你是怎知道的?  -我有个舅舅是荷兰人
[00:10.44]Can’t see any Italian translations. 为什么看不到一本意大利语译本呢?
[00:12.84]No, they’re a funny lot, the Italians.Culture isn’t really their thing. 不 意大利人很风趣 但文化真的不适合他们
[00:18.44]-Oh, is it?-Italian salami?Best in the world. -噢 是吗?  -你指意大利腊肠?全世界最棒的
[00:21.44]Did you bring any with you? 你有带来吗?
[00:23.44]-No, I left it at home.-Oh, shame. -没有 我留在家里了 -噢 可惜
[00:26.64]We’re gonna have it for supper tonight. 今晚我们的晚餐就吃意大利腊肠吧
[00:28.24]With a couple of bottles of Valpolicella. 再配上两瓶瓦尔波利塞拉葡萄酒
[00:30.24]-We?-Maggie and me. -我们? -玛吉和我
[00:35.04]Your glass is empty.What were you drinking, vodka? 你的杯子空了 你刚喝什么酒?伏特加吗?
[00:38.44]-Scotch.-Scotch. -威士忌 -威士忌
[00:53.64]I want to come to the point. 我想该把话题转到重点上了
[00:54.24]Point?What point? 重点? 什么重点?
[00:57.24]Are you gonna give Maggie a divorce? 你会和玛吉签字离婚吗?

[00:59.24]Yeah, yes, yes, we’ll come to that. 是的 没错 好的 我们会谈到那个问题的
[01:03.44]So do I. 我也这么认为
[01:03.64]She thinks you’re being unreasonable1. 她认为你变得不可理喻
[01:07.64]She’s never coming back to you, so why not just give her the divorce? 她永远不会回到你身边 那为什么不和她离婚呢?
[01:08.84]It’ll do her good to wait for five years.Good for her character. 对于她这种性格来说 给她5年时间让她考虑对她有好处
[01:14.24]You’re going to make her wait five years? 你打算让她再等5年?
[01:16.04]-That’s the law.The law of the land.-But that’s pure spite. -那是法律准许的 本地的法律 -但你这纯粹是故意刁难
[01:18.84]Anyway, we’ll get back to that, perhaps.Have your drink first. 不管怎样 或许我和她还会回到一起 你先来上你的威士忌吧
[01:26.04]What do you do, by the way? 顺便问一下 你是做什么的?
[01:29.24]I’m an actor. 我是个演员
[01:30.04]Good God.Are you really? 上帝 是真的吗?
[01:34.44]I thought Maggie said you were a hairdresser. 我记得玛吉说你是个美发师
[01:37.04]She must have been talking about someone else. 她一定是在讲另一个人
[01:40.24]You mean another friend? 你是指别的朋友?
[01:41.04]Another friend? 别的朋友?
[01:41.44]She tends to have more than one friend. 她不只一个朋友
[01:43.44]-Does she?-Oh, yes. -是吗? -噢 是的
[01:46.04]I’m her only friend. 我是她唯一的朋友
[01:46.44]She must be lonely. 她一定感到寂寞
[01:50.24]She’s not. 她没有
[01:51.44]Acting2 is a pretty precarious3 profession, isn’t it? 演员是一个相当不稳定的职业 不是吗?

  [01:54.64]What are you acting in at the moment? 你目前在演哪部戏?
[01:58.64]I’m out of work. 我现在失业了
[01:59.84]I drive cars now and again, chauffeuring4. 我平时开车 做私人司机
[02:00.64]Poor chap. 可怜的人
[02:02.44]-Oh, tough life.-I keep my head above water. -噢 艰难的生活 -还能活
[02:11.04]Killers, mostly. 大部分是杀手
[02:13.84]Sex maniacs5, perverts6. 色情狂、变态
[02:15.04]But you’re so charming. 但你很有魅力
[02:18.84]Yes, I know.Anyway, what about this divorce? 是的 这我知道 先不说这个 离婚的事怎么样?
[02:21.04]What’s your position, exactly? 你对离婚是什么态度 确切点儿说?
[02:24.64]All in good time. 时候刚好
[02:34.24]Come in. 进来
[02:42.04]Have a seat.Make yourself comfortable. 请坐 别拘束
[02:52.64]I understand you’re fucking my wife. 我明白你在干我妻子
[02:55.44]-That’s right.-Right. -没错 -是的
[02:58.64]Yes, right. 对 没错
[03:00.24]-So we’ve cleared that up.-We have. -这点我们算是弄清楚了 -是的
[03:00.44]-I thought you might deny it.-Why would I deny it? -我以为你会否认 -我为什么要否认?
[03:03.64]-Well, she is my wife.-Yes, but she’s fucking me. -当然 她是我的妻子 -是的 但是她在干我
[03:07.04]Oh, she’s fucking you too?Well, I’ll be buggered. 喔 她也在干你? 那我就是被鸡奸了
[03:09.04]-Sorry.-Yes, it’s mutual7. -抱歉 -是的 这是相互的
[03:13.64]-You take turns?-We fuck each other. -你们轮流干? -我们互相干
[03:15.24]-That’s what people do.-Yeah, yeah, yeah.I follow. -人们都这么做 -噢 是的 没错 我明白
[03:21.44]-We’re in love.-You’re in love? -我们相爱 -你们相爱?
[03:24.44]That’s right. 没错
[03:28.04]Let me top you up. 让我替你斟满吧
[03:40.04]I heard a rumor8 that you wanted to marry her. 我听传言说你想要娶她
[03:43.04]-That can’t be true, can it?-Why not? -这不可能是真的 不是吗? -为什么不可能?
[03:45.44]In this day and age, is marriage absolutely necessary? 在此时此世 结婚还是有必要的吗?
[03:48.84]Isn’t it a bit old hat? 这是不是有点老土了?
[03:50.64]-Is it?-It’s a mug’s game. -是吗? -这是一场丑陋的游戏
[03:52.64]I wouldn’t go near it if I were you.You can’t marry her. 换作我是你 我就不会选择结婚 你不能和她结婚
[03:54.84]You can’t marry her because she’s married to me. 你不能和她结婚因为她已经嫁给我了
[03:55.44]Unless I divorce her, of course. 当然了 除非我跟她离婚
[03:57.04]-And are you?-Am I what? -你会吗? -我会怎样?
[03:59.84]Going to divorce her? 会跟她离婚吗?
[04:01.64]Are you really gonna make her wait five years? 你真打算让她等上5年?
[04:04.84]-She wants to know.-To be honest, I can’t wait. -她想要知道你是不是真的要让她等那么久 -老实说 我等不了
[04:06.84]But there are one or two things I’d like to clear up first. 但我想首先澄清一两件事情

  [04:09.44]For example, I’ve never heard of an Italian called Tindle. 例如 我从未听说过一个叫做汀多的意大利人
[04:14.04]My father’s name is Tindolini. 我父亲是姓汀多里尼
[04:17.44]Now, that’s lovely.That’s like a little bell. 很有趣 这才有点像话
[04:19.44]Why don’t you go back to Tindolini?It suits you. 你干嘛不用回汀多里尼? 那个姓适合你
[04:23.24]-You think so?-Yes. -你这么认为? -是的
[04:24.04]So if and when you marry Maggie, she’ll be Maggie Tindolini. 所以如果你娶了玛吉 她就成了玛吉 汀多里尼
[04:31.24]Do you get a kick out of that? 你喜欢那样吗?
[04:34.64]What name do you act under?Tindle or Tindolini? 你艺名都用哪个姓? 汀多还是汀多里尼?
[04:35.24]-Tindle.-Why have I never heard of you? -汀多 -我为何从未听说过你?
[04:38.04]-Really?-In spades. -真的? -绝无虚言
[04:40.04]-That sounds threatening.-Does it? -听起来像是在威胁 -是吗?
[04:44.64]Doesn’t it? 不是吗?
[04:48.24]Why don’t we get down to brass9 tacks10? 我们何不来谈谈正事呢?
[04:49.84]Brass tacks, yes.Why not? 正事 是的 为何不呢?
[04:54.64]This is the way I see it. 我的看法是这样子
[04:58.24]Come upstairs. 上楼来
[04:59.04]I want to show you something. 我给你看些东西


1 unreasonable tjLwm     
  • I know that they made the most unreasonable demands on you.我知道他们对你提出了最不合理的要求。
  • They spend an unreasonable amount of money on clothes.他们花在衣服上的钱太多了。
2 acting czRzoc     
  • Ignore her,she's just acting.别理她,她只是假装的。
  • During the seventies,her acting career was in eclipse.在七十年代,她的表演生涯黯然失色。
3 precarious Lu5yV     
  • Our financial situation had become precarious.我们的财务状况已变得不稳定了。
  • He earned a precarious living as an artist.作为一个艺术家,他过得是朝不保夕的生活。
4 chauffeuring ec89b388078fe4fee3e2cee40b18f97b     
v.受雇于人的汽车司机( chauffeur的现在分词 )
  • I can't thank you enough for chauffeuring me around while the car was in for repairs. 当我的车在修理时你为我提供乘车方便,真是感激不尽。 来自互联网
5 maniacs 11a6200b98a38680d7dd8e9553e00911     
  • Hollywood films misrepresented us as drunks, maniacs and murderers. 好莱坞电影把我们歪曲成酒鬼、疯子和杀人凶手。 来自辞典例句
  • They're not irrational, potentially homicidal maniacs, to start! 他们不是非理性的,或者有杀人倾向的什么人! 来自电影对白
6 perverts 4acc125cf96bd9738bcffa2067fc213f     
n.性变态者( pervert的名词复数 )v.滥用( pervert的第三人称单数 );腐蚀;败坏;使堕落
  • A clever criminal perverts his talents. 一个聪明的犯罪者误用了他的才智。 来自《现代英汉综合大词典》
  • Not all fondlers are sexual perverts. 并非所有的骚扰者都是性变态。 来自互联网
7 mutual eFOxC     
  • We must pull together for mutual interest.我们必须为相互的利益而通力合作。
  • Mutual interests tied us together.相互的利害关系把我们联系在一起。
8 rumor qS0zZ     
  • The rumor has been traced back to a bad man.那谣言经追查是个坏人造的。
  • The rumor has taken air.谣言流传开了。
9 brass DWbzI     
  • Many of the workers play in the factory's brass band.许多工人都在工厂铜管乐队中演奏。
  • Brass is formed by the fusion of copper and zinc.黄铜是通过铜和锌的熔合而成的。
10 tacks 61d4d2c9844f9f1a76324ec2d251a32e     
大头钉( tack的名词复数 ); 平头钉; 航向; 方法
  • Never mind the side issues, let's get down to brass tacks and thrash out a basic agreement. 别管枝节问题,让我们讨论问题的实质,以求得基本一致。
  • Get down to the brass tacks,and quit talking round the subject. 谈实质问题吧,别兜圈子了。
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