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News Spotlight (5)

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News Spotlight1 (5)


News 1 政治

The world leaders have begun arriving in France for the G8 Summit. They will be 1)tackling a wide range of global issues, including 2)strained ties between the U.S. and Europe and free trade. President Hu Jintao is leading the Chinese delegation2 in its first appearance at a meeting of the world’s most powerful nations.

All eyes are on the 3)alpine3 resort of 4)Evian over the next three days, where world leaders are meeting to discuss key global issues. Topping the agenda is the 5)rift4 between Washington and Europe as well as ways to boost the global economy and free trade.

Chinese president Hu Jintao is 6)on hand, where he’ll hold informal discussions with G8 leaders and other heads of state to boost cooperation and development. Hu today met his French counterpart Jacques Chirac after arriving by boat from Lausanne Switzerland. State councilor Tang Jiaxuan, who’s part of the Chinese delegation, said the president’s appearance at the summit marks a milestone5 in China’s status in the international arena7.


News 2 经济

The British government says it’s launching a campaign to win over public opinion in favor of the European single currency. The Prime Minister Tony Blair and the 7)Chancellor8 of the 8)Exchequer9 Gordon Brown will be holding a joint10 news conference in Downing Street to try to persuade 9)Britons the euro could be in their patriotic11 interest. It comes the day after the Chancellor told Parliament the time was not yet right to join the euro, as the economic tests his department has devised before recommending membership has not yet been met. Correspondents say it’s an issue, which has sharply divided not only the British public, but also apparently12 parts of the government itself.


News 3 经济

Inflation is on the way down in the euro-zone and the President of the European Central Bank Wim Duisenberg predicted that next year the euro-zone’s inflation rate would slip well below the ECB’s target level. Duisenberg repeated the ECB’s 10)assertion that is “saw no indication of deflation or falling prices on the horizon for the euro-zone” but assured his audience that the ECB will remain 11)vigilant13 against risks of deflation.


News 4 名人

The media 12)frenzy14 generated by U.S. senator Hillary Clinton’s memoirs15 reached its peak today with the book’s release. Hundreds of eager fans lined up for hours outside a bookstore in New York to get 13)autographed copy.

Critics have 14)likened U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton’s launch of her new book to a rock star on tour. It’s been a whirlwind of television, radio and magazine interviews. And now book signing. Hundreds of fan lined up outside a Manhattan bookstore for an autographed copy of Hillary’s Living History. The book’s publication has again brought into media focus her husband, former President, Bill Clinton’s affair with White House 15)intern6 Monika Lewinsky. Hillary’s efforts to lay the Lewinsky affair to rest has fuels speculation16 that she plans to run for President next year. But Hillary has dismissed the idea.

Hillary: I have a wonderful job that I’m very proud to have, which is representing the people of New York in the United State’s senate. And that’s the job I have, and that’s the job I want to continue doing to the best of my ability.

That may have ended the speculation about next year’s presidential race, but some commentators17 aren’t ruling out a bid for the country’s top post in 2008.


News 5 名人

England soccer captain David Beckham has for the first time hinted that he may leave Premiership champions Manchester United. Beckham told reporters in the United States, that while he would never leave Manchester United at all, his comments 16)heightened speculation that the midfield star is poised18 to leave the club. However, Beckham is not on AC Milan’s shopping list. Club president Silvio Berlusconi, who is also the Italian Premiere, said Beckham’s 30 million pound price 17)tag is just too expensive.


News 6 司法

A California man is facing federal charges for 18)allegedly 19)diverting Internet traffic away from the Web site belonging to the Arabic language TV network Al-Jazeera. Twenty-four-year-old John Racine of Riverside County is facing charges of wire 20)fraud and unlawful 21)interception19 of an electronic communication. Prosecutors20 say Racine sent traffic from Al-Jazeera’s web site to a page that he created 22)depicting the American flag and reading “Let freedom ring.” They say he got the password to the Al-Jazeera site by contacting its web forwarding service and posing as a man authorized22 to receive the information.


News 7 考古

Now we end tonight with a mummy that a British scientist says is the long lost Egyptian ruler Nefertiti. Doctor Joanne Fletcher used new technology, including a portable digital X-ray machine, to confirm her theory. The remains23 are that of a young woman with a bent24 arm and a hand that could have carried a 23)scepter-- usually an indication of kingly power. It’s believed Nefertiti either retired25 after losing favor with king Akhenaten or died. The mummy was found over a century ago in a small chamber26 in a tomb built for 24)pharaoh.




1 政治



中国国家主席胡锦涛出席了本次会议,并将与 八国领导人及其他国家元首就推进合作和发展问题举行非正式会谈。胡锦涛主席今天从瑞士洛桑乘船抵达法国后会见了法国总统雅克·希拉克。中国代表团成员、国务委员唐家璇说,中国国家主席参加峰会标志着中国在国际舞台上的地位迈向一个新里程。

2 经济


3 经济


4 名人





5 名人


6 司法


7 考古




1) tackle [5tAkl] v. 着手处理、掌握或解决

2) strain [strein] v. 拉紧,扭歪

3) alpine [5Alpain] a. 高山的

4) Evian: 埃维昂,法国上萨瓦省莱芒湖南岸的一座依山傍水的小城,也是法国著名的旅游胜地

5) rift [rift] n. 分歧,不一致

6) on hand: 到场,在场

7) chancellor [5tFB:nsElE] n. 长官,大臣

8) exchequer [iks5tFekE] n. (常大写)财务部

9) Briton [5britEn] n. 不列颠人,英国人

10) assertion [E5sE:FEn] n. 断言,声明

11) vigilant [5vidVilEnt] a. 警惕着的

12) frenzy [5frenzi] n. 狂暴

13) autograph [5C:tE^rB:f] v. 亲笔签名

14) liken [5laikEn] v. 把……比作

15) intern [in5tE:n] n. 实习医师

16) heighten [5haitn] v. 提高,升高

17) tag [tA^] n. 标签

18) allegedly [E5ledVIdlI] adv. 依其申诉

19) divert [di5vE:t] v. 使偏离,使转向

20) fraud [frC:d] n. 欺骗

21) interception [7intE(:)5sepFEn] n. 中途夺取,拦截,侦听

22) depict21 [di5pikt] v. 描述,描写

23) scepter [5septE] n.节杖,王权

24) pharaoh [5fZErEu] n. 法老王




1 spotlight 6hBzmk     
  • This week the spotlight is on the world of fashion.本周引人瞩目的是时装界。
  • The spotlight followed her round the stage.聚光灯的光圈随着她在舞台上转。
2 delegation NxvxQ     
  • The statement of our delegation was singularly appropriate to the occasion.我们代表团的声明非常适合时宜。
  • We shall inform you of the date of the delegation's arrival.我们将把代表团到达的日期通知你。
3 alpine ozCz0j     
  • Alpine flowers are abundant there.那里有很多高山地带的花。
  • Its main attractions are alpine lakes and waterfalls .它以高山湖泊和瀑布群为主要特色。
4 rift bCEzt     
  • He was anxious to mend the rift between the two men.他急于弥合这两个人之间的裂痕。
  • The sun appeared through a rift in the clouds.太阳从云层间隙中冒出来。
5 milestone c78zM     
  • The film proved to be a milestone in the history of cinema.事实证明这部影片是电影史上的一个里程碑。
  • I think this is a very important milestone in the relations between our two countries.我认为这是我们两国关系中一个十分重要的里程碑。
6 intern 25BxJ     
  • I worked as an intern in that firm last summer.去年夏天我在那家商行实习。
  • The intern bandaged the cut as the nurse looked on.这位实习生在护士的照看下给病人包扎伤口。
7 arena Yv4zd     
  • She entered the political arena at the age of 25. 她25岁进入政界。
  • He had not an adequate arena for the exercise of his talents.他没有充分发挥其才能的场所。
8 chancellor aUAyA     
  • They submitted their reports to the Chancellor yesterday.他们昨天向财政大臣递交了报告。
  • He was regarded as the most successful Chancellor of modern times.他被认为是现代最成功的财政大臣。
9 exchequer VnxxT     
  • In Britain the Chancellor of the Exchequer deals with taxes and government spending.英国的财政大臣负责税务和政府的开支。
  • This resulted in a considerable loss to the exchequer.这使国库遭受了重大损失。
10 joint m3lx4     
  • I had a bad fall,which put my shoulder out of joint.我重重地摔了一跤,肩膀脫臼了。
  • We wrote a letter in joint names.我们联名写了封信。
11 patriotic T3Izu     
  • His speech was full of patriotic sentiments.他的演说充满了爱国之情。
  • The old man is a patriotic overseas Chinese.这位老人是一位爱国华侨。
12 apparently tMmyQ     
  • An apparently blind alley leads suddenly into an open space.山穷水尽,豁然开朗。
  • He was apparently much surprised at the news.他对那个消息显然感到十分惊异。
13 vigilant ULez2     
  • He has to learn how to remain vigilant through these long nights.他得学会如何在这漫长的黑夜里保持警觉。
  • The dog kept a vigilant guard over the house.这只狗警醒地守护着这所房屋。
14 frenzy jQbzs     
  • He was able to work the young students up into a frenzy.他能激起青年学生的狂热。
  • They were singing in a frenzy of joy.他们欣喜若狂地高声歌唱。
15 memoirs f752e432fe1fefb99ab15f6983cd506c     
n.回忆录;回忆录传( mem,自oir的名词复数)
  • Her memoirs were ghostwritten. 她的回忆录是由别人代写的。
  • I watched a trailer for the screenplay of his memoirs. 我看过以他的回忆录改编成电影的预告片。 来自《简明英汉词典》
16 speculation 9vGwe     
  • Her mind is occupied with speculation.她的头脑忙于思考。
  • There is widespread speculation that he is going to resign.人们普遍推测他要辞职。
17 commentators 14bfe5fe312768eb5df7698676f7837c     
n.评论员( commentator的名词复数 );时事评论员;注释者;实况广播员
  • Sports commentators repeat the same phrases ad nauseam. 体育解说员翻来覆去说着同样的词语,真叫人腻烦。
  • Television sports commentators repeat the same phrases ad nauseam. 电视体育解说员说来说去就是那么几句话,令人厌烦。 来自《简明英汉词典》
18 poised SlhzBU     
  • The hawk poised in mid-air ready to swoop. 老鹰在半空中盘旋,准备俯冲。
  • Tina was tense, her hand poised over the telephone. 蒂娜心情紧张,手悬在电话机上。
19 interception wqSzGI     
  • Aerial photography can provide valuable information on precipitation, evapotraspiration, interception, and runoff. 航空摄影可提供有关降水量、蒸发蒸腾量、入渗和径流量的有价值的资料。
  • Light interception and distribution in hedgerow orchards with different alleyway widths is indicated in Fig. 56. 图56显示篱壁果园不同行间宽度的光能截取和分配的情况。
20 prosecutors a638e6811c029cb82f180298861e21e9     
检举人( prosecutor的名词复数 ); 告发人; 起诉人; 公诉人
  • In some places,public prosecutors are elected rather than appointed. 在有些地方,检察官是经选举而非任命产生的。 来自口语例句
  • You've been summoned to the Prosecutors' Office, 2 days later. 你在两天以后被宣到了检察官的办公室。
21 depict Wmdz5     
  • I don't care to see plays or films that depict murders or violence.我不喜欢看描写谋杀或暴力的戏剧或电影。
  • Children's books often depict farmyard animals as gentle,lovable creatures.儿童图书常常把农场的动物描写得温和而可爱。
22 authorized jyLzgx     
  • An administrative order is valid if authorized by a statute.如果一个行政命令得到一个法规的认可那么这个命令就是有效的。
23 remains 1kMzTy     
  • He ate the remains of food hungrily.他狼吞虎咽地吃剩余的食物。
  • The remains of the meal were fed to the dog.残羹剩饭喂狗了。
24 bent QQ8yD     
  • He was fully bent upon the project.他一心扑在这项计划上。
  • We bent over backward to help them.我们尽了最大努力帮助他们。
25 retired Njhzyv     
  • The old man retired to the country for rest.这位老人下乡休息去了。
  • Many retired people take up gardening as a hobby.许多退休的人都以从事园艺为嗜好。
26 chamber wnky9     
  • For many,the dentist's surgery remains a torture chamber.对许多人来说,牙医的治疗室一直是间受刑室。
  • The chamber was ablaze with light.会议厅里灯火辉煌。
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