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听电影学英语-朱莉与朱莉娅 17

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  [00:02.14]How am I gonna explain this? 我该怎么解释这一切呢?
[00:03.62]My readers are gonna be really upset. They were so into it. 我的读者将会很不高兴的,他们这么关注这件事
[00:05.70]- Your readers are gonna be really upset. - I never should’ve told everyone. - 你的读者会不高兴 - 我宁愿我没跟任何人提过
[00:10.86]They’ll live. 他们会没事的
[00:14.98]Somehow, 不管怎样
[00:17.34]your readers will live. 你的读者会没事的
[00:24.30]- Is it bland1? - Not anymore. - 味道淡吗? - 很淡
[00:25.50]Thank you for telling me that. 谢谢你跟我讲这些
[00:26.90]You almost let me feed Judith Jones bland boeuf bourguignon. 你差点就让我给Judith Jones吃了 少盐寡味的红酒烩牛肉了
[00:32.86]This is a nightmare. I told everyone she was coming. 就像一场噩梦 我告诉每个人她要来了
[00:33.06]They will survive. 他们会没事的
[00:35.94]And when this year’s over, and I cannot wait until it is, 而且当一年结束的时候,我等不到那个时候了
[00:39.50]your readers will somehow get on with their lives. 你的读者无论如何还是会去过他们自己的生活
[00:44.06]- And I won’t, is that what you’re saying? - I don’t know. I have no idea. - 而我不是,你是不是这个意思? - 我不知道,不清楚

[00:45.26]I mean, what’s gonna happen when you’re no longer the center of the universe? 我是说,地球又不是总围着你转
[00:50.22]That’s just great. 够了
[00:51.94]I am finally totally engaged in something. 我好不容易投身到一件事情中
[00:55.14]Okay, maybe I’m being a little narcissistic2. 好吧,也许我有点自我陶醉了
[00:57.30]A little? On a scale of 10? 有点?10分是满分吧?
[00:59.90]Okay, a 9.3. But what do you think a blog is? It’s me, me, me day after day. 好吧,9.3分,但是你认为博客意味着什么? 它就我,就是我啊,日复一日的我啊
[01:02.86]I thought it’d be fun. How stupid is that? 我曾以为它很好玩,这个想法很愚蠢吧?
[01:03.82]It just turns out to be a lot of what you call "meltdowns," 结果它就变成了一大堆你所谓的“灾难”
[01:07.14]but they don’t feel like meltdowns. 但是读者们不喜欢灾难啊
[01:08.54]They feel like I’m living with a totally self-absorbed person 他们愿意感觉到 他们和一个完全热衷于自身想法的人生活在一起
[01:11.14]who writes this stuff for a bunch of complete strangers. 这个人他为一群素不相识人写这些东西
[01:15.30]And it’s supposed to be a big adventure, but it’s not. 虽然听起来想是个大冒险,但它不是的
[01:17.38]It’s our life. It’s our marriage. 它是我们的生活,我们的婚姻
[01:18.74]And, here, in this room, it doesn’t feel like an adventure, it feels like shit. 但是就在这个屋子里,它一点都不像个冒险, 简直就是一堆狗屎
[01:23.34]- It was your idea! - I know, I’m so sorry. - 这当初可是你的主意啊! - 我知道,我很抱歉

  [01:25.34]What the hell was I thinking? And I’ll tell you something else. 我脑子当时进水了吧? 而且我还要跟你讲
[01:27.62]I am not a saint. 我不是圣人
[01:29.50]- Yes, you are. - No, I’m not! - 不,你是! - 不,我不是
[01:31.22]- Yes, you are! - No, I’m not! - 你就是! - 我就不是!
[01:32.18]And it makes me feel like an asshole every time you say it! 每次你这么说,我都觉得像个白痴
[01:35.78]And do not write about this in your blog. 还有不许把这事写到你的博客里
[01:39.14]- About what? - About this fight! - 什么事? - 咱俩吵架这事!
[01:44.74]I’m outta here. 我要离开这里
[02:03.30]- You all right, Julia? - Yes, fine. - Julia,你还好吧? - 嗯,我还好
[02:07.86]I’m perfectly3 fine. 我非常好
[02:10.54]Dear Avis, we finished packing today, 亲爱的Avis,我们今天把东西都打包整理好了
[02:15.74]and tomorrow we leave beloved Paris for Marseilles. 而明天我们就要离开亲爱的巴黎去马赛了
[02:17.82]Paul has been appointed Cultural Affairs Commissioner4 for the South of France. Paul被任命为南法兰西文化事务部理事
[02:23.86]I’m having a hard time pretending to be anything but devastated5. 我要难过好长一段时间了
[02:29.94]I’m going to go buy some bread. 我要去买点面包
[02:31.74]The advantage of Marseilles is that it won’t have the distractions6 of Paris. 马赛这个地方的好处在于它不会像巴黎那样让人分心
[02:38.58]So we’ll be able to finish the book. 所以我们就能写完这本书了
[02:41.26]Although not on deadline. 虽然还是不能按期完成
[02:43.66]At least we’re still in France. 但至少我们还在法国
[02:51.90]Dear Avis, I don’t know what we’ve done to deserve it 亲爱的Avis,我不知道我们所做的事 你会怎么评价
[02:54.38]but here we are in Germany. 但是我们现在在德国
[02:58.78]Actually in a suburb of Bonn called Plittersdorf on the Rhine, 实际上是在波恩的郊区 在莱茵河畔一个叫Plittersdorf的地方
[03:01.66]which sounds much more picturesque7 than it is. 这名字听起来比它本身要生动的多
[03:06.34]By the way, there is no chance we’ll meet our new deadline. 顺便说一下,书的完稿日期又要推迟了
[03:09.70]We’ll be at least two more years. 我们还要至少再两年的时间
[03:15.86]Meanwhile, Paul has been called to Washington. 与此同时,Paul又被叫去华盛顿
[03:17.06]We have no idea why. 我们真不知道是为什么
[03:19.22]Well, they’re going to promote you, finally. They have to. 反正他们肯定是要提拔你了,他们必须得这么做
[03:25.10]Well, I don’t know why they have to call me back to Washington to tell me that. 我不知道他们为什么叫我回华盛顿跟我说这个
[03:30.18]They could just send a telex8. It’d be a lot cheaper. 他们发一封电报就完全可以了 那样还更便宜呢
[03:32.06]Well, they’re going to reassign you, then. 到那时,他们要再次任命你的

  [03:34.86]They’ll ask you whether you prefer Paris or Paris. 他们会问你你是喜欢去巴黎啊 还是巴黎啊,还是巴黎啊
[03:40.54]It’s a possibility. It’s not likely, but it is a possibility. 有可能,虽然可能性不大,但还是有可能
[03:43.98]And if they are moving us back to Paris, 如果他们让我们搬回巴黎
[03:47.18]I can look for an apartment when I’m there next week. 我下周过去的时候,可以去找一间公寓
[03:52.18]Good idea, yes? 想法不错吧?
[03:54.86]I promise I’ll call you the minute they tell me 我跟你保证,他们一旦通知我,我就马上告诉你
[03:58.14]we’re being transferred back to Paris, all right? 我们就要回到巴黎了,好吗?
[04:00.38]All right. 好啊
[04:01.38]- I know, darling. I know. - I think it could happen. - 我知道,亲爱的,我明白的 - 我想这一定会发生的
[04:04.66]It could happen, I know. 一定会的
[04:05.34]Stay right there. That’s perfect. 就绑到这里不要动,非常好
[04:07.38]- Say cheese, ducky. - Move your hand. - 笑一个,小鸭子, - 把手拿开
[04:08.74]- Good. Great. - Put your legs together, darling. - 很好,真棒 - 把腿在并上,宝贝儿
[04:10.82]It’s very simple. 很简单啊
[04:13.54]We’re just going to tell her she should have a smaller share of the royalties9 我们正准备告诉她,她应该降低她那份版税
[04:17.18]because it is clear she can’t put in the 40 hours a week you and I are spending on it. 因为她根本就不能像咱俩这样 一个星期在它上面花40个钟头
[04:24.14]- Sixty is more like it. Eighty. - Exactly. - 何止40个钟头,60都有了,甚至80 - 就是嘛
[04:24.62]- You and I are vaches enrag閑s. - That’s exactly what we are. Mad cows. - 咱俩真是忙死了 - 确实是,忙的像两条疯牛
[04:31.82]But I can’t bring myself to say this to Louisette. 但是我跟Louisette开不了这口啊
[04:37.38]- You’re going to have to do it. - I will do it. We must be cold-blooded. - 必须得你来跟她说 - 我来讲,我们必须得冷血一点
[04:40.98]I shall love her much more when this is settled. 当这事搞定后我会更爱她的
[04:45.90]It isn’t that you’re not helping10 to some extent. 在某种程度上来说,并不是你没帮到我们
[04:50.38]But I am helping. 但是我确实有帮助啊
[04:53.70]It was my idea to add peas to the coq au vin recipe. 把豌豆加到酒闷仔鸡的菜谱中可是我的想法啊
[04:56.66]We know, and that was a wonderful idea, 我们知道,那确实是个很棒的主意
[04:58.54]but the book has become a magnum opus. 但是这本书是要写成一本巨著的


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  • The bomb devastated much of the old part of the city. 这颗炸弹炸毁了旧城的一大片地方。
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9 royalties 1837cbd573d353f75291a3827b55fe4e     
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  • By doing this, they may at times be helping to restore competition. 这样一来, 他在某些时候,有助于竞争的加强。
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