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听电影学英语-朱莉与朱莉娅 14

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  [00:06.86]Paul. Paul
[00:10.74]Isn’t that wonderful? 真是太好了
[00:16.54]Yes. 是啊
[00:25.86]Okay. 好的
[00:27.30]Okay. 好的
[00:28.26]- I’m so happy. - I know. - 我真是太高兴了 - 我知道
[00:34.22]I know. 我知道
[00:37.02]If you warm the bowl slightly before you beat in the egg yolk1, 如果你在打鸡蛋黄之前先把碗稍稍的加热一下
[00:41.98]it changes everything. 就大不一样了
[00:45.14]Foolproof mayonnaise. Absolutely foolproof. 傻瓜式蛋黄酱,绝对的傻瓜做法
[00:51.90]I typed it up. 我把做法打出来了
[01:00.90]- You disagree? - About the mayonnaise? Not at all. - 你不同意吗? - 是说蛋黄酱?当然不是了
[01:05.34]I’m sure you’re exactly right. 我相信你肯定是对的
[01:07.34]Scientific workability. That’s my motto. 绝对科学的可操作性,这可是我的座右铭
[01:14.62]Julia. Julia
[01:17.30]We have a little problem. 我们遇到点小麻烦
[01:17.78]- Our editor... - For our cookbook. - 我们的编辑 - 就是我们烹饪书的编辑
[01:22.42]...thinks our book is not in English. 认为我们的书不是用英语写的
[01:23.42]But your book is in English. 但是书确实是用英语写的啊

[01:27.82]They are giving it a rejection2. 他们回绝了我们
[01:30.02]But they suggest that if we are continuing with it, 但是他们建议说,如果我们还要继续下去的话
[01:34.94]we should get a collaborator3 who could take what we have 我们得找一个合作者,我们会的她也会
[01:38.34]and make it work for American cooks. 而且她还能让这本书对美国人做饭有帮助
[01:43.14]Would you do it, Julia? 你愿不愿意来做这个人,Julia?
[01:48.66]Would I do it? 我愿不愿意做?
[01:55.54]Yes. 当然啦
[02:00.22]We are now going to play a round of "Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner." 我们现在要玩一轮“猜猜谁来吃晚餐”的游戏
[02:04.50]This Wednesday, I am going to be playing host to a distinguished4 guest. 这周三,我要邀请一位非常著名的客人
[02:09.18]Clue number one. 线索一
[02:10.74]The degree of separation between Julia Child and me 我跟Julie Child之间的差距
[02:14.02]is about to shrink by a factor of about a thousand. 有1000倍
[02:17.58]In answer to your questions, no, it is not Amanda Hesser of The New York Times 为了回答你们的问题 不,不是纽约时报的Amanda Hesser的
[02:19.18]A thousand. 1000倍
[02:22.26]or Nigella Lawson, or Ina Garten. 也不是Nigella Lawson或Ina Garten的
[02:25.66]But here’s clue number two, 但这就是线索二
[02:28.74]I will be making boeuf bourguignon, 我要做红酒烩牛肉
[02:30.02]which was the first dish our distinguished guest cooked 这可是我们尊贵的客人做的第一道菜啊
[02:32.90]upon reading Mastering the Art of French Cooking for the first time. 在第一时间阅读了《法式烹饪艺术》之后
[02:38.86]Boeuf bourguignon. Julia Child’s boeuf bourguignon. 红酒烩牛肉 Julia Child的红酒烩牛肉

  [02:40.58]Well, since no one guessed my mystery guest, I’m going to have to tell you all. 既然没有人猜出来我的神秘客人是谁 那我就告诉你们吧
[02:46.02]It’s Judith Jones, the editor who’s responsible 她是Judith Jones
[02:48.22]for getting Julia’s cookbook published way back when, 很久以前负责出版Julia烹饪书的编辑
[02:53.10]the woman who recognized history in an onionskin manuscript. 她在半透明纸的手稿上鉴定了历史
[02:55.90]She’s older and probably not used to eating at 10:00 at night, 她年纪有些大了 而且很可能不习惯在夜里十点钟吃东西了
[03:00.14]which is why I’m being diligent5 about this and making the stew6 the night before. 这也是为什么我这样尽心尽力的做这个, 还在前一天晚上就把肉炖好
[03:03.26]And as I cook it, 当我做这道菜的时候
[03:04.62]I almost feel as if Julia and I are communicating over space and time 我几乎觉得好像Julia和我穿越了时空在交流着
[03:08.62]on a deep, spiritual, mystical level. 在一个深刻的,精神上的,又十分神秘的层面
[03:13.18]Although, mostly, I’m just talking to myself. 虽然大部分时间,我只是在自言自语
[03:16.74]- How long does it take to cook? - Two and a half hours. - 这个要做多久啊? - 两个半小时
[03:26.70]Welcome. 欢迎收看
[03:28.58]I’m Julia Child. 我是Julia Child
[03:30.54]And today we’re going to make a holiday feast, or les f阾es d’holiday. 今天我们要做一个节日盛宴
[03:35.42]And we’re going to start with half-boned chicken or poularde demi-d閟oss閑. 我们先从半剔骨的肉鸡开始
[03:41.10]Now, first, remove the liver and fry it up with some onions for a little snack 首先呢,把肝脏拿出来, 跟洋葱一起煎一煎当做零食
[03:47.98]or perhaps a delicious liverwurst which you can spread on a cracker7, 或者是美味的肝泥香肠, 你可以把它铺在薄脆饼干上
[03:49.66]a Ritz cracker, a saltine. 乐之饼干,一种盐薄脆饼干
[03:54.70]Saltine. 盐-薄-脆(Julia滑稽的语调)
[03:56.74]Or if you have a pet, a cat or a dog, they love liver. 又或者你有宠物的话,像猫咪啊,狗狗啊, 他们喜欢吃肝的
[03:59.58]Save the liver. 一定要把这肝留下来啊
[04:02.18]- Save the liver. - Save the liver. - 一定要把这肝留下来啊 - 一定要把这肝留下来啊
[04:03.46]Now, you place the chicken on its stomach 现在呢,把这只鸡的肚子朝下放
[04:05.38]and cut along the backbone8 to the pope’s nose, like so. 然后沿着脊骨切开,像这样一直切到鸡屁股
[04:09.82]Crack! 都裂开吧
[04:11.90]Now I’ve done it, I’ve cut the dickens out of my finger. 现在我终于完工了 我把这鬼东西从我手指上除掉了
[04:13.70]Well, I’m glad, in a way, this happened. 我真高兴啊,从某方面来说,我切到手了
[04:17.70]You know, accidents do occur from time to time in the kitchen. 你们也知道的, 在厨房里就是时不时的会发生点状况
[04:20.66]We’ve never really discussed what to do. 我们从不真的去讨论要做什么

  [04:24.58]First, you must stop the bleeding. 首先,必须先止血
[04:26.94]The best way is with direct pressure on the apron9, like so. 最好的方法就是像这样直接压在围裙上
[04:31.82]You want to raise your hand over your head. 你想把手举过头顶
[04:36.10]I recommend natural coagulants, such as chicken liver. 我推荐天然的止血剂,比如像鸡肝
[04:41.14]Another reason not to throw away the liver. 这也是不要扔掉鸡肝的另一个原因
[04:45.82]Oh, God, it’s throbbing10! A tourniquet11, that’s it. 哦,上帝啊,它居然还在跳啊! 止血带,就是它
[04:49.70]Why are you all spinning? 为什么你们都在转呢?
[04:51.30]Well, I think I’m going to go to sleep now. Bon app閠it. 好吧,我想我现在应该去睡一觉


1 yolk BVTzt     
  • This dish would be more delicious with some yolk powder.加点蛋黄粉,这道菜就会更好吃。
  • Egg yolk serves as the emulsifying agent in salad dressing.在色拉调味时,蛋黄能作为乳化剂。
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  • He decided not to approach her for fear of rejection.他因怕遭拒绝决定不再去找她。
  • The rejection plunged her into the dark depths of despair.遭到拒绝使她陷入了绝望的深渊。
3 collaborator gw3zSz     
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  • His collaborator, Hooke, was of a different opinion. 他的合作者霍克持有不同的看法。
4 distinguished wu9z3v     
  • Elephants are distinguished from other animals by their long noses.大象以其长长的鼻子显示出与其他动物的不同。
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5 diligent al6ze     
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  • Buy me some peanuts and cracker.给我买一些花生和饼干。
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10 throbbing 8gMzA0     
a. 跳动的,悸动的
  • My heart is throbbing and I'm shaking. 我的心在猛烈跳动,身子在不住颤抖。
  • There was a throbbing in her temples. 她的太阳穴直跳。
11 tourniquet fnYwf     
  • Twist the tourniquet tighter.把止血带扎紧点。
  • The tourniquet should occlude venous and lymphatic return.止血带应阻断静脉及淋巴回流。
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