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News & Reports 2010-12-18

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Hello and Welcome to News and Reports on China Radio International.

In This Edition

Chinese Premier1 Wen Jiabao begins a three-day official visit to Pakistan following a trip to India.

World business representatives gather in Beijing for the 3rd annual conference of Asia Fortune Forum2.

European Union leaders say they are ready to do whatever is necessary to save the embattled Euro currency.

China's property boom has picked up since the government enacted3 policies to cool speculation4.

Hot Issue Reports

Wen Jiabao Visits Pakistan

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao is now in Pakistan for a three-day official visit.

Accompanied by a huge business delegation5, Wen Jiabao is the first Chinese Premier to visit the country in nearly five years.

Pakistan says China has already agreed to development projects worth 13.2 billion US dollars in energy, agriculture, infrastructure6 and health, and wants to increase trade from seven billion to 18 billion dollars in five years.

Sardar Aminullah Khan is the Economic Councilor at the Pakistan Embassy in Beijing.

"China and Pakistan have been cooperating on many projects in various fields. Now, the Chinese Premier is visiting Pakistan. Economic and trade cooperation as well as infrastructure construction projects between the two countries will be further strengthened, especially in the area of energy cooperation. We hope that new progress can be made in this field to create a win-win situation."

A Pakistani government official was quoted as saying that "up to 20 billion US dollars worth of projects have been completed with Chinese help in Pakistan, and work on projects worth 14 billion dollars is continuing at present."

During the visit, Wen Jiabao will hold talks with Pakistani leaders to reinforce coordination7 on international and regional issues.

The visit came after the Premier's visit to Pakistan's neighbor India.

The 3rd Annual Conference of Asia Fortune Forum Opens in Beijing

The 3rd Annual Conference of Asia Fortune Forum got underway in Beijing on Friday.

It has attracted more than 500 guests from well known enterprises from China and abroad, as well as investment institutions and chambers8 of commerce of Asian and European countries. One of the most pressing topics at the conference is China's development potential.

Wu Bater is a guest speaker on the conference. He says industries associated with an ageing population in China is a key developing area that's worth investing in.

"In the coming ten to twenty years, the aging problem will be a serious one to be solved in China. We can learn from the west, especially European countries and the US, the way they deal with it. This is not only a simple concept but a rising industry, which can generate a chain of industries."

Besides the aging industry, emerging industries such as the green industry and new energy are also under the spotlight9.

Yao Jingyuan, chief economist10 of the National Bureau of Statistics says that in the coming five years, the Chinese market will still be vigorous and has a lot of space for development.

"Speaking of the macroeconomics, the industrialization in the 12th Five-year plan will give a strong support to the country's economy as a whole. The urbanization process will supply the country with great domestic demands. Marketization brings vigorous to the economy. And internationalization will give more space for China's economy to grow. All in all, the coming 5 years is an important development period for China's economy."

The theme of this year's forum is "Sustainable share of Asia's fortune". It will conclude on Saturday.

IAEA Chief Expresses Concern over Newly Reported N. Korean Nuclear Facilities

The U.N. nuclear watchdog chief has reiterated11 that he has "great concern" about the newly reported North Korean nuclear facilities.

The Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency Yukiya Amano told a news conference in Tokyo that it's too early to judge the purposes of the facilities, but he stressed that the IAEA has an essential role to play in verifying the North's nuclear programs.

"It is quite premature12 to say something about the nature of this facility. In order to have better knowledge, we need to be there, we need inspect, and we need to understand."

North Korean authorities last month confirmed reports from a US scientist that the country is operating "thousands" of centrifuges at its uranium enrichment plant, saying the large-scale enrichment is for "peaceful use".

EU Leaders Agree On Treaty Change but Offer Few Details

European Union leaders are ready to do whatever's necessary to save the embattled euro currency, but they aren't ready to beef up its existing bailout fund despite growing worries about countries overwhelmed by debt.

EU President Herman Van Rompuy said at a summit in Brussels that the heads of state of the 27 EU members "stand ready to do whatever is required to ensure the stability of the euro zone."

"Firstly we decided14 on the limited treaty amendment15 required for member states to establish a permanent mechanism16 to safeguard the financial stability of the Eurozone as a whole. Secondly17, we have confirmed the general features of that permanent mechanism. And, thirdly, we have outlined the follow-up of the overall economic strategy which the European Council has been pursuing since the start of the year."

But he insisted that only about 4 percent of the region's 750 billion Euros bailout fund has been utilised since it was introduced in May, and that the question of expanding it "is not being posed today."

He spoke18 after EU leaders agreed in Brussels to change their central treaty to allow for a permanent rescue plan for countries overwhelmed by debt after 2013, when the existing bailout fund expires.

The treaty change contains no details, but is a necessary legal step toward establishing a permanent mechanism for dealing19 with countries that can no longer pay off their debts.

Officials have also said it may contain language allowing the EU to force private creditors20 to assume some losses when a country can no longer pay off its bonds.

Finance ministers of the 27 EU nations will now begin working out details of the new mechanism, including how much money euro-zone nations are willing to chip in and when exactly private creditors will be involved.

Obama Says Afghan War Difficult but on Track

US President Barack Obama says the United States is "on track" to achieve its goals in Afghanistan.

Obama's comments follow the publication of the United States' annual strategy review.

Declaring significant progress in disrupting al-Qaida and combating the Taliban, Obama says the US will start withdrawing its troops from Afghanistan in July, as promised.

"I want to be clear, this continues to be a very difficult endeavour. But I can report that thanks to the extraordinary service of our troops and civilians22 on the ground, we are on track to achieve our goals."

The Obama Administration plans to end combat operations in 2014 and transfer responsibility for Afghanistan's security to the Afghans, though the pace and scope of the withdrawal23 remains24 unclear.

The White House review comes at a time when civilian21 casualties in Afghanistan are at their highest level since the US-led invasion of 2001. This year has also been the bloodiest25 for foreign troops since 2001.

There are now about 100-thousand US troops in Afghanistan, as well as 40-thousand other NATO soldiers.

At least 480 American troops have been killed so far this year, and more than 21-hundred have died since the conflict began.

WikiLeaks's Assange Walks Free on Bail13

WikiLeaks founder26 Julian Assange has walked free on bail from a British jail, protesting his innocence27 and pledging to continue exposing official secrets.

"I continue on with our work. Clearing my name is not the highest task I have, the highest task I have is to continue on with my work. Obviously clearing my name is also important and I will continue to do that and my legal team will continue to do that. We will press the Swedish government to provide us with evidence of the allegations; something that has been denied to date. I have yet to receive a single page of anything ever."

The WikiLeaks founder will spend his time under house arrest at the mansion28 of his friend and supporter, British broadcaster Vaughan Smith.

Assange also alleged29 that there might be a US indictment30 against him for espionage31 originating from a secretive US grand jury investigation32.

WikiLeaks has angered U.S. authorities by publishing hundreds of US diplomatic cables from a trove33 of 250,000, including details of overseas installations that Washington regards as vital to its security.

Asylum34 Boat Death Toll35 Now 30

Thirty asylum seekers have been found dead in the fatal Christmas Island boat accident.

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard says there is little chance of finding any more survivors36 from the shipwreck37.

"I believe we do need to face the grim reality that it is becoming increasingly unlikely and an increasingly remote possibility that survivors will be found at this stage."

Gillard says the search and recovery operation will continue until nightfall, and then emergency teams will decide whether or not to continue the mission over the weekend.

The wooden fishing boat was carrying as many as 100 asylum seekers of Iraqi, Iranian and Kurdish origin, when it smashed into Christmas Island's Rocky Point in high seas.

There were 42 survivors.

Mexico's Drug War: Number of Dead Passes 30,000

More than 30,000 people have died in drug-related violence in Mexico since President Felipe Calderon took office four years ago, according to the government.

Speaking to reporters in Mexico City, Attorney General Arturo Chavez said almost 12,500 have been killed so far this year, a sharp increase on 2009. But, despite the figures, Chavez reiterated the government's position: that it is winning the war against illegal organisations.

"There is an important weakening of criminal groups and also, based on the examples we have seen in 2010, I think it's perfectly39 clear to all that there is no criminal organisation38 that can be even remotely superior to the strength of the state. And the government will continue, without wavering, working to reestablish peace, order, and the rule of law in our country."

Chavez said the government has seized record quantities of arms and drugs and captured or killed 10 of the 24 most wanted drug traffickers.

The Mexican government says many of the deaths are the result of fighting between rival gangs over territory and smuggling40 routes into the US.

Most of the killings41 are concentrated in certain regions, particularly the northern border states.

The border city of Ciudad Juarez alone has seen 3,000 killings so far this year, ten times more than in 2007.

Belarus Oppositions43 Rally for President Election

Belarussian opposition42 candidates are gathering44 for a rally in Minsk, saying they are ready to challenge any irregularities in Sunday's presidential elections.

About a thousand people have so far been rallying to protest against what they see as the almost certain re-election of President Alexander Lukashenko, who has been in charge of the country since 1994.

Andrei Sannikov is among the nine candidates due to contest Lukashenko's bid for another term in office.

"Early voting by force, blackmailing45 and threats-everything shows that they will steal our votes again. But we will not let this happen."

Lukashenko has stayed in power from one election to another, and based on his past performance, could well be poised46 to win re-election by as much as 80 percent of the vote.

China's Property Boom Pick up

China's property boom has picked up since the government enacted policies to cool speculation.

Home prices in 70 Chinese cities climbed 7.7 percent in November from a year earlier.

While the year-on-year advance in November's property prices was the slowest for a year, values increased for the 18th month in a row.

China's biggest developer Vanke said earlier this month it became the first Chinese developer to post annual sales of 100 billion yuan or about $15 billion US dollars, reaching a target it had set for 2014.

To find out more about the prospects47 for China's property market, we talked to Danny Bao, Head of China property research, of Daiwa Capital Markets, based in Hong Kong.

Science and Technology Development Helps Better Preserve China's Relics48

An exhibition has taken place in Beijing showcasing the application of modern science and technology to preserve Chinese cultural heritage.

Unlike ordinary exhibitions of relics that tell visitors about their history or workmanship, this one explains how Chinese cultural workers have preserved treasures using scientific and technological49 innovations. CRI's Wu Jia has more.

China has a vast number of cultural relics. Movable or immovable alike, to varying degrees, they are susceptible50 to corrosion51, pests and diseases.

Cavernous temples, along with the murals and stone carvings52 inside, are considered to have some of the greatest historical and artistic53 value in the world.

However, salinity54 had long troubled cultural workers. It is regarded as the cancer of cave temples, which directly causes the walls and murals to be cracked, powdered and come apart. Therefore, in order to prolong the life of murals and carvings, scientists from the Dunhuang Cultural Research Institute, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Lanzhou University have, through joint55 efforts, invented a technique that can decrease the salinity and fundamentally solve the problem.

As for the preservation56 of archaeology57, surveying and mapping work appears very essential. According to the exhibitors, three-dimensional panoramic58 scanning is now widely used in archaeology.

"The traditional surveying work is usually contact measurement. One of the advantages of 3D panoramic scanning is that while measuring, you don't need to touch the relics and, thus, they better preserved."

The White Crane Ridge59 Inscription60 in the Yangtze River was a No.1 hydrometric station in ancient China, which recorded more than 1,200 years of hydrologic history since the Tang Dynasty.

Due to the construction of the Three Gorges61 Reservoir, it has been sunk 42 meters underwater.

In order to make it regain62 its previous splendor63, experts came up with a theory called non-pressure containment64, by which they solved the problems like lighting65, passageway, and hydrologic cycles. By building an underwater museum on the original site, they have made it possible for hundreds of thousands of visitors to once again admire such a miraculous66 piece of heritage.

For the past five years, China has made a big step forward in heritage preservation. Chen Jianli, a professor at the School of Archaeology and Museology at Peking University appeals for a closer tie between science and archaeology.

"So far, for many archaeological excavations68, science and technology don't come into play from the very beginning. Instead, it participates after excavation67 finishes. However, we should involve science in every procedure of cultural work. "

As such, China's State Administration of Cultural Heritage has planned for the next five years to promote cooperation across all fields regarding this issue.

Media Picks

The Shanghai Daily: The Ministry69 of Health has started to solicit70 pubic opinion on its official website about whether to ban the use of whitening agents in flour. The side which rejects the use of whitener says the chemicals are no longer necessary due to technical advancements71 and questions its safety. Those who support the use of whiteners say no safety problems have been found when using the chemicals. The flour whiteners include benzoyl peroxide and calcium72 peroxide. The research found that although the chemicals are safe if the right amount is used, it is very difficult to add the correct measure to the flour using current technology. So some batches73 of flour could contain too much whitener, which might pose a health risk.

According to the statement on the ministry website, if public opinion is in favor of a ban, flour whiteners will be prohibited from December 1, 2011 to give flour producers one year to change over their processes.


From the Wall Street Journal: A warning to choose a good password for your internet accounts, and change it regularly. A group called Gnosis launched a massive hacker74 attack on Gawker media, one of the web's most popular blog networks.1.3 million registered users' passwords were compromised, and over 188,000 of them were made public. The Wall Street Journal analysed the passwords and published some of the most obvious and stupid ones. Top of the list for easy-to-guess passwords is 123456. 111111 also came pretty near the top of the list, as did the word 'password' itself. The paper advises people with a weak password to change it according to four rules-use different passwords for different internet accounts, don't tell anyone your passwords, substitute numbers for letters, and change your passwords regularly.

Market Update

US stocks wavered in a tight range Friday, a day after major indexes hit two-year highs. Bond yields fell slightly at the end of the last full trading week of the year.

The Dow Jones industrial average fell 0.1 percent, to 11,492. The Standard and Poor's 500 index gained 0.1 percent, to 1,244. The Nasdaq composite index rose 0.2 percent, to 2,643.

European markets fell after Moody's Investors75 Service downgraded Ireland's government bond rating by five notches76 and said that the country had a weak economic outlook.

Britain's FTSE 100 went down 0.2 percent to 5872, Germany's DAX lost 0.6 percent to 6982, and France's CAC 40 dipped 0.5 percent to 3867


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  • The police tried to break down the prisoner's opposition.警察设法制住了那个囚犯的反抗。
43 oppositions 193923b2c3ba9592f8aed4d669b38cb1     
(强烈的)反对( opposition的名词复数 ); 反对党; (事业、竞赛、游戏等的)对手; 对比
  • That's fine because all perihelic oppositions of Mars are spectacular. 但它和最近的几次区别不大,因为火星所有的近日对冲都很壮观。
  • He tried his best to bear down all of his oppositions. 他尽全力击败一切反对意见。
44 gathering ChmxZ     
  • He called on Mr. White to speak at the gathering.他请怀特先生在集会上讲话。
  • He is on the wing gathering material for his novels.他正忙于为他的小说收集资料。
45 blackmailing 5179dc6fb450aa50a5119c7ec77af55f     
胁迫,尤指以透露他人不体面行为相威胁以勒索钱财( blackmail的现在分词 )
  • The policemen kept blackmailing him, because they had sth. on him. 那些警察之所以经常去敲他的竹杠是因为抓住把柄了。
  • Democratic paper "nailed" an aggravated case of blackmailing to me. 民主党最主要的报纸把一桩极为严重的讹诈案件“栽”在我的头上。
46 poised SlhzBU     
  • The hawk poised in mid-air ready to swoop. 老鹰在半空中盘旋,准备俯冲。
  • Tina was tense, her hand poised over the telephone. 蒂娜心情紧张,手悬在电话机上。
47 prospects fkVzpY     
  • There is a mood of pessimism in the company about future job prospects. 公司中有一种对工作前景悲观的情绪。
  • They are less sanguine about the company's long-term prospects. 他们对公司的远景不那么乐观。
48 relics UkMzSr     
  • The area is a treasure house of archaeological relics. 这个地区是古文物遗迹的宝库。
  • Xi'an is an ancient city full of treasures and saintly relics. 西安是一个有很多宝藏和神圣的遗物的古老城市。
49 technological gqiwY     
  • A successful company must keep up with the pace of technological change.一家成功的公司必须得跟上技术变革的步伐。
  • Today,the pace of life is increasing with technological advancements.当今, 随着科技进步,生活节奏不断增快。
50 susceptible 4rrw7     
  • Children are more susceptible than adults.孩子比成人易受感动。
  • We are all susceptible to advertising.我们都易受广告的影响。
51 corrosion boHzd     
  • Corrosion is not covered by the warranty.腐蚀不在保修范围之内。
  • Zinc is used to protect other metals from corrosion.锌被用来保护其他金属不受腐蚀。
52 carvings 3ccde9120da2aaa238c9785046cb8f86     
n.雕刻( carving的名词复数 );雕刻术;雕刻品;雕刻物
  • The desk was ornamented with many carvings. 这桌子装饰有很多雕刻物。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • Shell carvings are a specialty of the town. 贝雕是该城的特产。 来自《简明英汉词典》
53 artistic IeWyG     
  • The picture on this screen is a good artistic work.这屏风上的画是件很好的艺术品。
  • These artistic handicrafts are very popular with foreign friends.外国朋友很喜欢这些美术工艺品。
54 salinity uYvx9     
  • In the sea water sampled the salinity is two parts per thousand.在取样的海水中,盐度为千分之二。
  • In many sedimentary basins the salinity of the formation water increases with depth or compaction.在许多沉积盆地中,地层水的含盐量随深度或压实作用而增高。
55 joint m3lx4     
  • I had a bad fall,which put my shoulder out of joint.我重重地摔了一跤,肩膀脫臼了。
  • We wrote a letter in joint names.我们联名写了封信。
56 preservation glnzYU     
  • The police are responsible for the preservation of law and order.警察负责维持法律与秩序。
  • The picture is in an excellent state of preservation.这幅画保存得极为完好。
57 archaeology 0v2zi     
  • She teaches archaeology at the university.她在大学里教考古学。
  • He displayed interest in archaeology.他对考古学有兴趣。
58 panoramic LK3xM     
adj. 全景的
  • Most rooms enjoy panoramic views of the sea. 大多数房间都能看到海的全景。
  • In a panoramic survey of nature, speed is interesting because it has a ceiling. 概观自然全景,速率是有趣的,因为它有一个上限。
59 ridge KDvyh     
  • We clambered up the hillside to the ridge above.我们沿着山坡费力地爬上了山脊。
  • The infantry were advancing to attack the ridge.步兵部队正在向前挺进攻打山脊。
60 inscription l4ZyO     
  • The inscription has worn away and can no longer be read.铭文已磨损,无法辨认了。
  • He chiselled an inscription on the marble.他在大理石上刻碑文。
61 gorges 5cde0ae7c1a8aab9d4231408f62e6d4d     
n.山峡,峡谷( gorge的名词复数 );咽喉v.(用食物把自己)塞饱,填饱( gorge的第三人称单数 );作呕
  • The explorers were confronted with gorges(that were)almost impassable and rivers(that were)often unfordable. 探险人员面临着几乎是无路可通的峡谷和常常是无法渡过的河流。 来自辞典例句
  • We visited the Yangtse Gorges last summer. 去年夏天我们游历了长江三峡。 来自辞典例句
62 regain YkYzPd     
  • He is making a bid to regain his World No.1 ranking.他正为重登世界排名第一位而努力。
  • The government is desperate to regain credibility with the public.政府急于重新获取公众的信任。
63 splendor hriy0     
  • Never in his life had he gazed on such splendor.他生平从没有见过如此辉煌壮丽的场面。
  • All the splendor in the world is not worth a good friend.人世间所有的荣华富贵不如一个好朋友。
64 containment fZnyi     
  • Your list might include such things as cost containment,quality,or customer satisfaction.你的清单上应列有诸如成本控制、产品质量、客户满意程度等内容。
  • Insularity and self-containment,it is argued,go hand in hand.他们争论说,心胸狭窄和自我封闭是并存的。
65 lighting CpszPL     
  • The gas lamp gradually lost ground to electric lighting.煤气灯逐渐为电灯所代替。
  • The lighting in that restaurant is soft and romantic.那个餐馆照明柔和而且浪漫。
66 miraculous DDdxA     
  • The wounded man made a miraculous recovery.伤员奇迹般地痊愈了。
  • They won a miraculous victory over much stronger enemy.他们战胜了远比自己强大的敌人,赢得了非凡的胜利。
67 excavation RiKzY     
  • The bad weather has hung up the work of excavation.天气不好耽误了挖掘工作。
  • The excavation exposed some ancient ruins.这次挖掘暴露出一些古遗迹。
68 excavations 185c90d3198bc18760370b8a86c53f51     
n.挖掘( excavation的名词复数 );开凿;开凿的洞穴(或山路等);(发掘出来的)古迹
  • The excavations are open to the public. 发掘现场对公众开放。
  • This year's excavations may reveal ancient artifacts. 今年的挖掘可能会发现史前古器物。 来自辞典例句
69 ministry kD5x2     
  • They sent a deputation to the ministry to complain.他们派了一个代表团到部里投诉。
  • We probed the Air Ministry statements.我们调查了空军部的记录。
70 solicit AFrzc     
  • Beggars are not allowed to solicit in public places.乞丐不得在公共场所乞讨。
  • We should often solicit opinions from the masses.我们应该经常征求群众意见。
71 advancements d9d88b0aa041a51f56ca9b4113bf311c     
n.(级别的)晋升( advancement的名词复数 );前进;进展;促进
  • Today, the pace of life is increasing with technological advancements. 当今, 随着科技进步,生活节奏不断增快。 来自《现代汉英综合大词典》
  • Great advancements in drought prediction have been made in recent years. 近年来,人们对干旱灾害的预报研究取得了长足的进步。 来自互联网
72 calcium sNdzY     
  • We need calcium to make bones.我们需要钙来壮骨。
  • Calcium is found most abundantly in milk.奶含钙最丰富。
73 batches f8c77c3bee0bd5d27b9ca0e20c216d1a     
一批( batch的名词复数 ); 一炉; (食物、药物等的)一批生产的量; 成批作业
  • The prisoners were led out in batches and shot. 这些囚犯被分批带出去枪毙了。
  • The stainless drum may be used to make larger batches. 不锈钢转数设备可用来加工批量大的料。
74 hacker Irszg9     
  • The computer hacker wrote that he was from Russia.这个计算机黑客自称他来自俄罗斯。
  • This site was attacked by a hacker last week.上周这个网站被黑客攻击了。
75 investors dffc64354445b947454450e472276b99     
n.投资者,出资者( investor的名词复数 )
  • a con man who bilked investors out of millions of dollars 诈取投资者几百万元的骗子
  • a cash bonanza for investors 投资者的赚钱机会
76 notches be2894ea0263799fb95b9d050d295b3d     
n.(边缘或表面上的)V型痕迹( notch的名词复数 );刻痕;水平;等级
  • The Indians cut notches on a stick to keep count of numbers. 印第安人在棒上刻V形凹痕用来计数。 来自《现代英汉综合大词典》
  • They cut notches in the handle of their pistol for each man they shot. 他们每杀一个人就在枪托上刻下一个V形记号。 来自辞典例句
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