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Blackout in U.S., Canada

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By Caty Weaver
Broadcast: August: 22 2003
This is Steve Ember with the VOA Special English Environment Report.
Last week millions of people in the United States and Canada suddenly found themselves in a whole new environment. Electricity stopped flowing along thousands of kilometers of power lines.
The 1)blackout happened August fourteenth. It lasted for hours, and stretched across a huge area of the northeastern and midwestern United States. Among the cities darkened were New York; Detroit, Michigan; and Cleveland, Ohio. Toronto and Ottawa were the major Canadian cities affected1. By Saturday, August sixteenth, power had returned almost everywhere. Economists2 say they expect no serious harm to the economy.
Officials said it appeared to have all started with a series of power line failures near 2)Cleveland in the two hours before the blackout. Experts say at least one warning system also failed. It was not clear how much that warning would have helped. But, some say power line operators3 might have been able to act to contain the 3)outage.
Officials said the failures created a series of sudden increases and decreases of power along lines throughout the rest of the system. Lines in other areas began to fail. Then, computers began to shut down whole power stations to protect them.
This week the Bush administration4 announced it would investigate the blackout 4)jointly5 with Canada. American Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham said it was important to examine all the facts before placing blame. He said the investigation6 will involve hundreds of officials, power system operators and power companies.
Some people say the Energy Department should not lead the investigation because its own policies may influence the findings7. But a spokeswoman says the investigation will be independent and complete.
The North American Electric Reliability8 Council9 also began its own investigation. That group was set up after a nineteen-sixty-five outage on the East Coast to make sure supplies are dependable.
This was the largest blackout in American history. The last major one was in the West seven years ago. Officials have warned that the power system is getting old. Modern living demands more and more electricity. Experts say thousands of kilometers of new lines are needed.
All this will cost lots of money. But that is not the only issue. Some communities have fought efforts to build new 5)high-voltage lines across their land.
This VOA Special English Environment Report was written by Caty Waver10. This is Steve Ember.

1) blackout [5blAkaut] n.灯火管制
2) Cleveland [5kli:vlEnd] n.克利夫兰(美国城市)
3) outage [5autidV] n.减量,停用
4) jointly [5dVCintli] adv.共同地,连带地
5) high-voltage [hai 5vEultidV] n.高电压


1 affected TzUzg0     
  • She showed an affected interest in our subject.她假装对我们的课题感到兴趣。
  • His manners are affected.他的态度不自然。
2 economists 2ba0a36f92d9c37ef31cc751bca1a748     
n.经济学家,经济专家( economist的名词复数 )
  • The sudden rise in share prices has confounded economists. 股价的突然上涨使经济学家大惑不解。
  • Foreign bankers and economists cautiously welcomed the minister's initiative. 外国银行家和经济学家对部长的倡议反应谨慎。 来自《简明英汉词典》
3 operators 0997fb356c249146ffe97cce96f88459     
n.(某企业的)经营者( operator的名词复数 );(机器、设备等的)操作员;电话接线员;投机取巧者
  • A plethora of new operators will be allowed to enter the market. 大批新的运营商将获准进入该市场。 来自辞典例句
  • Green house operators have considerable opportunity for precise manipulation of nutrients. 温室管理员有很多机会来准确控制养分。 来自辞典例句
4 administration mJLyZ     
  • Who is in charge of the administration of your company?你们公司的行政工作由谁负责?
  • The teachers are responsible to the school administration.教师向学校行政负责。
5 jointly jp9zvS     
  • Tenants are jointly and severally liable for payment of the rent. 租金由承租人共同且分别承担。
  • She owns the house jointly with her husband. 她和丈夫共同拥有这所房子。
6 investigation MRKzq     
  • In an investigation,a new fact became known, which told against him.在调查中新发现了一件对他不利的事实。
  • He drew the conclusion by building on his own investigation.他根据自己的调查研究作出结论。
7 findings 4tYzV9     
n.发现物( finding的名词复数 );调查(或研究)的结果;(陪审团的)裁决
  • It behoves us to study these findings carefully. 我们理应认真研究这些发现。
  • Their findings have been widely disseminated . 他们的研究成果已经广为传播。
8 reliability QVexf     
  • We mustn't presume too much upon the reliability of such sources.我们不应过分指望这类消息来源的可靠性。
  • I can assure you of the reliability of the information.我向你保证这消息可靠。
9 council ooZz9     
  • The town council passed a law forbidding the distribution of handbills.市议会通过法律,禁止散发传单。
  • The city council has declared for improving the public bus system.市议会宣布同意改进公共汽车系统。
10 waver XgQwn     
  • They are waver of flags and shouters of slogans.他们都是些摇旗呐喊的人。
  • This caused them to waver in their faith.这使他们的信仰动摇了。
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