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NPR 2009-08-06

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Former Democratic Congressman1 Bill Jefferson was convicted today on 11 felony counts, including charges of taking bribes3. NPR's Peter Overby has details.

A jury at Federal District Court in Alexandria, Virginia returned a verdict after nearly four days of deliberation. Jefferson was an 18-year Congressman from New Orleans. He'd been videotaped reaching into a car trunk and taking a briefcase4 that held $100,000. Ninety thousand of that turned up in his freezer when FBI agents raided his house three days later. Defense5 attorneys argued that Jefferson was acting6 as a private businessman, not a member of Congress. The case is a big victory for the Justice Department and its Public Integrity Section. They've been under criticism for bringing controversial cases. Earlier this year, DOJ won the conviction of Alaska Senator Ted2 Stevens, but the case collapsed7 amid charges of prosecutorial8 misconduct. Jefferson lost his reelection bid last fall. Peter Overby, NPR news, Washington.

The two American journalists released from prison in North Korea yesterday are back in the United States, arriving in Los Angeles this morning. Euna Lee and Laura Ling have been sentenced to 12 years hard labor9 for illegally entering North Korea.  During a visit in Pyongyang yesterday by former President Bill Clinton, they were pardoned and released. Former Vice10 President Al Gore11, head of Current TV where the reporters work, was among those at the airport this morning, welcoming them home.

A missile strike by a US drone in Pakistan's northern region has reportedly killed one of the wives of Pakistan's top Taliban commander, Baitullah Mehsud. The missile has reportedly struck a house in a Mehsud's stronghold.

Iraq's Prime Minister has pledged to dismantle12 the blast walls that divide the capital and had contributed to the drop in sectarian violence. The announcement comes a month after US troops withdrew from Iraqi cities. NPR's Deborah Amos has more from Baghdad.

The towering concrete blocks barricade13 neighborhoods and protect government buildings but also snarl14 traffic and anger residents who often wait for hours at checkpoints to get home. A year ago, the government commissioned Baghdad artists to beautify the great slabs15. Still, most Iraqis hate the wall that makes the city unrecognizable. A decree from the Prime Minister's office pledged to dismantle all the walls in 40 days--a sign of the government's growing confidence in handling security since US troops withdrew from urban areas last month. Opposition16 politicians charged the Prime Minister's 40-day goal is just politicking17 ahead of the January elections. They say it's impossible to remove that much concrete. Deborah Amos, NPR News, Baghdad.

On Wall Street today, the Dow closed down 39 points at 9,280. The NASDAQ lost 18 points to close at 1,993. The S&P fell two points.

This is NPR.

The economy lost about 370,000 jobs in July, according to the business services firm ADP. That's the smallest drop in the job market since October, indicating that while the number of jobs isn't growing, its decline is slowing. Still, ADP expects several more months of decline.  And the survey by an outplacement firm found a 30% jump in planned layoffs18.

The Los Angeles Police Chief announced today he's stepping down. Hettie Lynne Hurtes of member station KPCC has details.

Chief William Bratton says he's leaving the LAPD October 31st after seven years on the job. Bratton will be stepping down from the department with three years left on his second five-year term. The decision comes just weeks after a judge released the department from eight years of oversight19 by the Department of Justice, which had alleged20 a long pattern of abuse. Under Bratton, Los Angeles has seen a significant drop in crime over the last six years. Bratton was elected the head of the LAPD after serving as chief executive of police in New York. Bill Bratton says he plans to move back east to work for Altegrity, a private global security company. For NPR news, I'm Hettie Lynne Hurtes in Los Angeles.

President Obama visited a part of Indiana, where unemployment has reached nearly 17 percent, telling residents the economy is beginning to turn around. He also said a new 2.4-billion-dollar federal grant program will create new jobs.

With these investments we're planting the seeds of progress for our country and good paying private sector21 jobs for the American people.

The President says the grants are aimed at companies developing the next generation of fuel-efficient cars and trucks.


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