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2005年NPR美国国家公共电台五月-NBA Playoff Update: Pacers vs. Pistons

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It's Day to Day from NPR news, I am Alex Chadwick.

In basketball, the NBA's second-round playoffs are underway. The defending champion Detroit Pistons1, playing at home, easily beat the Indiana Pacers last night 96 to 81. The Pistons and the Pacers clashed in one of the NBA's uglier games of this season, maybe ugliest ever, a fight broke out in November between the Indiana players and Detroit fans that led a player's suspension and criminal charges. Here to look at the match-up for us is Basketball Hall of Famer Nancy Lieberman. She is an analyst2 on ESPN and NBA TV and a women's basketball coach.

Alex Chadwick: Nancy, is there still tension between these two teams the Pistons and Pacers following that fight?

Nancy Lieberman: I think what's happening now is they're trying to put the past in the past and leave it there. I think for the good of the game, they have to move forward. We're talking about the playoff now, so we're talking about a different mentality3. I think both teams have done a very nice job with that.

Alex Chadwick: So they can get on the court, smile at each other and no, no hard feelings.

Nancy Lieberman: I didn't say they were smiling, I said they are getting on the court and they are playing basketball. You know, something that you don't forget, but you have to move forward.

Alex Chadwick: OK, let me ask you about Reggie Miller4. Now, this is a future hall of famer for the Pacers, but he's retiring after this year. Last night, it almost looked like he's already retired5, he's six points, this is not what they need from him, is it?

Nancy Lieberman: No, they really do need Reggie Miller's offence. He is the all-time leading 3-point shooter in the history of the NBA. He's been averaging over 20 points a game this far in the playoffs, really belying6 his age. But it's a tough matchup for him because he has to guard Rip Hamilton who's the shooting guard of the Detroit Pistons.

Alex Chadwick: And young, and really fast.

Nancy Lieberman: Very fast, you know, a lot of people have likened him to a young Reggie Miller 'cause he is so good moving without the ball and really running the defender7 off a myriad8 of picks. It's very tough to defend and takes a lot of energy.

Alex Chadwick: If you look at the playoffs overall this year, Nancy, there is no Los Angeles, there is no New York, there's no Chicago team playing really big media markets. What would the NBA like the finals to be in order to keep fans watching?

Nancy Lieberman: Oh I think it would be easy if you had some of your marti names. Certainly if the Phoenix9 Suns who led the league, they had sixty-two wins this year. They have the MVP Steve Nash if they played against Miami and Shaquille O'Neal. If they played against the defending champions um the Detroit Pistons,or even if the San Antonio Spurs and Tim Duncan, and Tim was MVP of the league a year ago and they've won a couple of championships. I think those are the teams at least have star power and have championships under their belt.

Alex Chadwick: And have really good basketball comment.

Nancy Lieberman: Oh, my gosh, the best of the NBA is happening right now. You're seeing the great players take their game up another level, you're seeing good players play at an even higher intensity10 level. Irretrievably, this is the most fun part of the year for me. I love watching the execution and the excellence11.

Alex Chadwick: Hall of Fame basketball players Nancy Lieberman, a professional women's basketball coach and analyst for ESPN, Nancy, thank you.

Nancy Lieberman: My pleasure, thank you.


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