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Unit 13 Packing

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  Unit 13 Packing 包装

       1. These goods are very expensive, and easily damaged.
2. Last time you told me that you wanted the most economical packaging.
3. We always take extra care with every shipment.
4. As this article is fragile, please case it into durable1 packaging.
5. The cost of this article includes packaging.
6. As a rule, the buyer ought to bear the charges of packaging.
7. The outer packing should be strong enough for transportation.
8. As to the inner packaging, it must be attractive and helpful to the sales.
9. For dangerous and poisonous cargo2, the nature and the gener- ally adopted symbol shall be marked conspicuously3 on each package.
对于危险品和有毒的货物,在每件包装上应有醒目的标记及性质说 明。
10. We usually pack each piece of men's shirt in a box, half dozen to a box and 10 dozens to a wooden case.
我们通常把每件男衬衣装入一个盒子里,半打装一箱,十打装一个 木箱。
11. Nowadays many kinds of drinks are packed in paper tins.
12. The wooden case should be not only seaworthy but also strong enough to protect the goods from any damage.
13. Please pack one TV set to a cardboard box, 4 sets to a wooden case suitable for export.
14. All the cases are strongly packed in compliance4 with your request.
15. The outer packing in bales or in wooden cases is at buyer's option.
16. Please be assured that the packaging is strong enough to withstand rough handling.
17. The goods must be packed in five - ply5 strong paper bags as stipulated6 in the contract.
ConversationsDialogue 1A: Hi, Mr. Brown, we have visited the factories and I'm very satisfied with your factories?production conditions.
B: Yes, they are our main export bases of tools with the advantage of having good production experience and long historical record. All their products enjoy high prestige in the world market.
A: That's very good. But I have little knowledge about the packing of your pliers. I just want to know the details about that.
B: Ok, I'll show you how the packing is like. We have a showroom on the ground floor. Let's go downstairs and have a look.
A: Sure.
(Now they are in the showroom. They are walking around the room looking at the samples of packaging. Mr. Brown isexplaining the packing to the customer).
-- 嗨,布朗先生,我们已参观了工厂,并对你们工厂的生产条件很满 意。
-- 是的,这些厂生产经验丰富,历史悠久,是我们工具出口的主要生 产厂家。所有产品在国际市场上享有很高的声誉。
-- 太好了。至于钳子的包装,我了解甚少,我很想知道包装的具体情 况。
-- 可以,我带你去看看包装。在一楼,我们有一间陈列室。我们一起 下去看一下吧。
-- 可以。(他们在样品室边走边看包装样品。布郎先生正给客户解释 包装情况。)B: These are the various kinds of packing for pliers. Normally, we have three types of packing: skin packing, hanging packing, and blister7 packing.
A: Oh, the packing looks very nice.
B: The skin packing is the most advanced packing for this product in the world market. It catches the eyes and can help push sales.
A: Good, what about the export packing?
B: Well, they are packed in boxes of two dozens each, 100 boxes to a wooden case.
A: Is the wooden case strong enough for transportation? You see, 100 boxes of pliers are very heavy. It's about 2,400 kilograms.
-- 这些是钳子的各种包装。通常有三种:薄膜包装、挂式包装、罩 板包装。
-- 这些包装很好看。
-- 薄膜包装是世界市场上这种产品的最新包装。它惹人注目,能帮 助促销。
-- 很好,那么出口包装如何?
-- 每两打装一盒,一百盒装一木箱。
-- 木箱是否很坚固适应运输需要?一百盒钳子很重,大约 有二千四 百公斤。
B: You can rest assured of that. So far, no customers have com- plained about our outer packing.
A: I'm glad to hear that. By the way, do you accept neutral packing?
B: Yes, we can pack the goods according to your instructions.
A: Very good. Ok, Mr. Brown, I'm now totally satisfied with your packing. You can execute our first order now, and I will open the L/C immediately after I return to Taipei.
B: All right. We'll make the shipment as soon as your L/C is on hand.
-- 这点你尽可放心。目前,还没有客户抱怨我们的外包装有问题。
-- 这样太好了。顺便问一下,你们接受中性包装吗?
-- 接受,我们可以根据你方的指示说明进行包装。
-- 好,布朗先生,就这样吧,我很满意你们的包装。现在你可以生 产我们的第一批订货了。我回到台北后就立即开立信用证。
-- 那好,一收到你方信用证,我们即安排装运。
Dialogue 2A: That price of ours, by the way, is for a minimum quantity of 1,000 saddles.
B: Yes, I noticed that. To what extent would local assembly help sales, did you say?
A: 20-30%. But we proposed the plan from the storage and delivery viewpoint. That is to say, less warehouse8 space and prompt delivery.
B: Yes, of course. Assembly would be quite a simple matter. Cycle dealers9 could put them together in a very short time.
A: Sales have been exceptionally good during the past twelve months.
B: Yes, I've noticed that. Where have you been placing them?
A: All in the local market. One or two suggestions that came in from the distribution might interest you.
B: Yes. What were they? Anything that will help sales?
A: Perhaps. General opinion is that the rear carrier should be offered as an extra.
B: That's to keep the price down, I suppose. I'll take it up with our overseas department and listen to what they've got to say about this.
A: Thanks.
-- 顺便说一下,我们的价格是针对最小量为1000个车座而言的。
-- 是的,我注意到了。你说本地装配能在多大程度上促进销售呢?
-- 百分之二十到三十。但我们是从贮存和运输的角度做出此计划的。 就是说,更少的仓库空间和更快捷的运输。
-- 是的,当然。装配将是一件很简单的事。自行车商人能在很短的 时间内将它们组装起来。
-- 在过去的12个月中销售是特别的好。
-- 对,我看到了。你们把它们都投放在哪些市场上了?
-- 都在本地市场上。你可能会想听取经销商的一些建议。
-- 当然。是什么建议?是关于促销的吗?
-- 可能吧。大家都认为后面的行李架应该额外提供。
-- 我想那会把价格降下来。我会把这个建议反映到我们的海外部,听 取一下他们的建议。
-- 谢谢。
Dialogue 3A: I wish to make it clear at the outset that this matter of labels is entirely10 our problem.
B: I should say it is something we have never come across before.
A: The Federal Food and Drug Administration, or the FDA as we call it for short, imposes a whole set of regulations on the import of food products to the United States. Over the years, they have become so rigid11 and complicated that they are now quite a head- ache for us importers.
B: In my opinion, overly strict regulations are just another way of restricting imports.
A: Ah, there's something in what you're saying. According to the present FDA regulations, the Ma Ling Labels then cannot be used if the lichee is to be offered for import into the Unit ed States.
-- 我希望从一开始就想说明标签的事情完全是我们的问题。
-- 我得说这个问题是我们从来没有遇到过的。
-- 联邦食物药品管理局,或者简称FDA,在向美国的食品进口上强加 了一整套规章制度。这些年来,这些制度变得如此严格和复杂以 至于使我们进口商感到相当的头疼。
-- 依我的意见,过于严格的规章正是另一种方式限制进口。
-- 啊,你说得有些道理。根据现在的FDA规章,如果荔枝要被获准进 入美国,Ma Ling标签就不能使用。
B: Why not? Our canned lichee and canned provisions have al- ready been widely sold in various markets abroad, and the Ma Ling Label has now been accepted by most of overseas custom- ers and importers. Is it quite impossible for you to use the Ma Ling labels as they are?
A: I'd be quite willing to if I could, but we must comply with the label requirements according to our law, or we can't clear the consignment12 of lichee through the Customs.
B: In that case, what can we do to help you? Have you any suggestions?
A: Would you consider quoting us for the order with neutral cans on a C.I.F. basis for delivery in Hong Kong? Our associated company there will have the labels printed to comply with the FDA regulations.
B: Do you think that's the only way out? You know we usually do the labeling, as we are responsible for the brand labels of our products.
-- 为什么不行呢?我们的罐装荔枝和其他罐装品已经在国外许多市 场上广泛销售,而且Ma Ling商标已经被大多数的海外顾客和进口商所接受。你真的没法使用Ma Ling标签吗?
-- 如果可以的话我当然乐意做了,但是根据我们的法律,我们必须 服从于商标许可,否则不能通过海关得到我们的订货。
-- 既然那样,我们怎样才能帮到你们呢?你有什么建议吗?
-- 关于这批订货采用中性罐装,你能否考虑报给我们CIF香港到岸价 格?我们的附属公司会按照食品及药物管理局的规定将标签打印出 来。
-- 只能这样吗?通常我们自己做标签,因为我们要为自己的品牌标签 负责。
Dialogue 4A: Mr. Jones, shall we now discuss the packaging?
B: Very well. You know, we have definite ways of packaging garments. As to blouses, we use a polythene wrapper for each article, all ready for window display.
A: Good. A wrapping that catches the eye will certainly help push the sales. With competition from similar garments producers, the merchandise must not only be good value but also look attractive.
B: Right you are. We'll see to it that the blouses appeal to the eye as well as to the purse.
A: What about the outer packing?
B: We'll pack them 10 dozens to one carton, gross weight around 25 kilos a carton.
A: Cartons?
B: Yes, corrugated13 cardboard boxes.
A: Could you use wooden cases instead?
B: Why use wooden cases?
-- 琼斯先生,我们来谈谈包装好吗?
-- 好。你知道,我们对服装包装有特定的方式。至于女衫,一件装一 个聚乙烯口袋,可直接放在橱窗里陈列。
-- 好。袋子引人注目肯定有助于推销。商品不仅要货真价实,还要 能吸引人,因为有许多类似的服装与之竞争。
-- 这点你说对了。我们会注意把女衫做得跟手提包一样美观。
-- 外包装是怎么样的?
-- 十打装一纸箱,每箱毛重约25公斤。
-- 纸箱?
-- 是的,瓦楞纸板箱。
-- 你不能用木箱代替吗?
-- 为什么要用木箱呢?
A: I'm afraid the cardboard boxes are not strong enough for such a heavy load.
B: The cartons are comparatively light, and therefore easy to handle. They won't be stowed away with the heavy cargo. The steve- dores will see to that. Besides, we'll reinforce the cartons with straps15. Silk blouses are not fragile goods. They can stand a lot of jolting16.
A: Maybe you are right, but the goods are to be transhipped at Hamburg or London. If the boxes are moved about on an open wharf17, the dampness or rain may get into them. This would make the blouses spotted18 or ruined.
B: No need to worry about that. The cartons lined with plastic sheets are waterproof19, and as the boxes are made of cardboard, they will be handled with care.
A: Well, I don't want to take any chances. Besides, cartons are easy to cut open, and this increases the risk of pilferage21.
-- 恐怕纸板箱不够结实,经受不住装这么重的货物。
-- 纸箱比较轻,因而容易搬运。纸箱不会和重物一起堆放,搬运工 人会注意到这一点。此外,我们还用铁皮带加固。丝绸女衫并非 易碎货物,经受得住剧烈地震动。
-- 你也许说得对,但这些货物要在汉堡或伦敦转运。如果纸箱在露 天码头上搬运,潮气和雨水就有可能渗透进去,这就会使女衫弄 得斑斑点点的,或甚至毁掉。
-- 那个没必要担心。纸箱内都衬有塑料布,是防水的,而且由于箱 子是硬纸板的,所以在搬运的时候就会小心处理。
-- 嘿,我可不想去冒险,再说,纸箱容易被割开,这就增加了被偷 盗的风险。
B: Tampering22 with cartons is easily detected. I should say that this rather discourages pilferage.
A: Maybe so, but I'm afraid that in case of damage or pilferage, the insurance company will refuse compensation on the ground of improper23 packing, or packing unsuitable for sea voyage.
B: But cartons are quite seaworthy. They are extensively used in our shipments to continental24 ports. There are never any complaints from our clients, and our insurance company has also approved such packing for W.P.A. and T.P.N.D.
-- 纸箱弄破是容易检查出来的,我说这恰恰可以防止偷盗。
-- 也可能,但在出现损坏或偷盗时,恐怕保险公司会借口包装不当、或 包装不适合于海运为由而拒绝赔偿。
-- 纸箱是很适合海运的。 对于运往(欧洲)大陆港口的货物,我们广 泛采用纸箱,而且从未有客户抱怨过,我们的保险公司承保水渍险 和偷窃及提货不着险时,也同意使用这种包装。
A: If you could guarantee compensation in case the insurance com- pany refuses to honor a claim for faulty packing, we would be quite willing to accept cartons.
B: I'm sorry, but we can't take on any responsibility that is beyond our functions and powers. We'll make sure that the packing is seaworthy, but we can't commit ourselves to being responsible for every kind of mishap25.
A: I can understand your position. Perhaps I'm asking too much.
B: We'll use wooden cases if you insist, but the charge for packing will be considerably26 higher, and it also slows delivery.
A: Well, I'll call you immediately for instructions on the matter.
B: Please do. I'll be waiting for your reply.
-- 万一保险公司以包装不当为由而拒绝接受索赔时,如果你保证赔偿 的话,我们就乐于接受纸箱。
-- 对不起,我们不能承担任何超出我们职权范围的责任。我们可以保 证包装适合海运,但不能对每一种损失都负责。
-- 我能理解你的立场,也许我要求得太多了。
-- 如果你坚持,我们可以使用木箱,但包装费用就要高得多,而且发 运也要延期。
-- 关于这件事,我会马上打电话给你指示。
-- 好的,我等着你的回答。
Words and Expressionsgarment [ 5^B:mEnt ] 服装,衣服polythene [7pCli5Wi:n] 聚乙烯wrapper [5rApE ] 封套,包装物catch the eye 引人注目stevedore27 [5sti:vidC:] 装卸工,搬运工strap14 [strAp] 带,铁皮带lichee [5li:tFi:] 荔枝comparatively [kEm5pArEtIvlI] 稍微,有点Notes1. be ready for window display 可直接做橱窗陈列2. wrapping that catches the eye 引人注意的包装3. We'll see to it that the blouses appeal to the eye as well as to the price. 我们会注意使这些衬衫看上去美观,价格具有吸引力。
4. an open wharf 露天码头5. to honor a claim for faulty packing 接受由于包装不当而提出的索赔6. bring up 提出a. You may bring up the matter at the meeting for consideration this afternoon. 今天下午你可以把这件事在会议上提出来考虑。
b. This problem will be brought up at the next meeting.
7. to stand 经得起,耐得住,忍受Please see that the packing is seaworthy and stands long sea voyage. 请注意包装必须适合于海运,并经得起长期的海上航行。
8. on the ground(s) of 以……为理由They would ask for compensation on the grounds of faulty packing.
9. to smooth out 解决;弄平a. Before going into further discussion, there are one or two things to be smoothed out. 在进一步讨论前,还有一两件事情需要解决。
b. Every time she got up from a seat, she always smoothed out the crease20 in her dress.
A Specimen28 LetterDear Sirs:
We are pleased to inform you that 50 cases of adjustable29 wrenches30 you shipped to Lagos on March 18th have arrived in perfect condition. This shows that you have made a great deal of improvement in packing.
As for the pliers to be shipped to us, we would like you to have them packed in boxes of 2 dozens each, 100 boxes to a wooden case. We trust you will give special care to the packing in order to avoid damage in transit31.
Kindly32 let us know if you can meet our requirements.
With our best regards.
Substitution Drills1 Our staffs in the transportation department are fullyengaged.
committedfriendlyhelpful and efficient包装包装我们运输部的全体职员 都很忙。
2 Your sincere advice on the packing is welcome.
comments are关于包装,欢迎你提出诚恳的建议。
3 I had told you that by the beginning of September I would have completed the task. middleend我告诉过你到九月 初,我会完成任务。


1 durable frox4     
  • This raincoat is made of very durable material.这件雨衣是用非常耐用的料子做的。
  • They frequently require more major durable purchases.他们经常需要购买耐用消费品。
2 cargo 6TcyG     
  • The ship has a cargo of about 200 ton.这条船大约有200吨的货物。
  • A lot of people discharged the cargo from a ship.许多人从船上卸下货物。
3 conspicuously 3vczqb     
  • France remained a conspicuously uneasy country. 法国依然是个明显不太平的国家。
  • She figured conspicuously in the public debate on the issue. 她在该问题的公开辩论中很引人注目。
4 compliance ZXyzX     
  • I was surprised by his compliance with these terms.我对他竟然依从了这些条件而感到吃惊。
  • She gave up the idea in compliance with his desire.她顺从他的愿望而放弃自己的主意。
5 ply DOqxa     
  • Taxis licensed to ply for hire at the railway station.许可计程车在火车站候客。
  • Ferryboats ply across the English Channel.渡船定期往返于英吉利海峡。
6 stipulated 5203a115be4ee8baf068f04729d1e207     
vt.& vi.规定;约定adj.[法]合同规定的
  • A delivery date is stipulated in the contract. 合同中规定了交货日期。
  • Yes, I think that's what we stipulated. 对呀,我想那是我们所订定的。 来自辞典例句
7 blister otwz3     
  • I got a huge blister on my foot and I couldn't run any farther.我脚上长了一个大水泡,没办法继续跑。
  • I have a blister on my heel because my shoe is too tight.鞋子太紧了,我脚后跟起了个泡。
8 warehouse 6h7wZ     
  • We freighted the goods to the warehouse by truck.我们用卡车把货物运到仓库。
  • The manager wants to clear off the old stocks in the warehouse.经理想把仓库里积压的存货处理掉。
9 dealers 95e592fc0f5dffc9b9616efd02201373     
n.商人( dealer的名词复数 );贩毒者;毒品贩子;发牌者
  • There was fast bidding between private collectors and dealers. 私人收藏家和交易商急速竞相喊价。
  • The police were corrupt and were operating in collusion with the drug dealers. 警察腐败,与那伙毒品贩子内外勾结。
10 entirely entirely     
  • The fire was entirely caused by their neglect of duty. 那场火灾完全是由于他们失职而引起的。
  • His life was entirely given up to the educational work. 他的一生统统献给了教育工作。
11 rigid jDPyf     
  • She became as rigid as adamant.她变得如顽石般的固执。
  • The examination was so rigid that nearly all aspirants were ruled out.考试很严,几乎所有的考生都被淘汰了。
12 consignment 9aDyo     
  • This last consignment of hosiery is quite up to standard.这批新到的针织品完全符合规格。
  • We have to ask you to dispatch the consignment immediately.我们得要求你立即发送该批货物。
13 corrugated 9720623d9668b6525e9b06a2e68734c3     
  • a corrugated iron roof 波纹铁屋顶
  • His brow corrugated with the effort of thinking. 他皱着眉头用心地思考。 来自《简明英汉词典》
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  • The nurse will strap up your wound.护士会绑扎你的伤口。
15 straps 1412cf4c15adaea5261be8ae3e7edf8e     
n.带子( strap的名词复数 );挎带;肩带;背带v.用皮带捆扎( strap的第三人称单数 );用皮带抽打;包扎;给…打绷带
  • the shoulder straps of her dress 她连衣裙上的肩带
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17 wharf RMGzd     
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20 crease qo5zK     
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22 tampering b4c81c279f149b738b8941a10e40864a     
v.窜改( tamper的现在分词 );篡改;(用不正当手段)影响;瞎摆弄
  • Two policemen were accused of tampering with the evidence. 有两名警察被控篡改证据。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • As Harry London had forecast, Brookside's D-day caught many meter-tampering offenders. 正如哈里·伦敦预见到的那样,布鲁克赛德的D日行动抓住了不少非法改装仪表的人。 来自辞典例句
23 improper b9txi     
  • Short trousers are improper at a dance.舞会上穿短裤不成体统。
  • Laughing and joking are improper at a funeral.葬礼时大笑和开玩笑是不合适的。
24 continental Zazyk     
  • A continental climate is different from an insular one.大陆性气候不同于岛屿气候。
  • The most ancient parts of the continental crust are 4000 million years old.大陆地壳最古老的部分有40亿年历史。
25 mishap AjSyg     
  • I'm afraid your son had a slight mishap in the playground.不好了,你儿子在操场上出了点小意外。
  • We reached home without mishap.我们平安地回到了家。
26 considerably 0YWyQ     
  • The economic situation has changed considerably.经济形势已发生了相当大的变化。
  • The gap has narrowed considerably.分歧大大缩小了。
27 stevedore 8hIz8h     
  • The stevedores'work is to load and unload ships.装卸工人的工作是装卸船只。
  • The stevedores are reluctant to be ordered around by the employers.装卸工人们不愿被雇主们差来遣去地随便使唤。
28 specimen Xvtwm     
  • You'll need tweezers to hold up the specimen.你要用镊子来夹这标本。
  • This specimen is richly variegated in colour.这件标本上有很多颜色。
29 adjustable vzOzkc     
  • More expensive cameras have adjustable focusing.比较贵的照相机有可调焦距。
  • The chair has the virtue of being adjustable.这种椅子具有可调节的优点。
30 wrenches 238611407049b765eb73fb72376ef016     
n.一拧( wrench的名词复数 );(身体关节的)扭伤;扳手;(尤指离别的)悲痛v.(猛力地)扭( wrench的第三人称单数 );扭伤;使感到痛苦;使悲痛
  • NEVER use wrenches or other persuaders to operate the valve. 禁止使用扳手或其它强制性工具来操作阀门。 来自互联网
  • Thus, torque wrenches should be used for tightening DISS connections. 因此,应该使用转矩扳手来上紧DISS接头。 来自互联网
31 transit MglzVT     
  • His luggage was lost in transit.他的行李在运送中丢失。
  • The canal can transit a total of 50 ships daily.这条运河每天能通过50条船。
32 kindly tpUzhQ     
  • Her neighbours spoke of her as kindly and hospitable.她的邻居都说她和蔼可亲、热情好客。
  • A shadow passed over the kindly face of the old woman.一道阴影掠过老太太慈祥的面孔。
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