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2005年NPR美国国家公共电台八月-Cyberfashion: Technology You Can Wear

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This is Day to Day, I’m Milany Braney, in a few minutes we’ll hear what critics are saying about this week’s movie releases, but first in the future our coat buttons will take pictures and our underwear will telephone home when we are in trouble.

That’s a sample of the runway offer inside the 4th annual Siggraph Cyberfashion Show held earlier this week in Los Angeles. If you go to our web site in npr.org, you can see pictures from the show, as you listen to this story from our tech contributor Sheni Jardin.

I’m bringing you into my swirling1 ball of chaos2.
A cyber fashion show has one thing in common with traditional runway shows: Most of these outlandish designs won't end up in your closet anytime soon. Back stage, the event’s emcee and founder3 Isa Gorden perfected her look: a layered web of latex and leather with a crown of multi-colored braids.
Cyborg transformation4 takes quite some time; we started about 3 hours ago. So I’m halfway5 cyborged, not completely cyborged yet.

Isa’s swirling ball of chaos includes designs from familiar fashion brands like Oakley and Fossil, thrown together with those of Sony, and the MIT Media Laboratory. Stylists are putting the finishing touches on models Sara Tonin, Venus Prototype, and Stardust Angel . Everyone is working on little slip.

You can see we have all kinds of crazy clothes and crazy looking models in here. We're really trying to balance both the couture aspect and the tech aspect. And then of course we have so many pieces that do both.

Running things back stage is Janet Hanson who is dressed in, well, normal clothes. She also designs lingerie that lights up.

It’s gradually becoming more mainstream6 to have lights in your clothing or to have functionality in your clothing such as the MP3 players and phones and as electronics are with us all the time, it’s becoming more common to integrate it with the clothes, and as issues like washability and durability7 are overcome. Eventually, I, maybe we'll all be wearing light-up bras.

A lot of the designs here blinked, beeped or networked. A jacket and dress displayed luminous8 codes to identify each wearer's body temperature, just in case you want the world to know how much you are sweating. And then, there was the “hug shirt”. When your significant others are on the other side of the world, text a message to their clothing and they will feel gentle pressure like a human embrace. Isa Gorden admits that much of what's on display might seem a little weird9.

Absolutely we are weird. I think you are walking into this room and you’ll see some of the wildest, craziest looking people you have ever seen gathered in one place. But that’s the nature of culture advancement10. The status quo says, “No no, let’s keep everything this way.” The avant-garde comes along, and says, “No, let's do something wild, let’s do it different.” And somewhere in the dialogue between the two, something new emerges that becomes the new status quo.

Some clothes were designed for business. Wearable Environmental Information Networks of Japan showed a journalist’s coat called “Report the World”. The pink trench11 coat’s retro silhouette12 housed 10 hidden cameras for capturing 360 degree panoramic13 images. A finger ring speaker transmits location-based audio instructions, and a head-mounted display for reading secret documents stylishly15 encrusted with Sparavski crystals like an electric tiara. Quinn Newann modeled the coat and liked it.

See you can sort of hide, you know, so you aren't looking exactly like a reporter when you try to see what’s around you. You can hide yourself by being stylish14 but also like look around and be observant.

See you're a stealthy reporter, in hot pink. Ha,ha… Maybe stealth will be liking16 you in 2010 or 2020.

There were safety-oriented kids' wear too. Nancy Morry designed a Victorian pinafore dress with radio frequency ID tags. Her 12-year-old daughter and model Sumon thought it was cool but had design ideas of her own.

I would probably want things that would help me do my homework, track me down if I get lost or captured, and watch TV on my wrist.

But some of the designs may not be ready for the real world, maybe not even the runway. Isa or cyborg emcee had to outfit17 crash a few times during the show.

I’m sorry. I have to pause for a moment. Somehow my text in my head-mounted display has gone small, and I’m having trouble reading it, and all I have to do is select all, and change the size of the font. Oh, much better. Ok, now I can really read the words that I intended to speak here tonight. Thank you all for your patience.

So will consumers be as patient when their clothes start malfunctioning18? Time will tell. Either way, one thing is certain: they are gonna look fabulous19.

For NPR news, I’m Sheny Jardin.
Let's just say if someone’s underwear is calling me. I’m running and go straight to voice mail.

More coming up on Day to Day, NPR news.
runway: 模特表演的T台
latex: 乳胶
cyborg: cybernetic organism受控机体
status quo: (拉丁)社会现状,social situation as it is now
tiara: 头饰,皇冠


1 swirling Ngazzr     
v.旋转,打旋( swirl的现在分词 )
  • Snowflakes were swirling in the air. 天空飘洒着雪花。 来自《现代汉英综合大词典》
  • She smiled, swirling the wine in her glass. 她微笑着,旋动着杯子里的葡萄酒。 来自辞典例句
2 chaos 7bZyz     
  • After the failure of electricity supply the city was in chaos.停电后,城市一片混乱。
  • The typhoon left chaos behind it.台风后一片混乱。
3 Founder wigxF     
  • He was extolled as the founder of their Florentine school.他被称颂为佛罗伦萨画派的鼻祖。
  • According to the old tradition,Romulus was the founder of Rome.按照古老的传说,罗穆卢斯是古罗马的建国者。
4 transformation SnFwO     
  • Going to college brought about a dramatic transformation in her outlook.上大学使她的观念发生了巨大的变化。
  • He was struggling to make the transformation from single man to responsible husband.他正在努力使自己由单身汉变为可靠的丈夫。
5 halfway Xrvzdq     
  • We had got only halfway when it began to get dark.走到半路,天就黑了。
  • In study the worst danger is give up halfway.在学习上,最忌讳的是有始无终。
6 mainstream AoCzh9     
  • Their views lie outside the mainstream of current medical opinion.他们的观点不属于当今医学界观点的主流。
  • Polls are still largely reflects the mainstream sentiment.民调还在很大程度上反映了社会主流情绪。
7 durability Orxx5     
  • Nylons have the virtue of durability.尼龙丝袜有耐穿的优点。
8 luminous 98ez5     
  • There are luminous knobs on all the doors in my house.我家所有门上都安有夜光把手。
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9 weird bghw8     
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10 advancement tzgziL     
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12 silhouette SEvz8     
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13 panoramic LK3xM     
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14 stylish 7tNwG     
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15 stylishly 72e312749d6cde40dfb023485f81b700     
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19 fabulous ch6zI     
  • We had a fabulous time at the party.我们在晚会上玩得很痛快。
  • This is a fabulous sum of money.这是一笔巨款。
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