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CNN 2012-02-01

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 First up.We are reporting on rescue efforts in Brazil after the sudden collapse1 of several buildings.This happened in historic center of Rio de Janeiro.One of the buildings is 20-stories high,the other was 10 and 4 stories.They were commercial buildings so they were mostly empty when they collapsed2 on Wednesday night.Dust and rubble3 were flying over air when the buildings came down.As Thursday morning,the emergency workers have recovered 3 bodies from the wreckage4.They have also rescued 5 people who have been injured.16 people were still missing.Official say they didn't immediately know what caused these buildings to collapse.They were investigating whether it might have been a structure failure or the possibility of gas leak.Fire official reported the strong smell of gas in the area after the collapse.

Davos,Switzerland, is our next stop of our round up of today's global.Every year Davos hosts the conference that run by the World Economic Forum5.This year's meeting started on Wednesday and run through the weekend.The theme is the Great Transformation6 .Political leaders,business executives,academics all come here to talk about global issue during the annual meeting.Some subjects of agenda this year include China's economic power and the debt crisis in European.There are also sections of the impact of the political uprising like last year's so-called Arab Spring and one on the role the United States plays in the global economy.
From Switzerland,we are heading out to Slovakia,the pretty scary moments in ice skating rink there.These hockey players are parts of the Youth League.They are just having a regular practice.What was happened next?There were huge pieces of ice.They started falling from the ceiling.You can see the roof above.It starts to eventually give way.There it is. Snow was piling up on top of the roof outside.
No one takes any chances.The players and their parents immediately took off.Everyone get out before this happened before the roof completely caved in,so thankfully,nobody got hurt.This icy rink just opened last November though it looks like it could be a while before anyone use it for another hockey practice.
We wanna see you on a upcoming edition CNN Student News.And this is how you can do it.You can record yourself on either a camera or a phone like you see me doing right now talking about black history month.It's next month.We want you to tell us in 60 seconds or last about important figures in history. We don't want hear any music or see any picture.We just want to see you talking.Send it to iReport at CNN Student News and then look for our response in your email inbox.
Today's Shoutout goes out to Ms. Cook's US history classes at Cosumnes Oaks high school at Elk7 Grove8, California. What organ in the human body is surrounded by cerebrospinal fluid. Here we go. Is it the heart, brain, lungs or pancreas? You've got three seconds.Go.
Cerebrospinal fluid supports the brain and acts like a cushion during head injuries. That's your answer, and that's your Shout Out.
There is a CNN documentary premiering this weekend,that examines certain types of brain injuries.The program is called"Big Hits,Broken Dreams" and the host CNN Dr.SC explores the impact of concussions10 on young athlete so really a relevant topic especially to a lot of new high school football players here and I have chance to talk with Dr.about symptoms and effects of these injuries.
Dr.S can you start for us by just defining exactly what concussion9 is?
Well,let me say one thing.That is not.It doesn't mean you have to lose consciousness.I mean it's misconception.You lose consciousness that is not a concussion.A concussion is a type of brain injury where basically lots of thing firing and burning them at given time.This is disruption so people feel some altered sensation,altered vision.They may feel like their hearing is in a tint11 box,they may get numb12 and they may get confused so it can be anything vague but definitely people know it when they have it.
Why it is more dangerous for young people to take bigger hits than adult?
This is a bit counterintuitive,because typically young kinds and children are usually resilient for sorts of injuries. When it comes to the brain,it is a little bit different though,and that's because the brain is still forming,still developing at that age.And what they are found in a very objective studies is that you can have a lot of these hits a young person.You created some changes to the brain that can interfere13 with this development and lead to life-long problem,whether be memory problem,whether be emotional problem such as depression or anger but it's more bets a little bit more pronounced a young person.
Concussions are often caused by a shock to a head so it common to see them in contests for like football.That's what Doctor SC focused on in this CNN documentary.Parts of what he looked at is how scientists are studying the injuries and working to prevent them.


1 collapse aWvyE     
  • The country's economy is on the verge of collapse.国家的经济已到了崩溃的边缘。
  • The engineer made a complete diagnosis of the bridge's collapse.工程师对桥的倒塌做了一次彻底的调查分析。
2 collapsed cwWzSG     
  • Jack collapsed in agony on the floor. 杰克十分痛苦地瘫倒在地板上。
  • The roof collapsed under the weight of snow. 房顶在雪的重压下突然坍塌下来。
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10 concussions ebee0d61c35c23e20ab8cf62dd87c418     
n.震荡( concussion的名词复数 );脑震荡;冲击;震动
  • People who have concussions often trouble thinking or remembering. 患脑震荡的人通常存在思考和记忆障碍。 来自互联网
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