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In Top Guns, we check out four of the best bits of 1)kit1. This time 2)assault rifles, that essential battle field companion. Take out targets Singapore-style with the SAR21. The SA80 is the British bullet blower. South Africans choose the CR21 for a shoot out. And the G36 is the German combat killer2. Four of the best 3)bloodletters in the business, but which rifle will itch3 our trigger-finger and win the title of Top Gun?

From Singapore state-owned S T Kinetics comes the budget option SAR21. It’s a bull-pup design. That means the 4)magazine is behind the trigger and it’ll carry 30 rounds-that’s standard. Weighing in at under four kilograms, it’s pretty light-weight, not the best range at 460 meters, but it’s the only shooter with a laser-aiming device, making it just perfect for those night-time house clearances4. Designers reckon it’s perfectly5 suited for the small but fiercely formed Singapore soldiers’ jungle-fresh fighting. It looks mean, they look mean. We’re scared. Not the punchiest, but for close quarter budget battling. An FFM Factor of five.

The British SA80, the 5)squatty standard. It’s the most expensive. But that in cost includes training, parts and a great 6)optical scope for standard and it’ll fire up to 770 rounds a minute. But that’s if the damn thing works. In Kosovo, the SA80 failed in severe conditions and 300,000 were recalled. It’s had a 7)leg up with a 8)servicing program and they reckon it should now make the grade. It is probably the most accurate weapon, but it’s still the heaviest and loads of easily-lost piddly bits, so it’s not been that popular with the troops. Let’s hope they don’t face any fierce opposition6. It’s good, but only when it feels like it, and FFM Factor of three.

The Vektor CR21 is fairly light. Cheap at around 400 dollars, and it looks futuristic too. It’s actually just a Kalashnikov wacked into a 9)funky7 design though. But it is compact, look how easy it is to raise up for a shooting session. Fire up to 750 rounds a minute, impressive. The reflex optical sight means you can fire with both eyes open. And when the red triangle hits the target, fire like the wind with 35 rounds in your magazine. It looks techier than it is, but it does have a good range and won’t cost a bomb. So an FFM Factor of four.

The G36 is the lightest rifle in our test and that is important, but it only beats the SA80 on cost. This rifle has been tested to the limit. Remember rear defenders8 or you won’t get a go. Magazines carry 30 rounds and it’s see-through so you know when to turn and run. Opers bullet holders9 give you a load of 100 or up to 750 rounds a minute. Easy to strip and with a range of 10)accessories it’s the weapon of choice for the German and Spanish armies, UK and US special forces, and crazy crime fighters. Don’t mess, stick your hands in the air, wave a white flag. An FFM Factor of five.

Going into battle? Well demand the best and don’t get caught in a jam. If you want our advice, get a grip on the Heckler and Koch G36. Don’t 11)trifle with this rifle. CE






新加坡政府企业S T Kinetics公司研究开发出价钱合理的SAR21。它采用无枪托设计,也就是说弹匣位于扳机后,弹匣标准容量为30发,重量不到4公斤,属轻型步枪。射程范围只有460米,但它是唯一设有激光瞄准仪的步枪,这使得它最适合用于夜间突袭。设计者认为它最能迎合新加坡的小型精锐部队在丛林激战。SAR21威力四射,士兵们威风凛凛,我们不禁胆战心惊。这一款虽然不是最厉害的,但价钱最公道。综合测评五分。


Vektor CR21步枪相当轻巧,价格低廉,只需约四百美元,设计超前。尽管外形看起来令人胆寒,它实际上是一款卡拉什尼科夫冲锋枪。它的结构简单紧凑,看,很容易就能举起来进行射击。射速最快可达每分钟750发,真厉害。它配有反射瞄准镜,你可以睁开双眼射击。当红色三角瞄准目标后,它就能像一阵风一样从弹匣里高速射出35发子弹。它不容易使用,但射程不错,也不算太贵。综合测评四分。


准备好开战了吗?最佳武器必不能少,千万别失灵。如果想听听我们的建议,Heckler & Koch 公司的G36是上上之选。可不要轻视了这款步枪。CE


1)  kit [kit] n. 成套工具,工具箱

2)  assault [E5sC:lt] n. 猛袭,突袭

3)  bloodletter [5blQd9letE] n. 杀戮者,放血者

4) magazine [mAgE5zi:n] n.(枪、炮的)弹仓

5) squatty [5skwCti] a. 矮胖的

6) optical [5CptikEl] a. 光学的

7) leg up:(对上马或跨越障碍时的)帮助

8) service [5sE:vis] v. 维修,保养

9) funky [5fQNki] a. 胆战心惊的

10) accessory [Ak5sesEri] n. 附件

11) trifle [5traifl] v. 开玩笑




1 kit D2Rxp     
  • The kit consisted of about twenty cosmetic items.整套工具包括大约20种化妆用品。
  • The captain wants to inspect your kit.船长想检查你的行装。
2 killer rpLziK     
  • Heart attacks have become Britain's No.1 killer disease.心脏病已成为英国的头号致命疾病。
  • The bulk of the evidence points to him as her killer.大量证据证明是他杀死她的。
3 itch 9aczc     
  • Shylock has an itch for money.夏洛克渴望发财。
  • He had an itch on his back.他背部发痒。
4 clearances ec40aa102b878fb9d47b3f1882c46eb4     
清除( clearance的名词复数 ); 许可; (录用或准许接触机密以前的)审查许可; 净空
  • But I can't get to him without clearances. 但是没有证明我就没法见到他。
  • The bridge and the top of the bus was only ten clearances. 桥与公共汽车车顶之间的间隙只有十厘米。
5 perfectly 8Mzxb     
  • The witnesses were each perfectly certain of what they said.证人们个个对自己所说的话十分肯定。
  • Everything that we're doing is all perfectly above board.我们做的每件事情都是光明正大的。
6 opposition eIUxU     
  • The party leader is facing opposition in his own backyard.该党领袖在自己的党內遇到了反对。
  • The police tried to break down the prisoner's opposition.警察设法制住了那个囚犯的反抗。
7 funky 1fjzc     
  • The kitchen smelled really funky.这个厨房有一股霉味。
  • It is a funky restaurant with very interesting art on the walls.那是一家墙上挂着很有意思的绘画的新潮餐馆。
8 defenders fe417584d64537baa7cd5e48222ccdf8     
n.防御者( defender的名词复数 );守卫者;保护者;辩护者
  • The defenders were outnumbered and had to give in. 抵抗者寡不敌众,只能投降。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • After hard fighting,the defenders were still masters of the city. 守军经过奋战仍然控制着城市。 来自《简明英汉词典》
9 holders 79c0e3bbb1170e3018817c5f45ebf33f     
支持物( holder的名词复数 ); 持有者; (支票等)持有人; 支托(或握持)…之物
  • Slaves were mercilessly ground down by slave holders. 奴隶受奴隶主的残酷压迫。
  • It is recognition of compassion's part that leads the up-holders of capital punishment to accuse the abolitionists of sentimentality in being more sorry for the murderer than for his victim. 正是对怜悯的作用有了认识,才使得死刑的提倡者指控主张废除死刑的人感情用事,同情谋杀犯胜过同情受害者。
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