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Mandy Moore,New Face on the Stage

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Mandy Moore: If I had my way, I would sit here all day and just talk, talk, talk, talk, talk. Well, I basically got started in show biz by the time I was about nine or ten. I saw my first play when I was six, totally 1)hooked1. The girl on stage looked like she was having so much fun. My parents kind of thought it was a phase I was going to grow out of, but by the time I was about nine or ten they were like, “All right, you’re not giving up on this,” and they let me get voice lessons, you know to make sure that I was properly and I wasn’t hurting myself. It was quite amazing you know to get that phone call to actually have the meeting and meet with somebody from a record label and it was very 2)surreal.

David McPherson (Musician): Her voice was just very commercial to me. I mean, you know some artists have different talents or different things that make them special. Mandy just has a very commercial tone2 in her voice and so when I heard that, that made me really interested in her.

Mandy Moore: Hey guys, what’s up? I’m Mandy Moore, Epic3 Records’ newest recording4 artist. I think people think that this whole industry is just really easy and it’s so much fun, and I love being an artist and performing live and you know everything that comes along with it. But recording is like, it’s so cool because you get to have all this creative control like how I wanted harmonies and how I wanted to do 3)ad-libs and stuff like that, so it really made it seem, even though I didn’t write the songs, that they were my own, because I got to pour a lot of myself into ‘em, and I am there when they were mixing and mastering and writing the track. I feel like I just learned so much more about, you know, that goes into making a new artist and into making an album. So I loved recording. It was very hard, I mean long hours anywhere from like eight to ten hours a day, and sometimes it got you know pretty stressful and 4)strenuous5 just doing lines over and over and over again. But I remember like sometimes like for Candy, the whole little speaking part in the middle actually I, ah 5)penned myself. So I was quite proud of myself.CE








1) hooked [hukt] a. (俚)入迷的

2) surreal [sE5riEl] a. 超现实的

3) ad-libs [Ad5libz] n. 即兴表演

4) strenuous [5strenjuEs] a. 紧张的

5) pen [pen] v. 用笔写,圈起来


1 hooked IrYzX9     
  • I first got hooked on scuba diving when I was twelve. 12 岁时我开始迷上了带水肺潜水。
  • He hooked his arm round her neck and pulled her head down. 他一只胳膊钩在她的脖子上,把她的头拉低。
2 tone bqFyP     
  • There was a tone of mockery in his voice.他说话的语气含有嘲笑的意味。
  • Holmes used an informal,chatty tone in his essays.霍姆斯在文章中语气轻松随便。
3 epic ui5zz     
  • I gave up my epic and wrote this little tale instead.我放弃了写叙事诗,而写了这个小故事。
  • They held a banquet of epic proportions.他们举行了盛大的宴会。
4 recording UktzJj     
  • How long will the recording of the song take?录下这首歌得花多少时间?
  • I want to play you a recording of the rehearsal.我想给你放一下彩排的录像。
5 strenuous 8GvzN     
  • He made strenuous efforts to improve his reading. 他奋发努力提高阅读能力。
  • You may run yourself down in this strenuous week.你可能会在这紧张的一周透支掉自己。
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