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NPR 2008-05-21

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Polls have closed in Kentucky at this hour with voters there casting ballots1 in the state's primary. Up for grabs are a total of 51 convention delegates. Based on exit polls and early returns, NPR is now projecting Hillary Clinton is the winner of that state's primary. Clinton, joined by her husband, former President Bill Clinton, campaigned extensively in the state in Louisville this hour. David Greene has been following the Clinton campaign and describes where the former first lady goes from here.

I'm not sure Bill Clinton could have beaten Barack Obama.

Kentucky had a lot of the same kinds of voters who have helped Clinton get wins in, in states like West Virginia and Ohio, and Pennsylvania:predominantly white, older, less affluent2, working- class, blue-collar voters,er,voters in rural communities that Hillary Clinton visited in Kentucky. So,so she really was expecting a win here, and that the question is gonna be: what sort of momentum4, if any, does this give to her? She says that she’s going to be fighting on from here. She says that There's not officially going to be a Democratic nominee——(not) now,(not)tomorrow or (not)in the next couple of days. And she is going to finish out the process, but she is certainly facing an uphill battle, but hopes to,to use Kentucky as,as one more state to,to bolster5 her argument. NPR's David Greene in Louisville. Once again, based on early returns of the Kentucky primary today, NPR is declaring Hillary Clinton is the winner. That's about 15% of the votes now in there.

Massachusetts Senator Ted3 Kennedy will remain in a Boston hospital for the next several days, following the diagnosis6 he has a malignant7 brain tumor8. Kennedy suffered a seizure9 over the weekend at his Cape10 Cod11 home and had to be airlifted to the hospital. Current plans call for a combination of radiation and chemotherapy. Reaction from colleagues was quick in coming. Speaker Nancy Pelosi referred to Kennedy as a fighter and said the good wishes of his fellow lawmakers are with him. "I know I speak for all of my colleagues when I say that our prayers and thoughts and good wishes are with Senator Kennedy, with his wife Vicki, with our colleague Patrick, his son, and with the entire Kennedy family. " Kennedy, who is 76 years old,is said to be in good spirits according to his doctors. He is the senior senator from Massachusetts and the second longest serving member of the US Senate.

Computer maker12, Hewlett-Packard, posted a rise in its quarterly earnings13 today, primarily citing strength in its international business. HP, the world's largest computer maker, says for its second fiscal14 quarter, net profits totaled 2. 1 billion dollars or 80 cents a share, that's compared with 1. 8 billion dollars or 65 cents a share a year ago. The company says revenues rose to 28. 3 billion dollars, a gain of 11% from a year earlier.

On Wall Street today, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was down 199 points to close at 12, 828. The NASDAQ lost 23 points. The S&P 500 fell 13 points. This is NPR.

A measure that would allow the Justice Department to sue members of OPEC for limiting oil supplies and setting crude oil prices has overwhelmingly cleared the House. The bill, which would subject cartel members including Saudi Arabia, Iran and Venezuela to the same antitrust laws US companies face, passed by a 324-84 vote. The White House had threatened to veto the bill. However, the vote was by a large enough majority to override15 a presidential veto. The legislation would also call for creation of a Justice Department task force to aggressively investigate gasoline price gouging16 and manipulation of the energy markets.

A detainee held for four years at Guantanamo Bay told his story to Congress today. It's the first time a Congressional panel heard directly from a former so-called “enemy combatant”. NPR's Debbie Elliott reports.

Murat Kurnaz is a Turkish national born in Germany. He was apprehended17 while on a religious tour in Pakistan just after 9/11. He testified by video conference to a House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee, describing conditions at a secret US prison in Afghanistan and at Guantanamo. Kurnaz said he was shocked, hung from the ceiling by his wrists and subjected to, what he called, the "water treatment". " There was a bucket of water, and they stick my head into the water and, in the same time, they punched me into my stomach, so I had to inhale18 all those water. " Kurnaz says he was deprived of food and water, and repeatedly asked to sign false confessions19, even though documents revealed US agents had concluded he was not a terrorist shortly after his detention20. Debbie Elliott, NPR News, the Capitol.

Once again, NPR's projecting Hillary Clinton is the winner in the Kentucky primary. Voters were also casting ballots in Oregon today in that state's primary.


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