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VOA常速英语2018--马里兰州废品场 让旧汽车拥有二次生命

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Five thousand square meters of old damaged cars, motorcycles and boats fill this junkyard. For a casual onlooker1, this might be a very sad sight. But for Andy Cohen, it’s a real treasure. I’ve been a junk hoarder2 for my whole life, so I like different things. I like fixing up stuff that shouldn’t be thrown away. Around 200 old cars end up in this junkyard every week. Some of them are sold for parts, others get repaired, still others are beyond repair, and his father Bobby started the business some 50 years ago, and still spends every morning there. What I liked about the business it was always a lot of fun. It’s a lot harder now. Things are a lot more competitive and the Internet has really taken a toll3 on us. You come in with a smile every day and hopefully somebody else will smile.


The father and son have very different approaches to their work. So we got a one Dean cab that was getting thrown away and that was my father’s project, and that was one I did not want him to do. He did he did basically the opposite of everything I told him, and I think he just did it just to make me mad. Because he dumped a ton of money into this car and in the end, it wouldn’t run.


The unusual family business attracted the attention of a TV crew. That’s how to show Janka Empire came to be featured on a subsidiary network of the Discovery Channel. In my world, there’s no idea too crazy. My Empire, five years of shooting, five seasons, 60 episodes. This show about old rusty5 cars is popular all over living here. There were hundreds of junkyards throughout the United States. I think what’s interesting is that is a family business. My father and I started the business, and we banter6 very well back and forth7, and I think that’s what people like they can relate to it. The cars that end up at the coins junkyard who endless surprises, and every one of them can get a second chance. And this was a salvaged8 car which was a junk car and II Bart, and we were fully4 restored it with a blown motor. Andy Cohen restored this unique car himself. Yet he doesn’t get a chance to ride around it too often. Because despite its sleek9, I think the roar of the engine is truly deafening10, and he worries his neighbors will not put up with the noise.

这一家子不同寻常的工作吸引了一位电视台工作人员的注意。在发现频道的网站上,我们会看到加卡帝国的出场是怎样被包装的。在我的世界里,没有什么点子可以称之为疯狂。《我的帝国》拍摄了5年的时间,有5季,60集。这个有关陈旧锈车的节目在这里很受欢迎。美国有上百个费品场。我觉得有趣之处在于这是个一个家族的事业。我父亲和我开启了这个行当,我们日常互怼,不亦乐乎。我觉得当人可以共情的时候,就可以感受到快乐。最终流落到废品厂的汽车也可以给人以惊喜,而每一辆“废”车都应该有一次重生的机会。这是一辆回收利用的汽车。 它由一辆垃圾车和二巴特组成的。安迪·科恩自己修复了这辆独特的车。但他没有机会经常开着它兜风。虽然车型靓丽,但发动机的轰鸣声实在震耳欲聋。他担心自己的邻居会受不了这个噪音。


1 onlooker 7I8xD     
  • A handful of onlookers stand in the field watching.少数几个旁观者站在现场观看。
  • One onlooker had to be restrained by police.一个旁观者遭到了警察的制止。
2 hoarder 10328f98a2f28290dfd881b4dfac51ce     
  • Was I becoming an eccentric hoarder? 是我变成了一个古怪的收藏者吗? 来自互联网
3 toll LJpzo     
  • The hailstone took a heavy toll of the crops in our village last night.昨晚那场冰雹损坏了我们村的庄稼。
  • The war took a heavy toll of human life.这次战争夺去了许多人的生命。
4 fully Gfuzd     
  • The doctor asked me to breathe in,then to breathe out fully.医生让我先吸气,然后全部呼出。
  • They soon became fully integrated into the local community.他们很快就完全融入了当地人的圈子。
5 rusty hYlxq     
  • The lock on the door is rusty and won't open.门上的锁锈住了。
  • I haven't practiced my French for months and it's getting rusty.几个月不用,我的法语又荒疏了。
6 banter muwzE     
  • The actress exchanged banter with reporters.女演员与记者相互开玩笑。
  • She engages in friendly banter with her customers.她常和顾客逗乐。
7 forth Hzdz2     
  • The wind moved the trees gently back and forth.风吹得树轻轻地来回摇晃。
  • He gave forth a series of works in rapid succession.他很快连续发表了一系列的作品。
8 salvaged 38c5bbbb23af5841708243ca20b38dce     
(从火灾、海难等中)抢救(某物)( salvage的过去式和过去分词 ); 回收利用(某物)
  • The investigators studied flight recorders salvaged from the wreckage. 调查者研究了从飞机残骸中找到的黑匣子。
  • The team's first task was to decide what equipment could be salvaged. 该队的首要任务是决定可以抢救哪些设备。
9 sleek zESzJ     
  • Women preferred sleek,shiny hair with little decoration.女士们更喜欢略加修饰的光滑闪亮型秀发。
  • The horse's coat was sleek and glossy.这匹马全身润泽有光。
10 deafening deafening     
adj. 振耳欲聋的, 极喧闹的 动词deafen的现在分词形式
  • The noise of the siren was deafening her. 汽笛声震得她耳朵都快聋了。
  • The noise of the machine was deafening. 机器的轰鸣声震耳欲聋。
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