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CNN 2012-02-06

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 We're turning to U.S. politics now with Florida's primary in the real view mirror. The leading republican presidential candidates are setting their sights westward1. That's where several of this month's contests take place.

This Saturday, we have the Nevada caucuses2, the main Caucueses start on Saturday as well those last a week. On Feburey 7th, Colorado and Minnesota hold Caucuses and Missouri holds its primary election. And the month runs up with primary in Arizona and Michigen.
We've talk a lot this week about delegates. Right now, we are pretty early in the game, none of the republican candidates has 10% of the number of the delegate they need to win the party's nomination3. After Florida's primary , CNN's John King and Wolf Blitzer talked about how the numbers could shake up going forward.
So we're done with Jan. Now we're up to Feb right now.Feburry is the month that looks like it's bulid for Mitt4 Romney. I'm going to do this hyperthaticly at home, if you are Ron Paul's supporters, Newt Gingrich's supporters, Rich Santurom's supporters, you might not like this. But let just say hyperthaticly ,Mitt Romoney runs the Calendar in Feb and the very Caucuses, Minnesota, Missouri, and Colorado. Mirrori is a little complicated on how they award it , but I'm going to give it to him here. There's an another process later on.
The Maine is the state where we'd better watch Ron Paul. here for the sake of argument , I'm gonna give it to Mitt Romoney again, Ron Paul could win the state of Maine. So we get through Feb 11th there. And then you have the two big conference in Feb at the end, Arizona and Michigan. Again,this is the Hypothetical. I'm just saying if Mitt Romney runs the month of Feb, He will get to 226, Gingrich, Santorum and Paul would stay right there. 1144 is what you needs so that's a big lead but it is the very very long way to the finish line, which is why Newt Gingrich says I'm going stay in the race, because then we're up to March. March 3th, the Washington Caucuses, again I'm going to give that one to Ron Paul, he may win one of these Caucuses states. That's for the Hypothetical, give that Ron Paul,he could win more than one but let us give him one there. And you move on here, Super Thusday, this is why Gingrich in the race right here. But you see Virginia flashing in an important point, Newt Gingrich's knocked on the ballot6, the southern state. This could come back to haunt him if this goes on, he also hasn't failed in some delegates slates7 in Tennessee. So he can win the state and knocked it all the delegates. This is a hypothetical giving some states to Romney. You see them dark red. The southern state of Oklahoma to Newt Gingrich, that gets Gingrich. Romney is still pulling ahead but coming now let's go through the month. Let's just split right there, Kansas, the virgin5 islands in there. Then we come again. This is why Gingrich said he'll stay in the race. You get Alabama and Mississippi. If you give those to Gingrich, then we are moving on again. The Missouri caucuses, I told you that for two step-process, I give it back to Romney there again. for the sake of argument, we'll give it ??? and then you come here.
Illinois will be Romney. You get later, Louisiana, another southern state. We'll give that to Gingrich for the sake of argument, and here's where Gingrich wants to stay in the race, Wisconsin, Maryland, the big prize of Texas. Remember when Rick Perry jumped out, he endorsed8 Speaker Gingrich. So again, for the sake of argument we'll give up here to Mitt Romney, down here to Newt Gingrich, look what happens with Texas, Wolf. We could get to the point where we're at April 3th and Romney's ahead and we will take this off now because he is closer to the finish line. He's closer. But Gingrich is in the ball park then. That's what he's hoping to take this race on to then and make it a case.


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  • We live on the westward slope of the hill.我们住在这座山的西山坡。
  • Explore westward or wherever.向西或到什么别的地方去勘探。
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  • Republican caucuses will happen in about 410 towns across Maine. 共和党团会议选举将在缅因州的约410个城镇进行。 来自互联网
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  • The committee endorsed an initiative by the chairman to enter discussion about a possible merger. 委员会通过了主席提出的新方案,开始就可能进行的并购进行讨论。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • The government has broadly endorsed a research paper proposing new educational targets for 14-year-olds. 政府基本上支持建议对14 岁少年实行新教育目标的研究报告。 来自《简明英汉词典》
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