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A Dance of Life on The Edge

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A Dance of Life on The Edge


His name is Dan Osman. A 1)Guinness record 2)holder1 and a legend in the world of rock climbing. Over the past 11 years, Dan thrilled, amazed and inspired everyone who saw him in action. On November 23rd 1998, Dan Osman died, doing what he loved to do.

Dan Osman gained fame and recognition for a spectacular sport he created called “rope free-falling”. Tied to the end of a rope 3)anchored to a structure, Dan 4)hurled himself through space facing death head on. He bathed in the rush.

Dan: I can do a lot of things for an adrenaline rush, but I choose this because it’s the only way to get like pure raw adrenaline, you know, pure all together in one.

Friend: Dan was a wild man, creative and bold and 5)exuberant3, but he was also 6)methodical, 7)patient and precise in his technical 8)mastery of the equipment involved and his understanding of the 9)dynamics4 of every challenge that he undertook.

He spent endless hours perfecting his world-class skills. And his 10)expertise5 as a climber and a 11)rigger were in big demand. He trained the elite6 US Navy SEAL’s 12)commando fighting unit, and taught safety workers how to 13)scale buildings. Despite the demands on his life, he always found time to spend with his eight-year-old daughter, Emma. When his thoughts weren’t on Emma, he was focused on setting three new rope free-falling records. He leapt 200 feet suspended across a 14)canyon7, 300 feet off a cliff and an astonishing 650 feet off a bridge.

Dan: The difference between rope free-flying which is what I do and say 15)bungee jumping, for instance, is that a bungee is a big rubber band that just kind of “Boings” and stretches out and slows you down, very slowly, where I use a climbing rope which is made of 16)nylon, and what it does is it lets you go all the way to the deck and stops you just before impact.

Rope free-falling is where he gained his fame. But it didn’t stop there. He became the first person to climb a 17)rushing waterfall --battling raging 18)currents and near freezing temperatures he turned the impossible into the probable.

Dan: I like to invent new sports because I can do things that no one else has ever done. No one believes that I can really do it until I come back alive with a smile on my face.

Dan was always looking for new ways to up the thrill and push the envelope. He found it in the 19)perilous8 sport called free climbing. Free climbers use no ropes or gear.

Friend: One of the boldest things I ever saw Dan do was free solo rock climbing. He would climb up these routes that were so steep and so hard. He’d be hanging by his fingertips and his toes and that’s it. And these were so steep that once he started he couldn’t turn back. It was 20)summit or 21)plummet9.

Like everything else he did, Dan mastered the sport. He became one of the top free climbers in the world. But that wasn’t enough, Dan had to find a way to take this sport to new extremes and he did. He added an even more 22)lethal10 element: speed. He became the first person on earth to do speed free climbing.

Friend: One of the last things I said to Dan on that last day I saw him was, “That’s enough. Park it. Put your toys away, give it a rest. Spend some time with your daughter, enjoy your life.”

People always used to ask him if he didn’t have a death wish and his most common response was no, he had a life wish. And it was just pushing the edge of life and finding out what happens there at the edge of life and death and the edge of fear and joy.



















1) Guinness [5^inis] n. 吉尼斯(世界纪录)

2) holder [5hEuldE] n. 持有者,保持者

3) anchor [5ANkE] v. 锚定

4) hurl2 [hE:l] v. 用力投掷

5) exuberant [i^5zju:bErEnt] a. 活力充沛的

6) methodical [mi5WRdik(E)l] a. 有方法的,有系统的

7) patient [5peiFEnt] a. 耐心的

8) mastery [5mB:stEri] n. 掌握

9) dynamics [dai5nAmiks] n. 动力学

10) expertise [7ekspE5ti:z] n. 专门技术

11) rigger [5ri^E] n. 索具配备人

12) commando [kE5mAndEJ] n. 突击队

13) scale [skeil] v. 攀登

14) canyon [5kAnjEn] n. 峡谷,溪谷

15) bungee [5bQNdVi:] n. 蹦极跳

16) nylon [5nailEn] n. 尼龙

17) rushing [5rQFiN] a. 急流的

18) current [5kQrEnt] n. 水流

19) perilous [5perilEs] a. 危险的

20) summit [5sQmit] n. 顶点

21) plummet [5plQmit] n. 垂直落下

22) lethal [5li:WEl] a. 致命的







1 holder wc4xq     
  • The holder of the office of chairman is reponsible for arranging meetings.担任主席职位的人负责安排会议。
  • That runner is the holder of the world record for the hundred-yard dash.那位运动员是一百码赛跑世界纪录的保持者。
2 hurl Yc4zy     
  • The best cure for unhappiness is to hurl yourself into your work.医治愁苦的最好办法就是全身心地投入工作。
  • To hurl abuse is no way to fight.谩骂决不是战斗。
3 exuberant shkzB     
  • Hothouse plants do not possess exuberant vitality.在温室里培养出来的东西,不会有强大的生命力。
  • All those mother trees in the garden are exuberant.果园里的那些母树都长得十分茂盛。
4 dynamics NuSzQq     
  • In order to succeed,you must master complicated knowledge of dynamics.要取得胜利,你必须掌握很复杂的动力学知识。
  • Dynamics is a discipline that cannot be mastered without extensive practice.动力学是一门不做大量习题就不能掌握的学科。
5 expertise fmTx0     
  • We were amazed at his expertise on the ski slopes.他斜坡滑雪的技能使我们赞叹不已。
  • You really have the technical expertise in a new breakthrough.让你真正在专业技术上有一个全新的突破。
6 elite CqzxN     
  • The power elite inside the government is controlling foreign policy.政府内部的一群握有实权的精英控制着对外政策。
  • We have a political elite in this country.我们国家有一群政治精英。
7 canyon 4TYya     
  • The Grand Canyon in the USA is 1900 metres deep.美国的大峡谷1900米深。
  • The canyon is famous for producing echoes.这个峡谷以回声而闻名。
8 perilous E3xz6     
  • The journey through the jungle was perilous.穿过丛林的旅行充满了危险。
  • We have been carried in safety through a perilous crisis.历经一连串危机,我们如今已安然无恙。
9 plummet s2izN     
  • Mengniu and Yili have seen their shares plummet since the incident broke.自事件发生以来,蒙牛和伊利的股票大幅下跌。
  • Even if rice prices were to plummet,other brakes on poverty alleviation remain.就算大米价格下跌,其它阻止导致贫困的因素仍然存在。
10 lethal D3LyB     
  • A hammer can be a lethal weapon.铁锤可以是致命的武器。
  • She took a lethal amount of poison and died.她服了致命剂量的毒药死了。
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