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CNN 2012-02-12

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 Imagine arriving at arcade1 the and having to wait in a long wait behind your grandparents.That's the story coming up.I am CA.You are watching CNN students news.

First up.It was sweet for former senator and current presidential candidate,Rick Santorum, three states,three victories.Santorum finished in the first place,Tuesday in caucuses2 in Minnesota and Colorado the Republican primary in Missouri.There's still a long way to go.The goal of primaries or caucuses for all of the candidates is to win delegates.Once a candidate wins enough,he wins the party's nomination3.These events run through the end of June.The next ones are in February 28th. Some experts say the Tuesday night results could reshape the race for Republican nomination.Here's how the candidate reacted after Tuesday's contests.
We definitely are the campaign right now with the momentum,the enthusiasm on the ground and we feel very good.The delegates count will at least match may be even exceed what we received in Colorado and Minnesota.
This was a good night for Rick Santorum.I wanna congratulate senator Santorum wish him very best.We are keeping on campaigning down on the road but I expect to become our nominee4 with your help.
Our goal is through Super Tuesday, we then go to Alabama and Mississippi and then we go to Texas and our hope is by the time we get to Texas on April 6th,then we are basically pretty close to a tie with Governor Romney.
We do have to do is to start picking up and we have some others.We are optimistic, we are going to keep picking delegates that's what other ones are doing.Everybody else is you know,about this moment jump ahead the Romney but I will tell you.We think we are gonna  keep doing this.
American military mission in Iraq ended last December.There was a ceremony in Baghdad and another one in US Air Force base later.But there's one veterans group that pushing through an integrity that honor all men and women who severed5 in Iraq War.It's led to a debate about when that might happen and why it hasn't happened yet.BT has more.
A fitting tribute to the superball champs down New York so-calledcanyon of heroesbut some others are now wondering why not us?
I think most Americans agree that the giants deserve superball so do the one million Iraq veterans deserve.
HR, who served in combats in Iraq is head of the group Iraq and Afghanistan veterans of Americans.He's petitioning government officials to throw a parade for troops returning from Iraq.It's a sentiment that gathered critical mass on the campaign trail.It frustrates6 me greatly as we come homes from one of those theaters.(sigh)That our government,this administration, refused to give them the sample acknowledgment of a job well-done, with parade on the main streets Washington DC,New York City.
There are certainly a template for after the first Gulf7 War in 1991,parades were through for those returning troops laid down Constitution Avenue here in Washington and in New York.Events that cost millions of dollars and attracted national media to cover it.
Impressive showing of troops,weaponry,aircraft.It recalled the rollicking parade after both World Wars,but notably8 missing after Vietnam.For troops from Iraq War,Saint Louise decided9 to go ahead with the parade recently,and the White House planned on holding dinner for some Iraq veterans but top Pentagon officers say a national parade would be premature10.
Chairman and other senior military leaders not think it's appropriate at this given time with service members ,in large numbers,fighting in Afghanistan to hold a national level parade in the New York City.
But analysts11 say another factors at play could be this image. Major combats operations in Iraq have ended.
No one wants to be criticized for declaring victory prematurely12.
It really shows how controversy13 the Iraq War is, even when it's over.People were debating whether we won or lost.And I think the Pentagon  seems to have the mentality14 of not wanting to declare mission accomplished15  in a situation where the outcome is so ambiguous.
Col. David Lapan at the Pentagon says the joint16 chairman is not thinking along those lines and he says he hopes a national level  parade will take place as soon as both wars have been concluded.
RT,CNN Washington. 


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