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2006年NPR美国国家公共电台十二月-Native Americans Bristle at Smoking Bans

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More coming up on Day to Day from NPR News.

From NPR News, it's Day to Day. Americans are loath1 to vote for higher taxes, except when it comes to smoking. On election days, states like Arizona and South Dakota voted for increased taxes on the sales of tobacco products. Anti-smoking ballot2 initiatives passed in several states. But several semi-autonomous Indian reservations have opted3 out of these smoking bans. Wisconsin public radio's Brian Bull explains why.

At a James Will Wisconsin ranch4, several native Americans drum and sing to celebrate the birth of a white buffalo5, which they consider sacred. Azlamashelve, a Lakota from Chicago, is standing6 in a field, cradling a red clay pipe with a wooden stem.

"I brought my sacred pipe with me and just those medicines that go in the pipe and my heart."

Lakota tradition says white-buffalo-calf women taught that tobacco is a sacrament. Smoke from the pipe rises as an offering and prayer to the creator. Nearby, other Indians chat and puff7 away on cigarettes. That's a common scene that troubles Mark Caskey, wellness director for the Menomonee tribe.

"I see that once in a while about traditional, ceremonial use of tobacco and how that's really blurred8 today with commercial abuse of tobacco. Some native people have told me there isn't any difference."

Caskey says many Indians today smoke for leisure; so many that they are the leading group for smoking rates. Popular brands of commercial tobacco sport Indian chiefs in peace pipes on their labels. Unlike indigenous9 varieties, commercial tobacco's chemicals make it more potent10 and addictive11. Figures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show 33% of native American smoke, compared to 22% for whites and blacks and only 11% for Asian Americans. Caskey says many Indian smokers12 start very young.

"I had a native American female, and her brother brought her in to help her quit smoking because she was smoking a pack a day, and spending all of her money on Marlboros at 12 years old."

Caskey is pushing tribal13 members to stop leisure smoking. At a health conference in Green Bay, he explains traditional tobacco uses, some of which don't require smoking.

"The phenomenon in C(name of a region) used tobacco like a bad storm would be coming and they put it down on a rock to control the spirits that caused the bad storm…"

But outside the conference room, some Indian attendees reach for their cigarettes before rejoining the health conference. Like the Flambeau tribal member Brian Jackson supports the anti-smoking effort, but says it's hard getting fellow natives to sign on.

"You find people kinda hesitate, you know, who are you to tell me stop smoking. I don't need people to tell me what is proper use and what is not."

F. Brame is a Crow Indian mother of two, who lives in Montana. She says, for her, smoking eases the doldrums of reservation life.

"Because the economy is so bad, and everything is so hard, and everyone is so stressed out, and that's a little break from all of that."

Brame says cessation programs are a tough sale in Indian country, because smoking is so ingrained in native culture. Won Choy, at the University of Kansas Medical Center, researches native Americans' smoking. He directs a culturally attuned14 program for Indian smokers.

"At 6 months, the cessation where to somewhere around 28%, comparable to the current sort of successful program that you find among other ethnic15 groups."

Choy says the trick is not to demonize tobacco, which can alienate16 Indians, but emphasize its cultural rather than recreational holidays.

For NPR News, I am Brian Bull in Medicine Wisconsin.
[基督教] 圣礼, (the sacrament) 基督教圣餐
A period of stagnation17 or slump18.
A period of depression or unhappy listlessness.
To bring into a harmonious19 or responsive relationship:
an industry that is not attuned to the demands of the market.


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吸烟者( smoker的名词复数 )
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