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Artistic Impressions Degas’ World

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Here Degas shows a couple in a café staring out 1)disconsolately1, with a glass of the 2)deadly green 3)absinthe on the table in front of the woman. Degas’ friend Monet painted a dandish male absinthe drinker just over a decade before. But Degas in many ways paints a more 4)graphic2 picture which doesn’t 5)glamorize either the café itself or the drink, which was 6)deemed to be 7)addictive3 and 8)lethal4 enough to be banned by the end of the century. Instead he paints a sympathetic portrait of a tough, dreary5 world from which the only escape is drink. The work provoked a strong reaction when it was first shown at the second 9)impressionist exhibition in 1876. But its notoriety helped Degas to sell the work to an English collector called Captain Hill from Brighton.

Degas remained interested in public spectacle as well as private and produced this dramatic image of the acrobat6 Miss Lala, a 10)sensation is Paris in 1879 when she performed at the 11)circus Fernando. Her specialties7 included the 12)trapeze, and, most 13)spectacularly of all, being hauled up to the roof by her teeth in a painting which you could say has a real bite. It’s an image which captures the sense of physical 14)exertion8 as well as perfect 15)poise9, and makes us look up at this almost angel-like figure with a feeling of 16)precariousness10 and 17)awe11 as if we’re seated in the circus room below.

In this painting, color takes over in a 18)blazing symphony of reds which 19)amplify12 the 20)dynamic image of the woman having her hair combed in a way that is almost savage13. She 21)clutches at her head to stop the maid from pulling it out by the roots. The whole 22)thrust of the painting follows the line of that 23)tugging action from bottom left to top right, and in what might otherwise be a 24)tweed image of booed wild 25)vanity. Degas gives us an almost uncomfortable image of energy.

The bathers were the final stage Degas’ chronicling of the various experiences of contemporary women almost to the point of 26)obsession15 with every 27)conceivable aspect of their lives charted when used as a 28)vehicle for his exploration of different artist media. In the 1890s, as his sight got worse, his images of women became even more 29)radical16. Depicted17 in ever more closer, 30)cropped, and increasingly abstracted forms. In this bold picture, the forms are 31)layered, with the figures visible in the distance, but the motion of the picture is pushing forward into our faces amplified18 by the skins of 32)pastel 33)pigment19 creating a pattern of 34)kaleidoscopic20 color. It’s a fitting finale from the dance 35)maestro Degas, the work which makes you dizzy just looking at it 36)animated in style and subject matter and as one artistorian observed, elevating pastel painting to a major art form.

     Ironically, in his late use of bold simplified colors with a degree of abandon, Degas came closest to the concerns of mainstream22 impressionism. But he also anticipated a more expressionistic approach to art, which flourished in the next century. Above all, though it was his line work, sense of experimentation23, coupled with a complex and often dark vision of contemporary life, which fascinated artists from Picasso onwards.  CE









具有讽刺意味的是,德加后来大胆摒弃一些颜色,简化了色调,非常接近印象主义主流派。但他也先一步用出了较具表现主义的艺术画法,表现主义在下二十世纪中相当盛行。尽管他的代表作中带有实验感,兼表现了当时生活中复杂的阴暗面,但重要的是德加的画给后来的毕加索等画家提供了丰富的灵感。 CE



1)  disconsolately [dis5kCnsClitli] adv. 悲伤地,愁闷地

2)  deadly [5dedli] a. 死一般的,沉的

3)  absinthe [5AbsainW] n. 苦艾酒

4)  graphic [5grAfik] a. 生动的,轮廓鲜明的

5)  glamorize [5glAmEraiz] v. 使有魔力的

6)  deem to 认为,相信

7)  addictive [E5diktiv] a. 上瘾的

8)  lethal [5li:WEl] a. 致命的

9)  impressionist [im5preFEnist] n. 印象派画家

10) sensation [sen5seiFEn] n. 轰动,耸人听闻

11) circus [5sE:kEs] n. 马戏团

12) trapeze [trE5pi:z] n.吊秋千

13) spectacularly [spek5tAkjulEli] adv. 引人注意地,惊人地

14) exertion [ig5zE:FEn] n. 发挥,行使

15) poise [pCiz] n. 平衡,均衡

16) precariousness [pri5kZEriEsnis] n. 不稳定

17) awe [C:] n. 畏惧;敬畏

18) blazing [5bleiziN] a. 炽烈的,强烈的

19) amplify [5Amplifai] v. 增强,放大

20) dynamic [dai5nAmik] a. 动力的

21) clutch [klQtF ]v.

22) thrust [WrQst] n. 推力,延伸

23) tug14 [tQg] v. 拖拉

24) tweed [twi:d] a. 休闲松散的

25) vanity [5vAniti] n. 空白

26) obsession [Eb5seFEn] n. 迷住,缠住

27) conceivable [kEn5si:vEbEl] a. 可想得到的

28) vehicle [5vi:ikEl] n. 传达手段

29) radical [5rAdikEl] a. 激进的

30) cropped [krCpt] a. 难以接受的

31) layer [5leiEr] v.  分层

32) pastel [pEs 5 tel] n. 粉画

33) pigment [pigmEnt] n. 颜料

34) kaleidoscopic [kElaidE5skCpik] a. 万花筒般的

35) maestro [5maistrEu] n. 艺术大师

36) animate21 [5Animeit] v. 使生气勃勃的



1 disconsolately f041141d86c7fb7a4a4b4c23954d68d8     
  • A dilapidated house stands disconsolately amid the rubbles. 一栋破旧的房子凄凉地耸立在断垣残壁中。 来自辞典例句
  • \"I suppose you have to have some friends before you can get in,'she added, disconsolately. “我看得先有些朋友才能进这一行,\"她闷闷不乐地加了一句。 来自英汉文学 - 嘉莉妹妹
2 graphic Aedz7     
  • The book gave a graphic description of the war.这本书生动地描述了战争的情况。
  • Distinguish important text items in lists with graphic icons.用图标来区分重要的文本项。
3 addictive hJbyL     
  • The problem with video game is that they're addictive.电子游戏机的问题在于它们会使人上瘾。
  • Cigarettes are highly addictive.香烟很容易使人上瘾。
4 lethal D3LyB     
  • A hammer can be a lethal weapon.铁锤可以是致命的武器。
  • She took a lethal amount of poison and died.她服了致命剂量的毒药死了。
5 dreary sk1z6     
  • They live such dreary lives.他们的生活如此乏味。
  • She was tired of hearing the same dreary tale of drunkenness and violence.她听够了那些关于酗酒和暴力的乏味故事。
6 acrobat GJMy3     
  • The acrobat balanced a long pole on his left shoulder.杂技演员让一根长杆在他的左肩上保持平衡。
  • The acrobat could bend himself into a hoop.这个杂技演员可以把身体蜷曲成圆形。
7 specialties 4f19670e38d5e63c785879e223b3bde0     
n.专门,特性,特别;专业( specialty的名词复数 );特性;特制品;盖印的契约
  • Great Books are popular, not pedantic. They are not written by specialists about specialties for specialists. 名著绝不引经据典,艰深难懂,而是通俗易读。它们不是专家为专业人员撰写的专业书籍。 来自英汉 - 翻译样例 - 文学
  • Brain drains may represent a substantial reduction in some labor force skills and specialties. 智力外流可能表示某种劳动力技能和特长大量减少。 来自辞典例句
8 exertion F7Fyi     
  • We were sweating profusely from the exertion of moving the furniture.我们搬动家具大费气力,累得大汗淋漓。
  • She was hot and breathless from the exertion of cycling uphill.由于用力骑车爬坡,她浑身发热。
9 poise ySTz9     
vt./vi. 平衡,保持平衡;n.泰然自若,自信
  • She hesitated briefly but quickly regained her poise.她犹豫片刻,但很快恢复了镇静。
  • Ballet classes are important for poise and grace.芭蕾课对培养优雅的姿仪非常重要。
10 precariousness 6e5842b910b0f1a5f95642514d1d83a9     
  • The precariousness is further increased by self-experiences in the aforementioned marginal situation. 在上述边际情况下自身经验会更进一步增加这种不确定感。 来自互联网
  • These reports have revealed to the insurgents the precariousness of their position. 这些报导使叛乱士兵知道了他们的危险境地。 来自互联网
11 awe WNqzC     
  • The sight filled us with awe.这景色使我们大为惊叹。
  • The approaching tornado struck awe in our hearts.正在逼近的龙卷风使我们惊恐万分。
12 amplify iwGzw     
  • The new manager wants to amplify the company.新经理想要扩大公司。
  • Please amplify your remarks by giving us some examples.请举例详述你的话。
13 savage ECxzR     
  • The poor man received a savage beating from the thugs.那可怜的人遭到暴徒的痛打。
  • He has a savage temper.他脾气粗暴。
14 tug 5KBzo     
  • We need to tug the car round to the front.我们需要把那辆车拉到前面。
  • The tug is towing three barges.那只拖船正拖着三只驳船。
15 obsession eIdxt     
  • I was suffering from obsession that my career would be ended.那时的我陷入了我的事业有可能就此终止的困扰当中。
  • She would try to forget her obsession with Christopher.她会努力忘记对克里斯托弗的迷恋。
16 radical hA8zu     
  • The patient got a radical cure in the hospital.病人在医院得到了根治。
  • She is radical in her demands.她的要求十分偏激。
17 depicted f657dbe7a96d326c889c083bf5fcaf24     
描绘,描画( depict的过去式和过去分词 ); 描述
  • Other animals were depicted on the periphery of the group. 其他动物在群像的外围加以修饰。
  • They depicted the thrilling situation to us in great detail. 他们向我们详细地描述了那激动人心的场面。
18 amplified d305c65f3ed83c07379c830f9ade119d     
放大,扩大( amplify的过去式和过去分词 ); 增强; 详述
  • He amplified on his remarks with drawings and figures. 他用图表详细地解释了他的话。
  • He amplified the whole course of the incident. 他详述了事件的全过程。
19 pigment gi0yg     
  • The Romans used natural pigments on their fabrics and walls.古罗马人在织物和墙壁上使用天然颜料。
  • Who thought he might know what the skin pigment phenomenon meant.他自认为可能知道皮肤色素出现这种现象到底是怎么回事。
20 kaleidoscopic M3MxR     
  • London is a kaleidoscopic world.伦敦是个天花筒般的世界。
  • The transfer of administrative personnel in that colony was so frequent as to create kaleidoscopic effect.在那个殖民地,官员调动频繁,就象走马灯似的。
21 animate 3MDyv     
  • We are animate beings,living creatures.我们是有生命的存在,有生命的动物。
  • The girls watched,little teasing smiles animating their faces.女孩们注视着,脸上挂着调皮的微笑,显得愈加活泼。
22 mainstream AoCzh9     
  • Their views lie outside the mainstream of current medical opinion.他们的观点不属于当今医学界观点的主流。
  • Polls are still largely reflects the mainstream sentiment.民调还在很大程度上反映了社会主流情绪。
23 experimentation rm6x1     
  • Many people object to experimentation on animals.许多人反对用动物做实验。
  • Study and analysis are likely to be far cheaper than experimentation.研究和分析的费用可能要比实验少得多。
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