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听电影学英语-朱莉与朱莉娅 11

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  [00:06.76]Yes, we’re going to teach Americans in Paris how to cook. 是的,我们打算教所有在巴黎的美国人如何烹饪
[00:08.44]Madame Child, I must tell you, you have no real talent for cooking. Child夫人,我必须告诉你 你在烹饪方面是真的没有天赋
[00:15.20]But the Americans will never know the difference. 但是美国人永远不会知道这差异
[00:31.20]We are, I am sorry to say, entering aspics. 很抱歉,我们是在讲肉冻
[00:35.44]An aspic is sort of a beef-flavored Jell-O mold. 所谓肉冻就是牛肉味的果冻
[00:39.16]Doesn’t that sound delicious? 这听起来不美味吗?
[00:42.12]I can’t imagine why no one makes them anymore. 我无法想象 为什么没有人再做它们了
[00:46.52]You begin with a calf’s foot, 先从牛蹄入手
[00:46.92]which I am in possession of thanks to my sainted husband, 就此我对我伟岸的丈夫 致以最崇高的谢意
[00:50.88]and you boil it until your kitchen smells like a tannery. 要一直熬煮 直到你的厨房充满皮革味
[00:54.84]And then it gels in the refrigerator and you flip1 it onto a plate. 然后把它放在冰箱里凝固成胶 你把它倒扣在盘子里
[01:00.32]Which, according to Julia Child, is supposed to be easy. 这个按照Julia Child的说法 是很简单的
[01:03.60]And all I can say about that, no offense2 intended, Julia, is 而我想说的是 虽然无意冒犯 Julia

[01:08.76]the bitch lied. 你这贱人说谎了
[01:09.88]Shit. 妈的
[01:14.36]- Shit! - How many more aspics are there? - 妈的 - 还剩下多少肉冻?
[01:18.04]Seven. 7块
[01:20.88]No one will know if you don’t do them. 如果你不做 没人会知道
[01:22.88]It’s not like there’s, like, the Aspic Police or something. 又不是说有什么...诸如肉冻警察之类的
[01:26.68]You could lie. 你可以说谎
[01:26.96]I can’t. I just can’t. 我不能,我就是不能
[01:30.32]Julia will know. It’s like she’s watching me. I’m under her influence. Julia会知道,就像她在某处看着我一样 我被她影响着
[01:34.72]I’m becoming a much better person because of her. 因为她我正在变得更完美
[01:36.88]Yuck! The sink! Look at this! 讨厌!看水槽!你看看!
[01:43.28]I hate it here! Did you put something down the sink? 我讨厌这里! 你把什么东西放进水槽了?
[01:46.32]You hate it here? 你讨厌这里?
[01:47.56]How am I supposed to cook anything in this kitchen? 在这狗屁厨房里我怎么煮东西?
[01:51.92]It’s no wonder that my mold fell apart. I don’t suppose we have any Drano. 难怪我的模子散架了 我想我们也没有下水道疏通剂
[01:54.40]Not unless you bought it. 除非你买了
[01:58.96]I do all of this and I’m supposed to buy Drano, too? 我除了做这些以外 还要自己去买这玩意儿?
[02:00.76]Right now, you are so not under the influence of Julia Child. 现在你完全不受Julia Child的影响了
[02:08.60]What if I don’t make my deadline, Eric? I’ll have wasted a whole year of my life. Eric,要是我不给自己制定计划 我就会浪费掉这一年的时间

  [02:13.36]I used to be thin and now I’m getting fat. 过去我很苗条 但现在我开始发福了
[02:14.44]- Fat? - On top of which, - 胖? - 更重要的是
[02:16.64]I have to bone a whole duck. 我得把整只鸭子的骨头剔了
[02:17.04]- When? - At some point. - 什么时候? - 不久的将来
[02:19.56]- Can you even conceive3 of boning a duck? - No, I can’t. - 你甚至能想象出没有骨头的鸭子吗? - 不,我不能
[02:23.64]Of course you can’t. 你当然不能
[02:29.08]I’m sure you all remember, because it was only a few days ago, 我肯定你们全都记得 因为这事儿就发生在几天前
[02:33.16]that I had a meltdown over my aspic 因为肉冻我崩溃了
[02:34.04]and vowed4 to transform myself into a better human being. 我发誓要把自己变得更好更完美
[02:39.04]And then I was trussing the poulet r魌i ?la normande, 然后我开始绑鸡 准备做诺曼底烤鸡
[02:42.28]which is roast chicken stuffed with chicken livers and cream cheese, 是在肚子里塞满 鸡肝和奶油芝士烹制而成的烤鸡
[02:48.08]and it fell on the floor and the stuffing fell out into a big gooey mess. 但是烤鸡掉在了地上 填充物全出来了 乱七八糟的
[02:52.76]So, long story short, another meltdown. 于是乎,迎来了另一次崩溃
[02:55.92]This is crazy. 这太疯狂了
[02:57.40]Worse than the last. 比上一回还糟糕
[03:00.72]I can’t even truss. 我甚至都不能把它们绑紧
[03:03.08]And I cried like a small, emotionally disturbed child. 我哭得和一个三岁小孩儿一样
[03:10.32]I’m a mess. 我糟透了
[03:17.40]I got it. I got it. 我来接,我来接
[03:20.96]Hello? 喂?
[03:24.24]Yeah, who’s this? 你是谁?
[03:26.44]Can you hold on just one second? 请你稍等一会儿
[03:29.32]I’m not sure if she’s here. She might’ve stepped out. Hold on. 我不确定她在不在 她很有可能已经出去了,等一下
[03:37.64]Hey, it’s a reporter from The Christian5 Science Monitor. 是基督教科学箴言报的记者
[03:42.04]He wants to write about you. 他想采访你
[03:46.24]He does? 真的?
[03:48.72]I should tell him to call back, right? 我想我该告诉他过会儿再打回来 是么?
[03:52.40]No, no, I’ll take it. 不,我来接
[04:00.12]Hello? 喂
[04:02.60]Yes? 是的
[04:05.40]You want to bring who to dinner? 你想带谁去吃晚餐?
[04:09.28]No, of course, I know who that is. I know exactly who that is. 不,当然,知道是谁 我很清楚是谁
[04:10.10]Who? Who, who, who, who? 谁?到底是谁?
[04:15.08]That would be great, that would be completely amazing. 这太好了 这太令人兴奋了
[04:17.84]Goodbye. 再见
[04:19.84]- Who? - Guess who’s coming to dinner? - 谁啊? - 你猜谁会来吃饭?
[04:23.20]Oh, my God. 哦 老天
[04:27.16]To Les Trois Gourmandes. 致三人烹饪学校
[04:29.24]One for all and all for one. 我为人人,人人为我
[04:31.96]Yes! 是的

  [04:34.24]All right. I had such a horrible time 好吧,转换这些食谱的度量单位时
[04:38.04]converting these recipes from the metric system. 让我恶心得不行
[04:43.96]- Measurements do not matter. - Oh, but they do! - 度量单位并不重要 - 不,很重要
[04:48.16]They absolutely do. 它们真的很重要
[04:49.32]This is one of the biggest arguments 在我和Louisette写书的时候
[04:52.32]Louisette and I had when we worked on our cookbook. 这一直都是最大的分歧
[04:53.20]Which is finally finished. 书终于写完了
[04:55.60]Sent off to the publisher. Soon Simca and I will be famous. 把它送到出版商那儿 不久Simca和我就会出名


1 flip Vjwx6     
  • I had a quick flip through the book and it looked very interesting.我很快翻阅了一下那本书,看来似乎很有趣。
  • Let's flip a coin to see who pays the bill.咱们来抛硬币决定谁付钱。
2 offense HIvxd     
  • I hope you will not take any offense at my words. 对我讲的话请别见怪。
  • His words gave great offense to everybody present.他的发言冲犯了在场的所有人。
3 conceive 5OFz1     
  • You may conceive a new world in the atomic age.你可以设想出原子时代的新世界。
  • I can hardly conceive of your doing such a thing.我很难想象你会做出这种事情。
4 vowed 6996270667378281d2f9ee561353c089     
  • He vowed quite solemnly that he would carry out his promise. 他非常庄严地发誓要实现他的诺言。
  • I vowed to do more of the cooking myself. 我发誓自己要多动手做饭。
5 Christian KVByl     
  • They always addressed each other by their Christian name.他们总是以教名互相称呼。
  • His mother is a sincere Christian.他母亲是个虔诚的基督教徒。
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