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听电影学英语-朱莉与朱莉娅 03

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  [00:03.84]Yeah, I don’t get it. If only I could be my own assistant. 对啊,我就不懂了,要是我能做自己的助手就好了
[00:08.32]Fire your assistant and don’t hire a replacement1. 炒了你的助手,别再雇新的助手
[00:08.92]You can be. 你可以的
[00:13.88]No, that’s not what I mean, Julie. 不,Jule,我不是那个意思
[00:14.08]Excuse me. Oh... 抱歉,噢...
[00:18.36]- Oh, those are cute. - Oh, thanks. Thanks. - 哦,这个好好看啊 - 哦,谢谢
[00:20.72]Okay, tell them 190, 1-9-0. Great. 好的,告诉他们190,190,好的
[00:25.40]"1-9-0." What? What are you up to? 190,你在说什么呢?
[00:29.92]$190 million. We’re assembling a parcel at Midtown. 一亿九千万美元,我们在市中心建一群东西
[00:33.96]Oh, wow. Oh, oh, that is so great, Cassie. 哦,哇,太棒了,Coasia
[00:35.76]A parcel of what? 建一群什么?
[00:38.12]Buildings. 房子
[00:40.32]We’re gonna tear them all down and put up a high-rise. 我们要把老房子全都拆了,再建新的更高的房子
[00:42.40]- To your parcel. - Thank you. - 为你的房地产干杯 - 谢谢
[00:48.20]And enough about you, here’s to me. 你说够了,该说说我了

[00:49.24]As of yesterday, I am the senior vice2 president in charge of corporate3 publicity4. 昨天,我成了公司宣传部的副主席
[00:54.92]- No. - Which means I get a raise - 不是吧 - 也就是说我升职了
[00:58.60]and I can borrow half a million dollars at 2% if I want to. 如果我愿意,我能以2%的利息贷50万美元的款了
[01:02.60]- Great. - If you want to? - 太棒了 - 只要你愿意吗?
[01:05.20]- So how’s your job, Julie? - Oh, it’s... - Julie,你的工作怎么样了? - 噢,很...
[01:07.68]- I can only imagine. Heartbreaking. - So sad. - 我能猜到,让人心碎 - 太可怜了
[01:10.36]- Painful. - Not in a bad way. - 太痛苦了 - 我们没有恶意
[01:12.12]- Excuse me. Oh, God, I forgot. - Excuse me. - 抱歉,哦,天哪,我忘了 - 抱歉
[01:16.00]- Hello? - Hello? - 喂? - 喂?
[01:17.28]- Hi. - Hi. - 嗨 - 嗨
[01:18.80]Hey, Jules? I have got to interview you for this piece that I’m writing. 嘿,Jules,为了写这篇文章我要采访你了
[01:22.96]Sure, Annabelle, great. I’d be honored. 当然,Annabelle,没问题,我很荣幸
[01:26.44]Find out about dry cleaning. Find out before dinner on Thursday. 找个干洗店 安排星期五的晚餐
[01:29.64]Saturday party. 星期四的派对
[01:33.72]No. 别吃这个
[01:35.12]I cannot computer-coach you every day while I’m with my girlfriends. 我不能每天都用电脑联系你
[01:39.76]What is it about? The article? 这篇文章是关于什么的?
[01:41.04]It’s about our generation turning 30. 是关于我们这代人的
[01:45.12]People turning 30. Oh, my life, I am so busy. 关于奔三十的这帮人的 哦,我的人生哪,我太忙了

  [01:56.28]May I remind you, I don’t want to see you, you want to see me? 我得提醒一下,不是我要见你,是你要见我
[01:59.76]Yeah. Would a breakfast work? 是,早餐时间采访成吗?
[02:06.04]I believed her. What kind of idiot am I? 我居然相信她了,我是个怎样的傻瓜啊?
[02:07.92]She said, "It’s about our generation turning 30." 她说是关于奔三的这代人的
[02:10.20]What’d you expect? Annabelle was always a liar5. 你想怎样?Annebelle本来就是个骗子
[02:12.04]"Julie Powell, once the editor of the Amherst literary magazine, Julie Powell,曾经是一位美国文学杂志的编辑
[02:16.24]"the one we all knew would be ’The One,’ 是所有人都看好,特殊的一个
[02:18.44]"temped for eight years before giving up on her novel, 她尝试了六年,但最终不得不放弃她的小说
[02:23.20]"and now works in a cubicle6 as a mid-level bureaucrat7, 现在在一个小隔间里上班,成了一位中产官僚
[02:27.16]"attempting to deal with the aftereffects of 9l11." 天天忙于处理911事件的灾后效应
[02:28.76]Oh, God, you memorized it? How pathetic. 噢,天哪,你还背下来了吗?太可悲了
[02:33.04]She left so much out. 她漏掉了那么多其它的
[02:38.04]Anyway, the picture was good. 不管怎么说,照片拍的不错
[02:39.12]- I looked fat. - Just your face. - 我看上去肥死了 - 你的脸本来就这样
[02:45.04]I forgot to tell you. Do you know what Annabelle’s doing now? 我忘了告诉你了,你知道Annebelle现在在干嘛吗?
[02:50.32]- Sarah told me. A blog. - Of what? - Cera告诉我说她在写博客 - 什么的博客?
[02:53.32]What do you mean "of what"? A blog of Annabelle. 你是什么意思?当然是关于Annebelle的博客了
[02:56.60]Of every thought that passes through her brain. 写每个闪过她的脑子的想法
[02:58.80]Her stupid, vapid8, insipid9... 闪过她那个愚蠢,空虚,乏味的脑子的想法...
[03:05.36]I have thoughts. 我有思想
[03:05.56]I could write a blog. 我可以写博客
[03:07.84]And you’re a writer, which is more than I can say for Annabelle. 而且你是个作家,我敢说Annebelle可不能和你比
[03:11.00]- If only that were true. - You wrote a novel. - 你说的要是真的就好了 - 你写了部小说
[03:14.72]Half a novel. And no one wanted to publish it. 是半部,而且没人想出版
[03:18.88]You’re not a writer unless someone publishes you. 除非有人出版你的书,不然就算不上是作家
[03:21.88]See, that’s what’s so great about blogs. You don’t have to be published. 那就是博客的好处了,你写的东西不一定要出版
[03:25.12]You can just go online, press enter and there it is, out there. 你只要上上网,按按回车键,全世界都能看到了
[03:29.68]What would I write a blog about? 那我能在博客上写什么呢?
[03:31.68]You’re an editor, tell me. 你是编辑,告诉我该写什么
[03:32.10]Why don’t you write about how much you love Queens? 你为什么不试试写你有多爱皇后区
[03:40.56]A short blog. 那可写不了两句

  [03:42.04]You could write about your job. 你可以写写你的工作
[03:49.20]If I wrote a blog about my job and anyone at work ever read it... 如果我的博客是写我的工作,那些有工作的人看了
[03:51.40]- I mean, hello. - This is good. - 我说,算了吧 - 这太好吃了
[03:55.48]This is really good. 真的太好吃啦
[03:56.04]On top of which, the whole idea of writing a blog is to get away from what I do all day. 最重要的是,写博客和我成天做的事情完全风马牛不相及
[04:00.04]The way that cooking is a way that I get away from what I do all day. 烹饪是我逃避每天烦心事的途径
[04:02.72]So write a blog about cooking. 那你就写关于烹饪的博客
[04:09.00]I’m not a real cook, like Julia Child or Mario Batali. 我可不是像Julia Child或者Mario Batali那样真正的大厨
[04:12.24]Julia Child wasn’t always Julia Child. Julia Child也不是一开始就是大厨
[04:20.68]If I really wanted to learn to cook, 如果我真的想学烹饪
[04:23.28]I could just cook my way through Julia Child’s cookbook. 那我就照着Julia Child的烹饪书一路自学
[04:25.44]I could blog about that. 我能写学烹饪的博客
[04:28.48]I have a copy. I stole it from my mother last time I was in Texas. 我有一本她的书,上一回在德克萨斯的时候,我从我妈那偷的
[04:34.52]When I was eight, my father’s boss came to dinner and it was a really big deal, 我八岁时,我爸的老板来家里吃饭,那真的是件大事啊
[04:38.88]and my mother made boeuf bourguignon. 我妈做了红葡萄酒烩牛肉
[04:41.36]But it wasn’t just boeuf bourguignon. It was Julia’s boeuf bourguignon. 但这不仅仅是简单的红葡萄酒烩牛肉 那可是Julia的红葡萄酒烩牛肉
[04:46.52]And it was like she was there, like Julia was there in the room, 那就像Julia在场一样
[04:52.04]on our side like some great big good fairy. 就像童话里一样,在我们的家里
[04:59.28]And everything was going to be all right. 所有的一切都会好起来的


1 replacement UVxxM     
  • We are hard put to find a replacement for our assistant.我们很难找到一个人来代替我们的助手。
  • They put all the students through the replacement examination.他们让所有的学生参加分班考试。
2 vice NU0zQ     
  • He guarded himself against vice.他避免染上坏习惯。
  • They are sunk in the depth of vice.他们堕入了罪恶的深渊。
3 corporate 7olzl     
  • This is our corporate responsibility.这是我们共同的责任。
  • His corporate's life will be as short as a rabbit's tail.他的公司的寿命是兔子尾巴长不了。
4 publicity ASmxx     
  • The singer star's marriage got a lot of publicity.这位歌星的婚事引起了公众的关注。
  • He dismissed the event as just a publicity gimmick.他不理会这件事,只当它是一种宣传手法。
5 liar V1ixD     
  • I know you for a thief and a liar!我算认识你了,一个又偷又骗的家伙!
  • She was wrongly labelled a liar.她被错误地扣上说谎者的帽子。
6 cubicle POGzN     
  • She studies in a cubicle in the school library.她在学校图书馆的小自习室里学习。
  • A technical sergeant hunches in a cubicle.一位技术军士在一间小屋里弯腰坐着。
7 bureaucrat Onryo     
n. 官僚作风的人,官僚,官僚政治论者
  • He was just another faceless bureaucrat.他只不过是一个典型呆板的官员。
  • The economy is still controlled by bureaucrats.经济依然被官僚们所掌控。
8 vapid qHjy2     
  • She made a vapid comment about the weather.她对天气作了一番平淡无奇的评论。
  • He did the same thing year by year and found life vapid.他每年做着同样的事,觉得生活索然无味。
9 insipid TxZyh     
  • The food was rather insipid and needed gingering up.这食物缺少味道,需要加点作料。
  • She said she was a good cook,but the food she cooked is insipid.她说她是个好厨师,但她做的食物却是无味道的。
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