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NPR 2008-05-26

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A strong aftershock jolted1 Central China today, even as emergency workers were looking for more victims from this month's earthquake there. Today's temblor had a magnitude of six and it destroyed thousands of mainly vacant homes and buildings, at least one person ,though, was killed. NPR's Anthony Kuhn has more from Sichuan Province.

 The reaction was, at first, panic and terror, you can just see it on people's faces, looks of absolute terror as they came running out of theirhouses. And of course, they turned around and looked up the mountainside to see if there were any boulders2 hurtling down them. And of course, I, myself, was very touched that they would, you know, think to protect the visitor by huddling3 around me. The aftershock only lasted for about four or five seconds. NPR's Anthony Kuhn in China's Sichuan Province.

 The Libertarian Party has chosen former Republican Congressman4 Bob Barr to be the party's presidential nominee5. As NPR's Jeff Brady reports, the win did not come easily.

 It took six rounds of balloting6 of more than four hours for Barr to get support from the majority of the 650 delegates who attended the convention. During two of the rounds, Barr and long-time Libertarian activist7 Mary Ruwart were tied. But after he won, Barr predicted the party would have the strongest ticket in its 37-year history. "And then I want everybody to remember that we have only 163 days to win this election, do not waste one single day. " Barr had faced repeated criticism during the convention, because he has been a libertarian for only two years. He also sponsored the Defense8 of Marriage Act and supported the Patriot9 Act, both are unpopular among libertarians. Barr now says he opposes both. Jeff Brady, NPR News, Denver.

 In less than an hour, NASA's Phoenix10 Mars Lander is set to touch down on the red planet. NPR's Joe Palca is at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California.

 NASA decided11 to send a mission to the north polar region on Mars, because scientists say there is water in the form of ice under the soil near the poles. The Phoenix Lander has instruments onboard that can measure the physical and chemical characteristics of the ice. The mission won't be able to tell whether anything is living in the water, but it can tell whether the water could support life: not too acidic or too salty, for example. The mission has only one chance to land. It enters the atmosphere at more than 12, 000 miles per hour. The heat shield,  parachute and rocket engines will slow the craft down enough for a gentle touchdown if everything goes well. Mission scientist Peter Smith of the University of California says it's a fine day on Mars for a landing. "The sky is clear. We've been watching the weather, everything is set for us, (we) have a sunny day. " The landing is set for shortly before 8:00 tonight Eastern Time. Joe Palca, NPR News, Pasadena.

 An international conference in Myanmar has yielded pledges of tens of millions of dollars in help for people left homeless by Cyclone12 Nargis, but the help is contingent13 on the country allowing relief workers and assessment14 teams in.

 This is NPR News from Washington.

 International relief groups are set to provide help for tens of thousands of people who have fled fighting between Sudan's army and former southern rebels. Lisa Schlein has the story from Geneva.

 Around 60, 000 people have been displaced by fighting in Abyei. Spokesman for the International Organization for Migration15, Jean-Philippe Chauzy, says two convoys16 of relief goods are expected to arrive in the area over the weekend. "The situation of the displaced is seen, is said to be very bad and in desperate need of shelter, food, water and medical assistance. Of course, the relief operation is incredibly complicated because of chronic17 insecurity, because of the poor state of roads. " Both northern and southern Sudan cover the oil-rich town of Abyei. Three years after Sudan’s civil war ended, the area remains18 disputed. Analysts19 warn it could be the flash point to reignite war in Sudan, if this issue is not resolved quickly. For NPR News, I'm Lisa Schlein in Geneva.

 The sound of the annual Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Ride to honor military veterans, including those held captive or missing in action, drew tens of thousands of people to the nation's capital today. This was the 21st annual Rolling Thunder event. The group's executive director presented President Bush with a cowhide vest jacket at the White House and made him an honorary member.

 There was a close finish at this year's Indy 500. Scott Dixon of New Zealand crossed the finish line less than two seconds before Vitor Meira. Michael Andretti came in third. It was the first Indy 500 win for Dixon who led for most of the race.


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