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NPR 2008-05-08

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Senator Barack Obama won a big victory in North Carolina last night. He was ahead by 14 points with 93% of the vote counted. NPR’s Mara Liasson reports.

 Barack Obama ended last night with more delegates and popular votes than Senator Clinton. A visibly relieved Obama stood before supporters in Raleigh, North Carolina last night and assured them that his nomination1 was close at hand. “Tonight, we stand less than 200 delegates away from securing the Democratic nomination for president of the United States.” Obama had weathered the worst two months of his campaign. He’d been damaged by the comments of his former pastor2 and by his own comments about bitter small town voters. But last night’s results showed that hasn’t prevented him from winning Democratic primaries or in winning the votes of super delegates. And today, his campaign expects more super delegates will be announcing their support for Obama. Mara liasson, NPR News, Washington.

 Rival Hillary Clinton, meanwhile, was not deterred3. Her narrow Indiana win gave her hope. “I’m going to work my heart out in West Virginia and Kentucky this month, and I, I intend to win them in November in the general election.” Clinton told supporters it’s “full speed ahead” to the White House”. Obama, however, is closest to winning the majority of pledged delegates. He’s fewer than 200 away from the number needed. But with the race so close, super delegates are likely to play a pivotal role in deciding the winner of the Democratic presidential nomination.

 It’s estimated that a million people in Myanmar are homeless after a devastating4 cyclone5 on Saturday. The death toll6 has topped 22,000 with more than 40,000 missing. UN officials have declared the Myanmar delta7 a major disaster. They say some aid is starting to reach people in and around the largest city Yangon, but getting visas for aid workers to go into the country has been a problem. NPR’s Michele Kelemen reports.

 The World Food Program’s regional director in Asia, Tony Banbury, says his UN agency has started to deliver stockpiles of rice it had in Myanmar and he said the government has agreed to let WFP fly in some emergency food supplies. “The government is overwhelmed by the scale of this disaster. It took them time to realize how much devastation8 there was. They are reacting. They’ve agreed to give us some visas. They’ve agreed to let us bring food in and we do see signs of important cooperation.” But some UN workers are still waiting for visas to go to Myanmar to help. A US disaster assistance response team is also standing9 by in neighboring Thailand. President Bush, an outspoken10 critic of Myanmar’s military rulers, said he would offer US naval11 assets if the American experts can get in. Michele Kelemen, NPR News, Washington.

 Oil prices held steady in Asian trading today. US light crude for June delivery fell by seven cents to $121.77 a barrel in electronic trading. This is NPR News.

 Israel today observes Memorial Day for fallen soldiers and victims of terrorism. Tonight, celebrations for the country’s 60th anniversary get under way. NPR’s Linda Gradstein reports.

 Israelis stopped their cars and stood in silence to remember the more than 22,000 soldiers killed since 1948. Memorial ceremonies were held at military cemeteries12 around Israel. Speaking at the official ceremony in Jerusalem, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert addressed the bereaved13 families directly, saying “We will always hold in our hearts a debt of honor to your children”. All places of entertainment are closed until dusk and flags fly at half-staff. After dark, the mood will change dramatically and celebrations of Israel’s 60th anniversary will begin with music and fireworks. Police are on high alert for possible terrorist attacks. Linda Gradstein, NPR News, Jerusalem.

 It wasn’t long ago that ethanol, made from corn, was seen as the way to energy independence and a green fuel that would help take the country away from climate-changing fossil energy. Democrats14 and Republicans cheered its benefits as Congress directed a fivefold increase in ethanol use as a motor fuel. President Bush called it key to his strategy to cut gasoline use by 20% by 2010. But now, that has changed. With skyrocketing food costs and hunger spreading across the globe, there are second thoughts. And there is talk of asking the government to cut this year’s mandate15 for nine billion gallons of corn ethanol in a bid to ease food costs. The dramatic reversal has stunned16 producers and its supporters in the nation’s capital.


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16 stunned 735ec6d53723be15b1737edd89183ec2     
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  • The leaders of the Kopper Company were then stunned speechless. 科伯公司的领导们当时被惊得目瞪口呆。
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