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Gleopatra ,Goddess of the Nile

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Three centuries later, shortly before the birth of Christ, Egypt was still ruled by a living goddess, Cleopatra, a Greek 1)descended from one of Alexander’s generals. She looked back to the Golden Age of 2)Alexander’s world empire and was determined1 to do even better herself.

Alexander died at the age of 32. By the time Cleopatra was 23, she had gone ever further than Alexander making her entrance into Rome as Queen of Egypt and 3)consort2 of Julius Caesar, the most powerful man in the world.

These were complex times. To keep your 4)throne, you had to be 5)adaptable3, 6)ruthless, intelligent and a great politician. Cleopatra had all these 7)traits which is why history has provided us with lots of 8)interpretations of Cleopatra. 9)Renaissance5 poets saw her as a 10)heroine dying for love. And painters 11)alluded to her 12)eroticism in their 13)bare breasted portrayals8 of the dying queen. Hollywood 14)reinforced the image of Cleopatra as a 15)vamp starting with Theda Bara’s 16)seductive portrayal7 in 1917.

But who was the real Cleopatra? What did she really look like?

We’re in Berlin because this is the best portrait of Cleopatra in the world. There are very few ancient 17)sculptures that are existing. So this is probably as close as we’re ever going to get to how she really looked. She’s rather plain looking, isn’t she? Look at her hair. It’s tied up in a simple 18)bun. It’s a classical Greek hairstyle. It’s practical but not exactly designed to 19)captivate a Roman general.

We know from ancient sources that her hair was a reddish color, wavy9. But look at her nose. It’s a little bit too long and hooked at the end. And her mouth, is not exactly 20)sensual. She’s not wearing any jewelry10. There are no earrings11, no necklace. This is not the portrait of a 21)femme fatale.

The ancient 22)sources tell us she was intelligent, 23)witty12, charming, a 24)linguist13 and along with this, she had a tremendous determination. It was this amazing combination of abilities that made Cleopatra the most famous woman in history. It wasn’t her beauty.

Women in Egypt had always been powerful: Queen 25)Hatshepsut, 26)Nefertiti and now Cleopatra. But during the era of the 27)Ptolemy’s, the role of Greek women had changed. They gained an identity apart from that of their husbands or families. Women participated in the arts and 28)civic14 life and marriage became a union of two people, not just two houses. The portraits of the women of this period show strong individuals looking back at you with confidence. They’re almost 29)haunting. Women would not have this power again until the 20th century. Cleopatra was well educated, strong minded with ideas of her own and a female.

As an intellectual, Cleopatra would have been heartbroken: when during fighting between Egyptians and Caesar’s Roman troops, there occurred one of the greatest tragedies of the ancient world Ñ the burning of the library of Alexandria. It’s sad to think about what was lost in the fire at Alexandria. There are the missing 30)manuscripts of Aristotle and Plato. They were probably there. There was an entire room with editions of Homer. Maybe even there were early manuscripts of the Old Testament15, which could probably help settle 31)Biblical questions today.

 Cleopatra was eventually able to replace 200,000 of the manuscripts. Books were very important to her. It’s ironic16 that today everybody knows her for her beauty, but it was her intelligence that was the most important 32)asset she had.CE















1) descendant [di5sendEnt] n. 子孙,后裔

2) Alexander,亚历山大,是古代马其顿帝国国王,他曾建立起了横跨欧亚的大帝国。公元前332年,亚历山大率军攻向埃及。当时埃及不满波斯帝国的强暴统治,视亚历山大为救星并将他崇拜为神。

3) consort [5kCnsC:t] v. 使结交,使配对

4) throne [WrEun] n. 王座,君主

5) adaptable [E5dAptEbEl] a. 能适应的,可修改的

6) ruthless [5ru:Wlis] a. 无情的

7) trait [treit] n. 特性

8) interpretation4 [intE:pri5teiFEn] n. 解释,阐明

9) renaissance [ri5neisEns] n. 文艺复兴时期

10) heroine [5herEuin] n. 女英雄

11) allude6 [E5lju:d] v. 暗指

12) eroticism [i5rCtisizEm] n. 性的兴奋

13) bare [bZEr] a. 赤露的

14) reinforce [ri:in5fC:s] v. 加强

15) vamp [vAmp] n. 荡妇

16) seductive [si5dQktiv] a. 诱人的

17) sculpture [5skQlptFEr] n. 雕刻,雕塑

18) bun [bQn] n. 发髻

19) captivate [5kAptiveit] v. 迷惑,迷住

20) sensual [5sensjuE] a. 肉欲的,世俗的

21) femme fatale n. 性感尤物

22) source [sC:s] n. 原始资料

23) witty [5witi] a. 机智的,诙谐的

24) linguist [5liNgwist] n. 语言学家

25) Queen Hatshepsut1503-1458 BC ?),埃及女王,是图特摩斯国王一世之女,二世之妻。

26) Queen Nefertiti(1300’s BC)奈费尔提蒂,公元前14世纪埃及女王,也是埃及国王Akhenaten之妻。

27) Ptolemy [5tClimi] n. 托勒密王朝。古埃及国王托勒密一世(367?-283BC)、二世(308-246BC)在位时期,埃及处于全盛时期。

28) civic [5sivik] a. 市民的,公民的

29) haunting [hC:ntiN] a. 不易忘怀的

30) manuscript [5mAnjuskript] n. 手稿,原稿

31) Biblical [5biblikEl] a. 圣经的

32) asset [5Aset] n. 资产



1 determined duszmP     
  • I have determined on going to Tibet after graduation.我已决定毕业后去西藏。
  • He determined to view the rooms behind the office.他决定查看一下办公室后面的房间。
2 consort Iatyn     
  • They went in consort two or three together.他们三三两两结伴前往。
  • The nurses are instructed not to consort with their patients.护士得到指示不得与病人交往。
3 adaptable vJDyI     
  • He is an adaptable man and will soon learn the new work.他是个适应性很强的人,很快就将学会这种工作。
  • The soil is adaptable to the growth of peanuts.这土壤适宜于花生的生长。
4 interpretation P5jxQ     
  • His statement admits of one interpretation only.他的话只有一种解释。
  • Analysis and interpretation is a very personal thing.分析与说明是个很主观的事情。
5 renaissance PBdzl     
  • The Renaissance was an epoch of unparalleled cultural achievement.文艺复兴是一个文化上取得空前成就的时代。
  • The theme of the conference is renaissance Europe.大会的主题是文艺复兴时期的欧洲。
6 allude vfdyW     
  • Many passages in Scripture allude to this concept.圣经中有许多经文间接地提到这样的概念。
  • She also alluded to her rival's past marital troubles.她还影射了对手过去的婚姻问题。
7 portrayal IPlxy     
  • His novel is a vivid portrayal of life in a mining community.他的小说生动地描绘了矿区的生活。
  • The portrayal of the characters in the novel is lifelike.该书中的人物写得有血有肉。
8 portrayals 67f3ceddf8ba97bd42dbe499f8cad7dd     
n.画像( portrayal的名词复数 );描述;描写;描摹
  • And painters alluded to her eroticism in their bare breasted portrayals of the dying queen. 画家们把她描绘为裸胸垂死的贪欲的女王。 来自互联网
9 wavy 7gFyX     
  • She drew a wavy line under the word.她在这个词的下面画了一条波纹线。
  • His wavy hair was too long and flopped just beneath his brow.他的波浪式头发太长了,正好垂在他的眉毛下。
10 jewelry 0auz1     
  • The burglars walked off with all my jewelry.夜盗偷走了我的全部珠宝。
  • Jewelry and lace are mostly feminine belongings.珠宝和花边多数是女性用品。
11 earrings 9ukzSs     
n.耳环( earring的名词复数 );耳坠子
  • a pair of earrings 一对耳环
  • These earrings snap on with special fastener. 这付耳环是用特制的按扣扣上去的。 来自《简明英汉词典》
12 witty GMmz0     
  • Her witty remarks added a little salt to the conversation.她的妙语使谈话增添了一些风趣。
  • He scored a bull's-eye in their argument with that witty retort.在他们的辩论中他那一句机智的反驳击中了要害。
13 linguist K02xo     
  • I used to be a linguist till I become a writer.过去我是个语言学家,后来成了作家。
  • Professor Cui has a high reputation as a linguist.崔教授作为语言学家名声很高。
14 civic Fqczn     
  • I feel it is my civic duty to vote.我认为投票选举是我作为公民的义务。
  • The civic leaders helped to forward the project.市政府领导者协助促进工程的进展。
15 testament yyEzf     
  • This is his last will and testament.这是他的遗愿和遗嘱。
  • It is a testament to the power of political mythology.这说明,编造政治神话可以产生多大的威力。
16 ironic 1atzm     
  • That is a summary and ironic end.那是一个具有概括性和讽刺意味的结局。
  • People used to call me Mr Popularity at high school,but they were being ironic.人们中学时常把我称作“万人迷先生”,但他们是在挖苦我。
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