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2005年NPR美国国家公共电台七月-Continental, American Report Profits

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Two airlines Continental1 and American are reporting something pretty rare in the airline industry lately--- profits. American Airlines, the nation's largest carrier announced yesterday that it had net earnings2 of 58 million dollars in its most recent quarter. Continental did even better posting a 100-million-dollar profit during the spring months. The move toward profitability comes even as the industry grapples with record fuel prices. NPR's Jack3 Speer reports.

If you've flown anytime over the past several months, you've probably noticed the lines at the airport ticket counter and a lack of empty seats once you are onboard your flight. Industry analyst4 Robert Maine says the combination of packed planes and aggressive cost control is starting to pay off, especially for some of the more disciplined airlines.

"American and Continental are the two carriers that're furthest along in their restructuring process, and so they are getting the maximum benefits of cost control."
Passenger traffic is up across the board at the airlines. Maine says what's helping5 American and Continental is that they took steps to rearrange their routes and now fly a higher percentage of international flights.

Some of the strongest revenue growth rates are actually the international segment. For a couple of years now, carriers are redeploying assets out of domestic network service, and deploying6 them on the international routes, and that is bearing fruit now."

And when they fly those international routes, they aren't competing with discount carriers like Southwest. But even with demand picking up and cost cuts in place, it is important to remember that neither of these airlines is talking about making a profit on the year. R* an analysts7 with * Securities says unless fuel prices come down and stay down, the traditional carriers still face plenty of challenges.

Long-term,the problem remains8 high fuel cost, too many airlines, too many hubs, too many seats and continuing pricing pressure as the low cost carriers continue to aggressively expand.

Delta9 Airlines which has been hemorrhaging money this week announced a major shake-up in its top management. And in Northwest talks between the airline and its mechanic's union appeared to have collapsed10, setting the stage for a possible strike in that airline next month.
Jack Speer NPR news Washington.


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