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VOA慢速英语2019 救世军现在接受移动捐赠

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Salvation1 Army Now Accepting Mobile Donations

Carolyn Harper made her appeal for donations to the Salvation Army with a smile on her face and a bell in her hand.

But several people apologized to Harper and said they did not have cash to drop into the large red container. Most walked past her before she could explain that the Salvation Army no longer depends only on cash donations. Now, Americans who want to give money to the aid group can just use their smartphone.


卡罗琳·哈珀(Carolyn Harper)面带微笑,手里戴着铃铛,呼吁向救世军捐款。


Heather Bishop2 was among those who did wait to hear about the non-cash payment system. She completed her electronic donation while keeping a close watch on her two young children.

"It was fast, very easy," Bishop said. "All of my giving is online."

希瑟·毕晓普(Heather Bishop)就是等待听到有关非现金支付系统的人之一。她完成了电子捐款,同时密切注视着两个孩子。

Bishop说:“它非常快速,非常容易。” “我所有的捐赠都是在线的。”


Salvation Army officials hope that adding online donation options will help the group's effort to raise money. The Salvation Army reports that the red kettle campaign is responsible for 10 percent of all donations collected each year. The money is used to provide housing, food and other support for needy3 Americans.

"Those red kettle campaign funds help us throughout the entire year housing the homeless, feeding the hungry and helping4 families overcome poverty," said Dale Bannon. He is the assistant national community relations director for Salvation Army USA.



"I think the future is bright, but we have to...provide multiple options for people to give," Bannon said.

Americans' use of cash to buy things has decreased over time, notes the Pew Research Center. It found that about 46 percent of Americans "don't really worry much" about leaving home without cash because they use credit cards or other forms of payment.


皮尤研究中心(Pew Research Center)指出,随着时间的流逝,美国人用于购买商品的现金使用量有所减少。调查发现,约有46%的美国人“不真正担心”,因为他们使用信用卡或其他形式的付款而没有现金离开家。


As a result, not-for-profits organizations have increased their online fundraising efforts. But campaigns that are made of mostly spur-of-the-moment donations outside stores feel the effects of an increasingly cashless society.

The Salvation Army has tested other cashless systems before, but they take up time and are not as easy as simply dropping money into the red kettles.



Donors5 want "an easy and quick" way, Bannon said.

So, the Salvation Army has placed a tag containing a microchip on its kettles. Donors can tap their phone on the tag and write in the amount they want to donate.



Not all phones work. Some people can use their phone's camera need to take a picture of the QR code, which connects them with a donation form.

Any mobile donations are sent to the Salvation Army office that is nearest to the donor's home.



This year marks the Salvation Army's 129thred kettle fundraising campaign. The group hopes to collect $150 million in donations.

Bannon said there is a processing charge for mobile donations, which is between 2 and 2.5 percent.

今年是救世军第129辆水壶筹款活动。 该组织希望能够筹集1.5亿美元的捐款。


Carolyn Harper said she hopes the new systems will increase donations to the Salvation Army. Her only concern is the cold weather in Chicago and other parts of the country. She said the weather could prevent people from stopping to use the mobile system.

"Right now, it's easy," she said. "Hopefully it works out when it's really cold out."

卡罗琳·哈珀(Carolyn Harper)说,她希望新系统将增加对救世军的捐款。 她唯一关心的是芝加哥和美国其他地区的寒冷天气。 她说天气可能会阻止人们停下来使用移动系统。

她说:“现在,这很容易。” “希望它真的很冷时能解决。”

Words in This Story

bell – n. a small metallic6 object that makes a ringing sound

cash – n. physical money

option – n. a choice

spur-of-the-moment – adj. an urge to do something that is not planned

microchip – n. a small, thing piece of semiconducting material, usually found inside a computer

tap – v. to strike lightly; to touch


1 salvation nC2zC     
  • Salvation lay in political reform.解救办法在于政治改革。
  • Christians hope and pray for salvation.基督教徒希望并祈祷灵魂得救。
2 bishop AtNzd     
  • He was a bishop who was held in reverence by all.他是一位被大家都尊敬的主教。
  • Two years after his death the bishop was canonised.主教逝世两年后被正式封为圣者。
3 needy wG7xh     
  • Although he was poor,he was quite generous to his needy friends.他虽穷,但对贫苦的朋友很慷慨。
  • They awarded scholarships to needy students.他们给贫苦学生颁发奖学金。
4 helping 2rGzDc     
  • The poor children regularly pony up for a second helping of my hamburger. 那些可怜的孩子们总是要求我把我的汉堡包再给他们一份。
  • By doing this, they may at times be helping to restore competition. 这样一来, 他在某些时候,有助于竞争的加强。
5 donors 89b49c2bd44d6d6906d17dca7315044b     
n.捐赠者( donor的名词复数 );献血者;捐血者;器官捐献者
  • Please email us to be removed from our active list of blood donors. 假如你想把自己的名字从献血联系人名单中删去,请给我们发电子邮件。
  • About half this amount comes from individual donors and bequests. 这笔钱大约有一半来自个人捐赠及遗赠。 来自《简明英汉词典》
6 metallic LCuxO     
  • A sharp metallic note coming from the outside frightened me.外面传来尖锐铿锵的声音吓了我一跳。
  • He picked up a metallic ring last night.昨夜他捡了一个金属戒指。
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