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Unit 9 Business Representation

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  Unit 9 Business Representation 代理
  Basic Expressions
  1. I would like to discuss with you the problem of agency for your electric fans.
  2. I wonder whether your firm is represented in our country.
  3. We should be glad if you would consider our application to act as agents for the sales of your products in our country.
  如果贵方能考虑我们的申请使我们成为贵公司产品在我国市场的销 售代理的话,我们会很高兴的。
  4. We are pleased to offer you a sole agency for the sale of our products in your country.
  5. We are pleased that you are prepared to appoint us as your sole agent for your products.
  6. We're favorably impressed by your proposal for a sole distributor.
  7. Thank you for offering us the agency for your products and appreciate the confidence you have placed in us.
  8. If you give us the agency, we should spare no efforts to further your interests.
  9. As your agents, we'll make greater efforts to push the sale of your products.
  10. We appreciate your efforts in pushing the sale of our electric fans.
  11. I'm afraid we can't agree to appoint you as our sole agent because the annual turnover you promised is too low.
  恐怕我们不能同意指定你方作为我们的独家代理,因为你方所承诺 的年销售量太少了。
  12. We will increase our turnover if you appoint us as your sole agent.
  13. We'd like to sign a sole agency agreement with you on your electric fans for a period of three years.
  14. As our sole distributor, you are not expected to handle the sale of similar products of other origins.
  15. I think you know already that I want to discuss the representation for your alarm clocks.
  16. We usually get a 10% commission of the amount on every deal.
  17. According to your estimate, what is the maximum annual turnover you could fulfill?
  Dialogue 1
  A: First of all, I would like to thank you for your kind invitation to visit your beautiful country. I hope my visit will help to promote a friendly relationship between us.
  B: We've been looking forward to your visit. It is a great pleasure for us to have you as our guest. It is always more convenient to discuss things face to face.
  A: I would like to tell you that my clients are very satisfied with the last delivery of your slippers. The styles and colors are very much to the taste of our market.
  B: We've received some similar comments from other Australian firms too.
  A: I understand you are selling the same products to some other Australian importers. This tends to complicate my business. As you know, I am experienced in the business of slippers and
  enjoy a good business relationship with all the leading whole- salers and retailers in that line. I have a mind to expand this business in the years to come. One of the reasons of my visit here is to sign a sole agency agreement with you on these items for a period of 3 years. As it is to our mutual interests and profit, I am sure you'll have no objection to it.
  B: We appreciate your good intention and your effort in pushing the sale of our slippers. As you know, the demand for this item in your market is quite substantial. However, according to our records, the total amount of your order last year was moderate, which does not warrant an agency appointment. Unless you
  increase the turnover we can hardly appoint you our sole agent.
  -- 首先,我想感谢你盛情邀请我访问你们美丽的国家。我希望这次 访问将有助于促进我们之间的友好关系。
  -- 我们一直在盼着你的到来。有你来做客,真是我们的荣幸。面对 面的谈判总是比较方便。
  -- 我想告诉你,我们的客户对你方的最后一批拖鞋非常满意。拖鞋 的式样和颜色很符合我们市场的需要。
  -- 我们从其他澳大利亚公司那里也听到了类似的反映。
  -- 我知道你们也向其他澳大利亚进口商出售同样的产品。这使我们 的生意很难做。你知道,我方在经营拖鞋业务方面很有经验,而 且和这一行业中的所有大批发商和零售商有很好的业务关系。我 打算将来扩大这项业务。我来访的原因之一就是想和你们签订一 项为期三年的独家代理协议。这符合我们双方的利益,我确信你 方不会有任何反对意见。
  -- 谢谢你方好意以及在推销我方拖鞋上所做的努力。但是你知道你 方市场对这一商品的需求很大。然而根据我们的记录,你方去年 的订货总量不大,不够资格做代理。除非你方增加营业额,我们 无法指定你方为我们的独家代理。
  A: I'll come to that. My proposal is: Plastic slippers of all sizes. 50, 000 pairs annually within the area of the whole Australian market. We expect a 5% commission, of course.
  B: As far as I remember, we sold about 40,000 pairs last year to you alone. Don't you think this annual turnover is rather conserva- tive for a sole agent?
  A: Well, I admit I always do business on the safe side. Could you let me have your proposal then?
  B: Let's put it this way. I propose a sole agency agreement for
  Ladies and gents plastic slippers (excluding children's) for a duration of 3 years; 60,000 pairs to be sold in the first year, 70,000 pairs in the second year, and 80,000 pairs in the third year, the area is to be within the continent of Australia (excluding any neighboring island), commission 5%.
  A: You certainly drive a hard bargain, Mrs. Brown.
  B: On the contrary, Mr. London, we value your friendship more than anything else. We both understand our slippers are very popular in your market on account of their superior quality and competi- tive price. And with the sole agency in your hand, there will be no competition and you can easily control the market, which would naturally result in bigger sales. I'm sure you can fulfill the agreement without much difficulty.
  A: Well, if you put it this way, I'll have to comply. When shall we sign the contract, Mrs. Brown?
  B: Tomorrow afternoon.
  A: Tomorrow afternoon will be fine.
  -- 我就要谈这一点。我的建议是:各种尺寸的塑料拖鞋,每年销售 五万双,地区是整个澳大利亚市场。当然,我们希望有5%的佣金。
  -- 我记得,光去年我们就向你们出售了大约四万双拖鞋。对独家代理 来讲,你不认为这个年销售量数字太过保守了吗?
  -- 是,我承认我做生意从来谨慎从事,那么我听听你的建议,好吗?
  -- 这样说吧,我建议订一个专销男、女塑料拖鞋(不包括童鞋)为期 三年的独家代理协议,第一年销六万双,第二年销七万双,第三年 销八万双,地区是整个澳大利亚(不包括任何邻近岛屿),佣金是 百分之五。
  -- 你真会还价,布朗夫人。
  -- 恰恰相反,伦敦先生,我们很珍惜你方友谊。我们双方都知道我们 的拖鞋价廉物美而畅销于你方市场。你取得了独家代理权之后,你 就可以轻而易举地控制市场,没有其他竞争,其结果自然是销售量 增大。我确信你完成这一协议不会有任何困难。
  -- 好吧,如果你这么说,我只好同意了。布朗夫人,我们什么时候签 协议?
  -- 明天下午。
  -- 行,明天下午。
  Dialogue 2
  A: I think you know already that I want to discuss the representa- tion for your alarm clocks.
  B: Yes, Mr. Bergerson. You mentioned that in your letter. To tell you the truth, your proposal surprised us.
  A: Is that so? Anyhow I want to go over the details with you in person, so you can give my suggestion thorough consideration. Our firm specializes in this line of business. We have six sales representatives, who are on the road all the time, covering the whole of the European market.
  B: Do you sell direct to shops?
  A: Yes, we specialize in handling clocks and watches of all sorts. We have well established channels of distribution and we canvass the retailers direct, without any middlemen.
  B: Do you keep a stock of these things?
  A: In some cases, such as the wristwatches, which always have a steady market, we keep a stock in London and act as distributors as well as agents. Generally, however, we pass on the orders of our clients to the manufacturers for supply. We are paid for our service, of course.
  B: That is, your commission.
  -- 想必你已知道,我想和你商谈你方闹钟的代理问题。
  -- 是的,博格森先生,你在信中有提到。说实话,你方的建议使我们 有些意外。
  -- 真的吗?我想亲自同你谈谈细节问题,这样你可以好好考虑我的建 议。我们公司专营这项业务,有六名销售代表常年在外,负责整 个欧洲市场。
  -- 你是否直接销售给商店?
  -- 对,我们专营各类钟表。我们有良好的销售渠道,不通过任何中间 商直接向零售商推销。
  -- 你们有库存吗?
  -- 有的商品如手表,市场很稳定,我们在伦敦有库存,经销商品兼作 代理。然而,一般来讲,我们把客户的订货单交给制造商去供货。 当然,我们根据所提供的服务取得报酬。
  -- 那就是你们的佣金。
  A: Yes, our commission is very reasonable. We usually get a 10% commission of the amount on every deal.
  B: Our agents in other areas usually get a 3-5% commission.
  A: The European market is not familiar with your products. You have competitors from Japan and other continental countries. At the beginning of our campaign, there is sales resistance to overcome, we must send out salesmen to do a lot of traveling and spend a considerable amount of money on advertising in news- papers and TV programs. A 10% commission will not leave us much.
  B: According to your estimate, what is the maximum annual turn- over you can fulfill, in round figures, of course?
  A: We will always do our utmost to enlarge the business, as our remuneration increases with the turnover, but we will not guar- antee anything, at least not to begin with.
  B: We appreciate very much your intention to push the sale of our products. But our suggestion to you, Mr. Bergerson, as a
  preliminary step, is to do a little research into the market……
  -- 对,我们的佣金很合理。通常我们取得的佣金是每笔成交额的10%。
  -- 我们其他地区的代理商通常拿到百分之三到五的佣金。
  -- 欧洲市场对你方产品不熟悉。你们要对付日本和其他大陆国家的竞 争对手。在推销活动的开始阶段,需要克服销售方面的阻力,我们 得派出推销员到处出差,并且耗费大量资金在报纸上和电视节目里 登广告。百分之十的佣金对我们来说不算宽裕。
  -- 据你估计,你能完成总的年销售量是多少?当然讲个整数就行了。
  -- 我们当然将竭力扩大业务,因为随着销售量的增加,我们的利润也 会上升。不过我们不想作出保证,至少在开始阶段不行。
  -- 谢谢你们有意推销我们的产品,但是博格森先生,作为第一步,我 们建议你们在市场上做一些调查研究工作……
  A: Do you mean to say you refuse us the agency?
  B: Mr. Bergerson, you leave us no alternative. We can not give you an exclusive agency of the whole European market without
  having the slightest idea of your possible annual marketing turnover. Besides our price is worked out according to the costing. A 10% commission means an increase in our price. We must have the reaction of the buyers in this respect.
  A: Oh, that's just too bad. I intended to make great efforts in selling your products.
  B: Well, we can still carry on our business relationship without the agreement. To start the ball rolling, we will provide you with price lists, catalogues and some samples. Only when you have a thorough knowledge of the marketing possibilities of our products, can we then discuss further details.
  A: Ah, Mrs. Miller, but in this case am I covered?
  B: Oh, yes. We will give you a 5% commission on every transaction.
  A: All right, but I'll be back again for the Autumn Fair. And then I hope we can see eye to eye about our commission and the terms of the agency.
  B: Very good. We will discuss the matter again at the next Fair.
  -- 你的意思是说,你拒绝我们做代理?
  -- 博格森先生,你让我们没有选择了。我们不能连你方每年可能销售 多少都不知道就给予你们整个欧洲市场的独家代理权。 而且我方价 格是根据成本而定的。给予百分之十的佣金就意味着我们的价格要 提高。我们必须知道卖主在这方面有什么反映。
  -- 那太糟糕了,我本想努力推销你们的产品。
  -- 不过,即使没有这个协议,我们仍然可以继续发展我们之间的业务 关系。作为开始,我们愿意给你方提供价目单、目录册和一些样 品。等你们全面了解我们产品的销售可能性后,我们才能进一步商 谈。
  -- 好吧,米勒女士,那么我有没有佣金呢?
  -- 当然有,每笔交易,我们给你5%的佣金。
  -- 行,我到秋季交易会再来谈。我希望到那时候我们能在佣金和代 理协议的条款上取得一致意见。
  -- 好,我们下次交易会再谈。
  Dialogue 3
  A: I'm pleased to meet you again, Mrs. King.
  B: Pleased to see you, too, Mr. Brown.
  A: You've had a good trip, I hope.
  B: Yes, a very pleasant journey, thank you.
  A: It's been a full two years since we last saw each other.
  B: So it is, I've come again to renew our sole agency agreement for another 2 years.
  A: We shall be pleased to talk the matter over with you. You've done very well in fulfilling the agreement.
  B: I'm glad you're satisfied with our work. I can assure you we've spared no effort and spent quite a sum of money in pushing the sales of your products.
  -- 很高兴又见到你,金夫人。
  -- 我也很高兴见到你,布朗先生。
  -- 希望你旅途愉快。
  -- 是的,旅途很愉快,谢谢你。
  -- 我们整整两年没有见面了。
  -- 是啊,这次我来是想把我们之间的独家代理协议延长两年。
  -- 我们很高兴和你们详细讨论这件事情。你们的协议完成得很漂亮。
  -- 你们对我们的工作表示满意,我很高兴。可以说在推销你们的产品 方面,我们费了不少力气,还花了大量资金。
  A: Yes, we appreciate your efforts in pushing the sales of our pianos. We can see you are experienced in this particular line.
  B: Thank you.
  A: But I think the annual sale of 300 pianos for a sole distributorship in Canada is rather conservative. After all, you sold around 400 pieces there last year. You can sell more this year according to the marketing conditions at your end.
  B: That is the result of our hard work. Well, what annual quantity would you suggest for the new agreement then?
  A: 500 pieces.
  B: No, no. That's too big a number to be acceptable. Let's put it at 450 pieces. And we'll strive to sell more, of course. We wish to
  add another clause. For every 50 pieces sold in excess of the quota, we'll get 1% more in commission for our efforts.
  -- 是的,我们很感激你方在推销钢琴上所做的努力,看得出来你们对 经营这一行很有经验。
  -- 谢谢。
  -- 不过我认为对加拿大的独家经销来说,年销售量300架钢琴未免太 过保守了。实际上,去年你都卖了400架左右。根据你们地区的市 场情况,今年应该可以销售更多。
  -- 那是我们努力工作的结果。那你认为新协议的年销量应是多少呢?
  -- 500架。
  -- 不行,不行。这个数字太大了,我不能接受。定为450架吧。当然 我们会尽力多销。我们想增加一个条款,超过定额之后每多销50 架,我们的佣金就增加百分之一。
  A: All right, let's fix it at 450 pieces then. And for every additional 50 pianos sold, we'll give you 1% higher commission.
  B: I suppose all the other terms remain unchanged.
  A: We would like to make a specific mention of one more point. As our sole distributor, you will neither handle the same or similar products of other origins nor re-export our goods to any other area outside your own.
  B: No, certainly not. That's a reasonable restriction.
  A: Another thing is that every six months we would like to receive from you a detailed report on current market conditions and the users?comments on our products.
  B: Yes, we've already prepared one. I've brought it with me. I'll put it forward when we talk with the manufacturers tomorrow.
  A: Good, that's all then.
  B: Good.
  -- 那好吧,那我们就定为450架吧。另外每多售50架,我们就再多给 你百分之一的佣金。
  -- 我想其他条款都不变吧。
  -- 另外一点,我想特别提一提。作为我们的独家经销商,你们既不能 经营其他国家的同类或类似的产品,也不能把我们的产品再出口到 加拿大以外的地区去。
  -- 那当然不行,这是合理的限制。
  -- 另外一点是我们希望每隔六个月收到你们的一份详细的当前市场情 况的报告和用户对我们的反馈。
  -- 我们已经都准备了一份。我这次把它带来了。明天我们和生产商洽 谈时,我就将它提交上去。
  -- 好,那就这些了。
  -- 好。
  Words and Expressions
  sole [ sEul ] 独一的,专用的
  warrant [ 5wCrEnt ] 使有(正当)理由,保证
  annually [5AnjJElI] 年度,每年
  canvass [ 5kAnvEs ] 兜售,销售
  distributor [ dis5tribjutE ] 批发商
  costing [ 5kCstiN ] 成本计算,成本会计
  excess [ ik5ses, 5ekses ] 超过
  remuneration [ ri7mju:nE5reiFEn ] 报酬,酬劳
  exclusive [ iks5klu:siv ] 独家的
  to the taste of 合……的口味
  1. complicate my business 使我的生意难做
  2. leading wholesaler and retailer 主要批发商和零售商
  3. to have a mind 打算
  4. warrant an agency agreement 有资格签订代理合约
  5. to canvass the retailers direct 向零售商直接兜售生意
  6. a sole agency agreement 独家代理合约
  7. in round figures 大致的整数
  8. as a preliminary step 作为第一步
  9. leave us no alternative 使我方无考虑余地
  10. annual marketing turnover 年销售额
  11. to be covered 包括在内
  12. to see eye to eye 看法一致
  13. in excess of the quota 超过定额
  A specimen Letter
  Dear Sirs:
  We thank you for your letter of July 10th.
  After paying due consideration to your proposal and investigating your business standing, we have decided to appoint you as our sole agent for the sale of Gold Brand Bicycles in the district you defined.
  We are enclosing a draft agreement. Please go over it and let us have your comments. We assure you of our full cooperation.
  Substitution Drills
  1 A: You could be doing better if you developed some kind of sales network there.
  B: We're thinking of finding a way to
  reach all our potential customers.
  penetrate that new market
  break into the European market
  2 A: How long have you been in this business?
  B: For nearly ten years. We have very good connections with wholesalers, chain stores and distributors.
  For almost twenty years. We're well connected with firms in this field.
  We're going to celebrate the firm's thirtieth anniversary this November.
  3 A: We bought a lot from you last year, amounting to as much as $500,000.
  B: We're quite satisfied with the way things are going now.
  We're quite pleased with what you've done to expand the market.
  We appreciate the efforts you've made in helping our products.
  4 A: If you appoint us as your agent,
  the turnover will be three times what it is today.
  we can work up a big demand for your products at our end.
  we can sort out the license and the regulations for you.
  B:We'd like to know more about your proposal before giving an opinion.
  We won't consider the question of agency for the time being.
  I'm sorry I don't think it's the right time for this matter.
  如果你指定我们作为你们的代理,我们可以在我们这里为你们的产 品创造很大的需求。
  如果你指定我们作为你们的代理,我们可以为你们挑选出许可证 和规章。
  5 A: We wish to have an agent to push our products in Australia. Would you like to accept this appointment?
  We'd like to appoint a general agent to handle our products in Britain. Are you interested in it?
  We need an experienced representative for our products in France. Would you be interested?
  B: We should be very pleased to represent you if the terms and conditions are right.
  We would be interested in acting as your general agent there.
  I'm willing to handle your exports as an agent.
  我们希望在澳大利亚能有一个代理来推动我们的产品销售。您愿 意接受这个委派吗?
  6 A: What's the annual order you can guarantee?
  What are the annual sales you can make for this product?
  What's the annual turnover you can do?
  B: To be on the safe side, not less than $200,000 for a start.
  Around $500,000 to begin with. It's not a small figure, I should say.
  I'd rather start on a moderate scale, say, 10,000 tons.
  7 A: I needn't mention that the price you give us must be competitive.
  your terms for us must be favorable
  the delivery date must be kept
  B: Certainly. Terms for our agents are usually very favorable.
  8 A: And the commission you expect?
  What commission would you expect?
  What about the rate of commission you want to charge? B: 10% on total sales.
  A minimum of 3% commission on the sale price.
  A commission of 5% on sales and a monthly sum of  $5,000 for expenses.
  9 A: May we have a subsidy for sales promotion?
  an allowance for advertising?
  a reasonable amount from you for publicity?
  B: I'm afraid we can't pay for your sales promotion.
  That should be part of your overheads and be taken from your commission.
  Yes, but merely at the initial stage to help you push the sale. 可以给我们促销活动一些补助金吗?
  10 A: In the long run your market will never grow, not until you
  have an agent.
  B: I see your point. Thank you for your advice. We'll consider your proposal.
  We may take up the matter again when we come to know each other better.
  We think it would be better to consider the matter after you have done more business with us.

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