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A few weeks after my eighth birthday, my grandmother took me to visit her friend Naomi. The rooms Naomi lived in could have been called a 1)flat, I suppose, but it wasn’t a flat in a modern block. It was in a part of 2)Jerusalem where the houses were built around a central 3)courtyard, and four or five families shared the building.

In this courtyard, there were pots filled with 4)geraniums outside one door and some watermelon seeds drying on a brass1 5)tray outside another. A small sand-colored cat with 6)limp, white paws was sleeping in a patch of shade. Naomi’s rooms were on the upper story of the house. It was about three o’clock in the afternoon, all the 7)shutters were closed. Perhaps everyone who lived here was old and taking an afternoon 8)nap.

The sun pressed down on the butter-yellow flag stones of the courtyard and the walls glittered in the heat. Suddenly I heard a noise in the middle of all the silence. A 9)cooing, a 10)whirring of small wings. I turned round to look and there almost within reach of my hand was a white dove sitting on the 11)balcony 12)railing.

“How lovely!” I said to it. “You’re a lovely bird then. Where have you come from?”

The bird 13)cocked its head and looked exactly as though it were about to answer. Then it changed its mind and in a 14)blur3 of white feathers, it flew off the railing and was gone. I leaned over to look for it in the courtyard and thought I saw it just there on a step. I ran down the stairs after it. But it was nowhere to be seen. A girl of about my age was standing4 beside a pot of geraniums.

Where had she come from? She wore a white dress, which fell almost to her 15)ankles. I thought, “She must be very religious.” I knew that very 16)devout5 Jews wore old-fashioned clothes. “Have you seen a white dove?” I asked her. “It was up there a moment ago.”

The girl smiled. She said, “Sometimes I dream that I’m a dove. Do you believe in dreams?”

“I do.”

“My name is Tsipporah, which means ‘bird’, so of course I feel exactly like a bird sometimes. What do you feel like?”

I didn’t know what to say. I was thinking, “This girl is mad.”

My name is Rachel, which means “17)yew6 lamb”, but I never feel 18)wooly7 or 19)frisky8. My cousin is called Ariy which means “lion” and he’s not a bit 20)tawny9 or fierce. I said, “I just feel like myself.”

“Then you’re lucky,” said Tsiporrah. “Sometimes I think I will turn into a bird at any moment. In fact, look! It’s happening. Feathers, white feathers on my arms!”

I did look. She 21)held out her arms and cocked her head, and I blinked in the sunlight which all at once was shining straight into my eyes and dazzling me, but in the light I could see, I think I saw, though it’s hard to remember exactly, a 22)flapping, a 23)vibration10 of wings and the crrr crrr of soft dove sounds filling every space in my head. I closed my eyes and opened them again slowly. Tsipporah had disappeared.

I could see a white bird over on the other side of the courtyard and I ran towards it calling, “Tsiporrah, if it’s you, come back! Come back and tell me!”

The dove launched itself into the air and flew up and up, over the roof and away, and I followed it with my eyes until the speck11 that it was had 24)vanished into the wide pale sky.

I felt weak, dizzy with heat. I climbed slowly back to Naomi’s room, thinking. Tsiporrah must have hidden from me. She must be a child who lives in the building and likes playing tricks.

On the way home, my grandmother started telling me one of her stories. Sometimes I don’t listen properly when she starts on her tale of how this person is related to that one. But she was talking about Naomi when she was young and that was so hard to imagine that I was 25)fascinated.

“Of course,” my grandmother said. “She was never quite the same after Tsiporrah died.”

“Who,” I asked suddenly cold in the sunlight. “is Tsipporah?”

“Naomi’s twin sister. She died of 26)diphtheria when they were eight, a terrible tragedy. But Tsiporrah was strange. Naomi always said her sister could turn herself into a bird just by wishing it.”

Now, every time I see a white dove, I wonder if it’s her, Tsipporah, or perhaps some other girl who’s stretched her wings out one day, looking for the sky. CE


























1) flat [flAp] n. 公寓,楼房的一层

2) Jerusalem [dVE5ru:sElEm] n. 耶路撒冷

3) courtyard [5kC:tja:d] n. 庭院,院子

4) geranium [dVi5reiniEm] n. 天竺葵

5) tray [trei] n. 盘,碟子

6) limp [limp] a. 瘸的

7) shutter2 [5FQtEr] n. 百叶窗

8) nap [nAp] n. 小睡,打盹

9) coo [ku:] v. 鸽子咕咕地叫

10) whir [wE:r] v. 使呼呼响

11) balcony [5bAlkEni] n. 阳台

12) railing [5reiliN] n. 栏杆

13) cock [kCk] v. 使竖起

14) a blur of 模糊不清的一片,一团

15) ankle [5ANkE] n.

16) devout [di5vaut] a. 虔诚的

17) yew [ju:] n. 紫杉,红豆杉

18) wooly [wu:li] a. 羊毛的

19) frisky [5friski] a. 活泼的

20) tawny [5tC:ni] a. 茶色的

21) hold out 伸出

22) flap [flAp] v. 拍打

23) vibration [vai5breiFEn] n. 振动

24) vanish [5vAniF] v. 消失

25) fascinated [5fAsineitid] a. 着迷的

26) diphtheria [dif5WiEriE] n. 白喉


1 brass DWbzI     
  • Many of the workers play in the factory's brass band.许多工人都在工厂铜管乐队中演奏。
  • Brass is formed by the fusion of copper and zinc.黄铜是通过铜和锌的熔合而成的。
2 shutter qEpy6     
  • The camera has a shutter speed of one-sixtieth of a second.这架照像机的快门速度达六十分之一秒。
  • The shutter rattled in the wind.百叶窗在风中发出嘎嘎声。
3 blur JtgzC     
  • The houses appeared as a blur in the mist.房子在薄雾中隐隐约约看不清。
  • If you move your eyes and your head,the picture will blur.如果你的眼睛或头动了,图像就会变得模糊不清。
4 standing 2hCzgo     
  • After the earthquake only a few houses were left standing.地震过后只有几幢房屋还立着。
  • They're standing out against any change in the law.他们坚决反对对法律做任何修改。
5 devout Qlozt     
adj.虔诚的,虔敬的,衷心的 (n.devoutness)
  • His devout Catholicism appeals to ordinary people.他对天主教的虔诚信仰感染了普通民众。
  • The devout man prayed daily.那位虔诚的男士每天都祈祷。
6 yew yew     
  • The leaves of yew trees are poisonous to cattle.紫杉树叶会令牛中毒。
  • All parts of the yew tree are poisonous,including the berries.紫杉的各个部分都有毒,包括浆果。
7 wooly Cfpw8     
  • I like the feel of this cloth and it has a warm wooly feel.我喜欢这块布的手感,它摸上去毛茸茸的很暖和。
  • He wore a brown t-shirt with jeans and a pair of shoes,with a wooly hat covering his hair.小贝身穿一件棕色t恤,搭配牛仔裤和皮鞋,头戴一顶盖住头发的羊毛帽子。
8 frisky LfNzk     
  • I felt frisky,as if I might break into a dance.我感到很欢快,似乎要跳起舞来。
  • His horse was feeling frisky,and he had to hold the reins tightly.马儿欢蹦乱跳,他不得不紧勒缰绳。
9 tawny tIBzi     
  • Her black hair springs in fine strands across her tawny,ruddy cheek.她的一头乌发分披在健康红润的脸颊旁。
  • None of them noticed a large,tawny owl flutter past the window.他们谁也没注意到一只大的、褐色的猫头鹰飞过了窗户。
10 vibration nLDza     
  • There is so much vibration on a ship that one cannot write.船上的震动大得使人无法书写。
  • The vibration of the window woke me up.窗子的震动把我惊醒了。
11 speck sFqzM     
  • I have not a speck of interest in it.我对它没有任何兴趣。
  • The sky is clear and bright without a speck of cloud.天空晴朗,一星星云彩也没有。
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