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2005年NPR美国国家公共电台九月-Eisner Bids Farewell to Disney

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In today's business news, we look at the end of an era at Walt/ Disney.
Today is Michael Eisner 's last day as chief executive of the Walt Disney company.
NPR's Kim Masters has this report:

Eisner held the top job at Disney for 21 years , that's a good run, but when he speculated on his longevity1 a few years ago on the

Charlie Rose Show, he thought he might stay longer than that.
Well, assuming good health which I have, I would expect to stay there forever at least as long as I am alive.

When Eisner took over as chairman and chief executive in 1984, Disney was adrift, he moved quickly to exploit the company’s untapped resources. he boosted profits instantly merely by raising the price of a ticket to the theme parks.
The company made a fortune by releasing its animated2 classics on video. Eisner’s team then transformed Disney into a media colossus.
The company acquired ABC and ESPN, opened new theme parks and launched cruise ships as well as Broadway shows .
It released animated hits like Beauty and the Beast and Lion King.
But in the latter half of his tenure3, Eisner engaged in a series of high profile battles, an embarrassing and costly4 lawsuit5 resulted after his 1994 firing of studio chief Jeffrey Katzenberg, who had presided over Disney's resurgence6 in animation7. More litigation sprang from his expensive firing of former super agent Michael Ovitz as president of the company in 1996.and there were other draining fights .
As Disney 's homegrown animation faltered8 after Katzenberg 's departure, the company enjoyed a partnership9 with animation powerhouse Pixar until Eisner clashed with Steven Jobs.
Then there was Einser's run-in with Roy Disney. Walt’s nephew led a devastating10 shareholder11 revolt in 2004 ,that led to Eisner losing his chairman's title and eventually his job.
Eisner 's departure came far sooner than he anticipated .
At 63 Eisner may well have another act in him, but what he plans to do next is not known.
Back when he talked to Charlie Rose , he was only 55,and he couldn’t envision life after Disney .
Can you imagine leaving at 65? No . you cann't .
No ,no ,what would I do? I do not know ,I am not good at gardening ,you don't want to.......
It seems doubtful that Eisner 's future will involve a rake and a bag of fertilizer.
Replacing Eisner at Disney is former No 2 man Robert Iger ,he has already made peace with Roy Disney. Many in Hollywood expect/ that a new deal with Pixar is next .

Kim Masters ,NPR news, Los Angeles.


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